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Tödliche Geheimnisse - Das Versprechen(2020)

Als die ehemalige Chefredakteurin Karin Berger und die investigative Journalistin Rommy Kirchhoff zufällig Zeugen eines tödlichen Unfalls auf einer Großbaustelle werden, beschließen sie die Machenschaften der Bau-Mafia aufzudecken...

Bumfights 2: Bumlife(2003)

1 Std. 11 Min. | Komödie, Dokumentation
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Finally, after four arrests and seven felony charges later, the long awaited sequel to the infamous Bumfights is here! Already illegal in some countries, this is the video the U.S. Congress tried to ban. Worldwide, Bumfights has established itself as the hardest, rawest, most hilariously shocking video series on the planet. Let those other bitches (you know who) try to step up to this!


1 Std. 32 Min. | Drama

14-year-old Amina from northern Ghana gets sent away to Burkina Faso by her mother to prevent her marriage to an elderly man. However, fate intervenes in the form of kidnappers who bring her to Accra. What trials and tribulations await Amina in the slums of Accra? Will she ever find a way to escape?

Liebe nach dem Tod(2006)

1 Std. 29 Min. | Drama, TV-Film

Life of Greta Bücking and Paul Markwart seems to be in perfect order. Both are happily married - until they find out that their spouse died in a plane crash. But increasingly compacted suspected that Lutz Bücking and Karin Markwart were not traveling on business, but on the way to their common love nest, is a cozy hotel on Amrum.


20 Min. | Drama

Violaine, a twenty-year-old young woman, spends her time photographing people in secret. One morning, when leaving her home, she discovers her neighbor, half dead. This event is going to upset her and to incite her to come out of her solitude to discover who is this man that she has probably saved.

Kafta thrania(1986)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Hooking Up(2020)

Bailey (Sam Richardson) and Darla (Brittany Snow) embark upon a misguided and mutually deceitful form of therapy, one in which they must drive across the country re-enacting Darla's colorful history as a sex addict. As their true motivations for the road trip come to light, the unlikely pair force one another to confront their issues, discovering that there might actually be more to love than just sex.

El sol sale para todos(2020)

1 Std. 39 Min.

Mexican movie.

Remote Control(2020)

The movie follows Michael Rafter, a former war correspondent turned corporate security consultant, whose life is overturned when he receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown source.Intrigued by the caller’s intent, Rafter investigates and soon uncovers the threads of a global conspiracy, finding himself drawn into a fight for his life and pursued by the 212, a powerful shadow organization. Rafter soon discovers he has been targeted and framed as the notorious international assassin, Julian Irving. With his own identity erased, Rafter turns to the only person he can trust – his former lover, Tracy, who is also implicated in the conspiracy. On the run together, they must stay ahead of the 212, the CIA and a team of professional assassins, and unravel the mystery while trying to stay alive.


- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Mario's Conviction(2008)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Dokumentation

"Standing for something" took on a whole new meaning for Mario Facione when he stood face to face with the Mob Boss of the Detroit Mafia. Realizing that he could not serve two masters, Mario asked to be allowed out - to be allowed to live - as mob hitmen stood around anxious to "put him in the pit." Facione's convictions led him to a whole new life in the gospel of Jesus Christ - one of love, Christian family life, and temple covenants. Through this documentary detailing the biography of Facione and his experiences, learn more about the man behind Mafia to Mormon and his singular life. His story is an extraordinary journey through the darkness into light.

Câmara Nova(2020)

10 Min.

Rafa is testing his new camera, Rui and Ana are picking him up. The camera keeps filming.

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La edad de la tentación(1959)

1 Std. 35 Min. | Drama

By the negligence of parents who not assume their responsibility in sex education, many lives are ruined.

Devil's Night(2018)

10 Min. | Horror

A group of kids find trouble after messing around with a local urban legend involving a witch on the night before Halloween.

Ross Noble: Brain Dump(2017)

42 Min. | Komödie

Ross Noble lives in a very specific category of beast-brain. Behind a veil of absolute nonsense, the man is cunning and quick, building the absurdity of his jokes at just the right time.


1 Std. 15 Min.

A mission must be completed at the end of the day but there might be a traitor inside the camp.

Oliendo a Perro(2020)

1 Std. 20 Min.

Tavo, a self-proclaimed fashion photographer from Monterrey is secretly following his sexbomb model girlfriend hoping to catch her in a suspected infidelity. Hacking into her computer with the help of his best friend Horacio, they soon find more than expected, falling into a downward spiral of strange encounters and bizarre outcomes. As the hours go by and the evidence piles up, they become convinced she's having an affair with a dog.


1 Std. 38 Min.

Texas Ranger Carson Clark (Todd Allen) stands firmly between the citizens of Texas and the drug cartels, as the brutal, deadly wave of violence has spilled into the Lone t Star State and taken the life of his beautiful bride. Forced to do what he swore he would never do, Carson enlists the help of a hired killer, a "zetilla" (Juan Gabriel Pareja), beginning a journey that will lead him into the dark depths of the cartel underworld and his own tortured soul. A man seared by grief, Carson Clark walks a dangerous, sometimes blurred path between vengeance and the honor of the badge he so proudly wears.


1 Std. 35 Min.

A young and innocent girl is betrayed by the man whom she loves and has to become a prostitute because her family rejects her.

A Gift from Bob(2020)

Sequel to the feature film "A Street Cat Named Bob".

Seishojo: hito natsu no keiken(1976)

1 Std. 10 Min.

Roman Porno from 1976. Nobuyuki collects butterflies as a hobby. One day, while trying to catch a rare butterfly, he encounters a young woman...


Made in 1978.

Schauspieler: Sanjeev Kumar

April Fool(1964)

Film from 1964.

Schauspieler: Biswajit Chatterjee, Saira Banu, Ram Avtar, Nazima, Jayant, M. B. Shetty, ...

Novelle galeotte d'amore(1972)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Musterbrecher - Der Film(2016)

Menschen, die in Firmen und anderen Organisationen so ganz anders führen und zusammenarbeiten als üblich. Und die all das, wovon in Sonntagsreden und Leitbildern inflationär die Rede ist, z.B. Eigenverantwortung, Vertrauen oder Freiraum, wie selbstverständlich im Alltag leben. Musterbrecher produzieren sich eben nicht publikumswirksam als Querdenker sie handeln einfach.

Das Geheimnis des Grafen von Kaunitz(1977)

37 Min. | Horror, Krimi, Mystery

Five camping youths see at night a ghostly woman, which leads them to the castle of Count Kaunitz, in what will reveal itself to be a gruesome trap. Schlingensief was 15 years old when making this film.

Adopted in Danger(2019)

When a DNA test helps Candace connect with her birth parents, she realizes some family histories are better left untold.


A diversely talented group of cruise ship performers, and a jaded indie singer who must get over her Big Bad Self and learn that sequins, confetti canons, and making your audience happy isn’t always a bad thing.

Ce n'est qu'après(2020)

28 Min.

They are barely 20 years old. They are robust, fragile, skilful. They are Allia, Hamza, Killian and Maélis. They spend time saying themselves, naming what they are, hollow and full. Vox Clamantis in Deserto and we are listening. The film is their imprint.

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