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Haie - Monster der Medien(2019)

Dr. Erich Ritter und Timo Joh. Mayer entführen die Zuschauer in die Welt der Haie, der Mantarochen und der Walhaie. Es wird aufgezeigt, wie diese Tier wirklich sind – nämlich nicht die Bestien der Meere, nicht die Monster der Medien. Diese einzigartige Dokumentation führt nahtlos fort, was mit »Haie – Fürsten der Meere« begonnen wurde. Mit modernster Technik konnten die wichtigsten Haiarten dieser Erde in ihrem natürlichen Gebiet gefilmt werden, ohne sie anzufüttern und ohne sie mediengerecht als Bestie darzustellen.


A neurotic young man tries to care for his sick sister.

The Fall(2021)

Tom has faced many rivals in his ten-year career as a jump Jockey. Some have been faster, stronger, younger, wiser; but now he faces a different rival. A silent and anonymous opponent who is struggling to understand. The narrative is centred around the aftermath of a fall at the last fence of a race, where the horse (Habitare) would have passed the winning line in front had it not been for the fall. This film aims to show the lonelier, darker side to horse racing; the brave face that must be put on and not show weakness.

Know the Grass(2021)

15 year old Mattie has vivid dreamlike premonitions, which she is encouraged to ignore by her older brother Marco. But Mattie begins to sense that these visions might have more substance than they would like to believe.

Never Perfect(2021)

Tensions rise in two relationships, that are intertwined by mutual connection and jealousy.

Taxidermize Me(2021)

A few days before the museum reopens, director Marie Losier is invited to be the first to re-enter and film her discovery of the place. During this night at the museum, she wanders from room to room and films the enigmatic creatures she encounters - animals, works, but also the artists and accomplices she has invited. These successive apparitions compose the scenes of a surrealist film that spectators can discover in a giant projection on the façade of the museum during an exceptional evening.

It's Cold(2021)

The intention is to be a good police officer, but in Russia it is very cold. In the distant regions of Russia, two police officers go on a job. The task they face is rather simple, but the local climate creates a serious obstacle for its fulfilment.

Veins of the Amazon(2021)

Cargo boats form a non-lieu, a space of transition for the traveler staking journeys that can last days, as well as for the indigenous communities living on the edges of the Amazon River, fighting for the survival of their cultural traditions and struggling to adapt to modernity.

Public Library(2021)

Every day, regulars, students and random visitors seek refuge at the Bibliothèque publique d’information (Public Information Library), in the heart of Paris. Between the bookshelves, we meet aficionados, loners, artists….


Jack is a well meaning, misunderstood prankster. His previous relationships have suffered due to his ex-girlfriends not really appreciating his sense of humour. But things are looking up for Jack. It seems he’s met his match in Sofie, who also loves to prank. What could go wrong?


Vivid interruptions of sound and images fragment the psychic landscape of a 38-year-old woman who becomes obsessed with the social media presence of the young woman who broke up her relationship. The latest entry in Chew and Durand’s ongoing examination of the embodied experience of our hybrid online-IRL existence, 38 mines contemporary life’s nuanced exchanges between longing and looking, voyeurism and the desire to be seen.


Hovering between the commonplace and the mysterious, ELLE follows a father and daughter on an early spring visit to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens. At once highly formal and thrumming with life, the liminal space of the Garden becomes the stage for a series of fleeting encounters, which director Luise Donschen explores with a precise sensitivity to the seen and the unseen.

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Do Not Circulate(2021)

The timeline and vertical aspect ratio of social media set the formal parameters for Tiffany Sia’s essay film, which follows the image trail of a single event in Hong Kong from the 2019 protests. Reckoning with this event, a relentless voiceover reframes archival media salvaged in the midst of disappearance and erasure, drawing upon a traumatic media memory, summoning ghosts and occult forces alongside disinformation and rumor.

Theo Von: Regular People(2021)

4,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Theo Von shares stories of his most memorable childhood friends, offers tips on how to effectively avoid work, and recounts the time he tried to play matchmaker in his hometown.

Sleepless Nights In Southland(2021)

A young filmmaker slowly descends into madness after developing insomnia.


Divided into three parts, this film is a journey through transformations that are physical and perceptive, anthropic and cosmic.

Final Deathtination(2021)

A suicidal man who is about to hang himself encounters Death who is a "travel agent" to find the best place to die and goes on a world tour.

The Afterlight(2021)

Fragments of hundreds of films from around the world bring together an ensemble cast of actors with one thing in common: each is no longer alive. Together, they contend with a fragile existence lived solely through these traces of their work.

Georgia O'Keeffe, Painter of the Faraway(2021)

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Pig is killed in a slaughterhouse by John. Pig, now the omniscient narrator, contemplates its new state, seeing all-time at once. While grasping this new reality, it looks for an anchor - a doomed relationship, between John & Áine.

Flunk: The Sleepover(2021)

Still hurting after their breakup, Tabby's stunned when she comes face to face with Heidi at a friend's sleepover. Forced to spend the night together - can Tabby and Heidi put the past behind them? Or will they fall in love again?


After an online subscription-based surveillance agency lets Laxman, a married man, watch the life of Priya, a young girl, through hidden cameras, his obsession towards Priya puts him in a complex situation.

From Zero to One(2021)

From Malkuth to Kether and back, the whole spin of the wheel. A retelling of a series of dreams and visions experienced by the director in her Great Quest.


A village girl is married to a software employee who is head over heels with her beauty. Life takes an unexpected turn when her husband loses his job and she is forced to take a few steps that she has to go through an emotional turmoil.

Revolted toys from Pluto that is no longer a planet(2021)

The creators of O Assassino Incredibly Distracted, Jonathan Rodrigues and Eduardo Carvalho present their new short. A lonely child finds a toy box of unknown origin and strange things happening tomorrow.

La chica más rara del mundo(2021)

A 15-year-old imaginative yet lonely girl assures that her drawings come to life.


A carefully constructed period thriller set in the 70s, Backstage offers us a candid look behind the scenes of the uninhibited rock’n’roll life of yesteryear, where sex and drugs just might not have been the most dangerous poison after all.

Se7en Green Bottles(2021)

Seven political activists meet in secret online then the doorbell rings.


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Bia & Jean - Nossa vida é uma comédia(2021)

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