Akira Kurosawa

Name in Native Language: "黒澤明" (Japanese/JA)
Film Director / Film Producer / Screenwriter / Writer | * 03/23/1910 († 88, 09/06/1998) | Shinagawa, Tóquio (Japan)
Akira Kurosawa (黒澤明 or 黒沢明, Kurosawa Akira, March 23, 1910 – September 6, 1998) was a Japanese filmmaker and painter who directed 30 films in a career spanning over five decades. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential filmmakers in the history of cinema. Kurosawa displayed a bold, dynamic style, strongly influenced by Western cinema yet distinct from it; he was involved with all aspects of film production. Kurosawa entered the Japanese film industry in 1936, following a brief stint as a painter. After years of working on numerous films as an assistant director and scriptwriter, he made his debut as a director during World War II with the popular action film Sanshiro Sugata (1943). After the war, the critically acclaimed Drunken Angel (1948), in which ()
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Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | Action | Adventure

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Awards & Nominations for Akira Kurosawa

Grand Officer of The Order of Merit of The Italian Republic Knight Grand Cross of The Order of Merit of The Italian Republic Order of Culture Ramon Magsaysay Award Blue Ribbon Award for Best Director Praemium Imperiale Order of Friendship of Peoples Person of Cultural Merit People's Honour Award Asahi Prize Academy Honorary Award 3x Mainichi Film Award for Best Director Kinema Junpo Award for Best Film of the Year 6x Mainichi Film Award for Best Film 3x Blue Ribbon Award for Best Screenplay National Board of Review Awards 1951 Golden Lion Kinema Junpo Award Silver Lion 4x Blue Ribbon Award for Best Film Fipresci Prize of The Festival De Cannes Silver Bear for Best Director 2x Silver Ribbon for Best Foreign Film Director 3x David di Donatello for Best Foreign Director Prize of The French Critics' Union/best Australian Film Hōchi Film Award for Best Picture Palme d'Or César Award for Best Foreign Film BAFTA Award for Best Direction Amanda Award for Best Foreign Feature Film BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in the English Language Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy Fellow of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2x Mainichi Film Award for Best Screenplay Fukuoka Prize Academy Awards Silver Bear David di Donatello César Awards Knight of The Legion of Honour Ordre des Arts et des Lettres Order of Merit of the Italian Republic Academy Award for Best Director
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Movies with Akira Kurosawa as Actor(8)

as Self (archive footage)2020 Babenco: Tell Me When I Die
as Self (archive footage)2014 And the Oscar Goes To...
as himself2013 What Is Cinema?
as himself2000 Kurosawa
as himself1990 Making of 'Dreams'
as himself1985 A. K.

Movies with Akira Kurosawa as Crew(138)

Writing/Original Film Writer2022 Living
Writing/Original Film Writer2016 The Magnificent Seven
Writing/Original Story2008 The Last Princess
Writing/Original Film Writer2007 High and Low
Writing/Writer2007 Tsubaki Sanjuro
Writing/Screenplay2002 The Sea Is Watching
Writing/Writer2000 After the Rain
Writing/Screenplay2000 Dora-heita
Writing/Original Film Writer1996 Last Man Standing
Directing/Director1993 Madadayo
Editing/Editor1993 Madadayo
Writing/Screenplay1993 Madadayo
Directing/Director1991 Rhapsody in August
Editing/Editor1991 Rhapsody in August
Writing/Screenplay1991 Rhapsody in August
Directing/Director1990 Dreams
Writing/Screenplay1990 Dreams
Writing/Screenplay1985 Runaway Train
Directing/Director1985 Ran
Editing/Editor1985 Ran
Writing/Screenplay1985 Ran
Directing/Director1980 Kagemusha
Editing/Editor1980 Kagemusha
Production/Producer1980 Kagemusha
Production/Executive Producer1980 Kagemusha
Writing/Screenplay1980 Kagemusha
Directing/Director1975 Dersu Uzala
Writing/Screenplay1975 Dersu Uzala
Writing/Original Story1973 Stray Dog
Writing/Screenplay1970 Tora! Tora! Tora!
Directing/Director1970 Dodes'ka-den
Production/Executive Producer1970 Dodes'ka-den
Writing/Screenplay1970 Dodes'ka-den
Directing/Director1970 Song of the Horse
Production/Producer1965 Sanshiro Sugata
Writing/Writer1965 Sanshiro Sugata
Directing/Director1965 Red Beard
Editing/Editor1965 Red Beard
Writing/Screenplay1965 Red Beard
Writing/Original Story1964 A Fistful of Dollars
Writing/Screenplay1964 Jakoman and Tetsu
Writing/Original Story1964 The Outrage
Directing/Director1963 High and Low
Editing/Editor1963 High and Low
Production/Producer1963 High and Low
Writing/Screenplay1963 High and Low
Directing/Director1962 Sanjuro
Editing/Editor1962 Sanjuro
Writing/Screenplay1962 Sanjuro
Writing/Screenplay1962 The Fencing Master
Directing/Director1961 Yojimbo
Editing/Editor1961 Yojimbo
Production/Producer1961 Yojimbo
Writing/Screenplay1961 Yojimbo
Directing/Director1960 The Bad Sleep Well
Editing/Editor1960 The Bad Sleep Well
Production/Producer1960 The Bad Sleep Well
Writing/Writer1960 The Bad Sleep Well
Writing/Original Film Writer1960 The Magnificent Seven
Crew/Script1959 Saga of the Vagabonds
Writing/Writer1959 Saga of the Vagabonds
Directing/Director1958 The Hidden Fortress
Editing/Editor1958 The Hidden Fortress
Production/Producer1958 The Hidden Fortress
Writing/Screenplay1958 The Hidden Fortress
Writing/Writer1958 The Hidden Fortress
Directing/Director1957 The Lower Depths
Editing/Editor1957 The Lower Depths
Production/Producer1957 The Lower Depths
Writing/Screenplay1957 The Lower Depths
Writing/Screenplay1957 Advance Patrol
Directing/Director1957 Throne of Blood
Editing/Editor1957 Throne of Blood
Production/Producer1957 Throne of Blood
Writing/Screenplay1957 Throne of Blood
Directing/Director1955 I Live in Fear
Writing/Story1955 I Live in Fear
Writing/Screenplay1955 Vanished Enlisted Man
Directing/Director1954 Seven Samurai
Editing/Editor1954 Seven Samurai
Writing/Screenplay1954 Seven Samurai
Writing/Screenplay1953 My Wonderful Yellow Car
Writing/Screenplay1952 Sword for Hire
Writing/Writer1952 Vendetta for a Samurai
Directing/Director1952 Ikiru
Editing/Editor1952 Ikiru
Writing/Screenplay1952 Ikiru
Directing/Director1951 The Idiot
Editing/Editor1951 The Idiot
Writing/Screenplay1951 The Idiot
Writing/Screenplay1951 Beyond Love and Hate
Writing/Screenplay1951 Kemono no yado
Writing/Screenplay1950 Escape at Dawn
Directing/Director1950 Scandal
Writing/Screenplay1950 Scandal
Writing/Screenplay1950 Jiruba no Tetsu
Directing/Director1950 Rashomon
Editing/Editor1950 Rashomon
Writing/Screenplay1950 Rashomon
Writing/Adaptation1950 Fencing Master
Writing/Writer1949 Lady From Hell
Directing/Director1949 The Quiet Duel
Writing/Writer1949 The Quiet Duel
Directing/Director1949 Stray Dog
Production/Associate Producer1949 Stray Dog
Writing/Writer1949 Stray Dog
Writing/Writer1949 Jakoman and Tetsu
Directing/Director1948 Drunken Angel
Writing/Writer1948 Drunken Angel
Writing/Writer1948 The Portrait
Writing/Screenplay1947 Four Love Stories
Directing/Director1947 One Wonderful Sunday
Writing/Screenplay1947 One Wonderful Sunday
Writing/Screenplay1947 Snow Trail
Directing/Director1946 Those Who Make Tomorrow
Directing/Director1946 No Regrets for Our Youth
Editing/Editor1946 No Regrets for Our Youth
Writing/Writer1946 No Regrets for Our Youth
Directing/Director1945 Sanshiro Sugata Part Two
Writing/Screenplay1945 Sanshiro Sugata Part Two
Writing/Writer1944 Wrestling-Ring Festival
Directing/Director1944 The Most Beautiful
Writing/Writer1944 The Most Beautiful
Directing/Director1943 Sanshiro Sugata
Editing/Editor1943 Sanshiro Sugata
Writing/Screenplay1943 Sanshiro Sugata
Writing/Writer1942 Wings of Victory
Directing/Co-Director1941 Horse
Directing/Assistant Director1940 The Monkey King
Directing/Assistant Director1940 Songoku 2
Directing/Assistant Director1940 Songoku 1
Directing/Third Assistant Director1937 A Tale of Thieves in War Time: Part 1 - Tiger and Wolf
Directing/Third Assistant Director1937 Saga of the Vagabonds, Part Two: Forward at Dawn
Crew/Second Unit1937 Avalanche
Directing/Third Assistant Director1936 Enoken's The Millionaire, Part 2
Directing/Third Assistant Director1936 Enoken's The Millionaire, Part 1

TV Shows/Series with Akira Kurosawa as Crew(1)

Creator/Creator2004 Samurai 7

Full Name: Akira Kurosawa
Citizenship: Japan
Born: Wednesday, 03/23 1910 (March) in Shinagawa, Tóquio (Japan)
Died: Sunday, 09/06 1998 (September) in Setagaya-ku (aged: 88)
Zodiac sign: Aries (Chinese zodiac sign: Dog)
Languages: Japanese (JA, native language)
Member of: American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Spouses (current/former): Yōko Yaguchi
Other names for Akira Kurosawa (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"أكيرا كوروساوا"
"อะกิระ คุโระซะวะ"
"Акира Куросава"
"구로사와 아키라"
"אקירה קורוסאווה"
"Kurosawa Akira"
"아키라 구로사와"
"くろさわ あきら" (Kana/Japanese)
"AK" (Pseudonym)
Akira Kurosawa frequently works together with these people:
Takashi Shimura (31x, Actor)
Toshirō Mifune (25x, Actor)
Yoshirô Muraki (21x, Crew)
Ryûzô Kikushima (20x, Crew)
Tomoyuki Tanaka (18x, Crew)
Hideo Oguni (17x, Crew)
Kamatari Fujiwara (17x, Actor)
Ishirō Honda (14x, Crew)
Sōjirō Motoki (14x, Crew)
Takao Saitō (14x, Crew)
Masaru Satō (14x, Crew)
Toru Kusano (1x, Cast)
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