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Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory(1895)

3.4/5 (with 107 votes)

Working men and women leave through the main gate of the Lumière factory in Lyon, France. Filmed on 22 March 1895, it is often referred to as the first real motion picture ever made, although Louis Le Prince's 1888 Roundhay Garden Scene pre-dated it by seven years. Three separate versions of this film exist, which differ from one another in numerous ways. The first version features a carriage drawn by one horse, while in the second version the carriage is drawn by two horses, and there is no carriage at all in the third version. The clothing style is also different between the three versions, demonstrating the different seasons in which each was filmed. This film was made in the 35 mm format with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and at a speed of 16 frames per second. At that rate, the 17 meters of film length provided a duration of 46 seconds, holding a total of 800 frames.

Directed by Louis Lumière

The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat(1896)

3.6/5 (with 160 votes)

A group of people are standing along the platform of a railway station in La Ciotat, waiting for a train. One is seen coming, at some distance, and eventually stops at the platform. Doors of the railway-cars open and attendants help passengers off and on. Popular legend has it that, when this film was shown, the first-night audience fled the café in terror, fearing being run over by the "approaching" train. This legend has since been identified as promotional embellishment, though there is evidence to suggest that people were astounded at the capabilities of the Lumières' cinématographe.

The Sprinkler Sprinkled(1895)

1min | Comedy
3.5/5 (with 83 votes)

A gardener is watering his flowers, when a mischievous boy sneaks up behind his back, and puts a foot on the water hose. The gardener is surprised and looks into the nozzle to find out why the water has stopped coming. The boy then lifts his foot from the hose, whereby the water squirts up in the gardener's face. The gardener chases the boy, grips his ear and slaps him in his buttocks. The boy then runs away and the gardener continues his watering. Three separate versions of this film exist, this is the original, filmed by Louis Lumière.

Dickson Experimental Sound Film(1894)

1min | Music
3.2/5 (with 31 votes)

William K.L. Dickson plays the violin while two men dance. This is the oldest surviving sound film where sound is recorded on the phonograph.

Baby's Meal(1895)

2.8/5 (with 48 votes)

A father, a mother and a baby are sitting at a table, on a patio outside. Dad is feeding baby his lunch, while mum is serving tea.

Directed by Louis Lumière - With Auguste Lumière

Annabelle Serpentine Dance(1895)

2.9/5 (with 35 votes)

Two dancers perform in succession facing a stationary camera. The first is in a diaphanous skirt, held out by her hands with arms extended. She smiles, wearing butterfly wings on her back and the wings of Mercury in her hair. Her dance emphasizes the movement of her visible, bare legs. She kicks high, bows, and moves to her right and left. The second dancer has a voluminous, long skirt, and holds sticks in each hand attached to the skirt's outer edges, so that the emphasis is on the swirling patterns the skirt makes, often obscuring her unsmiling face. Her feet move little on the unadorned stage; changes in the color of the lens filter accent the swirling patterns.

The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots(1895)

1min | History
3.1/5 (with 35 votes)

A short film depicting the execution of Mary, Queen of the Scots. Mary is brought to the execution block and made to kneel down with her neck over it. The executioner lifts his axe ready to bring it down. After that frame Mary has been replaced by a dummy. The axe comes down and severs the head of the dummy from the body. The executioner picks up the head and shows it around for everyone else to see. One of the first camera tricks to be used in a movie.

Directed by Alfred Clark - With Robert Thomae

Demolition of a Wall(1896)

3.2/5 (with 37 votes)

Auguste Lumière directs four workers in the demolition of an old wall at the Lumière factory. One worker is pressing the wall inwards with a jackscrew, while another is pushing it with a pick. When the wall hits the ground, a cloud of white dust whirls up. Three workers continue the demolition of the wall with picks.

Directed by Louis Lumière - With Auguste Lumière

The Photographical Congress Arrives in Lyon(1895)

2.7/5 (with 31 votes)

Down the gangway, photographers leave the deck of a riverboat in large numbers.

Boat Leaving the Port(1895)

2.7/5 (with 25 votes)

In very bad weather and a stormy sea, a small boat manned by two men is trying to leave the harbor of La Ciotat, while several people are watching them from the nearby pier.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Jumping the Blanket(1895)

2.9/5 (with 21 votes)

Four men stand holding what appears to be a blanket, while one wearing a hat stands watching. A sixth man then runs towards them and attempts to jump into the blanket.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Fishing for Goldfish(1895)

2.5/5 (with 25 votes)

A man, holding a baby up in his hands, is standing next to a fishbowl. The baby is trying, in vain, to catch a goldfish with his bare hands.

Directed by Louis Lumière - With Auguste Lumière
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The Sea(1895)

2.7/5 (with 28 votes)

Several little boys run along a pier, then jump into the ocean.

Directed by Louis Lumière

The Blacksmiths(1895)

2.5/5 (with 26 votes)

While his aide continuously turns the handle of the bellows, keeping hot a small furnace in front of him, a blacksmith is pounding a piece of metal on an anvil, then plunges the shaft into a tub of water, causing a cloud of vapor in the process.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Horse Trick Riders(1895)

2.7/5 (with 22 votes)

In the background is a house. In the foreground, a groom holds the reins of a sleek black horse that stands in profile. A tall man, dressed in a black uniform, demonstrates how to mount the horse then encourages and tries to assist a man in white. The man in white keeps falling, and soon it's apparent that he's an putting on a show. His pratfalls become more elaborate and stylish. The horse stands patient. The little groom laughs to see such sport. And finally, the man in white finds a comic accommodation. The story, though brief, has a beginning, middle, and end.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Partie d'écarté(1896)

2.9/5 (with 19 votes)

Three men are sitting around a table, two of them playing a game of Écarté. When the game is over, a domestic serves drinks.

Directed by Louis Lumière - With Antoine Féraud, Antoine Lumière, Félicien Trewey, Alphonse Winckler

Cordeliers' Square in Lyon(1895)

2.6/5 (with 23 votes)

Pedestrian and horse-drawn vehicles traffic, across the Place des Cordeliers, in Lyon.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Akrobatisches Potpourri(1895)

2.3/5 (with 7 votes)

Eight circus performers known as the Grunato family perform their famous balancing act.

Directed by Max Skladanowsky, Emil Skladanowsky

Rough Sea at Dover(1895)

2.6/5 (with 13 votes)

The surf pounds against a breakwater on which are visible several people standing. The wall looks to be about 20 feet above sea level and extend at least 100 feet into the water. A large wave rolls picturesquely along the wall toward the shore. Smaller waves follow. Then the scene changes to river water flowing. We see both shores: in the foreground a log and tree branch are visible; on the far shore, there appears to be a low wall with trees beyond it. The camera is stationary in both shots.

Die Serpentintänzerin(1895)

2.3/5 (with 8 votes)

A young woman dancer with large, flowing robes, swirls round herself quickly, making her light robe flow around her like a butterfly's wings.

Directed by Max Skladanowsky

The Boxing Kangaroo(1895)

2.3/5 (with 12 votes)

A man and a kangaroo stand up in front of each other with boxing gloves, and simulate a boxing match on a theatre stage.

Directed by Max Skladanowsky

Italienischer Bauerntanz(1895)

1.9/5 (with 6 votes)

Two children, Ploetz and Larella, perform an Italian peasant dance.

Directed by Max Skladanowsky


2.7/5 (with 6 votes)

Considered a remake of Lumière's La Voltige from 1895.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Incident at Clovelly Cottage(1895)

0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Incident at Clovelly Cottage, also known as Incident Outside Clovelly Cottage, Barnet, shot by Birt Acres and produced by Acres and his collaborator Robert W. Paul in March 1895, was the "first successful motion picture film made in Britain" Considered lost since only a few frames have survived.

Opening of the Kiel Canal(1895)

1.6/5 (with 3 votes)

The opening of the Kiel Canal in Germany by Kaiser Wilhelm II on 20 June 1895.

Directed by Birt Acres - With Wilhelm II, Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

Untitled Kinetoscope Comedy(1895)

1min | Comedy
1.7/5 (with 3 votes)

An 1895 British short black and white silent comedy film featuring two drunken men and a boy squabbling in a small bar.

Directed by Birt Acres

The Arrest of a Pickpocket(1895)

2.0/5 (with 5 votes)

A policeman catches a pickpocket with the assistance of a passing a sailor.

Directed by Birt Acres

The Arrest of a Bookmaker(1895)

1min | Crime
1.7/5 (with 3 votes)

A man strolling in a city street is attacked by three assailants. A policeman comes to the rescue and the men struggle with each other.

Directed by Robert W. Paul
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