Jim Wynorski

Film Producer / Film Director / Screenwriter / Actor | * 08/14/1950 (69) | Glen Cove, Long Island, New York, USA
Jim Wynorski (born August 14, 1950 in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York) is an American screenwriter, director, and producer. Wynorski has been making B-movies and exploitation movies since the early 1980s, and has directed over 75 feature films. His earliest films were released to movie theaters, but his later works have predominantly been released to cable or the straight-to-video market. He often works under pseudonyms such as "Jay Andrews," "Arch Stanton," "H.R. Blueberry," "Tom Popatopolis," and "Noble Henry." His movies often spoof horror films: Cleavagefield, for example, parodies Cloverfield, The Bare Wench Project parodies The Blair Witch Project, and "Para-Knockers Activity" parodies Paranormal Activity. A character in the film The Final Destination is named after him. In 2009, the documentary Popatopolis, directed by Clay Westervelt and named for one of Wynorski's pseudonyms, chronicled Wynorski during the making of his soft-core horror film, ()
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Birth Name: James Wnoroski. A 25-year veteran in the Hollywood exploitation field, writer/producer/director Jim Wynorski is responsible for over 150 varied motion pictures in a myriad of genres. Leaving behind a successful commercial business in New York, Wynorski relocated to California in 1980 and soon found himself on the doorstep of his childhood idol, B-film king Roger Corman. "The rest was destiny," recounts Wynorski, who soon found himself hired by the renowned movie mogul to cut "coming attractions" for all of the company's new action and horror films. "It was like grasshopper learning from the kung-fu master," says Wynorski, who claims his six-months internship with Corman taught him more than four years at film school. "It wasn't long after that Corman offered me the first of many writing/directing assignments. Some distributor wanted a flick about a killer in a shopping mall," recalls Wynorski, "and Roger trusted me enough to say 'come up with something good, and you can direct it." Well, a couple days later, the director walked in with the first treatment to a film called Chopping Mall (1986), and the rest was history. From then on, Jim Wynorski turned out an average of three to five films a year as a director, and even more as a producer/writer. Throughout the 1980s came a steady stream of wild exploitation titles like Big Bad Mama II (1987) with Angie Dickinson, Not of This Earth (1988) with Traci Lords and The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) with Heather Locklear. On into the 1990s, Wynorski continued to climb to the top of the B-Film mountain with flicks like Hard Bounty (1995) starring Kelly LeBrock, Point of Seduction III: Body Chemistry (1994) & Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995) with Shannon Tweed and Morgan Fairchild and Munchie (1992), which featured the first film appearance of the then-unknown 12-year-old child actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. As the years peeled by and tastes changed, Jim Wynorski kept hip by innovating new special effects techniques that landed the director no less than seven world premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel. His credits there include films like Gargoyle (2004), The Curse of the Komodo (2004), Project Viper and Cry of the Winged Serpent (2007). As for the future, the 59-year-old Wynorski feels the audience for alternative cinema made away from the studio system will continue to grow thanks to new advances in Internet and Cable technologies. In fact, he is in post-production on another thriller, Vampire in Vegas (2009). "And you can bet I'll be there," he offers with a big smile, "with some really fun stuff." Jim has a huge following in the Mid-West and is beloved in Franklin, Indiana, Home of The B Movie Celebration. Mini Biography By: William Dever (updated by Daniel Frank Webster)

Most frequent genres for this person: Horror | Comedies | Thriller

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Movies with Jim Wynorski as Actor(24)

as Crowd Reporter2012 Lizard Man
as Roy Jensen2010 Dinocroc vs. Supergator
as Jim Wynorski2009 Popatopolis
as Sheriff Bodine2007 Brain Dead
as Jungle Scientist2005 Komodo vs. Cobra
as Bogdan2004 Gargoyle
as Jim2002 Treasure Hunt
as Man in Sheriff's Station2001 Raptor
as himself1998 Some Nudity Required
as Police Sniper (uncredited)1996 Demolition High
as Lester1996 Alien Escape
as Friendly Man at Bar1996 The Wasp Woman
as Pig Truck Driver1996 Masseuse
as Hanging Judge1995 Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure
as Drunk at Bar1995 Midnight Tease II
as Guy Who Can't Believe His Eyes1995 Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold
as Porno Director1993 Hard to Die
as Night Club M.C.1993 Dragon Fire
as Monster in Basement1991 Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
as The Man Who Does Lunch1989 Hollywood Boulevard II
as Dying Soldier1987 Deathstalker II
as Police Officer / Radio Announcer (uncredited)1987 Big Bad Mama II

Movies with Jim Wynorski as Crew(174)

Writing/Writer2018 A Doggone Adventure
Production/Producer2018 A Doggone Adventure
Directing/Director2017 Legend of the Naked Ghost
Writing/Writer2017 Bikini Car Wash Massacre
Directing/Director2017 A Doggone Hollywood
Writing/Writer2017 A Doggone Hollywood
Directing/Director2016 A Doggone Christmas
Writing/Writer2016 A Doggone Christmas
Directing/Director2016 Nessie & Me
Directing/Director2015 CobraGator
Directing/Director2015 Scared Topless
Writing/Writer2015 Scared Topless
Directing/Director2015 Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre
Directing/Director2015 Shark Babes
Directing/Director2014 Water Wars
Directing/Director2014 Sexually Bugged!
Writing/Writer2014 Sexually Bugged!
Directing/Director2013 Pleasure Spa
Directing/Director2013 Hypnotika
Directing/Director2012 Piranhaconda
Directing/Director2012 Gila!
Directing/Director2011 Sexy Wives Sindrome
Directing/Director2011 Busty Coeds vs. Lusty Cheerleaders
Directing/Director2011 Camel Spiders
Writing/Writer2011 Camel Spiders
Directing/Director2010 Busty Cops Go Hawaiian
Writing/Writer2010 Busty Cops Go Hawaiian
Directing/Director2010 The Hills Have Thighs
Writing/Writer2010 The Hills Have Thighs
Directing/Director2010 Busty Cops and the Jewel of Denial
Directing/Director2010 Dinocroc vs. Supergator
Writing/Writer2010 Dinocroc vs. Supergator
Directing/Director2009 Lost in the woods
Directing/Director2009 Vampire In Vegas
Directing/Director2009 Strip for Action
Directing/Director2009 The Devil Wears Nada
Directing/Director2009 Cleavagefield
Directing/Director2009 Fire from Below
Production/Co-Executive Producer2009 Fire from Below
Writing/Writer2009 Fire from Below
Directing/Director2008 The Lusty Busty Babe-A-Que
Directing/Director2007 The Da Vinci Coed
Writing/Writer2007 The Da Vinci Coed
Directing/Director2007 The Breastford Wives
Writing/Writer2007 The Breastford Wives
Directing/Director2007 House On Hooter Hill
Writing/Writer2007 House On Hooter Hill
Directing/Director2007 Bone Eater
Directing/Director2006 Busty Cops 2
Directing/Director2006 A.I. Assault
Writing/Writer2006 A.I. Assault
Directing/Director2006 Crash Landing
Writing/Writer2006 Crash Landing
Directing/Director2005 Lust Connection
Writing/Writer2005 Lust Connection
Directing/Director2005 The Witches of Breastwick
Writing/Screenplay2005 The Witches of Breastwick
Production/Producer2005 The Witches of Breastwick
Directing/Director2005 Witches of Breastwick 2
Directing/Director2005 Sub Zero
Directing/Director2005 Cry of the Winged Serpent
Directing/Director2005 Komodo vs. Cobra
Writing/Writer2005 Komodo vs. Cobra
Production/Executive Producer2004 Deep Evil
Directing/Director2004 The Thing Below
Directing/Director2004 Gargoyle
Production/Producer2004 Gargoyle
Writing/Screenplay2004 Gargoyle
Directing/Director2004 Busty Cops
Directing/Director2004 The Curse of the Komodo
Directing/Director2003 Cheerleader Massacre
Directing/Director2003 Lost Treasure
Directing/Director2003 Bad Bizness
Directing/Director2002 Gale Force
Directing/Director2002 Treasure Hunt
Writing/Screenplay2002 Treasure Hunt
Directing/Director2002 Project Viper
Directing/Director2002 Wolfhound
Directing/Director2001 Raptor
Writing/Screenplay2001 Raptor
Production/Producer2001 Critical Mass
Directing/Director2001 Ablaze
Production/Producer2001 Ablaze
Directing/Director2001 Poison
Directing/Director2000 The Bare Wench Project
Writing/Writer2000 The Bare Wench Project
Production/Producer2000 The Bare Wench Project
Production/Producer2000 Submerged
Directing/Director2000 Final Voyage
Directing/Director2000 Crash Point Zero
Directing/Director2000 Rangers
Production/Producer2000 Rangers
Directing/Director2000 Agent Red
Production/Producer2000 Agent Red
Directing/Director2000 Militia
Directing/Director1999 Stealth Fighter
Production/Producer1999 Stealth Fighter
Directing/Director1999 The Escort III
Production/Producer1999 Active Stealth
Production/Executive Producer1999 Fugitive Mind
Production/Producer1999 Storm Catcher
Directing/Director1998 Storm Trooper
Directing/Director1998 Desert Thunder
Directing/Director1998 The Pandora Project
Production/Casting1997 Scorned 2
Directing/Director1997 Against The Law
Production/Executive Producer1997 Hybrid
Production/Executive Producer1997 Sorceress II: The Temptress
Directing/Director1996 Demolition High
Directing/Director1996 The Assault
Production/Producer1996 Fugitive Rage
Directing/Director1996 The Wasp Woman
Directing/Director1996 Vampirella
Production/Producer1996 Vampirella
Directing/Director1995 Sorceress
Directing/Director1995 Victim of Desire
Production/Executive Producer1995 Bikini Drive-In
Directing/Director1995 Hard Bounty
Directing/Director1995 Virtual Desire
Directing/Director1995 Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure
Directing/Director1994 Dinosaur Island
Production/Producer1994 Dinosaur Island
Directing/Director1994 Ghoulies IV
Directing/Director1994 Munchie Strikes Back
Writing/Writer1994 Munchie Strikes Back
Directing/Director1993 Sins of Desire
Writing/Story1993 Sins of Desire
Production/Executive Producer1993 Dark Universe
Directing/Director1993 Hard to Die
Production/Producer1993 Hard to Die
Production/Casting1993 Hard to Die
Directing/Director1993 Little Miss Millions
Writing/Writer1993 Little Miss Millions
Directing/Director1992 Munchie
Writing/Screenplay1992 Munchie
Directing/Director1992 976-Evil II
Writing/Screenplay1992 Final Embrace
Production/Producer1991 Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
Directing/Director1991 Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
Writing/Writer1991 Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
Writing/Screenplay1990 The Haunting of Morella
Directing/Director1990 The Haunting of Morella
Directing/Director1990 Sorority House Massacre II
Production/Casting1990 Sorority House Massacre II
Directing/Director1989 Transylvania Twist
Writing/Screenplay1989 Transylvania Twist
Writing/Story1989 Think Big
Directing/Director1989 The Return of Swamp Thing
Directing/Director1988 Not of This Earth
Writing/Screenplay1988 Not of This Earth
Production/Producer1988 Not of This Earth
Directing/Director1987 Deathstalker II
Writing/Story1987 Deathstalker II
Directing/Director1987 Big Bad Mama II
Writing/Screenplay1987 Big Bad Mama II
Directing/Director1986 Chopping Mall
Writing/Writer1986 Chopping Mall
Directing/Director1984 The Lost Empire
Writing/Writer1984 The Lost Empire
Production/Producer1984 The Lost Empire
Writing/Screenplay1983 Screwballs
Writing/Story1982 Forbidden World
Writing/Writer1982 Sorceress

Born: Monday, 08/14 1950 (August) in New York City (current age: 69 years + 10 days)
Zodiac sign: Leo (Chinese zodiac sign: Tiger)
Languages: English (EN)
Other names for Jim Wynorski (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Jay Andrews"
"Джим Уайнорски"
"Rip Masters"
"Rob Robertson"
"Harold Blueberry"
"Bob E. Brown"
"Daniel Fast"
"David Gibbs"
"Heny Henri"
"Noble Henri"
"Nobel Henry"
"Noble Henry"
"Andrew James"
"J.R. Mandish"
"Sam Pepperman"
"Tom Popatopolous"
"Bob Robertson"
"Salvadore Ross"
"Arch Stanton"
"Jamie Wagner"
"Thaddeus Wickwire"
Jim Wynorski frequently works together with these people:
Fred Olen Ray (34x, Crew)
Chuck Cirino (31x, Crew)
Roger Corman (23x, Crew)
Lenny Juliano (21x, Actor)
Glori-Anne Gilbert (20x, Actress)
Jay Richardson (20x, Actor)
Melissa Brasselle (20x, Actress)
Julie K. Smith (19x, Actress)
Antonia Dorian (19x, Actress)
Peter Spellos (17x, Actor)
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