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Chainsaw Man(TV show/series, 2022-)

Original title: "チェンソーマン" (Japanese/JA)
| 24min per episode | Genres: Animation, Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy

Scripted Reality in 1 season with 12 episodes

Chainsaw ManRating: 4.3/5 (with 159 votes) 7
There is currently no description for this TV show/series.
Poster of Chainsaw Man

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About Chainsaw Man

Denji has a simple dream—to live a happy and peaceful life, spending time with a girl he likes. This is a far cry from reality, however, as Denji is forced by the yakuza into killing devils in order to pay off his crushing debts. Using his pet devil Pochita as a weapon, he is ready to do anything for a bit of cash.

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Chainsaw Man Seasons and Episodes

10/12/2022Season 1 - 12 episodes
#1 | 10/12/2022DOG & CHAINSAW
3.7/5 (with 15 votes)
Denji is a teenager who lives his life as a Devil Hunter. Aiming to pay off the debt he inherited from his father, he starts hunting devils for the yakuza with his buddy Pochita, a "Chainsaw Devil", while living a tragically poor life. Just when things seem like they couldn't get any worse, Denji gets betrayed and killed by the yakuza. As Denji starts passing out, he hears someone calling from inside his head...
#2 | 10/19/2022ARRIVAL IN TOKYO
4.7/5 (with 7 votes)
After being taken into custody by Makima, one of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, Denji finds himself head over heels in love with her thanks to her suggestive insinuations. Wishing to team up with Makima, Denji arrives at the Devil Hunters Headquarters in Tokyo, and gets introduced to Aki Hayakawa, a senior hunter that he was supposed to partner with. But then Hayakawa beats Denji up, and demands that he “quit this job”...
#3 | 10/26/2022MEOWY'S WHEREABOUTS
4.5/5 (with 6 votes)
Denji decides that his new dream is "to fondle some boobs." His partner, Power the Blood Fiend, offers to let him feel her boobs only if he rescues her old pet cat Meowy from a devil. With his dream in sight, Denji is all fired up and ready to go, until...
#4 | 11/02/2022RESCUE
4.8/5 (with 5 votes)
After a fierce battle, Denji defeats the “Bat Devil” and rescues Power even after she had trapped him. He says it is all for the sake of “touching Power’s boobs”. Power mocks his ridiculous motivation saying “that’s a pretty dumb reason”, but still agrees to let him fondle her boobs. As Denji gets thrilled with the idea, he faces a sudden attack from out of nowhere...
#5 | 11/09/2022GUN DEVIL
5.0/5 (with 3 votes)
Aki Hayakawa, Denji, and Power start living together. Denji finally fulfills his dream of touching Power’s boobs, but is shocked when things do not turn out the way he expected. As Denji realizes that chasing his dream was more fun than achieving it, Makima approaches him and says, "If you can kill the Gun Devil, I’ll grant you one wish.”
#6 | 11/16/2022KILL DENJI
5.0/5 (with 3 votes)
Denji and Tokyo Special Division 4 members enter a hotel to collect a piece of the Gun Devil. However, they end up being trapped on the 8th floor due to the devil’s extraordinary power. With the members being cornered on the endless 8th floor with seemingly no way to escape, the devil makes them an offer: “If you let me eat Denji, I will let all of the other devil hunters leave in one piece.”
#7 | 11/23/2022THE TASTE OF A KISS
5.0/5 (with 3 votes)
Aki gets stabbed by Kobeni while protecting Denji. Seeing this, Denji jumps inside the “Eternity Devil” and starts attacking it. He fails to kill the “Eternity Devil” and his chainsaw power ends up fading after losing too much blood. But then, he manages to restore his power after eating the devil’s flesh and drinking its blood, and begins to fight back. As Himeno watches Denji, she remembers the saying, “The Devil Hunters that devils fear are the ones with a few screws loose...”
#8 | 11/30/2022Episode 8
#9 | 12/07/2022Episode 9 - in 6d
#10 | 12/14/2022Episode 10 - in 13d
#11 | 12/21/2022Episode 11 - in 20d
#12 | 12/28/2022Episode 12 - in 27d

Additional Information

Official websites:
Production country: Japan
Based on: "Chainsaw Man" (find it on Amazon)
Made by: MAPPA
Original language: Japanese (JA)
Spoken languages: Japanese (JA)
Translated into 20 languages: Arabic (AR), Czech (CS), German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), Persian (FA), French (FR), Hebrew (HE), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Burmese (MY), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU), Thai (TH), Turkish (TR), Ukrainian (UK), Vietnamese (VI), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 10/12/2022
Latest episode released on: 11/23/2022
Appearing Characters: Denji, Makima, Power
Voice Actor: Kikunosuke Toya, Shiori Izawa, Tomori Kusunoki, Shogo Sakata, Fairouz Ai, Mariya Ise, Karin Takahashi, Taku Yashiro, Kenjirō Tsuda
Screenwriter: Hiroshi Seko
Composer: Kensuke Ushio
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"رجل المنشار"
"전기톱 맨"
"체인소 맨"

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