Charley Chase

Screenwriter / Comedian / Film Director / Actor / Film Producer | * 10/20/1893 († 46, 06/20/1940) | Baltimore, Maryland (United States of America (USA))
Charles Joseph Parrott (October 20, 1893 – June 20, 1940), known professionally as Charley Chase, was an American comedian, actor, screenwriter and film director. He worked for many pioneering comedy studios but is chiefly associated with producer Hal Roach. Chase was the elder brother of comedian/director James Parrott. ()

Charles Joseph Parrott (October 20, 1893 – June 20, 1940), known professionally as Charley Chase, was an American comedian, actor, screenwriter and film director best known for his work in Hal Roach short film comedies. Born Charles Joseph Parrott in Baltimore, Maryland, Charley Chase began performing in vaudeville as a teenager and started his career in films by working in film in 1912.

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Most frequent genres for this person: Comedies | Documentaries | Music

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Movies with Charley Chase as Actor(286)

as (archive footage)1970 4 Clowns
as archive footage1961 Days of Thrills and Laughter
as edited from 'Movie Night' (archive footage)1960 When Comedy Was King
as archive footage1957 The Golden Age of Comedy
as Self (archive footage)1942 Screen Snapshots (Series 22, No. 10)
as Noisy1940 The Heckler
as himself1940 South of the Boudoir
as Charley1940 His Bridal Fright
as himself1939 Teacher's Pest
as Charley1939 The Sap Takes a Wrap
as himself1939 The Chump Takes a Bump
as Charley1939 The Awful Goof
as Charley1939 Rattling Romeo
as himself1939 Skinny the Moocher
as himself1938 Many Sappy Returns
as Charley1938 Pie a la Maid
as himself1938 The Mind Needer
as Racetrack Announcer (voice)1938 A Nag in the Bag
as Professor Chase1938 The Nightshirt Bandit
as Charley1938 Time Out for Trouble
as Charles Clayfoot Chase1937 Man Bites Lovebug
as himself1937 The Big Squirt
as Charley Chan Chase, Co-Host1937 Hollywood Party
as himself1937 Calling All Doctors
as himself1937 From Bad to Worse
as himself1937 The Wrong Miss Wright
as himself1937 The Grand Hooter
as Dr. J. Willoughby Klum1936 Kelly the Second
as Charley1936 Vamp Till Ready
as himself1936 Neighborhood House
as himself1936 On the Wrong Trek
as Charley1935 Nurse to You!
as Charley1935 The Four Star Boarder
as himself1935 Life Hesitates at 40
as himself1935 Public Ghost # 1
as Colonel Charley Chase / Pappy Chase1935 Southern Exposure
as Charley1935 Okay Toots!
as Charley1935 Poker at Eight
as Charley1934 Another Wild Idea
as Charley1934 You Said a Hatful!
as himself1934 The Cracked Ice Man
as Charley1934 I'll Take Vanilla
as Charley1934 It Happened One Day
as himself1934 Fate's Fathead
as Charley1934 Four Parts
as Charley1934 Something Simple
as Charley1933 Midsummer Mush
as himself1933 Fallen Arches
as Charley a Son of the Desert1933 Sons of the Desert
as himself1933 Luncheon at Twelve
as Charley1933 Arabian Tights
as himself1933 Nature in the Wrong
as Charley1933 His Silent Racket
as Charley1933 Sherman Said It
as Charley / Francisco Murietta1932 The Tabasco Kid
as Fearless1932 Young Ironsides
as Charley1932 Girl Grief
as Mr. Chase1932 In Walked Charley
as Charley1932 Now We'll Tell One
as himself1932 The Nickel Nurser
as Sgt. Chase1932 First in War
as Charley1932 Mr. Bride
as Pvt. Charley Chase1931 Rough Seas
as Charles A. Chase1931 Thundering Tenors
as himself1931 Hasty Marriage
as Carlitos1931 The soul of the party
as Duke Chase1931 Skip the Maloo!
as Chubby (singing voice)1931 Little Daddy
as Charley Chase / Zeb Smith Jr.1931 One of the Smiths
as himself1931 The Panic Is On
as Charley1931 The Pip from Pittsburg
as himself1931 What a Bozo!
as Carlos1931 Messing Around
as himself1931 The lady from Chicago
as himself1930 Fifty Million Husbands
as Charley1930 Whispering Whoopee
as Charley1930 Girl Shock
as Carlos1930 Follies of love
as Sgt. Charles Augustus Chase1930 High C's
as Charley1930 Looser Than Loose
as Charley1930 The Real McCoy
as Carlos Chase1930 A gray in the air
as Charley1930 Hey, skirts!
as Charley1930 Fast Work
as Mr Chase1930 All Teed Up
as himself1930 Dollar Dizzy
as himself1929 Loud Soup
as himself1929 Movie Night
as Charley1929 Thin Twins
as himself1929 Leaping Love
as John Jones1929 Modern Love
as Charley1929 Crazy Feet
as Charley1929 Stepping Out
as Charley1929 The Big Squawk
as Charley1929 Ruby Lips
as himself1929 Off to Buffalo
as Charley1929 Snappy Sneezer
as Charley - 1st Sailor1929 Great Gobs
as Charley1928 The Booster
as Charley1928 Is Everybody Happy?
as Charley1928 Chasing Husbands
as The Groom1928 Limousine Love
as Charley1928 The Fight Pest
as Charley1927 What Women Did for Me
as Charley1927 Now I'll Tell One
as Willie Shoemaker / Count Tosky1927 A One Mama Man
as Asylum Inmate1927 Call of the Cuckoo
as Charley1927 Many Scrappy Returns
as Charley1927 The Way of All Pants
as Charley - the Husband1927 Assistant Wives
as Thurston1927 Forgotten Sweeties
as The Newspaper Columnist / Bud Gordon1927 Are Brunettes Safe?
as Charley1927 Fluttering Hearts
1927 Us
as Top Hat Inebriate1927 The Glorious Fourth
as Charley1927 The Sting of Stings
as Charley1926 Mum's the Word
as Charles Chase / Jim Chase1926 Mama Behave
as Gladstone, The Great Lover1926 Tell 'Em Nothing
as Charley - the Bashful Clerk1926 Be Your Age
as Mustachioed wedding guest1926 Thundering Fleas
as Wilson1926 Crazy Like a Fox
as Charley1926 Dog Shy
as Charley1926 Bromo and Juliet
as Hobo in Oyster Bar (uncredited)1926 Merry Widower
as Charley1926 Charley My Boy!
as Mr. Moose - The Husband1926 Mighty Like a Moose
as Charles Chase1926 Long Fliv the King
as The Husband1925 Isn't Life Terrible?
as Melvin1925 Innocent Husbands
as Jimmy Jump1925 Hello Baby!
as Jamison1925 What Price Goofy?
as Jimmy Jump1925 The Rat's Knuckles
as Charley1925 Plain and Fancy Girls
as The Groom1925 His Wooden Wedding
as Jamison Jump1925 Should Husbands Be Watched?
as Charley1925 Hard Boiled
as Jimmy Jump1925 Big Red Riding Hood
as Jimmy Jump1925 Fighting Fluid
as Jimmy Jump1925 Looking for Sally
as Jimmy Jump1925 The Family Entrance
as Jimmie Jump1925 Is Marriage the Bunk?
as Jimmy Jump1925 No Father to Guide Him
as Jimmie1925 Bad Boy
as The Young Married Man1925 The Caretaker's Daughter
as Jimmy Jump1924 Sweet Daddy
as Jimmie Jump1924 Hard Knocks
as Jimmy Jump1924 Why Husbands Go Mad
as Jimmy Jump1924 Outdoor Pajamas
as Charley1924 Seeing Nellie Home
as Jimmy Jump1924 Accidental Accidents
as Jimmy Jump1924 The Fraidy Cat
as Jimmy Jump1924 Publicity Pays
as Jimmy Jump - The Newlywed Husband1924 Bungalow Boobs
as Jimmy Jump1924 Why Men Work
as Boyd Fielding (as Charles Parrott)1924 The King of the Wild Horses
as Jimmy Jump1924 Too Many Mammas
as Jimmy Jump1924 Stolen Goods
as Jimmy Jump1924 A Ten-Minute Egg
as Jimmy Jump1924 The Royal Razz
as Jimmy Jump1924 Sittin' Pretty
as Jimmie Jump1924 All Wet
as Jimmie Jump1924 The Poor Fish
as Jimmie Jump1924 Position Wanted
as Jimmy Jump1924 One of the Family
as Director1924 Jubilo, Jr.
as Jimmy Jump1924 Just a Minute
as Jimmy Jump1924 Just a Real Good Car
as Jimmy Jump1924 At First Sight
as Jimmy Jump1924 April Fool
as Jimmie Jump1924 Love's Detour
as Jimmy Jump1924 The Perfect Lady
as Jimmy1924 Young Oldfield
as Customer (uncredited)1923 Sold at Auction
as Glen Harper1923 Her Dangerous Path
as Actor wearing top hat1922 The Dumb-Bell
as Supporting Character1920 April Fool
as Ship's Officer1920 Don't Rock the Boat
as Grizzled Gambler (uncredited)1920 Way Out West
as Scorekeeper / Revenue Officer1920 Moonshine
as The Suitor1920 Married to Order
as Henchman (uncredited)1919 Ship Ahoy
as Bearded anarchist1919 Rolling Stone
as Dope fiend1918 Playmates
as Piano Player (as Charles Parrott)1918 He's In Again
as Harold, Dora's Suitor1915 Love, Loot and Crash
as Ticket Box Man / Man in Front Row (uncredited)1915 That Little Band Of Gold
as Audience Member (uncredited)1915 Droppington's Devilish Deed
as Lizzie's Boy Friend1915 A Lucky Leap
as Fight Spectator / Man at the Dance (uncredited)1915 Fatty’s Faithful Fido
as A Young Boarder1915 The Rent Jumpers
as The Star Boarder1915 Hash House Mashers
as Pete - Assistant Baggage Clerk1915 A Versatile Villain
as The False Friend1915 He Wouldn't Stay Down
as Audience Spectator (uncredited)1915 A One Night Stand
as Cop (uncredited) (unconfirmed)1915 Love, Speed and Thrills
as The Suitor1915 Love in Armor
as The Accordian Player Boarder1915 Peanuts and Bullets
as The Artist1915 Only a Farmer's Daughter
as Boyfriend1915 Settled at the Seaside
as The Traveler1915 Colored Villainy
as The Circus Spieler1915 A Favorite Fool
as Actor1914 The Masquerader
as The Husband's Pal1914 He Loved the Ladies
as The Art Teacher1914 Cursed by His Beauty
as Gussie Birdie the Shoe Clerk (uncredited)1914 The Great Toe Mystery
as Ambrose's Buddy1914 Ambrose's First Falsehood
as (unconfirmed)1914 Across the Hall
as Billy Bronx1914 Mabel's Blunder
as Bystander1914 The Plumber
as 3rd Desperado1914 The Noise of Bombs
as Race Spectator (uncredited)1914 Mabel at the Wheel
as Movie Patron (uncredited)1914 Those Love Pangs
as Cafe Patron - In from the Mines1914 Leading Lizzie Astray
as Mabel's Boss1914 Hello, Mabel
as Party Guest (uncredited)1914 Fatty's Magic Pants
as The Boy Friend's Chum1914 How Heroes Are Made
as The Tramp1914 A Coat's Tale
as (unconfirmed)1914 A Gambling Rube
as Spectator (uncredited)1914 The Knockout
as Diner1914 The Rounders
as Piano Store Manager1914 His Musical Career
as Customer in Second Group (uncredited)1914 Zip, the Dodger
as Boarder1914 Mabel's New Job
as Customer1914 Dough and Dynamite
as Spectator1914 Mabel's Busy Day
as Detective in movie theater1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance
as Nephew1914 His New Profession
as Spectator at Entrance (uncredited)1914 Gentlemen of Nerve

Movies with Charley Chase as Crew(126)

Writing/Story1945 Off Again, on Again
Writing/Story1944 Open Season for Saps
Writing/Screenplay1939 The Sap Takes a Wrap
Directing/Director1939 Mutiny on the Body
Directing/Director1939 Static in the Attic
Directing/Director1939 Boom Goes the Groom
Directing/Director1939 Saved by the Belle
Directing/Director1938 The Old Raid Mule
Directing/Director1938 Tassels in the Air
Writing/Story1938 Many Sappy Returns
Writing/Screenplay1938 Many Sappy Returns
Writing/Screenplay1938 Pie a la Maid
Directing/Director1938 Halfway to Hollywood
Directing/Director1938 Mutts to You
Directing/Director1938 A Nag in the Bag
Directing/Director1938 Violent Is the Word for Curly
Production/Associate Producer1938 Violent Is the Word for Curly
Directing/Director1938 Flat Foot Stooges
Writing/Writer1938 Flat Foot Stooges
Directing/Director1938 Ankles Away
Production/Associate Producer1937 Man Bites Lovebug
Directing/Director1937 Oh, What a Knight!
Directing/Director1936 Vamp Till Ready
Writing/Writer1936 Vamp Till Ready
Directing/Director1936 The Count Takes the Count
Directing/Director1936 Neighborhood House
Writing/Writer1936 Neighborhood House
Directing/Director1936 On the Wrong Trek
Directing/Director1935 Nurse to You!
Directing/Director1935 The Four Star Boarder
Directing/Director1935 Life Hesitates at 40
Directing/Director1935 Public Ghost # 1
Directing/Director1935 Southern Exposure
Directing/Director1935 Okay Toots!
Directing/Director1935 Poker at Eight
Directing/Director1935 Manhattan Monkey Business
Directing/Director1934 Another Wild Idea
Directing/Director1934 You Said a Hatful!
Directing/Director1934 Music in Your Hair
Directing/Director1934 The Chases of Pimple Street
Directing/Director1934 The Cracked Ice Man
Directing/Director1934 I'll Take Vanilla
Directing/Director1934 It Happened One Day
Directing/Director1934 Fate's Fathead
Directing/Director1934 Four Parts
Directing/Director1934 Something Simple
Writing/Writer1934 Something Simple
Directing/Director1933 Midsummer Mush
Directing/Director1933 Luncheon at Twelve
Directing/Director1933 Nature in the Wrong
Directing/Director1933 His Silent Racket
Directing/Director1933 The Bargain of the Century
Directing/Director1933 Sherman Said It
Writing/Writer1926 Tell 'Em Nothing
Writing/Writer1926 Crazy Like a Fox
Directing/Director1923 Dear Ol' Pal
Directing/Director1923 A Tough Winter
Directing/Director1923 Jus' Passin' Through
Writing/Story1923 Jus' Passin' Through
Directing/Director1923 Courtship of Miles Sandwich
Directing/Director1923 Sold at Auction
Directing/Director1923 Before the Public
Directing/Director1923 Jack Frost
Directing/Director1922 The Old Sea Dog
Directing/Director1922 Newly Rich
Directing/Director1922 Hot Off the Press
Directing/Director1922 Years to Come
Writing/Writer1922 Years to Come
Directing/Director1922 Do Me a Favor
Directing/Director1922 365 Days
Directing/Director1922 In the Movies
Directing/Director1922 The Dumb-Bell
Directing/Director1922 The Stone Age
Directing/Director1921 What a Whopper!
Directing/Director1921 Rush Orders
Directing/Director1921 At the Ringside
Directing/Director1921 Fifteen Minutes
Directing/Director1921 His Best Girl
Directing/Director1921 Blue Sunday
Directing/Director1921 On Location
Directing/Director1920 Italian Love
Directing/Director1920 Kids Is Kids
Directing/Director1920 April Fool
Directing/Director1920 Don't Rock the Boat
Directing/Director1920 Call a Taxi
Directing/Director1920 Getting His Goat
Directing/Director1920 Mystic Mush
Directing/Director1920 When Spirits Move
Directing/Director1920 All Dressed Up
Directing/Director1920 Moonshine
Directing/Director1920 The Nickel Snatcher
Directing/Director1920 Red Hot Hottentotts
Directing/Director1920 Don't Park Here
Directing/Director1920 Waltz Me Around
Directing/Director1920 Married to Order
Directing/Director1920 Fresh Paint
Directing/Director1919 Ship Ahoy
Writing/Writer1919 Ship Ahoy
Directing/Director1919 Rolling Stone
Directing/Director1919 Giving the Bride Away
Directing/Director1919 The Flirts
Directing/Director1919 Order in the Court
Directing/Director1919 Tough Luck
Directing/Director1919 Her Tender Feet
Writing/Writer1919 Her Tender Feet
Directing/Director1919 Hop To It, Bellhop
Directing/Director1919 The Floor Below
Directing/Director1919 All at Sea
Directing/Director1918 Bright and Early
Directing/Director1918 Playmates
Directing/Director1918 He's In Again
Directing/Director1918 Hello Trouble
Directing/Director1917 His Merry Mix-Up
Writing/Writer1917 His Merry Mix-Up
Directing/Director1917 Chased Into Love
Writing/Writer1917 Chased Into Love
Directing/Director1917 The Cloud Puncher
Writing/Writer1917 The Cloud Puncher
Directing/Director1916 A Dash of Courage
Directing/Director1916 Hearts and Sparks
Directing/Director1915 He Wouldn't Stay Down
Writing/Writer1915 He Wouldn't Stay Down
Directing/Director1915 A Hash House Fraud
Directing/Director1914 The Anglers
Directing/Director1914 The Love Thief
Directing/Director1914 How Heroes Are Made

Full Name: Charley Chase
Born: Friday, 10/20 1893 (October) in Baltimore, Maryland (United States of America (USA))
Died: Thursday, 06/20 1940 (June) in Hollywood (aged: 46)
Zodiac sign: Libra (Chinese zodiac sign: Snake)
Languages: English (EN)
Siblings: James Parrott
Other names for Charley Chase (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Charles Joseph Parrott"
"Charles Parrott"
"Charles Parrot"
"Charley Parrott"
"Charlie Chase"
"Charles Chase"
"Jimmy Jump"
"Charley Chase (Regisseur)"
Charley Chase frequently works together with these people:
Hal Roach (78x, Crew)
Leo McCarey (74x, Crew)
Mack Sennett (46x, Crew)
James Parrott (42x, Crew)
Edgar Kennedy (39x, Actor)
Charlie Chaplin (38x, Crew)
Marie Mosquini (36x, Actress)
H.M. Walker (34x, Crew)
Noah Young (30x, Actor)
Oliver Hardy (26x, Actor)
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