Google Play Movies United States of America (USA)Provider for Rent/Buy of movies & TV shows/series

Google TV is a digital distribution service for movies and TV shows. It is operated by Google. Announced in September 2020, as a service it allows users to search and discover video titles available across multiple streaming services as well as to rent or to buy available titles from Google and add any selected title to a watchlist for watching or accessing such titles from eligible devices and platforms. The buy, rent or preorder options were also part of Google Play Movies & TV, another service by Google which later was moved to Google TV service. The purchased or rented video titles can be watched by a signed-in user on Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS) and YouTube. The Google TV mobile app can download video for offline watching. The search, discover and watchlist options are also available on the Google Search website, the Google TV app on mobile devices, TVs with Google Assistant and Google TV devices. ()