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Superman: Legacy(2025)

Superman lernt, sein kryptonisches Erbe mit seiner menschlichen Erziehung in Einklang zu bringen.

Max lernt Englisch(1914)

10 Min. | Komödie
2,4/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

"Scene, a first-class railway carriage. Max and delightful girl alone. "May I smoke?" breaks the ice, and then Max brings all the arts of fascination to bear on the lady, who is by no means shy. Max calls next day. Her father is in the enamel bath and geyser line. Max is making love; a customer enters. Girlie hides Max in portable shower bath. Enter father, who is a good salesman. He turns on the shower - and Max. What a delightful comedian Linder is." (The Bioscope, Nov. 22, 1917)

Regie: Max Linder

Daughter of Darkness 2(1994)

1 Std. 38 Min. | Drama, Horror, Komödie
2,5/5 (bei 7 Stimmen)

Another gruesome case involving a woman who's a sole survivor of a brutal massacre. A local constable questions the woman about her whereabouts and what might have happened the night before. As he gets the young woman to talk, she spins a tale of debauchery, madness and people so vile that you wished that they'll never see daylight again. Why is this woman so reluctant to talk? Who else might be involved in this ghastly murder? How will this bumbling cop get any solid leads or useful clues from this shell shocked woman?

The Rights of Man: A Story of War's Red Blotch(1915)

A royal princess gives her time to the Red Cross, and works alongside a young American doctor.

Regie: Jack Pratt

The Co-respondent(1917)

50 Min. | Drama

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Ralph Ince

The Terror(1917)

50 Min. | Krimi, Drama
3,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Gunman Chuck Connelly is hired to silence the new district attorney who has been pounding the graft organizations. Chuck goes to the D. A.'s home to threaten him, but is taken off guard when his victim's little daughter leans trustfully on his knee and looks up at him with a smile. The D. A. ignores Chuck's warning, and the gang orders the gunman to execute him. Chuck breaks into the house, but sees the little girl again and is unable to complete his task. Instead, he seeks out his girl friend, Annie Mangan, a Salvation Army reformer, and swears to end his life of crime.

A Stormy Knight(1917)

50 Min. | Komödie, Mystery

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Made in Chinatown(2021)

1 Std. 29 Min. | Action, Komödie
3,9/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Ein junger chinesischer Niemand wird Don in der italienischen Mafia werden. Es stellt sich heraus, dass es nicht so einfach ist, sich Respekt zu verdienen, Liebe zu finden und seine Identität zu entdecken. Er muss sich nach oben kämpfen.

Regie: James Lew

The House of the Lost on the Cape(2021)

2,9/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Nach einem verheerenden Erdbeben kreuzen sich die Wege des Waisenmädchens Hiyori und der 17-jährigen Ausreißerin Yui. In einer Notunterkunft begegnen sie einer älteren Dame namens Kiwa, die sich als ihre Großmutter ausgibt und ihnen Obdach im Haus am Kap gewährt. Schon bald zeigt sich, dass dieses Haus über besondere Zauberkräfte verfügt und die drei wachsen mehr und mehr zu einer Familie zusammen. Doch das Idyll trügt: Durch das Erdbeben konnte sich ein Monster aus seiner Meereshöhle befreien und bedroht nun das friedliche Zusammenleben der Menschen. Nur mit der Hilfe mystischer Fabelwesen, kann es den dreien gelingen, das Unheil abzuwenden ….

Regie: Shin'ya Kawatsura

Green Sea(2021)

1 Std. 34 Min. | Drama
2,9/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Anna has lost her memory but she hasn’t forgotten how to cook. One night she shows up in a working-class neighborhood. There she meets Roula and gets a job as a cook and a place to stay at his shabby seaside tavern. In the kitchen, amidst the scents of spices and old forgotten recipes, Anna struggles to rebuild her past. Her simple but delicious food awakens memories for the regulars who in turn help her to reconnect with herself. The story takes an unexpected turn when Roula suddenly stumbles upon the Green Sea and discovers Anna’s true identity.

Cruel Fixation(2019)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Thriller
3,5/5 (bei 18 Stimmen)

A recent widow is glad when her son finds a new friend. But it soon becomes clear that he's after a different type of companionship. Will their attraction be her undoing? And what secrets is hiding?

the Alleys(2021)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Thriller, Drama, Krimi
3,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

In a claustrophobic neighborhood where gossip and violence police people's behavior, the lives of residents intertwine and collide as some try to maintain social norms while others try to break them.

Schauspieler: Monther Rayahneh, Nadira Emran, Maisa Abd Elhadi
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Detektiv Conan: Das scharlachrote Alibi(2021)

3,0/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

Conan und Shuichi blicken auf die Geschichte der Familie Akai zurück und erläutern verschiedene Ereignisse aus dem Verlauf der TV-Serie. Dieses Special kombiniert altbekannte Szenen mit neuen Enthüllungen und bietet sämtliche Informationen, die man braucht, um den 24. Film vollends zu genießen – inklusive einer mysteriösen Botschaft, die den neuen Film einleitet.

Ostrov - Lost Island(2021)

1 Std. 32 Min. | Dokumentation
4,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

On the island of Ostrov in the Caspian Sea the inhabitants, left alone by the Russian state after the collapse of the Soviet Union, survive through poaching.

Regie: Laurent Stoop, Svetlana Rodina


1 Std. 17 Min. | Drama

Trapped revolves around a number of women from different walks of life whose destinies are tied together; being all under one siege. As the events unfold, their own personal stories reflect on a far bigger siege that depicts the shackles imposed by a patriarchal society.

Urho – Between the Hammer and the Sickle(2023)

In 1975, Finnish President Urho Kekkonen became an internationally recognized expert on bridging the East with the West by hosting the “Conference of Security and Cooperation of Europe”. His dreams of retirement and the penwork of his newfound journalist friend Maarit Tyrkkö on his memoirs come to an abrupt halt when the Soviet Union attacks Afghanistan, and Brezhnev and Carter start waving nuclear warheads at each other. With his time running out, Urho has to find his will of iron again, and muster up the strength to venture into the Soviet Union to save humanity from total destruction.

Day After...(2021)

2 Std. 1 Min. | Dokumentation
4,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The Rocket is a century-old paddle steamer with regular sailings from the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, transporting passengers to various destinations along the river. This double-decker vessel has clearly seen better days, but it’s still a popular means of transport for passengers from all walks of life.

Regie: Kamar Ahmad Simon

The Pastor’s Wife(2021)

15 Min. | Komödie, Drama
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Actress Roosa Heinonen is heading for her first lead role in a historical drama film called The Pastor. Arriving to the film set, she confronts an unpleasant surprise.

Regie: Arttu Kapulainen - Schauspieler: Rosanna Kemppi, Leo Honkonen, Timo Torikka

Lucie Loses Her Horse(2021)

1 Std. 21 Min. | Drama
1,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

At her grandmother's house, with her daughter, Lucie dreams of being an actress.


1 Std. 49 Min. | Drama, Komödie
3,0/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

Giulia is constantly torn between the need to feel at home and be loved and a wild desire for freedom. One day she finds herself homeless and begins, in her own crazy way, to seek shelter and her own place in the world. Between an illusory desire for motherhood and ways to make ends meet, she spends the hottest days of a torrid Roman summer surrounded by elusive characters with empty lives, yet pure and wonderful like her. In a limbo made up of nothing (and everything), Giulia understands that it is up to her to decide how to live, or not to live, her own life.

Tales from the Occult(2022)

1 Std. 51 Min. | Horror
2,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Three short films about the hidden horrors that lurk behind the urban landscape of Hong Kong.

Come prima(2022)

1 Std. 36 Min. | Drama

The story of two brothers, separated by time and their character, and their journey back to Italy, homeward, in the summer of 1956.

Regie: Tommy Weber

The Official(2021)

1 Std. 15 Min. | Komödie
1,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Andrey, the owner of a construction company, has to turn to an official he knows for help in order to win a government tender and avoid bankruptcy. Everything is ready to meet the "dear" guest, but as soon as he crosses the threshold, everything goes awry from the very first minute.

Goliath - Im Netz der Lügen(2022)

FSK: ab 12 Jahre
| 2 Std. 1 Min. | Thriller
3,4/5 (bei 128 Stimmen)

Drei Menschen - drei Schicksale: Patrick, ein ehrgeiziger Anwalt, hat sich auf Umweltrecht spezialisiert. Mathias arbeitet als Lobbyist im Auftrag eines Agrarchemie-Konzerns. Die Lehrerin France engagiert sich als Aktivistin gegen den Einsatz von Pestiziden, nachdem ihre Ehefrau an Krebs verstarb. Als eine junge Frau eine radikale Tat begeht, kreuzen sich die Wege von Patrick, Mathias und France. Und während der Chemie-Konzern alles tut, um die Wahrheit zu vertuschen, stehen nicht nur ihre drei Lebenswege, sondern auch das Leben tausender Menschen auf dem Spiel.


1 Std. 44 Min. | Komödie
3,1/5 (bei 14 Stimmen)

January 13, 2018. 8h08. Hawaii is in a state of alert: ballistic missiles have just been launched in the direction of the island, there are only a few minutes left to find a shelter. Like every year, a group of friends has come to spend a week's vacation in the hotel of one of their friends, who has left to live in Hawaii. As they think they are living their last moments, years of unspoken words come back and degenerate into a settlement of accounts. Fortunately for them, it's a false alarm. Unfortunately, they still have eight days of vacation to spend together.

Bad Blood(2022)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Thriller, Drama
3,5/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Sergio is a former hitman who has just recently retired. His routine is disrupted by the visit of an old friend. He wants to hire Sergio for one last assignment: to kill the Ventura brothers, two dangerous criminals.


2 Std. 7 Min. | Drama
5,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The events of this film, spanning from the very first moments after the Occupation until the first years of the 1980s. In those years, which are crucial for Greek History, the adventurous path of a poor family is illustrated, that’s slowly going to end up filthy rich. The members of the aforesaid family found out the hard way, that money cannot buy happiness.

Schauspieler: Tasos Nousias, Errikos Litsis, Stefania Goulioti, Giorgis Tsouris

Desert Warrior(2023)

It’s 7th century, when Arabia is made up of rival, feuding tribes, disunited and forever at each other’s throats. Emperor Kisra (Kingsley) has a fearsome reputation for being utterly ruthless. But when the Arabian Princess Hind (Hart) refuses to become the emperor’s concubine, the stage is set for an epic confrontation. It is a battle that, by its conclusion, will have changed the region forever and echo throughout history. Escaping with her father, King Numan (Massoud) into the vast and unforgiving desert, Hind is pursued by Kisra’s seasoned mercenary Jalabzeen and his bloodthirsty troops. Hind and her father are forced to entrust their safety to a mysterious bandit (Mackie), whose fighting prowess is second to none. The bandit harbors his own secrets, which will play a large part in deciding the fate of the battle. Hind inspires the fractious tribes to come together for one last stand and unite against an army that outnumbers them and is far better equipped.


1 Std. 20 Min. | Dokumentation
3,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Szani, Tina and Emese: or as they call themselves, the Divas are three twenty-year-old girls who can talk for hours about makeup, clothes, or profile pictures. Máté, a young director, enters the scene, following them with his camera until their graduation, to find out what is hidden behind their perfect makeup. Meanwhile they learn from each other, they all make a step towards adulthood.

Regie: Máté Kőrösi

In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50(2022)

1 Std. 26 Min. | Dokumentation, Musik
3,5/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

The film explores the “acute suffering” and transcendent glory experienced by current and former members of King Crimson, allowing the audience an intimate and sometimes uncomfortable insight into the musicians’ experience as they confront life and death head on in the world’s most demanding rock band.

Regie: Toby Amies
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