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Ukrainian (українська мова, ukrainska mova, [ʊkrɐˈjinʲsʲkɐ ˈmɔwɐ]) is an East Slavic language. It is the official state language of Ukraine and one of the three official languages in the unrecognized state of Transnistria, the other two being Moldovan and Russian. Written Ukrainian uses a variant of the Cyrillic script (see Ukrainian alphabet). Historical linguists trace the origin of the Ukrainian language to the Old East Slavic of the early medieval state of Kyivan Rus'. After the fall of the Kyivan Rus' as well as the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia, the language developed into a form called the Ruthenian language. Along with Ruthenian, on the territory of modern Ukraine, the Kyiv version (izvod) of Church Slavonic was also used in liturgical services. The Ukrainian language has been in common use since the late 17th century, associated with the establishment of the Cossack Hetmanate. From 1804 until the Russian Revolution, the Ukrainian language was banned from schools in the Russian Empire, of which the biggest part of Ukraine (Central, Eastern and Southern) was a part at the time. It has always maintained a sufficient base in Western Ukraine, where the language was never banned, in its folk songs, itinerant musicians, and prominent authors. The stand... ()

Ukrainian is spoken in Ukraine and 10 TV shows/series (between 2012 and 2020) with this language have been recorded so far. Most of these TV shows/series were shot in Ukraine (8). Popular genres for Ukrainian TV shows/series are Drama (6), Animation (2) and Crime (2). Love in Chains (2019-), Servant of the People (2015-2019), Heart to Heart (2018), Hide and Seek (2019-) and Vykhodte bez dzvinka (2018-) are among the best known & most successful Ukrainian TV shows/series.

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Love in Chains(2019-)

45min per episode | Drama

Kateryna is beautiful, clever and by the will of her godmother was raised as a lady of noble blood. But for the whole world, she is only someone else’s property, a bondmaid of the richest landowner in Nizhyn – Chervinskyi. Struggling for her freedom and the right to be happy, she will have to endure the deaths of her closest people, become the property of a woman who hates and dreams to kill her, survive the popular uprising, escape while being chased by a maniac and flee from the one who wants to get her above all. What awaits Kateryna at the end of such a terrible and exhausting path to freedom?

With Stanislav Boklan, Olha Sumska, Mark Drobot, Olesia Zhurakivska, Yuliya Aug, Katerina Kovalchyk, ...

Servant of the People(2015-2019)

25min per episode | Comedy
3.5/5 (with 11 votes)

Modest and humble teacher Vasily is caught on camera raging over the miserable situation in his country. When a pupil posts the video on Youtube, it becomes a viral sensation. Everybody loves Vasily’s outrage and people start gathering money for a presidential campaign. Which he wins! Servant of the People follows Vasily’s new life as president; he has no interest in changing his life, he wants to stay the same, live in his flat with his parents, borrow money from his friends at the end of the month and take his bike to work; it’s just that now his work is as the most powerful man in the country.

Heart to Heart(2018)

50min per episode | Drama

Yevenia lives a fairy tale: she is young and beautiful, she has a wonderful career and a man of her dream. A doorbell ring changes everything. There is a terminally ill boy on her doorstep saying Yevenia is his mother.

Hide and Seek(2019-)

3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

In an ordinary looking apartment, a father and daughter play a game of hide-and-seek. While searching for his daughter, she is nowhere to be found... Later, a video is posted which shows the girl holding a sign with a mysterious set of numbers. But what do they mean? She’s the first of several children who disappear without a trace in a small industrial town. Young detectives Varta Naumova and Maksim Shumov take on the complex case and… their own demons. Varta is a distant person and extremely protective of her personal space, while Maksim comes across as an easy-going sociable guy. Both have experienced trauma in their lives, and this case touches them on a deeper level. They become personally vested in finding the children and apprehending the kidnapper as they face their respective pasts.

Vykhodte bez dzvinka(2018-)

45min per episode | Drama, Crime

- No description / details available yet. -


45min per episode | Drama
4.5/5 (with 1 vote)

When successful businesswoman Katya's daughter tries to commit suicide, she becomes an economics teacher in order to be closer to her daughter and understand what the kids are up to at school. At the same time, Alex, a new English teacher, former lawyer, son of the principal, and newly engaged, also comes to the school. As sparks begin between Katya and Alex, the skeletons of the past still haunt them and won't let our heroes go.

With Yanina Andrieieva, Mykyta Vakuliuk, Olena Kurta, Roman Lukyanov, Iryna Kudashova, Yelyzaveta Vasylenko, ...


| 45min per episode | Drama, Mystery
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

The story revolves around the hatred between two step sisters, Nadya & Irina, who are in love with the same man, Igor. Blinded by jealousy and hatred towards Nadya, Irina frames her in a murder and separates her from Igor. However, Nadya returns to expose Irina and win back her love and respect.


0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

A sketch comedy with a recurring serious segment (usually of horror genre) which evolves around people from the local TV station in the city of Donetsk trying to came of with something to show on a late-night TV schedule after it was prolonged.

Eskimo Girl(2012)

5min per episode | Animation, Kids & Family

We follow an adorable Eskimo Girl in her fun adventures set in the beautiful Arctic. Every day Eskimo Girl goes fishing to the Little Bay with her friends Egghead, Loogan and pet Deer. They find a mysterious floating object in the water and look for new ways to use it. They try to figure out how it’s really using for. As they explore, experiment and use their creativity and imagination, they often get into funny misadventures!

Mykyta the Fox(2020-)

15min per episode | Animation

Mykyta the Fox is the first Ukrainian animated series made in the country since it declared independence. The series is based on the eponymous satirical fairy tale in verse by Ivan Franko. The budget of the series amounted to UAH 10 million. A theatrical pre-release was held at Kinopalats in Kiev on 15 June 2007. The series premiered on TV in 2009 on Pershyi Natsionalnyi after it had been already released on DVD in 2008.