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Fiona Hale(† 88)

Actress | New York
† died 7 years ago

Fiona Hale (February 7, 1926 - April 22, 2014) was an American actress. Her career began in 1949 in the movie Harriet Craig. She is known for her roles in Minority Report (2002), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), and Seven Pounds (2008). Hale was born in New York City.

† 88, 04/22/2014

Vivi Bach(† 73)

Actress | Copenhagen, Denmark
† died 8 years ago

Vivi Bach (3 September 1939 – 22 April 2013) was a Danish film actress. She appeared in 48 films between 1958 and 1974. Bach was born as Vivi Bak in Copenhagen, Denmark, and died on Ibiza, Spain, where she lived with her husband, the Austrian film actor Dietmar Schönherr.

† 73, 04/22/2013

Albert Salmi(† 62)

Actor | Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
† died 31 years ago

Albert Salmi (March 11, 1928 – April 22, 1990) was an American actor of stage, film, and television. Best known for his work as a character actor, he appeared in over 150 film and television productions.

† 62, 04/22/1990

Gustavo Rojo(† 93)

Actor | Montevideo, Uruguay
† died 4 years ago

Gustavo Rojo Pinto (5 September 1923 – 22 April 2017) was a Uruguayan film actor and producer. He appeared in more than 160 films and television shows between 1938 and 2016. He is the father of Ana Patricia Rojo.

† 93, 04/22/2017

Bert Remsen(† 74)

Actor | Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, USA
† died 22 years ago

Herbert Birchell "Bert" Remsen (February 25, 1925 – April 22, 1999) was an American actor and casting director. He appeared in numerous films and television series.

† 74, 04/22/1999

Shirley Knight(† 83)

Actress | Goessel, Kansas, USA
† died 1 years ago

Shirley Knight Hopkins (July 5, 1936 – April 22, 2020) was an American actress who appeared in more than 50 feature films, television films, television series, and Broadway and Off-Broadway productions in her career, playing leading and character roles. She was a member of the Actors Studio. Knight was nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress: for The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960) and Sweet Bird of Youth (1962). In the 1960s, she had leading roles in a number of Hollywood films such as The Couch (1962), House of Women (1962), The Group (1966), The Counterfeit Killer (1968), and The Rain People (1969). She received the Volpi Cup for Best Actress for her role in the British film Dutchman (1966). In 1976, Knight won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play for her performance in Kennedy's Children, a play by Robert Patrick. In later years, she played supporting roles in many films, including Endless Love (1981), As Good as It Gets (1997), Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002), and Grandma's Boy (2006). For her performances on television, Knight was nominated eight times for a Primetime Emmy Award (winning three), and she received a Golden Globe Award.

† 83, 04/22/2020

Michael Pataki(† 72)

Actor | Youngstown, Ohio, USA
† died 11 years ago

Michael Pataki (January 16, 1938 – April 15, 2010) was an American character actor.

† 72, 04/22/2010

Margaret Landry(† 82)

Actress | Baton Rouge - Louisiana - USA
† died 16 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 82, 04/22/2005

Richard Nixon(† 81)

Actor | Yorba Linda, California, USA
† died 27 years ago

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th president of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974. A member of the Republican Party, Nixon previously served as the 36th vice president from 1953 to 1961, having risen to national prominence as a representative and senator from California. After five years in the White House that saw the conclusion to the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, détente with the Soviet Union and China, and the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, he became the only president to resign from the office, following the Watergate scandal. Nixon was born into a poor family of Quakers in a small town in Southern California. He graduated from Duke University School of Law in 1937 and returned to California to practice law. He and his wife Pat moved to Washington in 1942 to work for the federal government. He served on active duty in the Navy Reserve during World War II. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1946. His pursuit of the Hiss Case established his reputation as a leading anti-Communist which elevated him to national prominence. In 1950, he was elected to the Senate. He was the running mate of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican Party's presidential nominee in the 1952 election, subsequently serving for eight years as the vice president. He unsuccessfully ran for president in 1960, narrowly losing to John F. Kennedy. Nixon then lost a race for governor of California to Pat Brown in 1962. In 1968, he ran for the presidency again and was elected, defeating Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace in a close election. Nixon ended American involvement in Vietnam in 1973, ending the military draft that same year. Nixon's visit to China in 1972 eventually led to diplomatic relations between the two nations, and he gained the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union the same year. His administration generally transferred power from federal control to state control. He imposed wage and price controls for 90 days, enforced desegregation of Southern schools, established the Environmental Protection Agency, and began the War on Cancer. He also presided over the Apollo 11 Moon landing, which signaled the end of the Space Race. He was re-elected in one of the largest electoral landslides in American history in 1972 when he defeated George McGovern. In his second term, Nixon ordered an airlift to resupply Israeli losses in the Yom Kippur War, a war which led to the oil crisis at home. By late 1973, Watergate escalated, costing Nixon much of his political support. On August 9, 1974, facing almost certain impeachment and removal from office, he became the first American president to resign. Afterwards, he was issued a pardon by his successor, Gerald Ford. In 20 years of retirement, Nixon wrote his memoirs and nine other books and undertook many foreign trips, rehabilitating his image into that of an elder statesman and leading expert on foreign affairs. He suffered a debilitating stroke on April 18, 1994, and died four days later at age 81. Surveys of historians and political scientists have ranked Nixon as a below-average president. However, evaluations of him have proven complex, with successes as president contrasted against the circumstances of his departure from office.

† 81, 04/22/1994

Will Geer(† 76)

Actor | Frankfort, Indiana, USA
† died 43 years ago

Will Geer (born William Aughe Ghere, March 9, 1902 – April 22, 1978) was an American actor, musician, and social activist, who was active in labor organizing and other movements in New York and Southern California in the 1930s and 1940s. In California he befriended rising singer Woody Guthrie. They both lived in New York for a time in the 1940s. He was blacklisted in the 1950s, by Hollywood, after refusing, in testimony before Congress, to name persons who had joined the Communist Party. Geer acted on stage in New York and eastern theatres, and in California for film. He is best-known as an actor for his later portrayal of Grandpa Zebulon Tyler Walton in the 1970s TV series The Waltons.

† 76, 04/22/1978

Marilyn Cooper(† 74)

† died 12 years ago

Marilyn Cooper (December 14, 1934 – April 22, 2009) was an American actress known primarily for her work on the Broadway stage.

† 74, 04/22/2009

Fiona Hale(† 88)

Actress | New York, New York, USA
† died 7 years ago

Fiona Hale (February 7, 1926 - April 22, 2014) was an American actress. Her career began in 1949 in the movie Harriet Craig. She is known for her roles in Minority Report (2002), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), and Seven Pounds (2008). Hale was born in New York City.

† 88, 04/22/2014
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Stanley Ridges(† 60)

Actor | Southampton, Hampshire, England, UK
† died 70 years ago

Stanley Ridges (17 July 1890 – 22 April 1951) was a British-born actor who played character parts.

† 60, 04/22/1951

Anne Pitoniak(† 85)

Actress | Westfield, Massachusetts, USA
† died 14 years ago

Anne Pitoniak (March 30, 1922 – April 22, 2007) was an American actress. She was nominated twice for Broadway's Tony Award: as Best Actress (Play) in 1983 for 'night, Mother and as Best Actress (Featured Role - Play) in 1994 for a revival of William Inge's Picnic. She is best known for her roles in The Survivors (1983), Housekeeping (1987), Hiding Out (1987), and Where the Money Is (2000).

† 85, 04/22/2007

Miwa Kawagoe(† 35)

Actress | Kagoshima, Japan
† died 13 years ago

Miwa Kawagoe (川越美和) is a former Japanese pop singer, actress, and member 1950 of the gravure group Momoco Club. Kawagoe Miwa first debuted as a idol singer on October 1988 with the single "Looking at You". Her fourth single, "Yume Dake Miteru", won her the Rookie of the Year award at the 31st Annual Nihon Record Taishou. At the same she debut as a singer, she debut as a variety show talent and an actress with her first drama being Jiken desu yo Heisei Gannen. In the 1990s, Kawagoe Miwa briefly appeared under the name Hatause Kaoru. She continued to work in many doramas and movies until 2007 when she quit her agency and retired from the world of show business. Source: Generasia.

† 35, 04/22/2008

Jack Cummins(† 49)

Crew | Iowa, USA
† died 23 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 49, 04/22/1998

Charles Middleton(† 74)

Actor | Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA
† died 72 years ago

Charles B. Middleton (October 3, 1874 – April 22, 1949) was an American stage and film actor. During a film career that began at age 46 and lasted almost 30 years, he appeared in nearly 200 films as well as numerous plays. He is perhaps best remembered for his role as the villainous emperor Ming the Merciless in the three Flash Gordon serials made between 1936 and 1940.

† 74, 04/22/1949

Alida Valli(† 84)

Actress | Pola, Istria, Italy [now Pula, Istria, Croatia]
† died 15 years ago

Alida Valli (31 May 1921 – 22 April 2006), sometimes simply credited as Valli, was an Italian actress who appeared in more than 100 films, including Mario Soldati's Piccolo mondo antico, Alfred Hitchcock's The Paradine Case, Ayn Rand's We the Living, Carol Reed's The Third Man, Michelangelo Antonioni's Il Grido, Luchino Visconti's Senso, and Dario Argento's Suspiria.

† 84, 04/22/2006

Ernie Nordli(† 55)

Crew | Salt Lake City - Utah - USA
† died 53 years ago

American animation designer and layout artist, most notably for Disney. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Norwegian immigrant Hans Magnus Nordli (1884-1975) and Hedvig Charlotte Esterblom (1888-1976) of Swedish parentage. Nordli, nicknamed "Ernie", was a talented artist whose work had an appealing modern sensibility. He started at Disney in 1936 and served as an art director/layout artist on Dumbo and Fantasia, and worked on many of the studio's shorts through the mid-1940s, including such Donald Duck shorts as The Plastics Inventor and Donald's Double Trouble. He left Disney and in the 1950s became the layout artist for Chuck Jones, in the absence of Maurice Noble. He was the layout man on eight Jones shorts, including some memorable films like Broom-Stick Bunny and Rocket-bye Baby (both 1956). After his short stint with Jones, Nordli returned to Disney where he worked on Sleeping Beauty and One Hundred and One Dalmatians, on which he was a layout stylist. He played an important role in designing the background drawing style on Dalmatians. Nordli continued working until his death. His later credits include The Alvin Show, Gay Purr-ee (1962), Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! (1964), The Man from Button Willow (1965) and the show Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero. Nordli also designed many comic book covers for Dell in the early-1950s. He died in April 1968 in San Francisco, California, aged 55. Fellow layout artist Walt Peregoy said that he committed suicide. -Wikipedia.

† 55, 04/22/1968

Harold Goldblatt(† 82)

Actor | Manchester, England, UK
† died 39 years ago

Harold Goldblatt (born Israel Goldblatt, 5 July 1899 – 22 March 1982) was an actor, theatre director and theatre producer from Northern Ireland. He was born in Manchester, England, to Russian-Jewish parents, and subsequently moved with his family to Northern Ireland, where he grew up in Belfast. He married Leah (Lillie) Rosenweig. They had two living children a daughter Joan and a son Ivan. He founded the Jewish Institute Dramatic Society, and remained a prominent member after their merger with the Northern Ireland Players and the Ulster Theatre in 1940 to form the Group Theatre. He left the Group Theatre in 1959, and in 1963 he formed the Ulster Theatre Company, which included a number of former Group members. In the 1950s, he was frequently heard on BBC Radio as well as appearing in films and television. In film, he played Benjamin Guggenheim in A Night to Remember (1958), about the sinking of the Titanic, and on television, he played Concepta Riley's father Sean in four episodes of Coronation Street in 1961, and Professor Dale in the Doctor Who serial Frontier in Space in 1973. In 1966, Goldblatt received an honorary degree from Queen's University Belfast. He died in London, where he was working on the film Yentl, on 22 March 1982, aged 82. His documents and theatrical materials are archived at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

† 82, 04/22/1982

Jean Garrett(† 49)

Crew | Portugal
† died 25 years ago

Nascido José Antônio Gomes Nunes e Silva, no ano de 1947, em uma ilha do Arquipélago dos Açores, em Portugal, seus filmes são celebrados pelo rigor formal de sua direção - demonstrado na cuidadosa elaboração dos seus enquadramentos -, pela habilidade em equilibrar o apelo erótico (muito em voga nos longas produzidos na Boca) com temáticas e subtextos mais arrojados e, sobretudo, pela versatilidade no trânsito entre diversos gêneros narrativos. Ao longo de 20 anos de carreira e tendo dirigido cerca de 18 títulos, Jean Garrett foi do policial ao horror, passando pelo filme-catástrofe e pelo drama psicológico de tons surrealistas, tendo encerrado sua trajetória como realizador aderindo à vaga pornográfica hardcore que assolou a Boca do Lixo e o cinema brasileiro a partir da primeira metade da década de 80. Morreu em 22 de abril de 1996 em São Paulo, Brasil.

† 49, 04/22/1996

Luigi Uzzo(† 47)

† died 31 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 47, 04/22/1990

Alberto Grifi(† 68)

† died 14 years ago

- No description / details available yet. -

† 68, 04/22/2007

Ken Annakin(† 94)

Crew | Beverley, Yorkshire, England, UK
† died 12 years ago

Kenneth Cooper Annakin, OBE (10 August 1914 – 22 April 2009) was an English film director. His career spanned half a century, beginning in the early 1940s and ending in 2002. His career peaked in the 1960s with large-scale adventure films; in all, Annakin directed nearly 50 pictures.

† 94, 04/22/2009

Stanley Roberts(† 65)

† died 39 years ago

Stanley Roberts (1916–1982) was an American screenwriter. He was nominated for an Academy Award for the film The Caine Mutiny in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

† 65, 04/22/1982

Norman Bird(† 84)

Actor | Coalville - Leicestershire - England - UK
† died 16 years ago

John George Norman Bird (30 October 1924 – 22 April 2005) was an English character actor.

† 84, 04/22/2005

Soja Jovanović(† 80)

Crew | Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
† died 19 years ago

Sofija "Soja" Jovanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Соја Јовановић, pronounced [sɔ̌fija sɔ̌ːja jɔv̞ǎːnɔv̞it͡ɕ]; 1 February 1922 – 22 April 2002) was the first Serbian and Yugoslavian woman director, noted for her work in theater, TV and film productions.

† 80, 04/22/2002

Angus MacPhail(† 59)

Crew | London, England
† died 59 years ago

Angus Roy MacPhail (8 April 1903 – 22 April 1962) was an English screenwriter, active from the late 1920s. He is best remembered for his work with Alfred Hitchcock.

† 59, 04/22/1962

Jack Cardiff(† 94)

Crew | Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK
† died 12 years ago

Jack Cardiff, OBE, BSC(18 September 1914 – 22 April 2009) was a British cinematographer, film and television director, and photographer. His career spanned the development of cinema, from silent film, through early experiments in Technicolor, to filmmaking more than half a century later. He is best known for his influential color cinematography for directors such as Powell and Pressburger (A Matter of Life and Death, Black Narcissus, and The Red Shoes), John Huston (The African Queen) and Alfred Hitchcock (Under Capricorn). He is also known for his work as a director – in particular, his critically acclaimed film Sons and Lovers (1960) for which he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director. In 2000, he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and, in 2001, he was awarded an Academy Honorary Award for his contribution to the cinema. Jack Cardiff's work is reviewed in the documentary film: Cameraman: The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff (2010) and Terry Johnson's stage play Prism (2017).

† 94, 04/22/2009

Tom Conway(† 62)

Actor | St. Petersburg, Russian Empire [now Russia]
† died 54 years ago

Tom Conway (born Thomas Charles Sanders, 15 September 1904 – 22 April 1967) was a British film, television, and radio actor remembered for playing private detectives (including The Falcon, Sherlock Holmes, Bulldog Drummond, and The Saint) and psychiatrists. Conway played "The Falcon" in 10 episodes of the series, taking over for his brother, George Sanders, in The Falcon's Brother (1942), in which they both starred. He also appeared in several Val Lewton films.

† 62, 04/22/1967
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