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Sparks & Embers(2015)

1 Std. 28 Min. | Romantik / Liebe, Komödie, Drama
2,6/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Tom and Eloise meet in inauspicious circumstances, trapped in a stuck lift after Eloise has Tom fired. Nevertheless, sparks fly. 5 years later, they have broken up and Eloise is going back to France. Tom has 45 minutes to win her back.

The Girls(1962)

1 Std. 36 Min. | Komödie, Romantik / Liebe
3,8/5 (bei 30 Stimmen)

A film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Boris Blednyy. A graduate of the culinary technical school of the cook, Tosya Kislitsyna, a naive and eccentric girl, came to the village lost in the northern forests. She sticks her nose in all affairs, seeks to help everyone. She met Ilya on the day of arrival: the "first guy in the village" fell upon her indignantly, and in the evening, to brighten up an unpleasant meeting, she decided to "make happy" with an invitation to a dance and was refused. Not accustomed to refusals, Ilya argues with Filya that during the week he will fall in love with Tosya...

Post Partum Depression(1978)

25 Min. | Dokumentation

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

世にも奇妙な物語 25周年スペシャル・春~人気マンガ家競演編~(2015)

1 Std. 50 Min.

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Der Kongress tanzt(1931)

FSK: ab 0 Jahre
| 1 Std. 34 Min. | Historie / Geschichte, Komödie
3,7/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

Nach der Verbannung Napoleons 1814 findet der Wiener Kongress statt, um Europas Grenzen neu zu ordnen. Am Rande des Einzugs der Majestäten wirbt die junge Handschuhmacherin Christel für ihr Geschäft und wirft von einer Tribüne Blumenbuketts mit einer Reklameschrift. Obwohl ihr der Österreichische Staatskanzler das verbietet, wirft die dem vorrüberfahrenden Zaren Alexander ebenfalls ein Bukett zu, das aber dessen Tschako trifft. Man verhaftet Christel und will sie bestrafen, was Zar Alexander aber im letzten Moment verhindert. Er verliebt sich in Christel und gerät in die Gafahr vom Kongress abgelenkt zu werden. Der Adjudant des Zaren besorgt einen Doppelgänger des Zaren. Auf dem bald darauf stattfindenen Kongress kommt es zu weiteren Verwechslungen, bis die Nachricht von Napoleons Eintreffen in Frankreich den Kongress plötzlich abbricht.

Sobral – O Homem Que Não Tinha Preço(2013)

3,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Mister Feuerstein lebt gefährlich(1966)

3,2/5 (bei 21 Stimmen)

Steinzeitbürger Fred Feuerstein begibt sich mit seiner Frau Wilma und seinen besten Freunden Barnie und Betty Geröllheimer auf geheime Mission nach Paris. Erst in Rom kann er "Grüne Gans", der mit einer Superrakete die Weltherrschaft an sich reißen möchte, stellen und ins All befördern.

Nenante Nene(1968)

1968 Indian film starring Sriranjani, Krishna Ghattamaneni and Kanchana.

Gold Fish(2019)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Kristoffer's House(1979)

1 Std. 38 Min. | Drama

Kristoffer lives on the verge of poverty, just barely supporting himself on his photographic work and an allowance given him by his ex-wife to support their child. He is staying in his absentee mother's large old house, which she is preparing to sell. When he takes a photograph of a man who died by his own hand, the image fascinates him. He grows obsessed with the dead man's story and pushes his researches as far as they will go. This psychological thriller is based on Johan Bargrum's book Darkroom.

Pink on the Cob(1969)

3,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The Pink Panther operates a farm and battles two crows trying to eat his corn field.

Obstacle Course(1984)

1 Std. 29 Min. | Drama

After a demobilization Vladimir starts working in a little porcelain shop as a repairer - but soon gets involved in criminal activity - so he desperately needs help from army friends.

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1 Std. 53 Min. | Drama
2,7/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

José Costa is a Brazilian ghost writer. Returning from a ghost writers convention his airplane is rerouted to Budapest. His life is also rerouted when he meets Krista and with her help, learns "the only language in the world which, according to the tongue-wagers, the devil respects.

Flitterwochen im Fertighaus(1920)

25 Min. | Komödie
4,0/5 (bei 74 Stimmen)

Die Geschichte handelt von zwei frisch Vermählten, Keaton und Seely, die ein Build-it-yourself-Haus als Hochzeitsgeschenk erhalten. Das Haus kann angeblich in einer Woche aufgebaut werden. Ein zurückgewiesener Verehrer ändert jedoch heimlich die Zahlen auf den Verpackungskisten. Der Film erzählt von Keatons Versuchen, dass Haus nach dieser neuen "Anordnung" dennoch zu montieren.

The Island(2019)

12 Min.

An island on a lake in the middle of the city. A suspended space where Ana is going running every day. It is there that she tries to unwind, to reconnect with herself, with her memories. But this island will also become a territory of transcendence, where Ana will find the strength to leave a painful past behind.

Camp Clobber(1958)

The apartment house superintendent, Clint Clobber, a turkey if there ever was one, is constantly pestered by an old retired Army general, who keeps the tenants in a dither and uproar with his hard-nosed and disciplined military habits. Clint finally finds a way to rid the house of the undesirable tenant.


1 Std. 45 Min.
2,7/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Alper Çağlar - Schauspieler: Tayanç Ayaydin, Çigdem Batur, Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Enise Ütük

The Ear(1970)

1 Std. 34 Min. | Mystery, Thriller, Drama
3,8/5 (bei 14 Stimmen)

Senior ministry official Ludvik and wife Anna find their house is riddled with listening devices put there by his own ministry. A harrowing night follows (reminiscent of 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf'), and the resolution is worse than being carted off to jail.

Familie Robinson aus Beverly Hills(1997)

1 Std. 28 Min. | Komödie, TV-Film
1,9/5 (bei 9 Stimmen)

Marsha Robinson, host of a TV cooking show, takes her family on a working vacation to a South Seas Island, but their yacht is hijacked by pirates, and then shipwrecked, and the Robinsons must survive Marsha's complaints while they build a treehouse, meet a handsome carpenter, bond together as a family and fight off the pirates.

Living with Trevor(2017)

2 Std. 18 Min. | Komödie

Chris doesn't expect much from this summer. All he wants to be able to do is relax and play video games. Plans change when Trevor moves in.


4,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A fortuneteller tells Hidari Taisho that he must hunt down 1000 foxes in order to conquer the country. So Akuemon, who is disliked by everybody, is hired to do the foxhunting. In response, the foxes send a female fox to Akuemon's house disguised as his wife. A story unfolds between Akuemon, who has never loved anyone, and the female fox, who slowly discovers true love in him even while tormented by sorrow over her comrades' death. This is the 6th work in "The Lion Books" series. It is also the first attempt by visualist Tezuka Makoto, Tezuka's older son, to render an original of his father's into an animated version.

The Chemo Club(2016)

1 Std. 32 Min. | Komödie

The Chemo Club is a feature film which follows strong willed Lulu (Brümilda van Rensburg) and humble Faith (Lillian Dube) as they embark on a heist to recover their stolen funds from a corrupt retirement pensions boss (Chris Chameleon). As former 1970s comic book heroes, they channel their alter egos in the 1970's, enlisting the help of their former colleague (Tobie Cronje) and a younger media student and comic book enthusiast (Rea Rangaka) to complete their heist and return to their glory days.

Dark Night, Calcutta(1964)

24 Min.
3,3/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Marin Karmitz's avant-garde short film is a haunting tale about an alcoholic novelist facing a crippling case of writer's block.

A World Without Down's Syndrome?(2016)

59 Min. | Dokumentation
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Documentary about Down's syndrome and the ethics of pregnancy screening, fronted by Sally Phillips. This film explores the science and thinking around the proposed new screening test for Down's syndrome and its possible availability on the NHS. Driven by the experience of raising her son Olly, who has Down's syndrome, Sally explores some of the ethical implications of our national screening policy. By talking to experts in the Down's syndrome community, the world's top scientists and including people with Down's syndrome in the debate, Sally investigates a thorny subject that begs questions relevant to us all: what sort of world do we want to live in and who do we want in it?

The Great East End Anarchist Battle(1911)

Footage of the Great East End Anarchist Battle.

Mouth to Mouth(2005)

1 Std. 41 Min. | Drama
2,9/5 (bei 24 Stimmen)

An aimless adolescent (Ellen Page) joins several itinerant misfits who live on the fringe of society and welcome at-risk youths into their fold.

Shirley et Dino - Le spectacle inédit(2007)

3,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Le crime du Bouif(1933)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: André Berthomieu - Schauspieler: Félicien Tramel

Snooky's Twin Troubles(1921)

In Twin Troubles, Snooky comes to the rescue after Officer Casey’s twin daughters are kidnapped as part of a preposterous plot to enter them in a beauty contest and make off with the $1,000 prize.

Ridendo e scherzando(1978)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Komödie

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -