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Scatman Crothers(† 76)

Actor | Terre Haute, Indiana, USA
† died 33 years ago

Benjamin Sherman Crothers (May 23, 1910 – November 22, 1986), known professionally as Scatman Crothers, was an American actor and musician. He played Louie the Garbage Man on the TV show Chico and the Man and Dick Hallorann in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980). He was also a prolific voiceover actor who provided the voices of Meadowlark Lemon in the Harlem Globetrotters animated TV series, Jazz the Autobot in The Transformers and The Transformers: The Movie (1986), the title character in Hong Kong Phooey, and Scat Cat in the animated Disney film The Aristocats (1970).

† 76, 11/22/1986

Walter Sande(† 65)

Actor | Denver, Colorado, USA
† died 48 years ago

Walter Sande (July 9, 1906 – November 22, 1971) was an American character actor, known for numerous supporting film and television roles.

† 65, 11/22/1971

Shemp Howard(† 60)

Actor | Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
† died 64 years ago

Samuel Horwitz (March 11, 1895 – November 22, 1955), known professionally as Shemp Howard, was an American comedian and actor. He was called "Shemp" because "Sam" came out that way in his mother's thick Litvak accent. He is best known as the third stooge in the Three Stooges, a role he played when the act began in the early 1920s (1923–1932), while it was still associated with Ted Healy and known as "Ted Healy and his Stooges"; and again from 1946 until his death in 1955. Between his times with the Stooges, he had a successful solo career as a film comedian.

† 60, 11/22/1955

Fred Dalton Thompson(† 73)

Actor | Sheffield, Alabama, U.S.
† died 4 years ago

Freddie Dalton Thompson (August 19, 1942 – November 1, 2015), better known as Fred Thompson, was an American politician, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, actor and radio personality. Thompson, a Republican, served in the United States Senate representing Tennessee from 1994 to 2003, and was a Republican presidential candidate in 2008. Thompson served as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board at the United States Department of State, was a member of the U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, specializing in national security and intelligence. As an actor, Thompson appeared in a number of movies and television shows including The Hunt for Red October, Die Hard 2, In the Line of Fire, and Cape Fear, as well as in commercials. He frequently portrayed governmental authority figures and military men. In the final months of his U.S. Senate term in 2002, Thompson joined the cast of the NBC television series Law & Order, playing Manhattan District Attorney Arthur Branch.

† 73, 11/22/2015

Reg Park(† 79)

† died 12 years ago

Roy "Reg" Park (7 June 1928 – 22 November 2007) was an English bodybuilder, businessman, and actor. His first title was Mr Britain in 1946. He then won the Mr Universe in 1951, 1958 and 1965. He also starred in five films, four featured as Hercules and in one, Hercules in the Haunted World (1961), he co-starred with Christopher Lee. Besides his own career and titles, he is probably best known as an idol and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

† 79, 11/22/2007

Karen Blanguernon(† 61)

Actress | Paris - France
† died 23 years ago

Karen Blanguernon est une actrice et romancière française, née le 24 octobre 1935 à Paris, morte le 22 novembre 1996 (à 61 ans) à New York. Karen Blanguernon a été l'épouse de Guy Bedos dont elle a divorcé ; ils ont eu ensemble une fille, Leslie Bedos. Elle s'est ensuite remariée avec le chorégraphe et réalisateur Dirk Sanders.

† 61, 11/22/1996

John Gilling(† 72)

Crew | London, England, UK
† died 35 years ago

John Gilling (29 May 1912 – 22 November 1984) was an English film director and screenwriter, born in London. He was chiefly known for his horror movies, especially those he made for Hammer Films, for whom he directed The Shadow of the Cat (1961), The Plague of the Zombies (1966), The Reptile (1966) and The Mummy's Shroud (1967), among others.

† 72, 11/22/1984

Joanna Moore(† 63)

Actress | Parrott, Georgia, USA
† died 22 years ago

Joanna Moore was an American film and television actress, best known for several guest roles on popular television shows of the 1960s, most notably as Sheriff Andy Taylor's love interest, Peggy "Peg" McMillan in four episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show".

† 63, 11/22/1997

Jacques Zabor(† 66)

† died 12 years ago

Jacques Zabor (June 28, 1941 – November 22, 2007) was a French actor and comedian. In 1980 he starred in Le Voyage en douce under director Michel Deville.

† 66, 11/22/2007

Rupert Davies(† 60)

Actor | Liverpool, England, UK
† died 43 years ago

Rupert Davies FRSA (22 May 1916 – 22 November 1976) was an English actor best remembered for playing the title role in the BBC's 1960s television adaptation of Maigret, based on Georges Simenon's Maigret novels.

† 60, 11/22/1976

Verity Lambert(† 71)

† died 12 years ago

Verity Ann Lambert (27 November 1935 – 22 November 2007) was an English television and film producer. She was the founding producer of the science-fiction series Doctor Who and she had a long association with Thames Television. Her many credits include Adam Adamant Lives!, The Naked Civil Servant, Rock Follies, Minder,Widows, G.B.H., Jonathan Creek, Love Soup and Eldorado. Lambert began working in television in the 1950s and continued to work as a producer until the year she died. After leaving the BBC in 1969, she worked for other television companies, notably Thames Television and its Euston Films offshoot in the 1970s and 1980s. She also worked in the film industry, for Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment. From 1985, she ran her own production company, Cinema Verity. The British Film Institute's Screenonline website describes Lambert as "one of those producers who can often create a fascinating small screen universe from a slim script and half-a-dozen congenial players." Women were rarely television producers in Britain at the beginning of Lambert's career. When she was appointed to Doctor Who in 1963, she was BBC Television's only female drama producer, as well as the youngest. The website of the Museum of Broadcast Communications hails her as "not only one of Britain's leading businesswomen, but possibly the most powerful member of the nation's entertainment industry ... Lambert has served as a symbol of the advances won by women in the media".

† 71, 11/22/2007

Moroni Olsen(† 65)

Actor | Ogden, Utah, USA
† died 65 years ago

Moroni Olsen (June 27, 1889 – November 22, 1954) was an American actor.

† 65, 11/22/1954
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Mark Lenard(† 72)

† died 23 years ago

Mark Lenard (born Leonard Rosenson, October 15, 1924 – November 22, 1996) was an American actor, primarily in television. His most famous role was as Sarek, father of the popular character Spock, in the science fiction Star Trek franchise, in both the original and animated series, as well as three films and two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also played a Klingon in Star Trek The Motion Picture, and a Romulan in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

† 72, 11/22/1996

Betty Jaynes(† 97)

† died 1 years ago

Betty Jaynes (born Betty Jayne Schultz, February 12, 1921 – November 22, 2018) was an American operatic singer and B-movie actress from the late 1930s to mid-1940s.

† 97, 11/22/2018

Frank O'Connor(† 78)

Actor | New York City, New York, USA
† died 60 years ago

Frank O'Connor was an American screen and television actor, as well as a director, screenwriter, and producer. His lengthy film acting career began in 1915.

† 78, 11/22/1959

Derek Deadman(† 74)

† died 5 years ago

Derek Deadman is a British actor. He appeared as Rankin in two episodes of the RAF sitcom Get Some In! in 1975 and 1978. He played Ringo in 39 of the 66 episodes of the TV series Never the Twain between 1981 and 1991, and appeared as the barman of The Leaky Cauldron, Tom, in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. He often appears as minor roles in British films. He also played a ruthless Sontaran Commander in the Doctor Who serial The Invasion of Time. He played the part of Robert in the film Time Bandits.

† 11/22/2014

C. S. Lewis(† 64)

Crew | Belfast, Ireland
† died 56 years ago

Clive Staples Lewis (29 November 1898 – 22 November 1963) was a British writer and lay theologian. He held academic positions in English literature at both Oxford University (Magdalen College, 1925–1954) and Cambridge University (Magdalene College, 1954–1963). He is best known for his works of fiction, especially The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Space Trilogy, and for his non-fiction Christian apologetics, such as Mere Christianity, Miracles, and The Problem of Pain. Lewis and fellow novelist J. R. R. Tolkien were close friends. They both served on the English faculty at Oxford University and were active in the informal Oxford literary group known as the Inklings. According to Lewis's memoir Surprised by Joy, he was baptised in the Church of Ireland, but fell away from his faith during adolescence. Lewis returned to Anglicanism at the age of 32, owing to the influence of Tolkien and other friends, and he became an "ordinary layman of the Church of England". Lewis's faith profoundly affected his work, and his wartime radio broadcasts on the subject of Christianity brought him wide acclaim. Lewis wrote more than 30 books which have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold millions of copies. The books that make up The Chronicles of Narnia have sold the most and have been popularised on stage, TV, radio, and cinema. His philosophical writings are widely cited by Christian apologists from many denominations. In 1956, Lewis married American writer Joy Davidman; she died of cancer four years later at the age of 45. Lewis died on 22 November 1963 from renal failure, one week before his 65th birthday. In 2013, on the 50th anniversary of his death, Lewis was honoured with a memorial in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey.

† 64, 11/22/1963

Sterling Holloway(† 87)

Actor | Cedartown, Georgia, USA
† died 27 years ago

Sterling Price Holloway, Jr. was an American character actor who appeared in 150 films and television programs. He was also a voice actor for The Walt Disney Company. He was well-known for his distinctive tenor voice, and is perhaps best remembered as the voice of Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh.

† 87, 11/22/1992

Peter Sumner(† 74)

Actor | Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
† died 3 years ago

Peter Malcolm Sumner-Potts (29 January 1942 – 22 November 2016), professionally known as Peter Sumner, was an Australian actor, director and writer. He was born in Sydney, Australia.

† 74, 11/22/2016

Ronald Kinnoch(† 85)

Crew | Dundee, Tayside, Scotland, UK
† died 24 years ago

Ronald Kinnoch (1910–1995) was a British screenwriter and film producer. Among other films, he produced Escape Route (1952) with George Raft in the lead. Kinnoch also directed the 1958 film The Secret Man (1958).

† 85, 11/22/1995

Georges Lautner(† 87)

Crew | Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
† died 6 years ago

Georges Lautner was a French film director and screenwriter. He was born in Nice, the son of actress Renée Saint-Cyr.

† 87, 11/22/2013

Jack London(† 40)

Crew | San Francisco - California - USA
† died 103 years ago

John Griffith London (born John Griffith Chaney; January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916) was an American novelist, journalist, and social activist. A pioneer in the world of commercial magazine fiction, he was one of the first writers to become a worldwide celebrity and earn a large fortune from writing. He was also an innovator in the genre that would later become known as science fiction. His most famous works include The Call of the Wild and White Fang, both set in the Klondike Gold Rush, as well as the short stories "To Build a Fire", "An Odyssey of the North", and "Love of Life". He also wrote about the South Pacific in stories such as "The Pearls of Parlay" and "The Heathen". London was part of the radical literary group "The Crowd" in San Francisco and a passionate advocate of unionization, socialism, and the rights of workers. He wrote several powerful works dealing with these topics, such as his dystopian novel The Iron Heel, his non-fiction exposé The People of the Abyss, and The War of the Classes.

† 40, 11/22/1916

Lee Poll(† 86)

† died 11 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 86, 11/22/2008

Boris Runge(† 65)

Actor | Moscow, RSFSR, USSR (now Russia)
† died 29 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 65, 11/22/1990

Christian Marquand(† 73)

† died 19 years ago

Christian Marquand (15 March 1927 – 22 November 2000) was a French actor, screenwriter and film director. Born in Marseille, he was born to a Spanish father and an Arab mother, and his sister was film director Nadine Trintignant. He was often cast as a heartthrob in French films of the 1950s.

† 73, 11/22/2000

Joan Barclay(† 88)

Actress | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
† died 17 years ago

Joan Barclay (born Mary Elizabeth Greear, August 31, 1914 – November 22, 2002) was an American film actress of the 1930s and 1940s, starring mostly in B-movies and cliffhangers, with her career starting during the silent film era.

† 88, 11/22/2002

Mae West(† 87)

Actress | Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
† died 39 years ago

Mary Jane "Mae" West (August 17, 1893 – November 22, 1980) was an American actress, singer, playwright, screenwriter, comedian, and sex symbol whose entertainment career spanned seven decades. She was known for her lighthearted, bawdy double entendres and breezy sexual independence. She was active in vaudeville and on the stage in New York City before moving to Hollywood to become a comedian, actress, and writer in the motion picture industry, as well as appearing on radio and television. The American Film Institute named her 15th among the greatest female stars of classic American cinema. West often used a husky contralto voice and was one of the more controversial movie stars of her day; she encountered many problems, especially censorship. She once quipped, "I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it." She bucked the system, making comedy out of conventional mores, and the Depression-era audience admired her for it. When her cinematic career ended, she wrote books and plays and continued to perform in Las Vegas and in the United Kingdom, on radio and television, and she recorded rock and roll albums.

† 87, 11/22/1980

Traute Carlsen(† 81)

† died 51 years ago

Traute Carlsen (1882–1968) was a German stage and film actress. Following the Nazi rise to power in 1933, the Jewish Carlsen left Germany for Switzerland where she settled permanently. She was married to the Austrian actor Karl Forest.

† 81, 11/22/1968

José Luis Pellicena(† 85)

† died 1 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 85, 11/22/2018

Maria Cumani Quasimodo(† 87)

† died 24 years ago

Maria Cumani Quasimodo (7 January 1908 - 22 November 1995) was an Italian actress and dancer. Born Maria Cumani in Milan, she studied dance under Jia Ruskaja. In 1936, she became the companion of the poet Salvatore Quasimodo, with whom she had a son, Alessandro. In 1937, she made her professional debut as a dancer, and shortly later she specialized in "poetic dance", a personal style in which dance was combined with poetic verses. She was married to Quasimodo from 1948 to 1960. In the meanwhile, Cumani Quasimodo started a double career as a choreographer and a stage and film character actress. Shortly before her death, she released an autobiography, L'arte del silenzio, which particularly focuses on her years alongside Salvatore Quasimodo.

† 87, 11/22/1995
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