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Updates on WatchPlayStream: 65,000 movies(71d ago)

About 1 month in and we've already crossed 65,000 movies on WatchPlayStream with more than 40,000 trailers. Many new features coming soon to make it easy to find your perfect movie to stream / rent / buy.

Updates on WatchPlayStream: Lists for movies by year/decade(74d ago)

Looking for the most popular movies of 2018? We've got new lists for you with popular movies of every year and decade:

WatchPlayStream starts it's journey to become your #1 movie search engine!(106d ago)

Welcome to the initial beta version of WatchPlayStream (WPS). We've got many exciting things planned to make it as easy as possible for you to discover new movies and TV shows/series. Fast, personalized and available on every device - we want to show you what you can watch where, any time you'd like.