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Viva Belarus!(2013)

1h 38min | Drama
3.3/5 (with 1 vote)

Belarus has been under dictatorship of Lukashenko for 15 years. Miron (23) is not interested in politics. However, the next concert of his 'apolitical' rock band triggers off an anti-regime manifestation. Miron, is enlisted for the army for 15 months by way of punishment for 'fomenting political unrest among young people'. And this is just a beginning.. A film inspired by the story of Frank Viachorka, activist of the Belorussian opposition. Starring top Belorussian cinema and rock stars.


Epic drama based on the fight for the Mughal throne.

Directed by Karan Johar


A fight en route to an airport leads an ordinary Moscow couple to split on a whim. With Nikita ending up in Thailand and Zhenya in Berlin, both find themselves in two separate love triangles, inadvertently causing chaos in others' relationships as they attempt to fix theirs. But even continents apart, their lives turn out to be more intricately connected than they realize.


1h 56min | Crime, Action

A cop from Chennai sets out to nab a dreaded drug racket based out of Malaysia.

The Innocents(2021)

1h 57min | Thriller

A secret and magical world opens up when a group of children play away from the gaze of grown-ups.

Me and the Cult Leader(2021)

Atsushi Sakahara, a victim of the 1995 sarin gas attack in Tokyo's subway system, travels with Hiroshi Araki, an executive of Aleph (formerly Aum Shinrikyo), the attack's perpetrators, visiting their respective hometowns and the university they both attended. Conversations unfold, building intimacy: we learn why Araki joined the infamous organization led by Shoko Asahara and why, still, Araki remains an executive member of the cult, even though he was not directly involved in any of the crimes.The beginning of a friendship, a trip for redemption, or the confirmation that each human has to go their own way.

Holographic Dreams(2021)

4min | Drama

A man goes on an exploration of his own fears about death, religion, and sin.

Incredible But True(2021)

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by Mr. Oizo

North by Current(2021)

1h 26min | Documentary

Filmmaker Angelo Madsen Minax returns to his rural Michigan hometown following the death of his infant niece and the subsequent arrest of his brother-in-law as the culprit. Using the audio-visual approaches of essay film, first-person cinema vérité, staged actions, and decades of home movies, Madsen navigates a town steeped in opioid addiction, economic depression, and religious fervor, while using the act of filmmaking to rebuild familial bonds and reimagine justice. Posing empathy as a tool for creating a more just world, North By Current does not seek to investigate a crime, but creates a relentless portrait of an enduring pastoral family, poised to reframe and reimagine narratives about incarceration, addiction, trans embodiment, and ruralness.

The Box(2021)

15min | Documentary

The Box is a hybrid documentary that explores the effects of solitary confinement through three people’s harrowing true stories – they’ve spent a combined nine years in isolation, and one of them co-directed this film.

Red Taxi(2021)

14min | Documentary

An anonymous, authentic video secretly filmed from taxi windows captures fragments of violence right in the middle of clashes between police and protesting Hong Kong residents. In addition to the contact sound of fights, screams, singing, chants of the slogan “Liberate Hong Kong! Revolution of our times!”, and the howls of those who've been beaten, we also hear the conflicting comments of taxi drivers from both sides of the border - Hong Kong and the neighboring mainland Shenzhen.

You're Not Normal, Either!(2021)

1h 38min | Drama, Romance / Love

Ono Yasuomi is a cram school teacher with poor communication skills. He hopes to get married but doesn't know what "ordinary" means and feels awkward on dates with women. He asks Kasumi, a student who knows lots of trivia about romance, to teach him the meaning of "ordinary.".

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Lie to Me The Truth(2021)

A couple in love spends time away from civilization. The sudden arrival of the younger sister first, and then the girl's ex-boyfriend, violate the country idyll. Each of the heroes has his own plan for this weekend, and together they become hostages of the situation and participants in cruel psychological games. Falling in love gives way to passion, and innocent flirting causes jealousy and can lead to mortal danger.

Poumon vert et tapis rouge(2021)

- No description / details available yet. -

For Myself, Alone(2021)

A lone man tries to open a door.


- No description / details available yet. -

Story of a beginning(2021)

In the course of their childish bickering, when the three kids set off to see the origin of their village stream, their difference in beliefs give the journey a surprising turn.

All Aboard!(2021)

1h 33min

Finally, the holidays are here! Vlad and his friends are so excited! Jérôme, Vlad’s father, is in charge. André, the grandfather of Jeanne and Basile, is also here to help. Six kids, two adults, an eight-hour train trip. Nothing could go wrong. But Jérôme and André miss the train… and watch it leave the station with the kids on board. It’s the beginning of a crazy race for the unlikely duo. While the unsupervised children go wild and have the time of their life, André and Jérôme go through various delays and adventures….


An urban tale of love and sacrifice set in a mysterious restaurant hidden in an alleyway. On a ordinary night, a man eats a lot of herbal plants in front of a woman, transforming himself into the woman's food.

Year of the Pig(2021)

57min | Documentary

The documentary gives us a look into a year in Estonian recent history, namely the year 2019, which brought us a schism in our politics and our generations. Where are we headed in this unbalanced world? Can we protect our land from our own controversial demands?


1h 43min

Remmy and her parents, refugees from Earth, have found peace on the Martian outskirts until strangers appear in the hills beyond their farm. Told as a triptych, the film follows Remmy as she struggles to survive in an uneasy landscape.


A group of strangers must work together to escape the confines of a giant cube-like structure filled with deadly traps.

Pan herec Miroslav Donutil(2021)

- No description / details available yet. -

In The Wake(2021)

9 years after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, two murder cases take place in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. The two victims are assumed to have been murdered by the same person. Both of the victims were tied all over their body and starved to death. Yasuhisa Tone (Takeru Satoh) emerges as a suspect in the murders. Yasuhisa Tone was just recently released from prison. In his past, he committed arson and injured someone to protect his acquaintance. Detective Seiichiro Tomashino (Hiroshi Abe) discovers a common link between the two victims and chases after Yasuhisa Tone.

Theo and the Metamorphosis(2021)

1h 36min | Drama

Theo, a 27-year-old young man with Down’s syndrome, lives with his father in an isolated house in the middle of a forest. They live in harmony with nature and animals, but one day the father goes away, leaving his son alone with his visions… Theo then begins his odyssey in which he reinvents himself, opens up to the world, experiences freedom, and tries to discover the nature of things and of beings.

Jack’s Ride(2021)

1h 10min | Drama

At 63 years old and almost retired, Joaquim is forced to follow job centre rules so he can collect unemployment benefits. Despite knowing that he will never return to active life, he must go from company to company asking for stamps to attest that he is looking for work. In these trips he reminisces about his life as an immigrant to the U.S., where he worked as a cab driver in New York and witnessed numerous Wall Street crashes.

The mysteries of Mont La Pérouse(2021)

52min | Documentary

160 km southwest of Reunion Island, just a few dozen metres beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean, lies the peak of an underwater volcanic structure known as Mont La Pérouse. The base of this enigmatic geological formation lies 5000 meters below sea level, with a size comparable to that of Mont Blanc. Permanent currents and strong winds characterise this site in the open seas, culminating in complex diving conditions under which Laurent Ballesta, together with his Gombessa diving team and local researchers had to navigate in order to conduct the study in depth. Further techniques such as observation and photographic inventory, biological and geological sampling, and the use of cameras and sonars were employed in this challenging expedition.

Cinquante nuances de requins(2021)

- No description / details available yet. -

What Will You Do When God Dies?(2021)

1h 15min

Ximena and Güero are a couple who decide to shoot a porno flick in order to earn some extra cash and live new experiences to grow their relationship.

Bad Bitch(2021)

A short experimental documentary on pop musician Chayla Hope.

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