Kriegsfilme der 1900er Jahre

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The Capture of Roma(1905)

2,8/5 (bei 14 Stimmen)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -


42 Min.

Directed by Ren Jingfeng.

Regie: Ren Jingfeng - Schauspieler: Tan Xinpei

Los héroes del sitio de Zaragoza(1905)

1,7/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

A short drama featuring three fictitious scenes of Spanish War Independence.

Capture of Boer Battery by British(1900)

1 Min.
1,7/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

The Magic Sword(1901)

3,5/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

On the roof of an ancient palace appear a young Knight and his lady. While they are making love an ugly old witch appears and is rather troublesome. The Knight commands her to leave, and when he is about to force her away she sits on her broom and rises to the moon. After disappearing she causes various hob-goblins to haunt the pair, the last of them stealing away the lady while the Knight's back is turned. The Knight, frantic with grief, is suddenly confronted by a Fairy, who presents him with a magical sword, and tells him that he can use it to regain the young woman.

Army Life: Mounted Infantry(1900)

1 Min.
2,3/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

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