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TV shows/series in chronological context: 2023 (MMXXIII) is the current year, and is a common year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2023rd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 23rd year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, and the 4th year of the 2020s decade. The year has seen the decline in severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the WHO ending its global health emergency status in May. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has continued, and a series of coups, several armed conflicts, and political crises broke out in numerous African nations. An escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict occurred in October when Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip, launched an attack on Israel, leading the latter to declare war on Hamas. Furthermore, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict ended after 100,000 Armenians fled the region. Catastrophic natural disasters included the fifth-deadliest earthquake of the 21st century striking Turkey and Syria, leaving nearly 60,000 people dead, Cyclone Freddy – the longest-lasting recorded tropical cyclone in history – leading to over 1,400 deaths in Malawi and Mozambique, Storm Daniel, which became the deadliest cyclone worldwide since Cyclone Nargis after killing at least 11,000 people in Libya, a major 6.8 magnitude earthquake striking weste... ()

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Secret Invasion(2023)

3.6/5 (with 311 votes)

Nick Fury and Talos discover a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls who have been infiltrating Earth for years.


4.2/5 (with 224 votes)

In a ruined and toxic future, a community exists in a giant underground silo that plunges hundreds of stories deep. There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them.

The Night Agent(2023-)

4.0/5 (with 188 votes)

While monitoring an emergency line, a vigilant FBI agent answers a call that plunges him into a deadly conspiracy involving a mole at the White House.

El Escamoso(2023-)

3.9/5 (with 168 votes)

Pedro el escamoso is a popular telenovela filmed in Colombia and produced by the Colombian network, Caracol TV. This novela is about a cheesy but charming macho man who lives in a small town in Colombia. He moves to the city to find his fortune and encounters a series of events and people that change his life dramatically. Pedro is the epitome of a man who can get all the women he wants, but can't get the one he loves.


| Comedy, Drama
3.9/5 (with 153 votes)

A road rage incident between two strangers — a failing contractor and an unfulfilled entrepreneur — sparks a feud that brings out their darkest impulses.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story(2023)

| 1h per episode | Drama
4.1/5 (with 136 votes)

The story of how the young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George sparked both a great love story and a societal shift, creating the world of the Ton inherited by the characters in Bridgerton.

Directed by Tom Verica - With India Ria Amarteifio, Corey Mylchreest, Golda Rosheuvel, Adjoa Andoh, Arsema Thomas, Ruth Gemmell, ...


| Crime, Drama
3.5/5 (with 136 votes)

A master thief and his crew attempt an epic and elaborate heist worth $7 billion dollars — but betrayal, greed and other threats undermine their plans.

Directed by Robert Townsend, Mairzee Almas, Everardo Gout - With Giancarlo Esposito, Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell, Tati Gabrielle, Rosaline Elbay, Peter Mark Kendall, ...


3.6/5 (with 128 votes)

What if you lost your memory? What if a spy didn’t know they were a spy? Years ago, the top agents of Citadel, Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, had their minds wiped. But, they’re called back to action as sinister forces emerge from the past. With the help of spymaster Bernard Orlick, these former lovers must remember the past to save the future.

XO, Kitty(2023-)

| 30min per episode | Comedy, Drama
4.1/5 (with 124 votes)

Teen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey thinks she knows everything there is to know about love. But when she moves halfway across the world to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, she’ll soon realize that relationships are a lot more complicated when it’s your own heart on the line.

With Anna Cathcart, Choi Min-young, Gia Kim, Anthony Keyvan, Sang Heon Lee, Peter Thurnwald, ...


| Drama
4.0/5 (with 116 votes)

When Flight KA29 is hijacked during its seven-hour journey from Dubai to London, Sam Nelson—an accomplished corporate negotiator—tries using his professional skills to save everyone on board. Will this high-risk strategy be his undoing?


3.4/5 (with 116 votes)

When a father and daughter discover they both secretly work for the CIA, an already dicey undercover mission turns into a dysfunctional family affair.

The Walking Dead: Dead City(2023-)

4.2/5 (with 106 votes)

Maggie and Negan travel to post-apocalyptic Manhattan - long ago cut off from the mainland. The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made it a world full of anarchy, danger, beauty, and terror.

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| 26min per episode | Animation, Comedy
1.7/5 (with 104 votes)

Jinkies! This raucous reimagining of the Scooby-Doo franchise unravels the mysterious origins of Mystery, Inc. – as seen through the eyes of the gang’s beloved bespectacled detective Velma.

Love & Death(2023)

| Crime, Drama
4.1/5 (with 98 votes)

Candy and Pat Montgomery and Betty and Allan Gore — two churchgoing couples — enjoy their small town Texas life… until an extramarital affair leads somebody to pick up an axe.

La Mentira(2023-)

3.6/5 (with 89 votes)

La Mentira is a Mexican telenovela, produced by Televisa.


| 1h per episode | Action & Adventure, Drama, Crime
4.2/5 (with 83 votes)

Two young boxers band together with a benevolent moneylender to take down a ruthless loan shark who preys on the financially desperate.

Directed by Jason Kim - With Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, Huh Joon-ho, Park Seong-ung, Jung Da-eun, Choi Siwon, ...

Pandillas guerra y paz(2023-)

4.2/5 (with 82 votes)

- No description / details available yet. -

Lockwood & Co.(2023)

| 43min per episode | Science-Fiction & Fantasy
3.9/5 (with 81 votes)

A girl with extraordinary psychic abilities joins two gifted teen boys at a small ghost-hunting agency to fight the many deadly spirits haunting London.

Directed by Joe Cornish, William McGregor - With Ben Crompton, Ruby Stokes, Morven Christie, Luke Treadaway, Ivanno Jeremiah, Rhianna Dorris, ...

Black Knight(2023)

| 47min per episode | Science-Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Drama
3.8/5 (with 78 votes)

In a dystopian 2071 devastated by air pollution, the survival of humanity depends on the Black Knights — and they’re far from your average delivery men.

Directed by Cho Ui-seok - With Kim Woo-bin, Kang You-seok, Esom, Song Seung-heon, Kim Eui-sung, Nam Kyung-eup, ...

Special Ops: Lioness(2023-)

| 1h per episode | Drama
4.1/5 (with 75 votes)

Cruz Manuelos, a rough-around-the-edges but passionate young Marine, is recruited to join the CIA’s Lioness Engagement Team to help bring down a terrorist organization from within. Joe, the station chief of the Lioness program, is tasked with training, managing and leading her female undercover operatives.

This World Can't Tear Me Down(2023)

| 30min per episode | Animation, Comedy, Drama
4.0/5 (with 72 votes)

When an old friend returns to the neighborhood, Zerocalcare wants to help him find his place back in the world. But what's the right thing to do?

Directed by Zerocalcare

The Idol(2023-)

| Drama
2.8/5 (with 68 votes)

After a nervous breakdown derailed Jocelyn's last tour, she’s determined to claim her rightful status as the greatest and sexiest pop star in America. Her passions are reignited by Tedros, a nightclub impresario with a sordid past. Will her romantic awakening take her to glorious new heights or the deepest and darkest depths of her soul?

Directed by Sam Levinson - With The Weeknd, Troye Sivan, Jennie, Lily-Rose Depp, Suzanna Son, Moses Sumney, ...


| 30min per episode | Comedy, Drama
4.2/5 (with 67 votes)

Though stuck at the bottom of the social ladder with no money or contacts, aspiring artist Vgly and his crew strive to break into the music business.


| Comedy
4.0/5 (with 67 votes)

Jimmy is struggling to grieve the loss of his wife while being a dad, friend, and therapist. He decides to try a new approach with everyone in his path: unfiltered, brutal honesty. Can he help himself by helping others? Will it bring him back into the light?

With Jason Segel, Harrison Ford, Jessica Williams, Luke Tennie, Michael Urie, Lukita Maxwell, ...

Queen Cleopatra(2023-)

| 45min per episode | Documentary, Drama
1.3/5 (with 65 votes)

As Egypt's last pharaoh, Cleopatra fights to protect her throne, family and legacy in this docuseries featuring reenactments and expert interviews.

Wolf Pack(2023-)

4.1/5 (with 65 votes)

When a raging wildfire releases a supernatural creature, four young adults find themselves drawn together under a full moon.

Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches(2023-)

3.7/5 (with 63 votes)

An intuitive young neurosurgeon discovers that she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches. As she grapples with her newfound powers, she must contend with a sinister presence that has haunted her family for generations.

Poker Face(2023-)

4.0/5 (with 60 votes)

This mystery-of-the-week series follows Charlie Cale, who has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying. She hits the road with her Plymouth Barracuda and with every stop encounters a new cast of characters and strange crimes she can’t help but solve.

The Consultant(2023-)

| 30min per episode | Comedy, Drama
3.5/5 (with 59 votes)

After an unspeakable tragedy at CompWare, a games studio based in downtown Los Angeles, a mysterious consultant, Regus Patoff, blows into town and takes charge.

The Snow Girl(2023)

| Crime, Mystery
3.6/5 (with 58 votes)

When a little girl goes missing during a parade in Málaga, a young newspaper journalist becomes fiercely determined to help Amaya's parents find her.

With Milena Smit
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