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Estela, Is It You?(2024)

A widow communicates with her dead husband through her car radio.

Bharjari Gandu(2024)

Aakash happens to visit a village with a history of over 100 years and gets attracted to a culturally driven girl, Jyothi. Why does he visit the village at that moment, is it coincidence or event-driven?

Matter of Mind: My Parkinson's(2024)

In Matter of Mind: My Parkinson’s, three people navigate their lives with resourcefulness and determination in the face of a degenerative illness, Parkinson’s disease. An optician pursues deep brain stimulation surgery; a mother raising a pre-teen daughter becomes a boxing coach and an advocate for exercise; and a cartoonist contemplates how he will continue to draw as his motor control declines.

Children's Books(2024)

A popular children’s book author is trying to separate herself from her overreaching illustrator, until she discovers a dark secret of his that his been hiding in plain sight.

Dancing Heartbeats(2024)

- No description / details available yet. -

Jeonde Raho Bhoot Ji(2024)

Upon discovering she's haunted, he ventures into the haveli to prove the ghost's non-existence but instead encounters it. This confrontation challenges his skepticism and stirs genuine emotions for her.

El Silbido(2024)

- No description / details available yet. -

Sleeping with a Tiger(2024)

Sleeping with a Tiger is a hybrid film about the Austrian painter Maria Lassnig. A film about her struggle in the male dominated art world and the quest to find her own personal artistic way of expression in which she brings her inner pain on canvas. And of course a film about her great artistic success.

Marivillin Gopurangal(2024)

- No description / details available yet. -


Business is slow for the Ootsuji Detective Agency. Sotaro and his juvenile sidekick Saki will take any job that comes along, even one that sounds like a lot more risk than it’s worth. It’s festival season in the city but away from the public eye, a wave of mysterious disappearances has occurred.


A young woman struggles to defend her indigenous heritage in a world where xenophobia is on the rise, climate change is threatening reindeer herding, and young people choose suicide in the face of collective desperation.

Amar Singh Chamkila(2024)

A humble singer’s brash lyrics ignite fame and fury across Punjab as he grapples with soaring success and brutal criticism before his untimely death.

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WWE WrestleMania XL Sunday(2024)

4.5/5 (with 4 votes)

WrestleMania XL continues in Philadelphia. Cody Rhodes challenges Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

- No description / details available yet. -

Gumbo 2(2024)

With the aroma of gumbo in the air and the sound of jazz drifting from dimly lit clubs, criminals and crooked cops mix and clash in the cutthroat streets of New Orleans.


- No description / details available yet. -

Pushing Daisy(2024)

- No description / details available yet. -


A young filmmaker embarks on a life-changing journey back to his homeland, The Gambia, after a decade of living in the United Kingdom.

Esa casa amarilla(2024)

- No description / details available yet. -

This Kind of Hope(2024)

As a diplomat, Andrei Sannikov was instrumental in Belarus' nuclear disarmament in the 1990s. Under dictator Lukashenko, he resigned from the civil service and began the fight for a democratic Belarus, which cost the lives of companions and landed him in prison for a time.

Diaries from Lebanon(2024)

Lebanon, 2018. War, politics or revolution: these are the choices faced by Georges, Joumana and Perla Joe. Three destinies and a shared desire to rebuild a troubled country. How is it possible to continue to dream when everything around is falling apart?

I’m Not Everything I Want To Be(2024)

After the Soviet invasion of Prague, a young female photographer strives to break free from the constraints of Czechoslovak normalization and embarks on a wild journey towards freedom, capturing her experiences on thousands of subjective photographs.


Follows hair metal band CougarSnake of 1980s, whose career ended just as it was starting due to clashes over the direction of the group.


- No description / details available yet. -

I Saw Three Black Lights(2024)

A wise old man embarks on his final journey, entering the Colombian jungle to find a place to die. But the paramilitary soldiers who control the area endanger his peaceful transition to the realm of the dead.

Horse with No Name(2024)

A journey of a man and a woman who found themselves in a parallel world - an endless arid desert. With no identity or memory, they cling to the visionary dreams they each have at night, trying to find who they really are.

Why Planes Vanish: The Hunt for MH370(2024)

Initially technology fails to track a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 when it mysteriously disappears. Can new evidence help locate the plane and finally solve aviation’s greatest mystery?

The Forest Within(2024)

The student Jan gets along better with animals than with people. The shy young man is particularly fond of snakes, some of which he keeps at home. The two fall in love when he meets the radical animal rights activist and environmental activist Alice at his university. Jan's life then begins to change suddenly. He is overwhelmed by his intense feelings and social life with Alice. From then on his perception begins to become distorted. Jan feels like she has to take active action against various threats. Although Alice supports him, he loses himself in his madness and love for her.

Sedin Kuyasha Chilo(2024)

The first story is set in the 1940s where a freedom fighter ends up taking refuge at a woman's place after being chased by the cops. The second story is about three childhood friends who have lost touch and reunite after many years. The third story is about a young village boy who comes to the city to pursue his dream and doesn't care for his old parents.

Cu Li Never Cries(2024)

A woman tries to cling onto dimming links to her past after inheriting a pygmy slow loris from her long-estranged husband; meanwhile, her niece prepares for marriage as the young couple ponders their gloomy future together. The present and the complex echoes of Vietnamese history are entwined before a contemplative and poetic perspective.

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