Nosferatu the Vampyre(Movie, 1979)

Original title: "Nosferatu - Phantom der Nacht" (German/DE)
| 1h 47min | Genres: Drama, Horror
Nosferatu the VampyreRating: 3.7/5 (with 336336 votes)
Nosferatu the Vampyre (German: Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht, lit. 'Nosferatu: Phantom of the Night') is a 1979 horror film written and directed by Werner Herzog. It is set primarily in 19th-century Wismar, Germany and Transylvania, and was conceived as a stylistic remake of F. W. Murnau's 1922 German Dracula adaptation Nosferatu. The picture stars Klaus Kinski as Count Dracula, Isabelle Adjani as Lucy Harker, Bruno Ganz as Jonathan Harker, and French artist-writer Roland Topor as Renfield. There are two different versions of the film, one in which the actors speak English, and one in which they speak German. Herzog's production of Nosferatu was very well received by critics and enjoyed a comfortable degree of commercial success. The film also marks the second of five collaborations between director Herzog and actor Kinski, immediately followed by 1979... ()
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Available languages: English
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Duration: 1h 46min

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About Nosferatu the Vampyre

Jonathan Harker, a real estate agent, goes to Transylvania to visit the mysterious Count Dracula and formalize the purchase of a property in Wismar. Once Jonathan is caught under his evil spell, Dracula travels to Wismar where he meets the beautiful Lucy, Jonathan's wife, while a plague spreads through the town, now ruled by death.

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Nosferatu The Vampyre ≣ 1979 ≣ Trailer(Trailer, 2:29)

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Additional Information

Production countries: Germany, France
Plays in: Transylvania, Wismar
Based on the work of: Bram Stoker ("Nosferatu", "Dracula")
Original language: German (DE)
Spoken languages: German (DE), English (EN)
Translated into 22 languages: Bulgarian (BG), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), German (DE), Greek (EL), English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Hungarian (HU), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Burmese (MY), Dutch (NL), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Swedish (SV), Turkish (TR), Ukrainian (UK), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Released
Release date US: 10/05/1979 (World premiere: 01/17/1979)
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"Nosferatu – Phantom der Nacht"
"Nosferatu: O Vampiro da Noite"
"Upír Nosferatu"
"Nosferatu: Phantom of the Night"
"Nosferatu, vampiro de la noche"
"Nosferatu, fantôme de la nuit"
"Νοσφεράτου: Ο Δράκουλας της νύχτας"
"Νοσφεράτου: Το Φάντασμα της Νύχτας"
"Το Σπέρμα του Βρυκόλακα"
"Nosferatu - Il principe della notte"
"Nosferatu, el vampiro"
"Nosferatu de Vampier"
"Nosferatu, o Fantasma da Noite"
"Nosferatu, fantoma nopții"
"Носферату: Призрак ночи"

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