Boris Karloff

Name in Native Language: "William Henry Pratt" (English/EN)
Actor | * 11/23/1887 († 81, 02/02/1969) | Camberwell, London, England (United Kingdom (UK))
William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969), known professionally as Boris Karloff and occasionally billed as Karloff the Uncanny, was an English actor. His portrayal of Frankenstein's monster in the horror film Frankenstein (1931) (his 82nd film) established him as a horror icon, and he reprised the role for the sequels Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939). He also appeared as Imhotep in The Mummy (1932), and voiced the Grinch in, as well as narrating, the animated television special of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966), which won him a Grammy Award. Aside from his numerous film roles (174 films), Karloff acted in many live stage plays and appeared on dozens ... ()
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Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | Horror | Comedies

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Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play
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Movies with Boris Karloff as Actor(216)

as Self - Interviewee2022 Boris Karloff: The Rest of the Story
as Self (archive footage)2021 Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster
as Self (archive footage)2015 Jack Pierce: The Man Who Made the Monsters
as Self (archive footage)2013 Classic Movie Bloopers: Uncensored
as Himself (archive footage)2007 Bela Lugosi: The Fallen Vampire
as Self (archive footage)2007 Famous Monster: Forrest J Ackerman
as Self (archive footage)2006 Karloff: The Gentle Monster
as Self (archive footage)2006 Lugosi: The Dark Prince
as Mr. Wong (archive footage)2006 Terror in the Tropics
as (archive footage)2003 The Mesmerist
as Various Roles (Archive Footage)2001 Heroes of Horror
as Self (archive footage)2000 Mummy Dearest: A Horror Tradition Unearthed
as (archive footage)1998 Universal Horror
as Himself (archive footage)1996 The Universal Story
as (archive footage)1990 Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home To
as Man in Room1989 Transylvania Twist
as The Monster (archive footage) (uncredited)1984 Terror in the Aisles
as (archive footage)1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s
as Frankenstein / Cabman John Gray (archive footage)1983 The Horror of It All
as Self (archive footage)1982 Oops, Those Hollywood Bloopers!
as (archive footage)1979 The Horror Show
as Self (archive footage)1975 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
as (archive footage)1974 Madhouse
as Matthias Morteval1972 Macabre Serenade
as Carl van Molder / Damballah1971 Isle of the Snake People
as Prof. John Mayer1971 Alien Terror
as Franz Badulescu1970 Cauldron of Blood
as Gorca (archive footage)1970 Hatchet for the Honeymoon
as Self (archive footage)1968 The Movie Orgy
as Professor John Marsh1968 Curse of the Crimson Altar
as Byron Orlok1968 Targets
as Dr. Carl Mandel1968 Fear Chamber
as Dr. Pierre Vaugiroud1967 The Venetian Affair
as Prof. Marcus Monserrat1967 The Sorcerers
as Baron Boris von Frankenstein (voice)1967 Mad Monster Party?
as The Rat (voice)1966 The Daydreamer
as Narrator / The Grinch (voice)1966 How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
as The Madman1966 Doom of Dracula
as Nahum Witley1965 Die, Monster, Die!
as Self (archive footage)1965 Hollywood My Home Town
as Amos Hinchley1964 The Comedy of Terrors
as Art Dealer1964 Bikini Beach
as Himself - Narrator1964 A Fool's World
as himself1964 Horror!!!
as Baron Victor Frederick Von Leppe1963 The Terror
as Gorca (segment "The Wurdalak")1963 Black Sabbath
as Dr. Scarabus1963 The Raven
as Host1962 Little Lost Robot
as Jonathan Brewster1962 Arsenic & Old Lace
as Dr. Konrad Markesan1962 The Incredible Doktor Markesan
as archive footage1961 Days of Thrills and Laughter
as Self - Host1961 The Return of Andrew Bentley
as James Rankin1958 Grip of the Strangler
as Host / Ira Perry / Pete Wade Sr. / Professor Charles Goncourt / Morgan Debs1958 Destination Nightmare
as Dr. Thomas Bolton1958 Corridors of Blood
as Baron Viktor von Frankenstein1958 Frankenstein 1970
as Mr. Kurtz1958 Heart of Darkness
as Host / Capt. John Elwood / Jonas Atterbury / Dr. Francis Mason1958 Jack the Ripper
as Phillip Knight1957 Voodoo Island
as Narrator (voice)1957 The Juggler of Our Lady
as Colonel March1955 Colonel March Investigates
as King Arthur1955 A Connecticut Yankee
as General Pollegar1955 Sabaka
as Don Gaetano1954 The Island Monster
as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Hyde1953 Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
as Dr. Meissen1952 The Black Castle
as Voltan1951 The Strange Door
as Narrator (English version)1949 The Emperor's Nightingale
as Tishomingo1948 Tap Roots
as Dr. Hugo Hollingshead1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
as Guyasuta, Chief of the Senecas1947 Unconquered
as Charles van Druten1947 Lured
as George Sims1946 Bedlam
as John Gray1945 The Body Snatcher
as Gen. Nikolas Pherides1945 Isle of the Dead
as Dr. Friedrich Hohner1944 The Climax
as Dr. Gustav Niemann1944 House of Frankenstein
as Kharis in Flashback (archive footage / uncredited)1944 The Mummy's Curse
as Prof. Nathaniel Billings1942 The Boogie Man Will Get You
as Dr. Julian Blair1941 The Devil Commands
as Kharis (archive footage / uncredited)1940 The Mummy's Hand
as Dr. Bernard Adrian1940 The Ape
as Dr. John Garth1940 Before I Hang
as Valdar1940 British Intelligence
as Dr. Ernest Sovac1940 Black Friday
as Dr. Leon Kravaal1940 The Man with Nine Lives
as James Lee Wong1940 The Fatal Hour
as James Lee Wong1940 Doomed to Die
as Judge Spencer Mainwaring1940 You'll Find Out
as Dr. Charles Gaudet1939 Devil's Island
as Dr. Henryk Savaard1939 The Man They Could Not Hang
as Mord1939 Tower of London
as James Lee Wong1939 The Mystery of Mr. Wong
as Mr. James Lee Wong1939 Mr. Wong in Chinatown
as The Monster1939 Son of Frankenstein
as Mr. James Lee Wong1938 Mr. Wong, Detective
as Jevries1938 The Invisible Menace
as himself1937 Cinema Circus
as Wu Yen Fang1937 West Of Shanghai
as David Mallory1937 Night Key
as himself1937 Breakdowns of 1937
as John Ellman1936 The Walking Dead
as Dr. Janos Rukh1936 The Invisible Ray
as Dr. Laurience1936 The Man Who Changed His Mind
as Dr. Victor Sartorius1936 Juggernaut
as Baron Gregor de Berghman / Anton de Berghman1935 The Black Room
as himself1935 Hollywood Hobbies
as The Monster1935 The Bride of Frankenstein
as Edmond Bateman1935 The Raven
as himself1934 Gift of Gab
as Hjalmar Poelzig1934 The Black Cat
as Sanders1934 The Lost Patrol
as Count Ledrantz1934 The House of Rothschild
as Prof. Morlant1933 The Ghoul
as Gaffney1932 Scarface
as Man Approaching Ticket Counter1932 Skyscraper Souls
as Frankenstein's Monster (edited from "Frankenstein")1932 Boo
as Dr. Fu Manchu1932 The Mask of Fu Manchu
as Nikko1932 The Miracle Man
as 'Happy' MacDonald1932 Night World
as Imhotep, alias Ardath Bey1932 The Mummy
as Jim Henderson1932 Behind the Mask
as Sheik Ali Ben Joseph (uncredited)1932 Business and Pleasure
as Morgan1932 The Old Dark House
as Boris - First Revolutionary1931 Cracked Nuts
as Luigi - Pacheco's Butler1931 I Like Your Nerve
as Cokey Joe1931 Young Donovan's Kid
as Terry1931 Graft
as Mustapha1931 King of the Wild
as The Professor1931 The Public Defender
as Waiter1931 Tonight or Never
as Drunken Orderly1931 The Yellow Ticket
as The Monster1931 Frankenstein
as Tony Ricca1931 The Guilty Generation
as Fedor's Father (uncredited)1931 The Mad Genius
as T. Vernon Isopod1931 Five Star Final
as The Voice (voice)1931 The Vanishing Legion
as Sport Williams1931 Smart Money
as Monsieur Gaston1930 The Bad One
as Ned Galloway1930 The Criminal Code
as Corsican1930 The Sea Bat
as Henchman Baxter1930 The Utah Kid
as Beetham's Manservent1929 Behind That Curtain
as Mullins1929 The Fatal Warning
as The Hindu Lawyer1929 The Unholy Night
as Abdul Mohammed Bey - the Hindu Lawyer (uncredited)1929 The Unholy Night
as Jules Gregg1929 The Phantom of the North
as Scarface Macklin1929 The King of the Kongo
as Pug Doran1929 Burning the Wind
as Cecil1929 Two Sisters
as Grouchy1928 Vultures of the Sea
as The Villain1928 The Vanishing Rider
as Cafe Proprietor (uncredited)1928 Sharp Shooters
as Maurice Kent1928 The Little Wild Girl
as The Chief Conspirator1927 Soft Cushions
as Crook1927 Let It Rain
as Purser1927 Two Arabian Knights
as Al Meggs1927 The Meddlin' Stranger
as Fleming1927 The Love Mart
as Ramon1927 The Phantom Buster
as Snipe Collins1926 Her Honor, the Governor
as Robber (uncredited)1926 The Man in the Saddle
as Saracen Guard (uncredited)1926 Old Ironsides
as The Mesmerist1926 The Bells
as Dance Hall Masher1926 The Nickel-Hopper
as Pirate (uncredited)1926 The Eagle of the Sea
as Gaspard1926 Flaming Fury
as Dave Sinclair1926 The Golden Web
as Blackie Blanchette1926 Flames
as Scissors Grinder1926 The Greater Glory
as Diego1925 The Prairie Wife
as Cabraza1925 Lady Robinhood
as Pierre1925 Parisian Nights
as Madame Gordon's 2nd Henchman (uncredited)1925 Without Mercy
as Pietro Castillano1925 Forbidden Cargo
as The Outlaw1924 The Hellion
as Shere Ali's Aide (as Karloff Boris)1924 The White Panther
as Tony Garcia1924 Dynamite Dan
as Prince Kapolski1923 The Prisoner
as Maharajah Jehan1922 The Man from Downing Street
as The Nabob1922 The Infidel
as Raoul Maris1922 The Woman Conquers
as Undetermined Role (uncredited)1922 Nan of the North
as Imam Mowaffak1922 Omar the Tentmaker
as Hugo1922 The Altar Stairs
as Priest of Kama-Sita / Dakar1921 The Hope Diamond Mystery
as Baptiste1921 The Cave Girl
as Nei Hamid1921 Cheated Hearts
as Ahmed Khan1921 Without Benefit of Clergy
as Jules Borney1920 The Deadlier Sex
as Indian (uncredited)1920 The Last of the Mohicans
as Undetermined Role1919 The Prince and Betty
as Henchman in cloth cap1919 His Majesty, the American

TV Shows/Series with Boris Karloff as Actor(47)

as Imhotep (archive footage) (uncredited)2005 Bones
as Mikhail Orlov1968 The Name of the Game
as Self - Guest Host / Singer1964 Shindig!
as Self - Host1960 Thriller
as Clayton Mace1960 Thriller
as Dr. Thorne1960 Thriller
as Dr. Albert Farnham1960 Thriller
as Pop Jenkins / Col. Jackson Beauregard Finchess1960 Thriller
as Doktor Konrad Markesan1960 Thriller
as himself1957 The Lux Show
as Judge Winthrop Gelsey1957 Suspicion
as Colonel March Of Scotland Yard1956 Colonel March of Scotland Yard
as himself1955 This Is Your Life
as Dr. Philip Nestri1954 Climax!
as Vicar Tellworth1954 Climax!
as George Redford1953 The United States Steel Hour
as Mr. Blue Ocean1953 General Electric Theater
as Henry E. Church1953 General Electric Theater
as Charles Brandon1951 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
as Cauchon1951 Hallmark Hall of Fame
as Jonathan Brewster1951 Hallmark Hall of Fame
as Sir Arthur Strangeways1950 Lux Video Theatre
as Larkin1950 Lux Video Theatre
as Montgomery Royle1950 Lux Video Theatre
as Bennett Kimball1950 Robert Montgomery Presents
as Self - Mystery Guest1950 What's My Line?
as Toff1949 Suspense
as Bronson1949 Suspense
as Rasputin1949 Suspense
as Skaggs1948 Studio One
as King Arthur1948 Studio One
as Professor Koernig1948 Studio One

Movies with Boris Karloff as Crew(1)

Crew/Thanks1964 Bikini Beach

Additional Information

Official websites:
Full Name: William Henry Pratt
Born: Wednesday, 11/23 1887 (November) in Camberwell, London, England (United Kingdom (UK))
Died: Sunday, 02/02 1969 (February) in Midhurst (aged: 81)
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius (Chinese zodiac sign: Pig)
Languages: English (EN, native language)
Educated at: King's College London, Uppingham School, Enfield Grammar School
Spouses (current/former): Evelyn Hope
Father: Edward John Pratt
Mother: Eliza Sarah Millard
Other names for Boris Karloff (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"William Henry Pratt"
Boris Karloff frequently works together with these people:
John Newland (31x, Crew)
Vaughn Taylor (28x, Actor)
John Forsythe (27x, Actor)
Bela Lugosi (25x, Actor)
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Nina Foch (25x, Actress)
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