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Nonna Felicita(1938)

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Regie: Mario Mattoli - Schauspieler: Maurizio D'Ancora, Armando Falconi, Dina Galli, Lydia Johnson, Vittorio Ripamonti, Edda Soligo, ...

Kaliber fünf Komma zwei(1920)

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Die Pantherbraut(1919)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Leo Lasko - Schauspieler: Carl Auen, Adolf Klein, Ria Jende, Emil Rameau, Victor Janson, Albert Patry, ...

Der heulende Wolf(1919)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Watering the West: It All Starts Here(2022)

The first in the documentary trilogy about the historic Cache la Poudre River.


Young man tries to find his girlfriend.


A film about colors and their meanings.

Watch Your Back(2018)

Two students are missing and Anıl is suspicious of everyone. He meets a girl named Ezgi. A relationship begins between them, but Ezgi is also among the suspects.

Never-Ending Days(2022)

5,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Man is tired of living the same day over and over.

Black Is Beltza II: Ainhoa(2022)

Ainhoa is born by chance in La Paz (Bolivia); but she grows up in Cuba and, at the age of 21, in 1988, she travels to the Basque Country (Spain) to discover the land of Manex, her father. In the midst of political struggle, she meets Josune, a committed journalist, and her group of friends.

The Little Cars 6: Fast Lane Fury(2011)

1,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Join the Little Cars as they take you on another exciting, speed-racing experience. This is the 6th movie in the series.

AND1 Ball Access : The Mixtape Tour(2002)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

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Gırgıriye'de Büyük Seçim(1984)

2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -


91st entry in the popular "Honto ni Atta. Noroi no Video" series. The posted videos include; "Crawling", "Wet bills", "Second-hand clothes", "Kinjin: Part 1", "Come out.", "Series Surveillance Camera Playground Equipment", "Shian" and "Gold God, Part 2".

Honto Ni Atta! Noroi No Video 12(2004)

The 12th collection of psychic images received by general posts. Fear footage taken in the ruins from an unknown contributor.

Berlin Nobody(2022)

American social psychologist, Ben Monroe investigates a local cult connected to a disturbing event. While he immerses himself into his work, his rebellious teenage daughter, Mazzy, gets involved with a mysterious local boy, who introduces her to the city’s underground party scene. As these two worlds head towards an intersection, Mazzy finds herself in great danger and Ben will need to race against the clock to save her.

Valdemars sejr(1910)

Karl of Riise must say goodbye to his beloved Rigmor when he's summoned by King Valdemar. He must take a message of reinforcements to the oppressed warriors in Estonia. Shortly after his arrival, Karl is captured by the pagan enemies, and King Valdemar quickly sets off with his best men to free his countryman.

Going the Distance: A Honeymoon Adventure(2014)

Mike and Alanna drove a motorbike and sidecar from Alaska to Argentina and interviewed 120 couples about how to stay together for life. They also subjected themselves to scientific tests, to see if their marriage would last. They found out the results at the end of the road...

Kung May Gusot May Lusot(1972)

A story about a fangirl and a movie star.

WHAT GOES AROUND Rudolf Slánský(2020)

1 Std. 27 Min. | Dokumentation

The full-length television documentary, using currently found audio-visual records, tells the story of the fabricated political process from November 1952, the story of its victims and its masterminds. At its end, 11 executed high-ranking officials of the Communist Party of the Czech Republic, committed to the communist party, who mechanically "recited" memorized confessions and accusations of "accomplices", former friends and colleagues in front of the court in response to prearranged questions from the prosecutors and judges.


2 Std. 2 Min.

A series of murders in a forest compels the owner to file a complaint with the police. The authorities investigate the killings in order to apprehend the perpetrator and uncover their motive.

Schauspieler: Tapas Paul

Meaner Than Hell(2022)

1 Std. 23 Min.

When a ruthless bounty hunter tracks down a sadistic outlaw and guns down his entire gang in the desert, he tortures his prisoner in hopes of discovering the location of the money from his last holdup. Their horses are stolen in the night by renegade Chiricahua Apaches and the disparate pair are forced to make their way on foot across the desert to town, contending with the elements, the hostiles, and their own murderous distrust of each other.

Ingenting är sant, allting är möjligt – en liten film om Freddie Wadling(2015)

35 Min. | Dokumentation, Musik

Documentary about the Swedish artist Freddie Wadling.

The Elephant's Child(1986)

When a curious elephant child wants to know about the crocodile that lives in the river, he gets a big surprise that might change his life forever.

yoru no yûwaku(1964)

46 Min.

Early pinku.

Candace Cameron Bure Presents: Christmas on Candy Cane Lane(2022)

Ivy Donaldson struggles with her mom's shadow, Muriel, the Christmas darling of Icicle Falls. She is now separated from her husband Rob and tries her best with her daughter, but after a series of strange but comical events everybody gets together in unexpected but festive ways.

Psst bata gabi na, sa'n ka pupunta?(2022)

2 Std. 19 Min.

Psst bata gabi na, sa'n ka pupunta?: Directed by Mel Magno. With Kiko Flores, JL Gray, Kate Nicole Mendez, Marc Mauel Magno.

Fantastic Negrito: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?(2022)

Mercurial blues-man Fantastic Negrito faces his demons a midst the mental health crisis ravaging his Oakland community. As he creates his most personal album, Negrito searches to answer: in a sick society, how do you keep from going crazy?

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes(2019)

4 Min.

Two fathers meet while waiting for the children to finish school. It's an encounter between two men who have more in common than they think.

Voyage de noces(1998)

1 Std. 21 Min. | Komödie

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

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