Neueste Filme in 2021

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Wrong Turn - The Foundation(2021)

FSK: ab 18 Jahre
| 1 Std. 50 Min. | Horror, Thriller
3,2/5 (bei 86 Stimmen)

Jen geht mit ihren Freunden auf dem Appalachian Trail wandern. Die Warnungen, auf dem Weg zu bleiben, werden von den Wanderern gekonnt ignoriert und so stolpern sie in ein Gebiet, das von der Foundation bewohnt wird. Die versteckt lebende Gemeinde schreckt vor nichts zurück, um ihr Geheimnis zu wahren.

The Mauritanian(2021)

2 Std. 9 Min. | Drama
2,8/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

A detainee at the U.S military's Guantanamo Bay detention center is held without charges for over a decade and seeks help from a defense attorney for his release.

The Scary of Sixty-First(2021)

1 Std. 21 Min. | Horror, Thriller, Mystery

In Dasha Nekrasova's directorial debut, two roommates' lives begin to unravel after moving into an Upper East Side apartment formerly owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

The Beta Test(2021)

1 Std. 31 Min. | Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Krimi

A married Hollywood agent receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter and becomes ensnared in a sinister world of lying, infidelity, and digital data.

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn(2021)

1 Std. 46 Min. | Komödie

Emi, a school teacher, finds her career and reputation under threat after a personal sex tape is leaked on the Internet. Forced to meet the parents demanding her dismissal, Emi refuses to surrender to their pressure. Radu Jude (Aferim!) delivers an incendiary mix of unconventional form, irreverent humor and scathing commentary on hypocrisy and prejudice in our societies.

Regie: Radu Jude


1 Std. 29 Min. | Drama

Two sex workers meet in a Berlin brothel. In a place where the female body is a commodity, they experience moments of happiness. A feisty love story about attraction, fears and self-determination.

Je suis Karl(2021)

Maxi, the survivor of a terrorist attack, joins beguiling student Karl and becomes part of a European youth movement – one that aims for nothing less than seizing power.

The Men Who Wait(2021)

15 Min. | Drama

On a slag heap, where coal miners used to tramp, men are now awaiting each other.


1 Std. 58 Min. | Thriller, Krimi

A cop and his partner track down a serial killer lurking around Hong Kong.

Regie: Cheang Pou-soi - Schauspieler: Gordon Lam, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Mason Lee, Fish Liew, Cya Liu Ya-Se


1 Std. 40 Min. | Drama

Yvan De Wiel, a private banker from Geneva, is going to an Argentina in the midst of a dictatorship to replace his partner, the object of the most worrying rumours, who disappeared overnight. Between hushed lounges, swimming pools and gardens under surveillance, a remote duel between two bankers who, despite different methods, are the accomplices of a discreet and merciless form of colonization.

Death of a Virgin, and the Sin of Not Living(2021)

1 Std. 27 Min.

Etienne is taken by his friends to a prostitute for the first time. Three troubled teens on their way to win their acceptance into manhood. Though several unexpected occurrences take Etienne on an unforeseen journey into himself.

Der Boandlkramer und die ewige Liebe(2021)

FSK: ab 6 Jahre
| 1 Std. 27 Min. | Komödie

So etwas ist dem Boandlkramer ja noch nie passiert: Zum ersten Mal, seit tausenden von Jahren, wird er von Amors Pfeil getroffen. Als er die Gefi, die Mutter vom Maxl, erblickt, ist es um ihn geschehen - der Tod hat sich unsterblich verliebt! Der liebestrunkene Boandlkramer lässt sich auf einen mehr oder weniger klugen Deal mit dem Teufel ein und bringt dadurch nicht nur den göttlichen Plan durcheinander - es droht sogar das absolute Chaos!

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Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes(2021)

A couple spend eternity in a castle until their reality starts to shift.

Fabian oder Der Gang vor die Hunde(2021)

2 Std. 56 Min. | Drama

In 1920s Berlin, Dr. Jakob Fabian, who works by day in advertising for a cigarette company and by night wanders the streets of the city, falls in love with an actress. As her career begins to blossom, prospects for his future begin to wane.

Lust Life Love(2021)

1 Std. 39 Min. | Drama, Romantik / Liebe

A star-crossed love story set in the world of polyamory and sex parties in New York City.


1 Std. 55 Min.

An urban train link, the RER B, crosses Paris and its outskirts from north to south. A journey within indistinct spaces known as inner cities and suburbs. Several portraits, all individual pieces that form a whole. We.