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Joseph Wiseman(† 91)

Schauspieler | Montreal, Quebec (CA)
† 12. Todestag

Joseph Wiseman (* 15. Mai 1918 in Montreal; † 19. Oktober 2009 in New York City) war ein kanadischer Schauspieler.

† 91, 19.10.2009

Leon Russom(† 77)

Schauspieler | Little Rock, Arkansas (US)
† 2. Todestag

Leon Russom (* 6. Dezember 1941 in Little Rock, Arkansas) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler.

† 77, 19.10.2019

Tom Bosley(† 83)

Schauspieler | Chicago, Illinois (US)
† 11. Todestag

Thomas Edward "Tom" Bosley (* 1. Oktober 1927 in Chicago, Illinois; † 19. Oktober 2010 in Palm Springs, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler.

† 83, 19.10.2010

Georges Descrières(† 83)

Schauspieler | Bordeaux (FR)
† 8. Todestag

Georges Descrières, eigentlich Georges Bergé, (* 15. April 1930 in Bordeaux; † 19. Oktober 2013 in Cannes) war ein französischer Schauspieler.

† 83, 19.10.2013

Gig Young(† 64)

Schauspieler | St. Cloud, Minnesota (US)
† 43. Todestag

Gig Young (eigentlich Byron Elsworth Barr; * 4. November 1913 in St. Cloud, Minnesota; † 19. Oktober 1978 in New York City) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Für seinen Auftritt in Nur Pferden gibt man den Gnadenschuß gewann er den Oscar als Bester Nebendarsteller.

† 64, 19.10.1978

Graham Crowden(† 87)

Schauspieler | Edinburgh, Scotland (GB)
† 11. Todestag

Clement Graham Crowden (30 November 1922 – 19 October 2010) was a Scottish actor. He was best known for his many appearances in television comedy dramas and films, often playing eccentric "offbeat" scientist, teacher and doctor characters.

† 87, 19.10.2010

Jonathan Swift(† 77)

Crew | Dublin (IE)
† 276. Todestag

Jonathan Swift (* 30. November 1667 in Dublin, Königreich Irland; † 19. Oktober 1745 ebenda) war ein irischer Schriftsteller und Satiriker der frühen Aufklärung. Er hat auch unter folgenden Pseudonymen geschrieben: Isaac Bickerstaff, A Dissenter, A Person of Quality, A Person of Honour, M.B. Drapier, T.R.D.J.S.D.O.P.I.I. (The Reverend Doctor Jonathan Swift, Dean of Patrick’s in Ireland).

† 77, 19.10.1745

Guy Rolfe(† 91)

Schauspieler | Kilburn, London, England (GB)
† 18. Todestag

Guy Rolfe (eigtl. Edwin Arthur Rolfe; * 27. Dezember 1911 in Kilburn (London); † 19. Oktober 2003 in Los Angeles) war ein britischer Schauspieler. Rolfe, der in den 1940er Jahren zur Blütezeit des britischen Films Hauptrollen innehatte, wurde in den 1990er Jahren durch die Filmreihe um den Puppet Master später Ruhm zuteil.

† 91, 19.10.2003

Umberto Lenzi(† 86)

Crew | Massa Marittima, Grosseto (IT)
† 4. Todestag

Umberto Lenzi (born August 6, 1931), was an Italian film director who was very active in low budget crime films, peplums, Eurospy films, spaghetti westerns, Macaroni Combat movies, cannibal films and giallo murder mysteries (in addition to writing many of the screenplays himself).

† 86, 19.10.2017

Rudy Ray Moore(† 81)

Schauspieler | Fort Smith, Arkansas (US)
† 13. Todestag

Rudolph Frank Moore, known as Rudy Ray Moore, was an American comedian, musician, singer, film actor, and film producer.

† 81, 19.10.2008

Ray Lovejoy(† 62)

† 20. Todestag

Ray Lovejoy (18 February 1939 – 18 October 2001) was a British film editor with about thirty editing credits. He had a notable collaboration with director Peter Yates that extended over six films including The Dresser (1983), which was nominated for numerous BAFTA Awards and Academy Awards.Lovejoy was an assistant to editor Anne V. Coates for films from The Horse's Mouth (1958) to Lawrence of Arabia (1962). He was next an assistant to editor Anthony Harvey on Dr. Strangelove (1964), which was produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Harvey subsequently became a director himself, and Kubrick promoted Lovejoy to be the editor for his subsequent film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Kubrick and Lovejoy next worked together on The Shining (1980); Kubrick worked with other editors for his two films from the 1970s.Stephen Prince described Lovejoy's contributions to 1980s films as follows, "Ray Lovejoy cut Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and he worked again with Kubrick on The Shining and supplied that film with an entirely different--tenser, more foreboding--texture than the stately science-fiction film possesses. Lovejoy also proved adept at editing for blockbuster effect. His cutting in Aliens sustained that sequel's narrative momentum with a speed and tension that its predecessor did not have, and his editing on Batman finessed that film's gaping narrative problems by simply rushing past them."In 1987, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film Editing for his work on the film Aliens (1986). In 2012, the Motion Picture Editors Guild published a list of the 75 best-edited films of all time based on a survey of its members. Two films edited by Lovejoy are on this listing. 2001: A Space Odyssey was listed nineteenth, and The Shining was listed as forty-fourth.Lovejoy died of a heart attack on 18 October 2001.

† 62, 19.10.2001

Fritz Diez(† 78)

Schauspieler | Meiningen (DE)
† 42. Todestag

Fritz Diez (* 27. Februar 1901 in Meiningen; † 19. Oktober 1979 in Weimar) war ein deutscher Schauspieler, Theaterintendant und Regisseur. Er stellte in mehreren Spielfilmen Adolf Hitler dar.

† 78, 19.10.1979
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Lynda Bellingham(† 66)

Schauspielerin | Montreal, Quebec (CA)
† 7. Todestag

Lynda Bellingham played many roles during her five-decade professional career, but became synonymous with one. "Being a mum making gravy was not quite how I had seen my career advancing," she said once. But between 1983 and 1999 that's what she did in 42 "episodes" of an award-winning TV ad. Since the early 1980s, her name was rarely mentioned in print without it being prefaced with "Oxo mum".During her career, though, she starred on TV as the vet's wife Helen Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small in the 80s and as one of two divorcees trying to forge a relationship in the 90s sitcom Second Thoughts, opposite James Bolam. On stage she was best known for playing the lead in a touring production of Calendar Girls between 2008 and 2012. She was also, for four years between 2007 and 2011, a regular member of the team on Loose Women, the daytime TV chat show. She had few regrets about how her career turned out, summarising its trajectory thus on her website: "Arrived in London at the Central School [for Speech and Drama] in 1966 and never looked back. I had a ball!"Bellingham, though, knew that gravy, like Lady Macbeth's damned spot, left an indelible mark. "In many ways I was very proud of what we did, but there is no doubt that my credibility as an actress was knocked," she reflected. "Certain people in the industry would never employ me as a serious actress after it. On the other hand, it gave me the financial security to go off and work in the theatre for very little money." Her performances as Mrs Oxo were reportedly responsible for a 10% increase in stock cube sales.

† 66, 19.10.2014

John Meredyth Lucas(† 83)

Crew | Los Angeles (US)
† 19. Todestag

John Meredyth Lucas (* 1. Mai 1919; † 19. Oktober 2002 in Newport Beach, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Drehbuchautor, Filmregisseur und Filmproduzent. John Lucas wurde als Sohn der Autorin Bess Meredyth und des Filmschaffenden Wilfred Lucas geboren. Nach der Scheidung seiner Eltern 1927 heiratete seine Mutter erneut, nämlich den bekannten Regisseur Michael Curtiz. Nach dem Besuch von verschiedenen Militärschulen wurde John Lucas vor allem als Drehbuchautor aktiv, unter anderem für die Fernsehserien Ben Casey, Raumschiff Enterprise, Auf der Flucht, Mannix und Kojak – Einsatz in Manhattan. Daneben hat Lucas bei Episoden der Serien Ben Casey, Raumschiff Enterprise, Invasion von der Wega und Planet der Affen ebenfalls Regie geführt. John Meredyth Lucas, der nicht mit George Lucas verwandt ist, starb 2002 mit 83 Jahren an Leukämie.

† 83, 19.10.2002

Raymond Huntley(† 86)

Schauspieler | Birmingham, England (GB)
† 31. Todestag

Raymond Huntley (* 23. April 1904 in Birmingham; † 15. Juni 1990 in London) war ein britischer Schauspieler.

† 86, 19.10.1990

Wolf Rilla(† 85)

Crew | Berlin (DE)
† 16. Todestag

Wolf Rilla (* 16. März 1920 als Wolfgang Peter Rilla in Berlin-Charlottenburg; † 19. Oktober 2005 in Grasse, Frankreich) war ein britischer Filmregisseur und Drehbuchautor deutscher Herkunft.

† 85, 19.10.2005

Carsta Löck(† 90)

Schauspielerin | Deezbüll, Schleswig-Holstein (DE)
† 28. Todestag

Carsta Betty Löck (* 28. Dezember 1902 in Deezbüll; † 19. Oktober 1993 in Berlin) war eine deutsche Schauspielerin.

† 90, 19.10.1993

Pilar Miró(† 57)

Crew | Madrid, Madrid (ES)
† 24. Todestag

Pilar Miró Romero (* 20. April 1940 in Madrid; † 19. Oktober 1997 ebenda) war eine spanische Drehbuchautorin und Regisseurin.

† 57, 19.10.1997

Michael James Hegstrand(† 46)

Schauspieler | Chicago, Illinois (US)
† 18. Todestag

Michael James Hegstrandwas anAmericanprofessional wrestler. He is best remembered asRoad Warrior Hawk, one half of thetag teamknown as theRoad Warriors(WCW) or The Legion of Doom (WWF), withRoad Warrior Animal.) was an American professional wrestler. He was best known as Road Warrior Hawk, one half of the tag team known as The Road Warriors (The Legion of Doom in WWF), with Road Warrior Animal. Outside The Road Warriors, Hawk was a sporadic challenger for world heavyweight championships on pay-per-view from the late 1980s to the mid 1990s. He headlined the 1993 edition of ECW's premier annual event, November to Remember While the Road Warriors never officially broke up, Animal started making an increasing number of solo appearances after they left the WWF as Hegstrand struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and generally did not appear at many wrestling shows during this time.In 2001 Hegstrand was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that stopped him from wrestling for a short while. He was able to overcome its effects and returned to a regular working schedule later on.On June 22, 2002 International Wrestling Superstars, Road Warriors Animal & Hawk defeated the Headshrinkers for the World Tag-Team Championship. That victory also led to Team USA winning the Animal and Hawk made a surprise appearance on Raw on May 12, 2003 when they took on Kane and Rob Van Dam for the World Tag Team Championship.[38] Although Hawk and Animal came up short in their attempt to become three-time champions, it was clear that Hawk had defeated the demons that had once kept him from competing, and the Road Warriors had hopes of returning to WWE.Later in 2003, Hawk made an appearance with the All World Wrestling League, a take-off of the 'original' Big Time Wrestling that was owned by The Original Sheik who died earlier that year; it was run by the sons of The Sheik, Eddie and Tom Farhat. They decided to book Hawk for an event in Holt, Michigan; that event was the second to last time Hawk wrestled. Two weeks before he died he wrestled his final match with Ted DiBiase in Oshawa, Ontario against Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Marcus "Buff" Bagwell.Death and legacyHegstrand died on October 19, 2003 in the early morning in his home in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. He was 46 years old. His friends said that he and his wife Dale had recently bought a condominium near their current home and were packing their boxes the night before. Hegstrand said that he felt tired and went to take a nap. When his wife checked on him at about 1 a.m., he had died of a sudden heart attack. At the time of his death, Hawk and Animal were working on a book about their careers.Animal returned to WWE in mid-2005 and decided to dedicate his entire run to Hegstrand, including his tag team title victory with Heidenreich at The Great American Bash.On the March 28, 2011 episode of Raw, it was announced that the Road Warriors would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011. On April 2, 2011, the night before WrestleMania XXVII they, along with Paul Ellering were inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Dusty Rhodes.Road Warrior Hawk was included, along with his tag team partner, Road Warrior Animal, in the Attitude Era, in the game WWE '13.

† 46, 19.10.2003

Russ Brown(† 72)

Schauspieler | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US)
† 57. Todestag

Russell Brown (May 30, 1892 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – October 19, 1964 in Englewood, New Jersey) was an American Tony Award-winning actor of stage and film. Brown, a stage actor for decades, is best remembered by audiences as Captain Brackett in South Pacific, which he repeated in the movie version, and for his performances as "Benny Van Buren" in the stage/film version of Damn Yankees in 1958, and the following year as park caretaker George Lemon in the classic courtroom drama, Anatomy of a Murder (1959). For his stage performance in "Damn Yankees!", he earned Broadway's Tony Award in 1956, as did actor Ray Walston, actress Gwen Verdon and her choreographer husband Bob Fosse, among others, all for the same Tony Award-winning musical.

† 72, 19.10.1964

Martha Raye(† 78)

Schauspielerin | Butte, Montana (US)
† 27. Todestag

Martha Raye (* 27. August 1916 in Butte, Montana als Margaret Teresa Yvonne Reed; † 19. Oktober 1994 in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) war eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin und Sängerin.

† 78, 19.10.1994

Leopoldo Savona(† 87)

Crew | Lenola, Lazio (IT)
† 21. Todestag

Leopoldo Savona (* 13. Juli 1913 oder 1922 in Lenola, Provinz Latina, Italien; † 19. Oktober 2000) war ein italienischer Regisseur und Drehbuchautor. Savona war zunächst als Drehbuchautor tätig. Später übernahm er dann auch die Regie bei mehreren Produktionen, unter anderem auch bei einigen Italowestern der 1960er Jahre. In einigen seiner Filme verwendete er das Pseudonym Leo Colman.

† 87, 19.10.2000

Wojciech Pszoniak(† 78)

Schauspieler | Lwów, Lwowskie, Poland [now Lviv, Ukraine]
† 1. Todestag

Wojciech Zygmunt Pszoniak (* 2. Mai 1942 in Lemberg; † 19. Oktober 2020 in Warschau) war ein polnischer Schauspieler.

† 78, 19.10.2020

Gerard Parkes(† 90)

Schauspieler | Dublin (IE)
† 7. Todestag

Gerard "Gerry" Parkes was an Irish-born Canadian actor. He was born in Dublin, and moved to Toronto in 1956. He is best known for playing "Doc" on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television series Fraggle Rock and the bartender in the film The Boondock Saints and its sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. His acting career spanned film, radio, television, and the stage. Parkes worked often on CBC radio, beginning in 1959, and shifted into television and film, acting in such diverse series as the 1960s' ecological adventure series The Forest Rangers, children's show The Littlest Hobo, and the detective series Cagney and Lacey. In 1968, Parkes won the first Canadian film award (then called the Etrog and now known as the Gemini) for his portrayal of Uncle Matthew in the movie Isabel. He received the Andrew Allan Award in 1983 for Best Radio Actor, and in 1999, he won the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance in a Featured Role for Kilt. In 1996, he portrayed Jonathan Swift in the HBO Original Film Handel's Last Chance. In 1998, he appeared on an episode of PBS's Noddy, as Wally the Wanderer in "Noah's Leaving". He appeared with Willem Dafoe and Billy Connolly in The Boondock Saints (playing a Tourette's syndrome-afflicted bartender, also named "Doc"). He reprised the role for The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.He appeared in The Adjuster (1991), premiering at the New York Film Festival. In 1991, it won the Special Silver St. George at the 17th Moscow International Film Festival. In 1993, the Toronto International Film Festival ranked the film 10th in the Top 10 Canadian Films of All Time.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors. Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.

† 90, 19.10.2014

Phyllis Kirk(† 79)

Schauspielerin | Plainfield, New Jersey (US)
† 15. Todestag

Phyllis Kirk was an American actress.

† 79, 19.10.2006

Käthe Reichel(† 86)

Schauspielerin | Berlin (DE)
† 9. Todestag

Käthe Reichel (eigentlich Waltraut Reichelt; * 3. März 1926 in Berlin; † 19. Oktober 2012 in Buckow) war eine deutsche Schauspielerin und Friedensaktivistin.

† 86, 19.10.2012

Srividhya(† 53)

Schauspielerin | Chennai / Madras (IN)
† 15. Todestag

Srividya(24 July 1953 – 19 October 2006) was an Indianfilm actresswho appeared in films in the Tamil and Malayalam film industries for 40 years. In the latter part of her career, she concentrated onMalayalam films.Her portrayals as a mother in many films were highly acclaimed. In addition to acting, she occasionally worked as aplayback singeras well. Srividya's personal life was full of tragedies. In 2006, she died ofbreast cancer.

† 53, 19.10.2006

Gianni Dei(† 79)

Schauspieler | Bologna, Emilia-Romagna (IT)
† 1. Todestag

Gianni Dei (21 December 1940 – 19 October 2020) was an Italian actor and singer.

† 79, 19.10.2020

Takanobu Hozumi(† 87)

Schauspieler | Ōhito, Shizuoka (JP)
† 3. Todestag

Takanobu Suzuki (鈴木隆信, Suzuki Takanobi, 20 July 1931 – 19 October 2018), better known as Takanobu Hozumi (穂積隆信, Hozumi Takanobu), was a Japanese actor and voice actor from Ōhito, Shizuoka (now Izunokuni, Shizuoka) attached to Mausu Promotion. He died of gallbladder cancer at the age of 87.

† 87, 19.10.2018

Asimakis Gialamas(† 95)

Crew | Ano Melpia, Messinia (GR)
† 17. Todestag

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

† 95, 19.10.2004
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