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Name in Native Language: "Charles Chaplin" (English/EN)
Film Director / Composer / Screenwriter / Film Producer / Comedian / Actor | * 04/16/1889 († 88, 12/25/1977) | Walworth, London, England (United Kingdom (UK))
Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977) was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the era of silent film. He became a worldwide icon through his screen persona, The Tramp, and is considered one of the film industry's most important figures. His career spanned more than 75 years, from childhood in the Victorian era until a year before his death in 1977, and encompassed both adulation and controversy. Chaplin's childhood in London was one of poverty and hardship. His father was absent and his mother struggled financially—he was sent to a Workhouse twice before age nine. When he was 14, his mother was committed to a mental asylum. Chaplin began performing at an early age, touring music halls and later Working as a stage actor and comedian. At 19, he was signed to the Fred Karno company, which... ()
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Charles “Charlie” Chaplin (16 April 1889 – 25 December 1977) was an English comic actor, film director and composer best-known for his Work during the silent film era. He used mime, slapstick and other visual comedy routines, and continued well into the era of the talkies, though his films decreased in frequency by the end of the 1920s. His most famous role was that of The Tramp, which he first played in Kid Auto Races (1914). From 1914 onwards he was writing and directing most of his films, by 1916 he was producing them, and by 1918 he was also composing the music for them. In 1919 he co-founded United Artists. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Chaplin the 10th greatest male screen legend of all time.

Most frequent genres for this person: Comedies | Documentaries | Drama

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Awards & Nominations for Charlie Chaplin

Commander of The Legion of Honour Kinema Junpo Award 2x Academy Honorary Award Bodil Honorary Award Silver Ribbon for Best Foreign Film Director World Peace Council prizes Golden Lion Jussi Awards BAFTA Fellowship Erasmus Prize Knight Commander of The Order of The British Empire Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score National Board of Review Award for Best Film Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Grand Officer of The Order of Merit of The Italian Republic Academy Award for Best Actor 2x Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score BAFTA Fellowship
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Movies with Charlie Chaplin as Actor(175)

as Charlot2023 Chaplin at Keystone
as Tramp (archive footage)2022 Moonage Daydream
as Himself (archive footage)2021 The Real Charlie Chaplin
as Himself (archive footage)2020 Charlie Chaplin, The Genius of Liberty
as himself2019 Chaplin vs the FBI
as Adenoid Hynkel (archive footage)2019 Hollywood's Second World War
as Self (archive footage)2019 Sophia Loren, une destinée particulière
as Self - Filmmaker (archive footage)2018 Propaganda: Engineering Consent
as Self - Filmmaker (archive footage)2017 Cinecittà Babylon
as himself2017 Chaplin in Bali
as (archive footage)2016 Chaplin/Keaton: Duel of Legends
as Himself (archive footage)2016 Looking for Charlie: Or, the Day the Clown Died
as Himself (Archive Footage)2015 Looking for Mabel Normand
as Self (archive footage)2015 Jackie Coogan: The First Child Star
as Self (archive footage)2014 Winston Churchill: A Giant in the Century
as Self (archive footage)2014 And the Oscar Goes To...
as himself2013 Birth of the Tramp
as Himself (archive footage)2011 Dancing Chaplin
as (archive footage)2011 Charlie Chaplin: His Life & Work
as Self (archive footage)2011 The Great Dictator: The Clown Turns Prophet
as Self (archive footage)2010 Smash His Camera
as Himself (Archive Footage)2008 Mary Pickford: The Muse of the Movies
as Charlot2007 Bravo Charlot!
as Self (archive footage)2005 Douglas Fairbanks: The Great Swashbuckler
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'City Lights'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'A Woman of Paris'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Trip to Bali
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'A King in New York'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'The Great Dictator'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'Modern Times'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'Limelight'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'Monsieur Verdoux'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'The Gold Rush'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'The Circus'
as Self (archive footage)2003 Chaplin Today: 'The Kid'
as Self (archive footage) (uncredited)2002 The Tramp and the Dictator
as Self (archive footage)1998 Charlie Chaplin: A Tramp's Life
as Self (archive footage)1997 Sports on the Silver Screen
as himself1996 Chaplin's Goliath
as (archive footage)1995 The Casting Couch
as (archive footage)1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s
as Self (archive footage) (uncredited)1983 Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage
as Self (archive footage)1982 Hollywood’s Children
as Self (archive footage)1980 Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp
as (archive footage)1979 The Hollywood Clowns
as Self (archive footage)1977 Wienfilm 1896-1976
as Self (archive footage)1976 It's Showtime
as Self (archive footage)1975 Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
as An Old Steward1967 A Countess from Hong Kong
as (archive footage)1967 The Funniest Man in the World
as Self (archive footage)1965 Hollywood My Home Town
as (archive footage)1964 The Big Parade of Comedy
as archive footage1961 Days of Thrills and Laughter
as Self (archive footage)1961 The Legend of Rudolph Valentino
as edited from 'His Trysting Place, ' 'The Masqurader, ' and 'Kid Auto at Venice.' (archive footage)1960 When Comedy Was King
as Narrator / Various1959 The Chaplin Revue
as King Shahdov1957 A King in New York
as (archive footage)1953 Yesterday and Today
as Calvero1952 Limelight
as Self (archive footage)1950 Life Begins Tomorrow
as (archive footage)1950 The Golden Twenties
as Henri Verdoux1947 Monsieur Verdoux
as Various Roles (archive footage)1941 The Charlie Chaplin Festival
as Himself (archive footage)1940 The Eternal Jew
as Adenoid Hynkel, Dictator of Tomania / A Jewish Barber1940 The Great Dictator
as A Factory Worker1936 Modern Times
as Self (archive footage) (uncredited)1933 Hollywood on Parade No. B-5
as himself1933 All at Sea
as (archive footage) (uncredited)1933 The Film Parade
as Tramp1931 City Lights
as himself1928 The Circus: Premiere
as A Tramp1928 The Circus
as Himself (uncredited)1928 Show People
as The Lone Prospector1925 The Gold Rush
as Charles Chaplin1923 Hollywood
as Himself - Celebrity Director1923 Souls for Sale
as The Pilgrim1923 The Pilgrim
as Station Porter (uncredited)1923 A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
as Tramp1922 Nice and Friendly
as Laborer1922 Pay Day
as himself1922 Seeing Stars
as A Tramp1921 The Kid
as Tramp / Husband1921 The Idle Class
as Father1919 A Day's Pleasure
as Professor Bosco1919 The Professor
as Farm Handyman1919 Sunnyside
as Tramp1918 A Dog's Life
as Charlie1918 The Bond
as himself1918 How to Make Movies
as Doughboy1918 Shoulder Arms
as The Janitor1918 Triple Trouble
as Charlie1918 Chase Me Charlie
as Immigrant1917 The Immigrant
as The Inebriate1917 The Cure
as The Derelict1917 Easy Street
as The Eel / Commodore Slick1917 The Adventurer
as Le bourgeois alcoolisé1916 One A.M.
as Street Musician1916 The Vagabond
as The Tramp (Archive Footage)1916 The Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916
as Charlie, Convict 9991916 Police
as Impecunious Customer1916 The Floorwalker
as Pawnbroker's Assistant1916 The Pawnshop
as A. Waiter1916 The Rink
as Fireman1916 The Fireman
as David - Property Man's Assistant1916 Behind the Screen
as Tailor's Apprentice1916 The Count
as Suitor, the Fake Count1915 A Jitney Elopement
as Izzy A. Wake's assistant1915 Work
as Reveller1915 A Night Out
as A Customer1915 His Regeneration
as Tramp1915 Shanghaied
as Film Extra1915 His New Job
as Stroller1915 By the Sea
as Janitor1915 The Bank
as Mr. Pest and Mr. Rowdy1915 A Night in the Show
as Charlie1915 In the Park
as Challenger1915 The Champion
as Gentleman / 'Nora Nettlerash'1915 A Woman
as Darn Hosiery1915 A Burlesque on Carmen
as The Tramp1915 The Tramp
as Film actor1914 The Masquerader
as Bandit1914 Her Friend the Bandit
as The Tramp1914 Kid Auto Races at Venice
as The Janitor1914 The New Janitor
as Waiter1914 Caught in a Cabaret
as Drunken Masher1914 His Favorite Pastime
as Pickpocket1914 Twenty Minutes of Love
as Mabel's Husband1914 Mabel's Married Life
as Tramp1914 Recreation
as Tipsy Dancer1914 Tango Tangles
as Villain1914 Mabel at the Wheel
as Masher1914 Those Love Pangs
as Clarence, the Husband1914 His Trysting Places
as Dentist's assistant1914 Laughing Gas
as The Film Johnnie1914 A Film Johnnie
as Referee (uncredited)1914 The Knockout
as Mr. Full1914 The Rounders
as Charlie, Piano Mover1914 His Musical Career
as Weakchin1914 His Prehistoric Past
as Cop (uncredited)1914 A Thief Catcher
as The Tramp, a Second Gallant1914 Between Showers
as Mr. Dovey1914 Cruel, Cruel Love
as Suitor1914 The Fatal Mallet
as Pierre1914 Dough and Dynamite
as Edgar English, a Swindler1914 Making a Living
as Tipsy Nuisance1914 Mabel's Busy Day
as The Star Boarder1914 The Star Boarder
as Tipsy Hotel Guest1914 Caught in the Rain
as Wife1914 A Busy Day
as The Property Man1914 The Property Man
as Charlie, a stranger1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance
as Charlie1914 His New Profession
as Mr. Wow-Woe, Track Fanatic1914 Gentlemen of Nerve
as Mr. Sniffels1914 Getting Acquainted

TV Shows/Series with Charlie Chaplin as Actor(4)

as Self (archive footage)2022 Le Siècle des icônes
as Self & in Out-Takes1983 Unknown Chaplin
as Charlie1981 Klamottenkiste
as Self (archive footage)1961 The DuPont Show of the Week

Movies with Charlie Chaplin as Crew(265)

Sound/Original Music Composer2020 Charlie Chaplin, The Genius of Liberty
Sound/Music2018 Optimism
Writing/Book1992 Chaplin
Sound/Music1990 Stalin's Funeral
Directing/Director1967 A Countess from Hong Kong
Production/Producer1967 A Countess from Hong Kong
Writing/Author1967 A Countess from Hong Kong
Writing/Screenplay1967 A Countess from Hong Kong
Directing/Director1959 The Chaplin Revue
Production/Director of Operations1959 The Chaplin Revue
Sound/Music Director1959 The Chaplin Revue
Writing/Writer1959 The Chaplin Revue
Directing/Director1957 A King in New York
Production/Producer1957 A King in New York
Sound/Original Music Composer1957 A King in New York
Writing/Writer1957 A King in New York
Directing/Director1952 Limelight
Production/Producer1952 Limelight
Sound/Original Music Composer1952 Limelight
Writing/Original Story1952 Limelight
Writing/Screenplay1952 Limelight
Directing/Director1947 Monsieur Verdoux
Production/Producer1947 Monsieur Verdoux
Sound/Original Music Composer1947 Monsieur Verdoux
Writing/Writer1947 Monsieur Verdoux
Directing/Director1941 The Chaplin Cavalcade
Production/Producer1941 The Chaplin Cavalcade
Writing/Writer1941 The Chaplin Cavalcade
Directing/Director1941 The Charlie Chaplin Festival
Writing/Writer1941 The Charlie Chaplin Festival
Directing/Director1940 The Great Dictator
Production/Producer1940 The Great Dictator
Sound/Original Music Composer1940 The Great Dictator
Writing/Writer1940 The Great Dictator
Directing/Director1936 Modern Times
Editing/Editor1936 Modern Times
Production/Producer1936 Modern Times
Sound/Original Music Composer1936 Modern Times
Writing/Screenplay1936 Modern Times
Directing/Director1931 City Lights
Editing/Editor1931 City Lights
Production/Producer1931 City Lights
Sound/Original Music Composer1931 City Lights
Writing/Screenplay1931 City Lights
Directing/Director1928 The Circus
Editing/Editor1928 The Circus
Production/Producer1928 The Circus
Sound/Music1928 The Circus
Sound/Songs1928 The Circus
Writing/Writer1928 The Circus
Production/Producer1926 A Woman of the Sea
Directing/Director1925 The Gold Rush
Production/Producer1925 The Gold Rush
Writing/Writer1925 The Gold Rush
Directing/Director1923 The Pilgrim
Production/Producer1923 The Pilgrim
Writing/Writer1923 The Pilgrim
Directing/Director1923 A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
Production/Producer1923 A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
Sound/Original Music Composer1923 A Woman of Paris: A Drama of Fate
Directing/Director1922 Nice and Friendly
Writing/Writer1922 Nice and Friendly
Directing/Director1922 Pay Day
Editing/Editor1922 Pay Day
Production/Producer1922 Pay Day
Sound/Music1922 Pay Day
Writing/Writer1922 Pay Day
Directing/Director1921 The Kid
Editing/Editor1921 The Kid
Production/Producer1921 The Kid
Sound/Original Music Composer1921 The Kid
Writing/Writer1921 The Kid
Directing/Director1921 The Idle Class
Editing/Editor1921 The Idle Class
Production/Producer1921 The Idle Class
Sound/Music1921 The Idle Class
Writing/Writer1921 The Idle Class
Directing/Director1920 Charlie Butts In
Writing/Writer1920 Charlie Butts In
Directing/Director1919 A Day's Pleasure
Editing/Editor1919 A Day's Pleasure
Production/Producer1919 A Day's Pleasure
Sound/Music1919 A Day's Pleasure
Writing/Writer1919 A Day's Pleasure
Directing/Director1919 The Professor
Directing/Director1919 Sunnyside
Editing/Editor1919 Sunnyside
Production/Producer1919 Sunnyside
Writing/Writer1919 Sunnyside
Directing/Director1918 A Dog's Life
Editing/Editor1918 A Dog's Life
Production/Producer1918 A Dog's Life
Sound/Original Music Composer1918 A Dog's Life
Writing/Writer1918 A Dog's Life
Directing/Director1918 The Bond
Writing/Writer1918 The Bond
Directing/Director1918 How to Make Movies
Writing/Writer1918 How to Make Movies
Directing/Director1918 Shoulder Arms
Editing/Editor1918 Shoulder Arms
Production/Producer1918 Shoulder Arms
Sound/Original Music Composer1918 Shoulder Arms
Writing/Screenplay1918 Shoulder Arms
Directing/Director1918 Triple Trouble
Writing/Screenplay1918 Triple Trouble
Writing/Story1918 Triple Trouble
Directing/Director1918 Chase Me Charlie
Writing/Writer1918 Chase Me Charlie
Directing/Director1917 The Immigrant
Editing/Editor1917 The Immigrant
Production/Producer1917 The Immigrant
Writing/Screenplay1917 The Immigrant
Directing/Director1917 The Cure
Editing/Editor1917 The Cure
Production/Producer1917 The Cure
Writing/Screenplay1917 The Cure
Writing/Story1917 The Cure
Directing/Director1917 Easy Street
Editing/Editor1917 Easy Street
Production/Producer1917 Easy Street
Writing/Screenplay1917 Easy Street
Directing/Director1917 The Adventurer
Editing/Editor1917 The Adventurer
Production/Producer1917 The Adventurer
Writing/Screenplay1917 The Adventurer
Production/Producer1917 Charlie Chaplin Meets Harry Lauder
Directing/Director1916 One A.M.
Editing/Editor1916 One A.M.
Production/Producer1916 One A.M.
Writing/Writer1916 One A.M.
Directing/Director1916 The Vagabond
Editing/Supervising Film Editor1916 The Vagabond
Production/Producer1916 The Vagabond
Writing/Writer1916 The Vagabond
Directing/Director1916 The Essanay-Chaplin Revue of 1916
Directing/Director1916 Police
Writing/Writer1916 Police
Directing/Director1916 The Floorwalker
Editing/Editor1916 The Floorwalker
Production/Producer1916 The Floorwalker
Writing/Screenplay1916 The Floorwalker
Directing/Director1916 The Pawnshop
Editing/Editor1916 The Pawnshop
Production/Producer1916 The Pawnshop
Writing/Screenplay1916 The Pawnshop
Directing/Director1916 The Rink
Editing/Editor1916 The Rink
Production/Producer1916 The Rink
Writing/Screenplay1916 The Rink
Directing/Director1916 The Fireman
Editing/Editor1916 The Fireman
Production/Producer1916 The Fireman
Writing/Writer1916 The Fireman
Directing/Director1916 Behind the Screen
Editing/Editor1916 Behind the Screen
Production/Producer1916 Behind the Screen
Writing/Screenplay1916 Behind the Screen
Directing/Director1916 The Count
Editing/Editor1916 The Count
Production/Producer1916 The Count
Writing/Screenplay1916 The Count
Directing/Director1915 A Jitney Elopement
Editing/Editor1915 A Jitney Elopement
Writing/Writer1915 A Jitney Elopement
Directing/Director1915 Work
Editing/Editor1915 Work
Writing/Writer1915 Work
Directing/Director1915 A Night Out
Editing/Editor1915 A Night Out
Writing/Writer1915 A Night Out
Directing/Director1915 Shanghaied
Editing/Editor1915 Shanghaied
Writing/Writer1915 Shanghaied
Directing/Director1915 His New Job
Editing/Editor1915 His New Job
Writing/Writer1915 His New Job
Directing/Director1915 By the Sea
Editing/Editor1915 By the Sea
Writing/Writer1915 By the Sea
Directing/Director1915 The Bank
Editing/Editor1915 The Bank
Writing/Writer1915 The Bank
Directing/Director1915 A Night in the Show
Editing/Editor1915 A Night in the Show
Writing/Writer1915 A Night in the Show
Directing/Director1915 In the Park
Editing/Editor1915 In the Park
Writing/Screenplay1915 In the Park
Directing/Director1915 The Champion
Editing/Editor1915 The Champion
Writing/Writer1915 The Champion
Directing/Director1915 A Woman
Editing/Editor1915 A Woman
Writing/Writer1915 A Woman
Directing/Director1915 A Burlesque on Carmen
Writing/Writer1915 A Burlesque on Carmen
Directing/Director1915 The Tramp
Editing/Editor1915 The Tramp
Writing/Writer1915 The Tramp
Directing/Director1914 The Masquerader
Editing/Editor1914 The Masquerader
Writing/Writer1914 The Masquerader
Writing/Writer1914 Her Friend the Bandit
Writing/Screenplay1914 Kid Auto Races at Venice
Directing/Director1914 The New Janitor
Editing/Editor1914 The New Janitor
Writing/Writer1914 The New Janitor
Directing/Director1914 Caught in a Cabaret
Writing/Writer1914 Caught in a Cabaret
Writing/Writer1914 His Favorite Pastime
Directing/Director1914 Twenty Minutes of Love
Editing/Editor1914 Mabel's Married Life
Writing/Writer1914 Mabel's Married Life
Directing/Director1914 Recreation
Editing/Editor1914 Recreation
Writing/Writer1914 Recreation
Writing/Writer1914 Tango Tangles
Writing/Writer1914 Mabel at the Wheel
Directing/Director1914 The Face on the Barroom Floor
Directing/Director1914 Those Love Pangs
Editing/Editor1914 Those Love Pangs
Writing/Writer1914 Those Love Pangs
Directing/Director1914 His Trysting Places
Editing/Editor1914 His Trysting Places
Writing/Writer1914 His Trysting Places
Directing/Director1914 Laughing Gas
Editing/Editor1914 Laughing Gas
Writing/Writer1914 A Film Johnnie
Writing/Screenplay1914 Mabel's Strange Predicament
Writing/Writer1914 The Knockout
Directing/Director1914 The Rounders
Editing/Editor1914 The Rounders
Writing/Writer1914 The Rounders
Directing/Director1914 His Musical Career
Editing/Editor1914 His Musical Career
Writing/Writer1914 His Musical Career
Directing/Director1914 His Prehistoric Past
Editing/Editor1914 His Prehistoric Past
Writing/Writer1914 His Prehistoric Past
Writing/Screenplay1914 Between Showers
Directing/Director1914 Dough and Dynamite
Editing/Editor1914 Dough and Dynamite
Writing/Writer1914 Dough and Dynamite
Writing/Writer1914 Mabel's Busy Day
Directing/Director1914 Caught in the Rain
Editing/Editor1914 A Busy Day
Writing/Screenplay1914 A Busy Day
Directing/Director1914 The Property Man
Editing/Editor1914 The Property Man
Writing/Writer1914 The Property Man
Directing/Director1914 His New Profession
Editing/Editor1914 His New Profession
Writing/Writer1914 His New Profession
Directing/Director1914 Gentlemen of Nerve
Editing/Editor1914 Gentlemen of Nerve
Writing/Writer1914 Gentlemen of Nerve
Directing/Director1914 Getting Acquainted
Editing/Editor1914 Getting Acquainted
Writing/Writer1914 Getting Acquainted

Citizenship: United Kingdom (UK)
Born: Tuesday, 04/16 1889 (April) in Walworth, London, England (United Kingdom (UK))
Died: Sunday, 12/25 1977 (December) in Corsier-sur-Vevey (aged: 88)
Zodiac sign: Aries (Chinese zodiac sign: Ox)
Languages: English (EN, native language)
Educated at: Cuckoo Schools, Black-Foxe Military Institute
Employer: Keystone Studios, Essanay Studios, Mutual Film
Member of: Academy of Arts, Berlin, Academy of Arts of the GDR, The Eight Lancashire Lads
Father: Charles Chaplin Sr.
Mother: Hannah Chaplin
Other names for Charlie Chaplin (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Charles Spencer Chaplin"
"Charles Chaplin"
"Чарлі Чаплін"
"Чарлз Спенсер Чаплін"
"Charlot" (Nickname)
"찰리 채플린"
"צ'ארלי צ'פלין"
"تشارلي تشابلن"
"چارلی چاپلین"
"Τσάρλι Τσάπλιν"
"찰스 스펜서 채플린"
"Чарльз Спенсер Чаплин"
"Чарльз Чаплин"
"The Tramp" (Nickname)
Charlie Chaplin frequently works together with these people:
Mack Sennett (56x, Crew)
Edna Purviance (51x, Actress)
Frank D. Williams (33x, Crew)
Roland Totheroh (33x, Crew)
Henry Bergman (29x, Actor)
Mabel Normand (26x, Actress)
Leo White (26x, Actor)
Albert Austin (24x, Actor)
Mack Swain (22x, Actor)
John Rand (21x, Actor)
Harry Ensign (21x, Crew)
Frank De Felitta (3x, Crew)
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