Google Play Movies United States of America (USA)Provider for Rent/Buy of movies & TV shows/series

Google TV (formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV) is an online video on demand service operated by Google. The service offers movies and television shows for purchase or rental, depending on availability. The service initially launched in May 2011 as Google Movies and was later renamed Google Play Movies & TV following its integration into the Google Play digital distribution service in 2012. Google claims that most content is available in high definition, and a 4K Ultra HD video option was offered for select titles starting in December 2016. Content can be watched on streaming devices, the Google Play website, through an extension for the Google Chrome web browser, or through the mobile app on Android and iOS devices. Offline download is supported through the mobile app and on devices. In September 2020, the Android app for Google Play Movies & TV was renamed to Google TV on Android devices in the United States, adding aggregation of content across streaming services. The rebranding coincided with the debut of an identically-named user interface for the Android TV operating system on the Chromecast with Google TV media streamer. The Google TV user interface is deeply integrated with the Google TV video service. In March 2021, users were informed that the app used on sever... ()