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The View is an American talk show created by broadcast journalist Barbara Walters. Currently in its 26th season, the show has aired on ABC as part of the network's daytime programming block since August 11, 1997. It features a multi-generational panel of women, who discuss the day's "Hot Topics", such as sociopolitical and entertainment news. In addition to the conversation segments, the panel also conducts interviews with prominent figures, such as celebrities and politicians. Production of the show was originally held in ABC Television Studio 23 in New York City. In 2014, it relocated to ABC Broadcast Center, also in New York City. Throughout its run, The View has had 24 permanent co-hosts of varying characteristics and ideologies, with the number of contracted permanent co-hosts ranging between four and eight women per season. The original panel comprised Walters, broadcast journalist Meredith Vieira, lawyer Star Jones, television host Debbie Matenopoulos, and comedian Joy Behar, while the current lineup consists of Behar, entertainer Whoopi Goldberg, lawyer Sunny Hostin, television host Sara Haines, television personality Ana Navarro, and political strategist Alyssa Farah Griffin. In addition, the show often makes use of male and female guest panelists. The View has won 31... ()
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About The View

ABC Daytime's morning chatfest, currently featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan McCain, and Abby Huntsman, discussing the most exciting events of the day. Hot topics in the news, the best experts in their field, celebrity interviews and general entertainment are all part of The View.

The View Seasons and Episodes

09/06/2022Season 26 - 120 episodes
ABC’s “The View” returns to the table with moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and new co-hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro.
#1 | 09/06/2022“The View” kicks off Season 26
#2 | 09/07/2022Hillary & Chelsea Clinton
#3 | 09/08/2022Regina Hall
Regina Hall (“Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.”)
#4 | 09/09/2022James Longman, Charlie Crist
Co-host Ana Navarro is here; ABC News Foreign Correspondent James Longman; Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist
#5 | 09/12/2022Jennette McCurdy
Jennette McCurdy (author, “I’m Glad My Mom Died”)
#6 | 09/13/2022Kevin Smith
#7 | 09/14/2022Stacey Abrams, Jameela Jamil
Your Voice, Your Vote: The Political View with Stacey Abrams, Democratic candidate for the governor of Georgia; Jameela Jamil (“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law”)
#8 | 09/15/2022Viola Davis, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch and Sheila Atim
Viola Davis joined by Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch and Sheila Atim
#9 | 09/16/2022Day of Hot Topics
#10 | 09/20/2022Jenifer Lewis
#11 | 09/21/2022Billy Eichner, Neil deGrasse Tyson
Billy Eichner (actor and co-writer, “Bros”); Neil deGrasse Tyson (author, “Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization”)
#12 | 09/22/2022Tyler Perry
#13 | 09/23/2022Linda Thomas-Greenfield
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield
#14 | 09/26/2022Elisabeth Moss
#15 | 09/27/2022Dylan McDermott, Melanie Chisholm
Dylan McDermott (“FBI: Most Wanted”); Melanie Chisholm (author, “The Sporty One: My Life as a Spice Girl”)
#16 | 09/28/2022Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel, Little Amal
Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel (authors, “Loud Mouse”); Little Amal, the 12-foot puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee who has become an international symbol of compassion and human rights
#17 | 09/29/2022The Cast of ABC’s “Shark Tank”
The Cast of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” including Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec and Lori Grenier
#18 | 09/30/2022Star Jones, Mario Cantone
Original co-host Star Jones (“Divorce Court”); Mario Cantone (host, “Classic Horror”)
#19 | 10/03/2022Maggie Haberman
Maggie Haberman (author, “Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America”); “View Your Deal”
#20 | 10/04/2022Cori Bush, Constance Wu
#21 | 10/05/2022Reese Witherspoon
#22 | 10/06/2022Tamron Hall, Huma Abedin
Tamron Hall (“Tamron Hall”); Huma Abedin (author, “Both/And”)
#23 | 10/07/2022Kathy Najimy, Danielle Brooks
Kathy Najimy (“Hocus Pocus 2”); Danielle Brooks (“The Piano Lesson”); “View Your Deal”
#24 | 10/10/2022Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis (“Halloween Ends”); “View Your Deal”
#25 | 10/11/2022Geena Davis, Antoni Porowski
Geena Davis (author, “Dying of Politeness”); Antoni Porowski (“Easy-Bake Battle: The Home Cooking Competition”)
#26 | 10/12/2022John Lithgow
“The View” celebrates Joy Behar’s birthday; John Lithgow (director, off-Broadway’s “Everything’s Fine”); Joy’s Tag Sale
#27 | 10/13/2022John Stamos, Sam Waterston
John Stamos (“Big Shot”); Sam Waterston (“Law & Order”)
#28 | 10/14/2022Rick Klein, Aarón Sánchez & Adriana Robleto
ABC News political director Rick Klein (“Power Trip”); chef Aarón Sánchez joined by Adriana Robleto
#29 | 10/17/2022Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning (author, “README.txt: A Memoir”); “View Your Deal”
#30 | 10/18/2022Ralph Macchio, John Grisham
Ralph Macchio (author, “Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me”; “Cobra Kai”); John Grisham (author, “The Boys from Biloxi”)
#31 | 10/19/2022Danielle Deadwyler, Jaylyn Hall, Sean Patrick Thomas, Chinonye Chukwu, Amber Tamblyn
Danielle Deadwyler, Jaylyn Hall, Sean Patrick Thomas and director Chinonye Chukwu (“Till”); Amber Tamblyn (author, “Listening in the Dark”)
#32 | 10/20/2022April Ryan, The Isley Brothers
“The View” celebrates Sunny Hostin’s birthday; April Ryan (author, “Black Women Will Save the World: An Anthem”); performance from The Isley Brothers
#33 | 10/21/2022Amy Klobuchar, Jaime Camil
The Political View with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN); performance from Jaime Camil (“El Rey”; “Vincente Fernández”)
#34 | 10/24/2022Ted Cruz, Eddie Redmayne
#35 | 10/25/2022Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Banks
Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Banks (“Call Jane”)
#36 | 10/26/2022Kerry Washington, Emayatzy Corinealdi
Kerry Washington (“The School for Good and Evil”; executive producer, “Reasonable Doubt”) and Emayatzy Corinealdi (“Reasonable Doubt”)
#37 | 10/27/2022Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway (“Armageddon Time”); “The View” celebrates breast cancer survivors Angela Taylor (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), Venita Graves (Houston, Texas) and Dawn Compton (Belleville, Texas)
#38 | 10/28/2022Chelsea Clinton, Sherri Shepherd
Chelsea Clinton (author, “Welcome to the Big Kids Club”); Sherri Shepherd (“Sherri”)
#39 | 10/31/2022Randall Park, Aubrey Plaza, cast of Broadway’s “Into the Woods”
This Halloween, “The View” is channel surfing through generations of classic tv; Randall Park (“Blockbuster”); annual kids Hot Topics costumes; Aubrey Plaza (author, “The Return of the Christmas Witch” and “White Lotus”); performance from the cast of Broadway’s “Into the Woods”
#40 | 11/01/2022Cherelle Griner, Anne Hathaway
Exclusive interview with Cherelle Griner, wife of WNBA star Brittney Griner who is imprisoned in Russia; Anne Hathaway (“Armageddon Time”)
#41 | 11/02/2022Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry (author, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir”)
#42 | 11/03/2022Angela Bassett, Cheech Marin
Angela Bassett (“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”); Cheech Marin (The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture of the Riverside Art Museum)
#43 | 11/04/2022Governor John Fetterman
The Political View with Lt. Governor John Fetterman, candidate for the Pennsylvania Senate
#44 | 11/07/2022Nicolle Wallace
Former co-host of “The View” Nicolle Wallace (“Deadline: White House”)
#45 | 11/08/2022Val Demings
The Political View with Rep. Val Demings, candidate for the Florida Senate; Weird Al Yankovic (writer and producer, “Weird”)
#46 | 11/09/2022Day of Hot Topics
#47 | 11/10/2022Emily Blunt
“The View” celebrates Whoopi’s birthday; Emily Blunt (“The English”); Whoopi’s Favorite Things
#48 | 11/11/2022Bob Woodward
#49 | 11/14/2022Carey Mulligan, Zoe Kazan, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey
Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan joined by The New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey (“She Said”)
#50 | 11/15/2022Steve Martin, Harry Bliss, Fat Joe
Steve Martin and Harry Bliss (author and illustrator, “Number One Is Walking: My Life in the Movies and Other Diversions”); Fat Joe (“The Book of Jose: A Memoir”)
#51 | 11/16/2022John Leguizamo, Julie Taymor
John Leguizamo (“The Menu”); Julie Taymor (25th Anniversary of Broadway’s “The Lion King”)
#52 | 11/17/2022Danai Gurira, Garth Brooks
Danai Gurira (“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”); Garth Brooks
#53 | 11/18/2022Tarana Burke
#54 | 11/21/2022Rev Run
#55 | 11/22/2022Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell
#56 | 11/23/2022Kumail Nanjiani, Patti LaBelle
Kumail Nanjiani (“Welcome to Chippendales”); Patti LaBelle (“A New Orleans Noel”)
#57 | 11/28/2022Katherine Heigl
#58 | 11/29/2022Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Alyssa Milano
Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson Jackson (Broadway’s “The Piano Lesson”); Alyssa Milano (UNICEF Ambassador)
#59 | 11/30/2022Gabrielle Union, Elegance Bratton, Sam Worthington
Gabrielle Union joined by writer/director Elegance Bratton (“The Inspection”); Sam Worthington (“Avatar: The Way of Water”)
#60 | 12/01/2022Mindy Kaling, LeAnn Rimes
Mindy Kaling (“The Sex Lives of College Girls” and Mindy’s Book Studio); performance from LeAnn Rimes; “The View” kicks off the “12 Days of Holidays”
#61 | 12/02/2022Gloria, Emily and Sasha Estefan
Performance from Gloria, Emily and Sasha Estefan; “12 Days of Holidays”
#62 | 12/05/2022Common
Common (Broadway’s “Between Riverside and Crazy”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#63 | 12/06/2022Sally Field
Sally Field (“Spoiler Alert”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#64 | 12/07/2022Mike Birbiglia
Mike Birbiglia (Broadway’s “The Old Man and the Pool”; “A Man Called Otto”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#65 | 12/08/2022Marcus Samuelsson
Chef Marcus Samuelsson (“A Seat at the Table”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#66 | 12/09/2022H.E.R.
H.E.R. (“Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#67 | 12/12/2022Lily Collins
Lily Collins (“Emily in Paris”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#68 | 12/13/2022Edward Norton
Edward Norton (“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#69 | 12/14/2022Janelle Monáe, Amber Ruffin
Janelle Monáe (“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”); Amber Ruffin (writer, Broadway’s “Some Like It Hot”; author, “The World Record Book of Racist Stories”); Hot Holiday Toys; “12 Days of Holidays”
#70 | 12/15/2022Alexandra Pelosi, Audra McDonald
Alexandra Pelosi (“Pelosi in the House”); Audra McDonald (Broadway’s “Ohio State Murders”); “12 Days of Holidays”
#71 | 12/16/2022Edie Falco, Darlene Love & Rob Thomas
Edie Falco (“Avatar: The Way of Water”); Co-hosts’ Favorite Things; “The View” continues a holiday tradition with the legendary Darlene Love joined by fellow GRAMMY® Award winner Rob Thomas for the eighth annual performance of “Christmas, Baby Please Come Home”
#72 | 01/03/2023Remembering Barbara Walters
#73 | 01/04/2023Winston Duke
#74 | 01/05/2023Rep. Adam Schiff
#75 | 01/06/2023Celebrating Ana Navarro‘s birthday
#76 | 01/09/2023Rita Wilson
#77 | 01/10/2023Anna Kendrick, Jamie Oliver
Anna Kendrick (“Alice, Darling”); Jamie Oliver (author, “One: Simple One-Pan Wonders”)
#78 | 01/11/2023Steve Harvey, Drew and Jonathan Scott
Steve Harvey; “Property Brothers” Drew and Jonathan Scott (“Brother vs. Brother: No Rules”)
#79 | 01/12/2023Chelsea Handler, Melanie “Mel B” Brown
Chelsea Handler (“Revolution”); Melanie “Mel B” Brown (“Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test”)
#80 | 01/13/2023Melissa Rauch
#81 | 01/16/2023“The View” honors Martin Luther King Jr. Day
“The View” honors Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Governor-elect Wes Moore (D-MD); Leslie Jones (“The Daily Show”); performance from Blind Boys of Alabama; special appearance from Yolanda Renee King and Martin Luther King III
#82 | 01/17/2023Dolly Parton, Stephen A. Smith
Dolly Parton; Stephen A. Smith (author, “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes”)
#83 | 01/18/2023Julie Bowen
#84 | 01/19/2023Kristin Chenoweth, George Lopez
Kristin Chenoweth (author, “I’m No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts”); George Lopez (“Lopez vs. Lopez”)
#85 | 01/20/2023Mel B
Melanie “Mel B” Brown (“Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test”)
#86 | 01/23/2023Raphael Warnock
The Political View with Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) (author, “Put Your Shoes On & Get Ready!”)
#87 | 01/24/2023Sarah Michelle Gellar, Meagan Good
Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Wolf Pack”); Meagan Good (“Harlem”)
#88 | 01/25/2023Brianne Howey
#89 | 01/26/2023Linsey Davis
ABC News’ Linsey Davis (author, “The Smallest Spot of a Dot: The Little Ways We’re Different, The Big Ways We’re the Same”)
#90 | 01/27/2023Josh Gad, Daniel Patt
“The View” honors International Holocaust Remembrance Day with Josh Gad joined by Daniel Patt (co-founder, From Names To Numbers)
#91 | 01/30/2023Hot Topics
#92 | 01/31/2023Jay Shetty
Jay Shetty (author, “8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It and Let It Go”)
#93 | 02/01/2023Eboni K. Williams
Eboni K. Williams (author, “Bet on Black: The Good News About Being Black in America Today”)
#94 | 02/02/2023Kit Harington
#95 | 02/03/2023Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain (Broadway’s “A Doll’s House”)
#96 | 02/06/2023Adam Pally
#97 | 02/07/2023Karine Jean-Pierre
The Political View with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
#98 | 02/08/2023Laurence Fishburne
Laurence Fishburne (“Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur”)
#99 | 02/09/2023Hot Topics
#100 | 02/10/2023Kim Fields, Jeff Mauro
Kim Fields (“The Upshaws”); Super Bowl snacks with Jeff Mauro
#101 | 02/13/2023Ali Wentworth
#102 | 02/14/2023Nathan Lane
#103 | 02/15/2023Liam Neeson
#104 | 02/16/2023“Star Trek: The Next Generation” reunion
“Star Trek: The Next Generation” reunion with the cast of “Picard” including Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden and Michael Dorn
#105 | 02/17/2023Milo Ventimiglia, Greta Thunberg
Milo Ventimiglia (“The Company You Keep”); Greta Thunberg (author, “The Climate Book: Facts and Solutions”)
#106 | 02/20/2023Elizabeth Banks, Madelyn Cline, Broadway’s “Some Like It Hot”
Elizabeth Banks (“Cocaine Bear”); Madelyn Cline (“Outer Banks” and “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery”); performance from Broadway’s “Some Like It Hot”
#107 | 02/21/2023Bernie Sanders, Michael B. Jordan
The Political View with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT); Michael B. Jordan (“Creed III”)
#108 | 02/22/2023Guy Fieri
#109 | 02/23/2023Goldie Taylor
Goldie Taylor (author, “The Love You Save: A Memoir”)
#110 | 02/24/2023Billy Crudup
#111 | 02/27/2023Jim Gaffigan
#112 | 02/28/2023Samantha Bee; J. Ivy
Samantha Bee (“Your Favorite Woman Tour”); poet J. Ivy
#113 | 03/01/2023Yvette Nicole Brown, Tisha Campbell and Kym Whitley
Yvette Nicole Brown, Tisha Campbell and Kym Whitley (“Act Your Age”)
#114 | 03/02/2023Adam Lambert
Performance from Adam Lambert (album, “High Drama”)
#115 | 03/03/2023Ron Klain
#116 | 03/06/2023Brendan Fraser
Academy Award® nominee Brendan Fraser (“The Whale”)
#117 | 03/07/2023Jimmy Fallon, Paula Faris
Jimmy Fallon (“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”; “That’s My Jam”); Former co-host Paula Faris (“You Don’t Have to Carry It All”)
#118 | 03/08/2023Hayden Panettiere, Sarah Ferguson
Hayden Panettiere (“Scream VI”); Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York (“A Most Intriguing Lady”)
#119 | 03/09/2023Kerry Washington, Margaret Cho
Kerry Washington (“Unprisoned”); Margaret Cho (“Prom Pact”; “Helpsters”)
#120 | 03/10/2023Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin
09/07/2021Season 25 - 203 episodes
09/08/2020Season 25 - 213 episodes
09/03/2019Season 23 - 209 episodes
09/04/2018Season 22 - 208 episodes
09/05/2017Season 21 - 22 episodes
09/06/2016Season 20 - 167 episodes
?Season 19 - 0 episodes
09/15/2014Season 18 - 3 episodes
09/09/2013Season 17 - 167 episodes
?Season 16 - 0 episodes
?Season 15 - 0 episodes
09/07/2010Season 14 - 34 episodes
01/05/2009Season 13 - 120 episodes
09/08/2008Season 12 - 233 episodes
09/04/2007Season 11 - 259 episodes
09/04/2006Season 10 - 240 episodes
?Season 9 - 167 episodes
08/30/2004Season 8 - 312 episodes
09/02/2003Season 7 - 239 episodes
?Season 6 - 240 episodes
01/02/2002Season 5 - 150 episodes
03/12/2001Season 4 - 200 episodes
12/31/1999Season 3 - 308 episodes
10/21/1998Season 2 - 312 episodes
08/11/1997Season 1 - 311 episodes
?Specials - 0 episodes

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Official websites:
Production country: United States of America (USA)
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 13 languages: Czech (CS), German (DE), English (EN), French (FR), Hebrew (HE), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Turkish (TR), Ukrainian (UK)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 08/11/1997
Latest episode released on: 03/10/2023
Cast: Abby Huntsman
Executive Producer: Barbara Walters, Bill Geddie, Bill Wolff, Brian Teta, Hilary Estey McLoughlin
Keywords: talk show, talk, morning

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