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The Grand Ball(2018)

1h 35min | Documentary

It is the history of a ball. A grand ball. Each summer, more than two thousand people tributary of the whole of Europe in a corner of the French countryside. For 7 days and 8 nights, they dance, again and again, lose the concept of time, braving their toil and their body. It rotates, laughs, it spin round, it cries, it sings. And the life pulse.


5min | Drama

An art student struggles to be inspired as she loses her hearing and is driven into isolation.

Harry & Meghan: Royal Rebels(2018)

This documentary features interviews from royal experts, exclusive insider stories from former palace staff, and exciting archival footage and photos that reveal the secrets and traditions behind a royal wedding.


An illegal immigrant works as a mini cab driver in the seedy areas of Soho. One night a desperate prostitute on the run from her brutal pimp gets into his cab and begs for help. As their worlds collide these two lonely souls will find love but it will become tarnished by violence. Can they escape out of the city alive?

War Raiders(2018)

1h 11min | Action

Eastern Europe, 1944. The Allies successfully bomb a dam in France, wiping out a German installation, concealing secret codes valuable for Allied decoding. A rogue band of soldiers is sent to retrieve the codes from a hidden vault in the flooded towns ruins and bring them back to the Allied headquarters. Along the way they must fight off pockets of Nazi resistance and stay alive.

Meine Mutter ist unmöglich(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -

GRRRL: Beauty Is The Beast(2018)


GRRRL is a ground breaking feature length documentary that follows the dramatic journey of Kortney Olson, as she uncovers the impacts of female body standards on females of all ages. She explores why these issue continue to exist in the industry despite overwhelming studies and research showing the damaging effects of these practices on our mental health.

Chez Régine(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -

Bůh s námi – od defenestrace k Bílé hoře(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -


- No description / details available yet. -


1h 33min | Documentary

Documentary film about stand-up comedian Eugenio.

Blindsided: The Game(2018)

46min | Action, Comedy, Drama

After blind man Walter Cooke (Eric Jacobus) prevents a local gang from shaking down his local grocer Gordon (Roger Yuan), Walter must reckon with the gang's boss Sal (Joe Bucaro). The stakes are high, but Walter's got an ace up his sleeve.

Paranormal Evil(2018)

1h 33min | Horror

The child survivor of Victorville's most infamous murder case that brutally claimed the life of her mother, Alexis is now turning 21 and the sole heir to the Victorville estate. But when she receives the deed to her old family home, she also receives it's secrets. Making the house her new home yet unable to shake the feeling that evil forces within it are responsible for creepy occurrences, Alexis and her friends investigate the home's history and discover that the dangerous entity may have been responsible for her mother's death and so many more.

Carlos Ballarta: Furia Ñera(2018)

1h 2min | Comedy
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Mexican comic Carlos Ballarta mocks himself and points out the absurdities of parenthood and how he uses his wife's pregnancies to avoid commitments.

Train de vies ou les voyages d'Angélique(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -

Exhibition on Screen: Michelangelo - Love and Death(2017)

1h 30min | Documentary
3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

To coincide with a new exhibition at the National Gallery of London, Love and Death offers a fresh, full biography of Michelangelo. Spanning his 89 years, Michelangelo – Love and Death, takes a cinematic journey from the print and drawing rooms of Europe, through the great chapels and museums of Florence, Rome and the Vatican to explore the tempestuous life of Michelangelo.

Directed by David Bickerstaff

My Favourite Fabric(2018)

1h 36min | Drama

Damascus, Spring 2011. It's the early stages of the civil war. 25-year-old Nahla is torn between her desire for freedom and the hope of leaving the country thanks to her arranged marriage with Samir, a Syrian expatriate in the USA. When he chooses her younger, more docile sister Myriam, Nahla finds refuge at her neighbor's, the mysterious Ms Jiji.

Mon Ket(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -

The Hollow Child(2018)

1h 32min | Thriller, Horror
2.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Samantha has lived her whole life in different foster homes. Now living in a small town, she never feels like she quite fits in, even with her own current foster family who might adopt her, or the boy who follows her around doing her classwork. So, it’s perhaps natural that she doesn’t know what to do with a curious tagalong little sister named Olivia. One day, Sam callously ditches Olivia, who wanders off into the woods on her own and disappears.

Muse: Drones World Tour(2018)

Muse, the world renowned multi-platinum selling and multi-award winning band, embarked on their ambitious Drones World Tour in 2015-16, playing over 130 dates across the globe. Known for pushing boundaries in terms of their stage production the tour saw the band perform “in the round” from the middle of the arena, with the stage design and configuration giving fans a full 360 degree audio/visual sensory experience.

I Signed the Petition(2018)

10min | Documentary

Immediately after a Palestinian man signs an online petition, he is thrown into a panic-inducing spiral of self-doubt. Over the course of a conversation with an understanding friend, he analyzes, deconstructs and interprets the meaning of his choice to publicly support the cultural boycott of Israel.

M.I.A. A Greater Evil(2018)

1h 26min | Thriller, Mystery, War

American college students head to the jungles of Vietnam to search for lost gold. They become hopelessly lost, and they may not be alone.

A or B(2018)

1h 50min

A young business elite Xiaonian Zhong, was imprisoned in a house! Everyday, a mysterious man will reveal one of his darkest secrets to the world. At the same time, his wife, friends and business partners were all been dragged into this incident one after another. Being imprisoned, how will Zhong combat this challenging situation? How will he escape from the house and fight the mysterious man and complete the salvation?

Fucking My Way Back Home(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -

Whale Island's Thing Left Behind(2018)

1h 38min | Drama, Romance / Love

Aimi (Ito Ono) lost her mother due to the Kyoto earthquake in 1995. She remembered watching whales with her mother and moved to Okinawa to see whale's jumping out of the water again. Aimi has now lost hope for life. During this time, she meets a young Vietnamese man, Khoa Nguyen (Win Morisaki), who came to Okinawa to receive training at an IT company. Aimi is moved by his nostalgia for his hometown and his passion for work. She faces her life again and develops feeling for him.

Girl Lost(2018)

1h 35min | Drama

Girl Lost tackles the issue of underage prostitution as told through the eyes of a wayward teen. Groomed by her own mother to work in the underbelly of Los Angeles, the young girl struggles to survive in this dark world.

Bhutan: The Snowman's Trek(2018)

| 1h 45min

Ultramarathon runners Ben Clark, Anna Frost and Tim Olson travel to Bhutan's high Himalayan landscape to try and set a speed record on the world's hardest trek.

Amor, Avenidas Novas(2018)

- No description / details available yet. -

Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year(2018)


New Year’s Eve dawns in a moon-kissed car, and Sofia has a dream that she tells no-one: while walking on a desert, she gets to know that she is sick. She pretends she does not care. Has she lost heart?

Third Kind(2018)

Earth has been abandoned for a long time and humanity has found refuge in outer space. Three archaeologists return to Earth to investigate the origin of a mysterious five tone signal…