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Thursday is cinema day! Traditionally most new movies are released on Thursday. For your next trip to the local multiplex/theater make sure to check out our weekly overview of all the new, highly anticipated movie releases.

New Movie Releases in Theaters in Week 02/2021

4d ago | By: WPS

Like every week we present you the new movies which will be released today and in the next 7 days in the theaters in United States of America (USA). In calendar week 02/2021 there are 5 new movies in the cinema:

3 new movie releases on 01/15/2021 (Friday)

The Marksman(2021)

4.8/5 (with 2 votes)

A rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S.

Directed by Robert Lorenz - With Liam Neeson

American Skin(2021)

1h 29min | Drama

A Marine veteran working as a school janitor tries to mend his relationship with his son after a divorce. When his son is killed by a police officer found innocent without standing trial, he takes matters into his own hands.

Directed by Nate Parker

The Dig(2021)

| 1h 52min | Drama, History
3.7/5 (with 2 votes)

As WWII looms, a wealthy widow hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate the burial mounds on her estate. When they make a historic discovery, the echoes of Britain's past resonate in the face of its uncertain future‎.

Directed by Simon Stone

1 new movie release on 01/17/2021 (Sunday)

Ships in the Night: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery(2021)

1h 24min | Mystery, Drama, TV Movie

When an art gallery robbery leads to the death of the contemptible gallery manager, former Boston detective Jeff Jackson teams up with local doctor - and old flame - Dr. Zee Madeiras, to catch the killer.

1 new movie release on 01/20/2021 (Wednesday)

Jumanji: Level One(2021)

1h 54min | Adventure

Set in 1869, two children receive a mysterious game after their father goes missing in the jungles of Africa. They unravel both the secret of their father’s disappearance and the origin of Jumanji. See how it all began.

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New Movie Releases in Theaters in Week 01/2021

11d ago | By: WPS

Like every week we present you the new movies which will be released today and in the next 7 days in the theaters in United States of America (USA). In calendar week 01/2021 there are 8 new movies in the cinema:

1 new movie release on 01/07/2021 (Thursday)


In Spain during the Age of Exploration, adventure-seeker Jack discovers a world of giants hidden within the clouds. He hatches a grand plan with Inma, a 60-foot-tall, 11-year-old girl, and agrees to help her find her way home. But he doesn’t account for her super-sized personality—and who knew giants were so down to earth?

Directed by Nathan Greno

4 new movie releases on 01/08/2021 (Friday)

Redemption Day(2021)

| 1h 40min | Action, Thriller
4.3/5 (with 4 votes)

Having just returned home, decorated U.S. Marine Captain Brad Paxton's (Gary Dourdan) wife, Kate, is kidnapped by a terrorist group while working in Morocco. He is forced back into action for a daring and deadly operation to save the woman he loves.

One Night in Miami...(2021)

| 1h 51min | Drama
4.0/5 (with 9 votes)

In the aftermath of Cassius Clay's defeat of Sonny Liston in 1964, the boxer meets with Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown to change the course of history in the segregated South.

Directed by Regina King

Grizzly II: The Concert(1983)

1h 14min | Horror, Music, Thriller
2.1/5 (with 4 votes)

When a park ranger claims a 15-foot grizzly bear is killing people within a national park, all hell breaks loose after authority figures refuse to step in and cancel a big rock concert scheduled to take place there. While the park ranger and his girlfriend pursue the bear and debate its proper fate, a group of poachers attempt to trap it themselves.

With Deborah Raffin, John Rhys-Davies, Louise Fletcher, George Clooney, Laura Dern, Charlie Sheen, ...

Beautiful Something Left Behind(2021)

1h 27min | Documentary

In New Jersey, the Good Grief community focuses on a holistic way of dealing with grief, where children can give in to rage in ‘the volcano room,' and say goodbye to a dying teddy bear patient in ‘the hospital room.' Over the course of a year, we follow the weekly meetings and get close to Kimmy, Nicky, Peter, Nora, Nolan, and Mikayla and their close companion: grief. It is sometimes heartbreaking, but also humorous, to experience the questions about life and death through their open and curious minds. Grief is high and heavy as a mountain, but it helps you understand what has happened, and that death is irreversible.

1 new movie release on 01/12/2021 (Tuesday)

The Bid(2021)

| 1h 30min | Comedy

Loaded with a hilarious cast of comedians and internet personalities, The Bid follows Maurquis Boone and Richard “Philly Filthy Rich” Harris serving time for a crime they didn’t commit. Locked up, Boone & Rich encounter a variety of hardened, yet hilarious characters as they fight to prove their innocence and make it out the penitentiary in one piece.

2 new movie releases on 01/13/2021 (Wednesday)

The White Tiger(2021)

| 2h 5min | Drama

An ambitious Indian driver uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty and rise to the top. An epic journey based on the New York Times bestseller.

Bastard's Crossing(2021)

Cam Talcutt had the good luck to win a trading post in a card game. Now, he's stuck in the wilderness trying to run it when he learns the freight company who supplies his store won't be coming anymore. Cam is in a bad spot and might have to do bad things to survive.

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New Movie Releases in Theaters in Week 53/2020

18d ago | By: WPS

Like every week we present you the new movies which will be released today and in the next 7 days in the theaters in United States of America (USA). In calendar week 53/2020 there are 45 new movies in the cinema:

32 new movie releases on 12/31/2020 (Thursday)

Boss Level(2020)

3.3/5 (with 36 votes)

A retired special forces officer is trapped in a never-ending time loop on the day of his death.

Directed by Joe Carnahan - With Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo, Will Sasso, Naomi Watts, Annabelle Wallis, Rob Gronkowski, ...

Resident Evil(2021)

A reboot of the "Resident Evil" franchise. Set in 1998, the intention is to re-create the 'terrifying visceral experience' of the first two games in the series, exploring 'the secrets hidden in the walls of the Spenser Mansion and Raccoon City' while also 'telling a grounded human story about a small dying American town.'.

Directed by Johannes Roberts - With Kaya Scodelario, Hannah John-Kamen, Robbie Amell, Tom Hopper, Avan Jogia, Neal McDonough, ...

The Lovebirds(2020)

3.2/5 (with 205 votes)

A couple experiences a defining moment in their relationship when they are unintentionally embroiled in a murder mystery. As their journey to clear their names takes them from one extreme – and hilarious - circumstance to the next, they must figure out how they, and their relationship, can survive the night.

Directed by Michael Showalter - With Issa Rae, Kumail Nanjiani, Anna Camp

The Woman in the Window(2021)

1h 40min | Thriller, Mystery, Crime

An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors only to witness a disturbing act of violence.

Directed by Joe Wright - With Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Wyatt Russell, Gary Oldman, Brian Tyree Henry, Anthony Mackie, ...

Max Cloud(2020)

3.2/5 (with 3 votes)

A space cruiser crashes on a planet that is home to an intergalactic prison.

Let Them All Talk(2020)

| 1h 52min | Comedy, Drama
3.0/5 (with 19 votes)

A celebrated author takes a journey with some old friends to have some fun and heal old wounds. Her nephew comes along to wrangle the ladies and finds himself involved with a young literary agent.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Last Moment of Clarity(2020)

1h 30min | Thriller
2.8/5 (with 3 votes)

A normal New Yorker's life is upended when his girlfriend is murdered by the Bulgarian mob. He flees to Paris to hide from her killers. But three years later, he sees a similar looking woman on the silver screen. Obsession with past love takes Sam to Los Angeles to look for answers, only to put him back into the sights of the Bulgarians. An updated Hitchcockian thriller in the vein of Vertigo and Rear Window.

Prisoners of the Ghostland(2021)

1h 40min | Action, Thriller, Horror

In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber is sprung from jail by wealthy warlord The Governor, whose adopted granddaughter Bernice has gone missing. The Governor offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for retrieving the runaway. Strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct within five days, the bandit sets off on a journey to find the young woman—and his own path to redemption.

Directed by Sion Sono - With Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Ed Skrein, Bill Moseley, Nick Cassavetes

The Lady of Heaven(2020)

2h 19min | Action, History, Drama
4.3/5 (with 1 vote)

A child from war-torn Iraq finds himself moving into a new home after his mother passes away. There, he meets a loving old woman who tells him the story of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad and the first victim of terrorism. Through the stories, the child learns how the virtue of patience is powerful and important to everyone, as well as how Fatima’s experience has spilled into the 21st century.

With Ray Fearon, Yasmin Mwanza, Lucas Bond, Christopher Sciueref, Chris Jarman, Denise Black, ...

Army of the Dead(2021)

After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.

Directed by Zack Snyder - With Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Ana de la Reguera, Theo Rossi, Chris D'Elia, Huma Qureshi, ...


A young Black father learns to navigate love, loss, and parenthood after his girlfriend mysteriously abandons him and their five-year-old daughter.


1h 34min | Romance / Love, Drama
4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

An eccentric love triangle story and cautionary tale of preserving self identity within the fast-moving internet age.

Directed by Gia Coppola - With Andrew Garfield, Maya Hawke, Nat Wolff, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Knoxville, Chris Messina, ...


It is a disturbing thriller about a home invasion of a wealthy family that lives in a small-high end apartment. The family is taken hostage as the invader psychologically tortures David, the head of the household, by causing harm to his family members as he watches.

Here Are the Young Men(2021)

1h 36min | Drama

Dublin teenagers Matthew, nihilistic Rez, and the deranged Kearney, leave school to a social vacuum of drinking and drugs, falling into shocking acts of transgression.

Directed by Eoin Macken

Heroes on the Front Line(2020)

This one-hour television event celebrates the on-the-ground heroes who dared to make a difference in the midst of the unprecedented and unforeseen worldwide pandemic. Hosted by Dean Cain and produced by Associated Television International.

Don't Let The Pigeon Do Storytime(2020)


A collection of live readings and sketch comedy inspired by Mo Willems' series of Pigeon books.

Nightmare Alley(2021)

A corrupt con-man teams up with a female psychiatrist to trick people into giving them money. A remake of the 1947 film.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro

The Outside Story(2020)

1h 25min | Drama, Comedy

An introverted editor living a vertical life in his 2nd-floor apartment, always on deadline and in a rut. When Charles locks himself out of his building, he's forced to go horizontal and confront the world he's been avoiding in search of a way back inside.

Paddington 3(2020)

The third instalment in the Paddington franchise. The plot is currently unknown.

Kung Fury 2(2021)

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by David Sandberg - With David Sandberg, Michael Fassbender, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alexandra Shipp, Jorma Taccone, David Hasselhoff, ...

Dear Zoe(2021)

Coming-of-age dramedy in which teenage Tess enlists her biological father - a lovable slacker from the wrong side of the tracks - and the charming juvenile delinquent next door to help her come to grips with the death of her little sister.

The Outlaw Johnny Black(2020)

1h 37min | Action, Comedy, Western

Hell bent on avenging the death of his father, Johnny Black vows to gun down Brett Clayton and becomes a wanted man in the process while posing as a preacher in a small mining town that's been taken over by a notorious Land Baron.

Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020(2020)

Inspired by the viral success of Tony-winner Laura Benanti's #sunshinesongs, this feel-good docu-special spotlights a talented group of high school seniors as they give show-stopping performances from home to capture their 2020 experiences.

Garrison7: War Is Coming(2020)

1h 36min | Science Fiction

When an elite special forces commander accidentally uncovers an insidious military conspiracy, his family is brutally murdered. Now the target of an intergalactic manhunt, they will stop at nothing to silence him.


A 'remix' of 1922's "Nosferatu," utilizing green screen to insert new actors into the original film's environments.

Next Goal Wins(2021)

Dutch coach Thomas Rongen attempts the nearly impossible task of turning the American Samoa soccer team from perennial losers into winners.

Directed by Taika Waititi

Lights Out 2(2021)

- No description / details available yet. -

An American Werewolf in London(2021)

| Horror

Remake of the 80's classic.

The Way of the Wind(2021)

A dramatization of several episodes in the life of Christ.

Directed by Terrence Malick - With Matthias Schoenaerts, Mark Rylance, Tawfeek Barhom, Aidan Turner, Géza Röhrig

Are You Afraid of the Dark?(2019)

A big screen adaptation of the Nickelodeon series.

The Soviet Sleep Experiment(2021)

5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Russian researchers in the late 1940s keep five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental stimulant. Based on the popular internet horror story (Creepypasta) “The Russian Sleep Experiment”.

The Last Voyage of Demeter(2020)

Follows the ill-fated crew aboard the merchant ship Demeter which carried Dracula's coffin from Transylvania to England only to arrive at port with no survivors aboard.

12 new movie releases on 01/01/2021 (Friday)

Shadow in the Cloud(2020)

| 1h 23min | Action, Drama, Horror, War
3.1/5 (with 68 votes)

A WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight.

Directed by Roseanne Liang - With Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale, Taylor John Smith, Callan Mulvey, Benedict Wall, ...

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run(2020)

4.0/5 (with 944 votes)

When his best friend Gary is suddenly snatched away, SpongeBob takes Patrick on a madcap mission far beyond Bikini Bottom to save their pink-shelled pal.

COVID-21: Lethal Virus(2021)

5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

The climate change has released an ancient rabies virus trapped in the Antarctica ice. A female scientist tries to get to the laboratory to create a cure to save the world, protected by an eccentric and two members of the special forces.

Wish Dragon(2021)

Din, a working-class college student, and Long, a cynical but all-powerful dragon capable of granting wishes, set off on a hilarious adventure through modern day Shanghai in pursuit of Din's long-lost childhood friend, Lina.


A chronicle of the inner life of Marilyn Monroe.

Directed by Andrew Dominik - With Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Julianne Nicholson, Evan Williams, Xavier Samuel, ...


Whiton University unravels the night a star-athlete is murdered, kicking off a spree of social media slayings that force students to uncover the truth behind the school's hidden secrets and the horrifying meaning of an exclamation point.


Set during the rise of fascism in Mussolini's Italy, Pinocchio is a story of love and disobedience as Pinocchio struggles to live up to his father's expectations.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro

Into the Flames(2021)

| 1h 38min | Comedy

Two robbers flee from a robbery into a neighborhood where they seek safety. Spotting two guys arriving to a house, the robbers pull into the driveway and use a car cover to hide. Inside the house, they discover that it's a gathering of cannabis entrepreneurs. In short , their robbery is discovered. And now the robbers make them eat edibles while they hold them hostage. Chaos ensues.

Bergman Island(2020)

The picture revolves around an American filmmaking couple who retreat to the island for the summer to each write screenplays for their upcoming films in an act of pilgrimage to the place that inspired Bergman. As the summer and their screenplays advance, the lines between reality and fiction start to blur against the backdrop of the Island's wild landscape.

Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve - With Mia Wasikowska, Tim Roth

Benning's Dream(2021)


An excerpt of a conversation between James and I during the Fall of 2019 - Santa Clarita, CA.

Green River Killer(2021)

A police detective leads the investigation to capture a serial murderer terrorizing the Seattle area for many years.

The Velvet Underground(2021)

Documentary covering influential American rock band The Velvet Underground and their iconic frontman Lou Reed, who rose to prominence during the 1960s and 70s.

1 new movie release on 01/02/2021 (Saturday)


Astronaut station in space monitors solar storms that could endanger Earth.

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New Movie Releases in Theaters in Week 52/2020

26d ago | By: WPS

Like every week we present you the new movies which will be released today and in the next 7 days in the theaters in United States of America (USA). In calendar week 52/2020 there are 13 new movies in the cinema:

1 new movie release on 12/24/2020 (Thursday)


1h 52min | Thriller

This is going to be a heart wrenching story based on the Amrutha and Maruthi Rao saga of the DANGERS of a father LOVING a daughter too much.

8 new movie releases on 12/25/2020 (Friday)

Wonder Woman 1984(2020)

| 2h 31min | Fantasy, Action, Adventure
3.7/5 (with 1,038 votes)

Wonder Woman comes into conflict with the Soviet Union during the Cold War in the 1980s and finds a formidable foe by the name of the Cheetah.

Directed by Patty Jenkins - With Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, Chris Pine, Lynda Carter, Sia Alipour, ...

Promising Young Woman(2020)

| 1h 53min | Thriller, Crime, Drama
3.7/5 (with 31 votes)

A young woman haunted by a tragedy in her past takes revenge on the predatory men unlucky enough to cross her path.

Directed by Emerald Fennell - With Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown, Jennifer Coolidge


| 2h 5min | Fantasy, Kids & Family, Adventure, Drama
3.4/5 (with 431 votes)

In this live-action adaptation of the beloved fairytale, old woodcarver Geppetto fashions a wooden puppet, Pinocchio, who magically comes to life. Pinocchio longs for adventure and is easily led astray, encountering magical beasts, fantastical spectacles, while making friends and foes along his journey. However, his dream is to become a real boy, which can only come true if he finally changes his ways.

Directed by Matteo Garrone - With Roberto Benigni, Rocco Papaleo, Massimo Ceccherini, Marine Vacth, Gigi Proietti, Paolo Graziosi, ...

News of the World(2020)

1h 58min | Drama, Western
3.8/5 (with 12 votes)

A Texan traveling across the wild West bringing the news of the world to local townspeople, agrees to help rescue a young girl who was kidnapped.

Directed by Paul Greengrass - With Tom Hanks, Helena Zengel

The Dissident(2020)

| 1h 59min | Documentary
4.1/5 (with 4 votes)

When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, his fiancée and dissidents around the world are left to piece together the clues to a brutal murder and expose a global cover up perpetrated by the very country he loved.

Directed by Bryan Fogel


1h 49min | Drama, Music
1.3/5 (with 5 votes)

David Bowie went to America for the first time to promote his third album, The Man Who Sold the World. There, he embarked on a coast-to-coast publicity tour. During this tour, Bowie came up with the idea of his iconic Ziggy Stardust character, inspired by artists like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed.

Directed by Gabriel Range

The Truffle Hunters(2020)

| 1h 24min | Documentary
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

In the secret forests of Northern Italy, a dwindling group of joyful old men and their faithful dogs search for the world’s most expensive ingredient, the white Alba truffle. Their stories form a real-life fairy tale that celebrates human passion in a fragile land that seems forgotten in time.

The Waiting(2020)

1h 30min | Comedy, Horror

Eric Brady, a new hotel employee stumbling upon an open secret. One of the rooms is haunted. Eric decides it's both his and the hotel's best interest to help remove the ghost. However when he meets the ghost, everything changed.

2 new movie releases on 12/28/2020 (Monday)

Corona Depression(2020)

4.3/5 (with 1 vote)

A pandemic strikes the world. What does quarantine do to a lonely woman's mind? Follow her from sense to insanity. No filters. Just you, her, and her more and more twisted mind.

Vernon Jordan: Make it Plain(2020)


From filmmaker Dawn Porter (who earlier this year directed "John Lewis: Good Trouble"), the film explores the remarkable journey of Jordan from modest Southern origins to national renown as a pioneering attorney, businessman, civil rights leader, and as a fixture (could one also say a "fixer?") on the DC scene. Jordan's story is told principally through a chronological narration of his life and accomplishment, most of it taken from recent (2019) interviews with and narration by Jordan himself. His early life in Atlanta is limned, where Jordan describes the treasured influence of his mother Mary and his early academic successes (including a law degree from Howard University). His activities in the civil rights movement in the 1960's and 1970's are highlighted, culminating in his ten-year tenure as director of the Urban League.

1 new movie release on 12/29/2020 (Tuesday)

Popstar's Best of 2020(2020)

- No description / details available yet. -

1 new movie release on 12/30/2020 (Wednesday)

Pieces of a Woman(2020)

| 2h 7min | Drama
3.6/5 (with 111 votes)

When a young mother's home birth ends in unfathomable tragedy, she begins a year-long odyssey of mourning that fractures relationships with loved ones in this deeply personal story of a woman learning to live alongside her loss.

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New Movie Releases in Theaters in Week 51/2020

12/17/2020 | By: WPS

Like every week we present you the new movies which will be released today and in the next 7 days in the theaters in United States of America (USA). In calendar week 51/2020 there are 16 new movies in the cinema:

14 new movie releases on 12/18/2020 (Friday)


| 1h 50min | Science Fiction, Action
3.0/5 (with 22 votes)

When a virus threatens to turn the now earth-dwelling friendly alien hybrids against humans, Captain Rose Corley must lead a team of elite mercenaries on a mission to the alien world in order to save what's left of humanity.

Directed by Liam O'Donnell


| 1h 32min | Action, Science Fiction
2.1/5 (with 23 votes)

A hardened mechanic must stay awake and maintain an interstellar ark fleeing the dying planet Earth with a few thousand lucky souls on board... the last of humanity. Unfortunately, humans are not the only passengers. A shapeshifting alien creature has taken residence, its only goal is to kill as many people as possible. The crew must think quickly to stop this menace before it destroys mankind.

Monster Hunter(2020)

| 1h 44min | Fantasy, Action, Adventure
2.8/5 (with 29 votes)

A portal transports Lt. Artemis and an elite unit of soldiers to a strange world where powerful monsters rule with deadly ferocity. Faced with relentless danger, the team encounters a mysterious hunter who may be their only hope to find a way home.


| 1h 42min | Thriller
3.1/5 (with 11 votes)

A married man is tricked into a murder scheme by a female police detective.

Directed by Deon Taylor - With Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy, Mike Colter

Coming 2 America(2021)

Prince Akeem Joffer is set to become King of Zamunda when he discovers he has a son he never knew about in America – a street savvy Queens native named Lavelle. Honoring his royal father's dying wish to groom this son as the crown prince, Akeem and Semmi set off to America once again.

Directed by Craig Brewer - With Eddie Murphy, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, Arsenio Hall

Hunter Hunter(2020)

1h 33min | Horror, Thriller
3.6/5 (with 22 votes)

Joseph and his family live in the remote wilderness as fur trappers but their tranquility starts to be threatened when they think are being hunted by the return of a rogue wolf and Joseph leaves them behind to track it.

Directed by Shawn Linden

The Comeback Trail(2020)

1h 45min | Action, Comedy, Crime
3.2/5 (with 5 votes)

After his latest film bombs, Producer Max Barber creates a new film, all to kill his lead, Duke Montana, in a stunt for insurance. But when Duke is unable to be killed in a basic stunt, Max puts him into more dangerous situations.

Directed by George Gallo - With Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Emile Hirsch, Zach Braff, Patrick Muldoon, ...

John and the Hole(2021)

1h 38min | Drama, Thriller

While exploring the neighboring woods, 13-year-old John discovers an unfinished bunker—a deep hole in the ground. Seemingly without provocation, he drugs his affluent parents and older sister and drags their unconscious bodies into the bunker, where he holds them captive. As they anxiously wait for John to free them from the hole, the boy returns home, where he can finally do what he wants.


4.5/5 (with 2 votes)

Meredith, her husband Jared and son Alex face unspeakable terror in the wake of a family tragedy.

Zombie Bro(2020)

A young girl must enlist her juvenile father to help save the town from her biting brother. Whilst she's trying to save the town, she must go through school life whilst hiding her brother's true form.

Tiger Within(2020)

1h 39min

A story featuring an unlikely friendship between a homeless teen and a Holocaust survivor, sparking larger questions of fear, forgiveness, healing and world peace, starring multiple Emmy Award-winning actor, Ed Asner.

Samsquanch County(2020)

1h 29min | Horror, Comedy

The town of Manitou Springs Colorado turns to the help of crypto zoologist Mountain Mike to save them from the likes of the evil Canadian bigfoot the "Samsquanch.".


1h 33min | Documentary

In February 2019, the Hong Kong government proposed a bill that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects from Hong Kong to face trial in mainland China. The controversial bill sparked immediate outrage over widespread fear of arbitrary detention and politically motivated trials that would decimate Hong Kong’s autonomy under ‘one country, two systems.’ Protests escalated into epic pro-democracy demonstrations, in part led by young people connected via social media. COCKROACH, filmed during the height of the protests, captures the extraordinary intensity of an unprecedented era in Hong Kong’s history.

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt(2020)

1h 30min

- No description / details available yet. -

2 new movie releases on 12/22/2020 (Tuesday)

First Christmas(2020)

Given up for adoption and placed in foster care at a young age, writer Halle Downing receives the blessing of a lifetime when she is invited to spend Christmas in New Orleans with the biological family she never knew she had.


| 1h 24min | Crime, Drama, Action
4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A young man returns to his hometown after years of being gone to get revenge on a gang that ruined his life.

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