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Fire in Paradise(1997)

1h 45min | Drama
3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

On her honeymoon on a ship the daughter of a rich plant owner realizes that she's not happy with her marriage. She meets a poor woman on the way to meet her future husband, a missionary in India. The women decide to swap roles...

Directed by Markus Imhoof

The Collector(1965)

1h 59min | Mystery, Drama, Thriller
3.8/5 (with 43 votes)

Freddie is an inept bank clerk with no future. His only hobby is collecting butterflies, which gives him a feeling of power and control that is otherwise totally missing from his life. He comes into a large sum of money, and buys himself a country house. Still unable to make himself at ease socially, he starts to plan on acquiring a girl friend - in the same manner as he collects butterflies. He prepares the cellar of the house to be a collecting jar, and stalks his victim over several days.

Miss Juneteenth(2020)

1h 43min | Drama

Turquoise, a former beauty queen turned hardworking single mother, prepares her rebellious teenage daughter for the “Miss Juneteenth” pageant, hoping to keep her from repeating the same mistakes in life that she did.

Trilogy of Terror II(1996)

1h 30min | Horror, Thriller, TV Movie
2.6/5 (with 10 votes)

Three tales of terror: in "The Graveyard Rats" lovers murder the woman's older husband and encounter horror when they attempt to rob his grave; "Bobby" is the story of a woman who summons her son back from the dead; and in "He Who Kills" an African doll goes on a murderous rampage.

Zwei Tänzer für Isolde(2017)

1h 30min | TV Movie, Comedy
1.7/5 (with 2 votes)

Uwe Ochsenknecht and Herbert Knaup play the leading roles in the buddy comedy "2 Sturköpfe im Dreivierteltakt". From the old rivals Joachim Schiller and Hans Rückert are pretty best friends, as they finally realize that an ex-wife has always been a double game with them. The comedy by Thomas Kronthaler conveys the joy of life and makes you want to dance. The breakdance scene star Jawad Rajpoot, also known as Bboy Rajpoot, provides spectacular performances as a junior partner. He finds his destiny through the dance school and there the first great love.

Bio Slime(2010)

2.2/5 (with 3 votes)

Seven misfits are trapped by a flesh eating slime creature. And no TV!


1h 25min | Comedy

- No description / details available yet. -


2h 8min | Drama
2.4/5 (with 2 votes)

Shanichari is a beautiful girl born in lower cast and her life is full of sufferings because of lower cast, poor finances, lost parents, drunken husband, mischievous son. The title refers to a custom in some parts of Rajasthan—where aristocratic women were long kept secluded and veiled—of hiring professional women mourners on the death of a male relative, a rudaali (pronounced “roo-dah-lee”—literally, a female “weeper”) to publicly express the grief that family members, constrained by their high social status, were not permitted to display—or at times, perhaps did not feel. Underwritten by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and Doordarshan (Indian national television) and based on a short story by famed Bengali author Mahasweta Devi—whose tales often focus on the travails of low-caste women.

The Return of Sophie Lang(1936)

| 1h 5min | Crime, Drama

In order to give up her life of crime and go straight, renowned jewel thief Sophie Lang fakes her own death and retires to London. She soon finds a job as a companion to a wealthy old lady who is also a jewel collector. One day her employer decides to take an ocean trip to the US, taking Sophie with her. She also takes along a $200,000 diamond, which she locks up in the ship's safe. Of course, the diamond is soon stolen from the safe. A reporter also happens to be aboard the ship, and he has had his suspicions about who Sophie really is. Sophie has to find the real thief and recover the jewel before the ship docks in New York, because an investigation could reveal her true identity.

Happy Christmas(2014)

| 1h 22min | Comedy, Drama
2.6/5 (with 53 votes)

After a breakup with her boyfriend, a young woman moves in with her older brother, his wife, and their 2-year-old son.

Portrait of a Choreographer(2007)

23min | Documentary

Documentary about choreographer/director Bob Fosse, and his influence on dance.


1h 21min | Horror, Animation, Comedy
2.5/5 (with 3 votes)

Trini is the most famous flamingo dancer in the world and she has an envious life. Everyone loves her dancing, but when a seemingly innocuous domestic accident takes her husband's life, a deep depression falls over Trini forcing her to quit the stage. Damien's behaviour, her 8-year-old son, becomes uncontrollably forcing Trini to call upon doctor after doctor to provide relief. When no answers can be found, there is left only one possible explanation - Damien has been possessed by a dark spirit! Trini begins a desperate quest to repair her shattered family. This search eventually leads to a defrocked priest called Father Lenin whose own severe spiritual crisis may not bode well for what lays ahead. With no where to turn and all other hopes to save her shattered family exhausted, Trini must place her faith in a man whose faith is... questionable!

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An American Pickle(2020)

An immigrant worker at a pickle factory is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern day Brooklyn. He learns his only surviving relative is his great grandson, a computer coder who he can’t connect with.

Directed by Brandon Trost - With Seth Rogen

Entrée Et Sortie De La Mine(2019)

Actuality film of miners entering a mine.


1h 36min | Drama, Comedy
3.9/5 (with 2 votes)

- No description / details available yet. -

My Breast(1994)

1h 30min | Drama

Meredith Baxter plays Joyce Wadler in this heartwarming story of hope, courage and redemption inspired by the New York City journalist's real-life struggle with breast cancer. Stuck in a lackluster relationship with her boyfriend, she's forced to re-examine her life when she receives the troubling diagnosis.

House of Another(2012)

- No description / details available yet. -

On the Beach at Night Alone(2017)

1h 41min | Drama
3.4/5 (with 30 votes)

An actress wanders around a seaside town, pondering her relationship with a married man.

Jagadguru Aadisankaran(1977)

2h 6min

The story revolves around the life, philosophies and miracles of Saint Adi Shankara.

Directed by P. Bhaskaran - With Murali Mohan

My Heart Belongs to Daddy(2018)

1h 23min | Documentary
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Sofia, a young director fresh out of film school, reunites with her father who has spent most of his life in prison. He lives a life marked by addiction and criminality, and Sofia's biggest hope is that she can help him on his feet and repair broken bonds.


2.4/5 (with 2 votes)

Pugazh, a young man, fights against a corrupt politician who wants to acquire the playground of his area, which he and his friends use for sports activities.

Directed by Manimaran - With Jai

Die Beute(1988)

- No description / details available yet. -

The Wishing Tree(1976)

1h 47min | Drama
2.9/5 (with 2 votes)

This poetic parable is part of Tenghiz Abuladze’s cinematic triptych: “The Supplication” – “The Wishing Tree” – “Repentance”. The place is Georgia at the beginning of the 20th century. That’s how director Tenghiz Abuladze described his film: “’The Wishing Tree’ is a film about the people lit up by a dream. Every character has its own ideal. One is worshipping the skies, another the earth, some idolize the body, others elevate the spirit. Some destroy the body, others the soul…” Marita, the film’s heroine, arrived here to live with her aunt. She meets a poor young lad, Gedia, and falls in love with him. But her relatives are determined to marry the girl off to a local rich man….

Directed by Tengiz Abuladze - With Sofiko Chiaureli, Kakhi Kavsadze, Ramaz Chkhikvadze, Lika Kavzharadze, Zaza Kolelishvili, Givi Berikashvili, ...

Barney: A Very Merry Christmas: The movie(2011)

A very merry celebration is about to begin! Join your favorite purple dinosaur as he travels to the North Pole to discover the wonders of Santa's workshop, decorates the Christmas caboose, and teaches Baby Bop that the magic of Christmas is about giving, not receiving. Barney makes all of your Christmas wishes come true with dino-sized friendship and fun in this festive holiday movie!

The Bounty Killer(2018)

1h 27min | Action, Western

A bounty killer is hired by a Mexican landowner to rescue his daughter after she's kidnapped by a gang of outlaws on her wedding day.

Walk, Don't Run: The Story of The Ventures(2020)

The Ventures are the biggest instrumental band in the world. This project was begun almost 10 years ago by Tacoma legends the Peterson brothers - Justin and Rob, when they linked up with another infamous brotherly Tacoma team Leonard and Teddy Haggarty.

One After the Other(2019)

Wandering around his house, Grant, a young American musician, looks for inspiration in his memories, foraging through old findings and things from the past, scattered here and there.

Code 68(2005)

Anne Buridan is about thirty years old and likes challenges. Her last challenge is to make a movie on May 68. It's a challenge, not only because she will be forced to face a story that is not hers, but specially because her new boyfriend, Blaise, doesn't understand this idea, even more, he hates people that have participated at this event. Anne Buridan is a methodical person and even a bit obsessive. Nothing and nobody will make her turn away from her project. She starts to meet people that were figures of that period. She will start, evidently, with a woman, Marianne, who speaks amongst others, of Jean-Pierre Lucciani. The name is not unknown to her because it's the same as Blaise's. She will go see him right away. Jean-Pierre is Blaise's father alright. She goes back home and keeps the secret from Blaise. Anne Buridan just lost, without knowing it, control over this situation.

Directed by Jean-Henri Roger - With Judith Cahen, Stanislas Merhar, Ariane Ascaride

Le lit(1983)

2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

In this somber movie, Martin (Heinz Bennent), a sculptor, is dying in his bed on a barge that floats along a fog-shrouded waterway. As he agonizingly descends into a final oblivion, his second wife is at his bedside, comforted by his first wife -- also present. Director and writer Marion Hansel stands at a slight remove while the last day in the life of the moribund man, with all its pain, is interspersed with flashbacks to happier times with his second wife. Some of the dialogue is oddly artificial and when combined with the space that the director places between the viewer and the events on the screen, it may distance some from the suffering of the lead figures.


| 1h 24min | Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller
3.4/5 (with 1,752 votes)

Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over.