John Woo

Film Director / Film Producer / Screenwriter | * 09/22/1946 (77) | Guangzhou (People's Republic of China)
John Woo Yu-Sen (Chinese: 吳宇森; born September 22, 1946) is a Hong Kong filmmaker, known as a highly influential figure in the action film genre. He is a pioneer of heroic bloodshed films (a crime action film genre involving Chinese triads) and the gun fu genre in Hong Kong action cinema, before working in Hollywood films. He is known for his highly chaotic "bullet ballet" action sequences, stylized imagery, Mexican standoffs, frequent use of slow motion and allusions to wuxia, film noir and Western cinema. Considered one of the major figures of Hong Kong cinema, Woo has directed several notable action films including A Better Tomorrow (1986), The Killer (1989), Hard Boiled (1992) and Red Cliff (2008/2009). His Hollywood films include Hard Target (1993), Broken Arrow (1996), ()
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John Woo Yu-Sen SBS is a Hong Kong film director and producer. Recognized for his stylised films of highly choreographed action sequences, Mexican standoffs, and use of slow-motion, Woo has directed several notable Hong Kong action films, among them, A Better Tomorrow, The Killer, Hard Boiled and Red Cliff. His Hollywood films include Hard Target, Broken Arrow, Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2. He also created the comic series Seven Brothers, published by Virgin Comics. Woo was described by Dave Kehr in The Observer in 2002 as "arguably the most influential director making movies today". Woo cites his three favorite films as David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai and Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samouraï.

Most frequent genres for this person: Action | Drama | Crime

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Awards & Nominations for John Woo

Silver Bauhinia Star Bronze Bauhinia Star Hong Kong Film Award for Best Director Golden Horse Award for Best Director
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Movies with John Woo as Actor(38)

as himself2022 The King of Wuxia
as Self - Filmmaker (archive footage)2017 John Travolta, le miraculé d'Hollywood
as himself2016 Ken San
as himself2011 Kurosawa's Way
as Liu Wenhui2009 The Founding of a Republic
as National Army officers2009 The Founding of a Republic
as himself2004 Crossings: John Woo
as himself2001 Mission: Improbable
as himself1998 Jackie Chan: My Story
as Himself (uncredited)1994 Cinema of Vengeance
as Priest1992 Twin Dragons
as Mr. Woo1992 Hard Boiled
as Stanley Wu (uncredited)1991 Once a Thief
as Man on stairs1991 The Banquet
as Kwong1990 Rebel from China
as Policeman1990 Bullet in the Head
as Father Fan1988 Starry Is the Night
as Ling's Husband1987 The Thirty Million Dollar Rush
as Inspector Wu1986 A Better Tomorrow
as John Woo [cameo]1982 Plain Jane to the Rescue
as [cameo]1980 From Riches to Rags
as Triad boss on lorry1979 Itchy Fingers
as Miss Chen's father1978 Follow the Star
as Zhang Yi1976 Hand of Death
as Message deliverer1974 The Young Dragons
as Young Man1968 Accidentally

TV Shows/Series with John Woo as Actor(1)

Movies with John Woo as Crew(99)

Directing/Director2023 The Killer
Production/Producer2023 The Killer
Directing/Director2023 Silent Night
Production/Producer2023 Silent Night
Directing/Director2017 Manhunt
Writing/Writer2017 Manhunt
Directing/Director2015 The Crossing II
Production/Executive Producer2014 Breaking the Waves
Directing/Director2014 The Crossing
Writing/Screenplay2010 A Better Tomorrow
Production/Executive Producer2010 A Better Tomorrow
Directing/Co-Director2010 Reign of Assassins
Production/Producer2010 Reign of Assassins
Directing/Director2009 Red Cliff Part II
Writing/Screenplay2009 Red Cliff Part II
Directing/Director2008 Red Cliff
Production/Producer2008 Red Cliff
Writing/Screenplay2008 Red Cliff
Production/Producer2007 Blood Brothers
Production/Producer2007 Appleseed: Ex Machina
Directing/Director2005 All the Invisible Children
Directing/Director2004 The Robinsons: Lost in Space
Production/Producer2003 Bulletproof Monk
Directing/Director2003 Paycheck
Production/Producer2003 Paycheck
Directing/Director2002 Hostage
Directing/Director2002 Windtalkers
Production/Producer2002 Windtalkers
Production/Executive Producer2002 Red Skies
Directing/Director2000 Mission: Impossible II
Directing/Director1998 Blackjack
Production/Producer1998 Blackjack
Production/Executive Producer1998 The Big Hit
Crew/Choreographer1998 The Replacement Killers
Production/Executive Producer1998 The Replacement Killers
Directing/Director1997 Face/Off
Directing/Director1996 Once a Thief
Directing/Director1996 Broken Arrow
Production/Executive Producer1995 Peace Hotel
Production/Producer1995 Don't Cry, Nanking
Directing/Director1993 Hard Target
Directing/Director1992 Hard Boiled
Editing/Editor1992 Hard Boiled
Writing/Author1992 Hard Boiled
Directing/Director1991 Once a Thief
Writing/Screenplay1991 Once a Thief
Directing/Director1990 Bullet in the Head
Editing/Editor1990 Bullet in the Head
Production/Producer1990 Bullet in the Head
Writing/Screenplay1990 Bullet in the Head
Directing/Director1989 The Killer
Writing/Screenplay1989 The Killer
Directing/Director1989 Just Heroes
Directing/Director1987 A Better Tomorrow II
Writing/Writer1987 A Better Tomorrow II
Directing/Director1986 A Better Tomorrow
Production/Producer1986 A Better Tomorrow
Writing/Screenplay1986 A Better Tomorrow
Production/Producer1985 Love, Lone Flower
Production/Producer1985 Super Citizen
Directing/Director1985 The Time You Need a Friend
Directing/Director1985 Run Tiger Run
Directing/Director1984 Heroes Shed No Tears
Production/Producer1984 Heroes Shed No Tears
Writing/Writer1984 Heroes Shed No Tears
Directing/Director1982 To Hell with the Devil
Writing/Writer1982 To Hell with the Devil
Directing/Director1982 Plain Jane to the Rescue
Directing/Director1980 Laughing Times
Writing/Writer1980 Laughing Times
Writing/Screenplay1980 Laughing Times
Directing/Director1980 From Riches to Rags
Writing/Writer1980 From Riches to Rags
Directing/Director1979 Last Hurrah for Chivalry
Writing/Writer1979 Last Hurrah for Chivalry
Directing/Director1978 Follow the Star
Writing/Writer1978 Follow the Star
Directing/Director1978 Hello, Late Homecomers
Writing/Screenplay1978 Hello, Late Homecomers
Directing/Director1977 Money Crazy
Writing/Screenplay1977 Money Crazy
Directing/Director1976 Hand of Death
Writing/Writer1976 Hand of Death
Directing/Director1976 Princess Chang-Ping
Writing/Screenplay1976 Princess Chang-Ping
Crew/Script1975 The Dragon Tamers
Directing/Director1975 The Dragon Tamers
Writing/Writer1975 The Dragon Tamers
Directing/Director1974 The Young Dragons
Writing/Writer1974 The Young Dragons
Crew/Second Unit1973 The Mandarin
Directing/Assistant Director1973 Fist to Fist
Directing/Assistant Director1972 The Boxer from Shantung
Directing/Director1968 Accidentally
Directing/Director1968 Dead Knot
Writing/Writer1968 Dead Knot

TV Shows/Series with John Woo as Crew(1)

Creator/Creator1996 Once a Thief

Full Name: John Wu
Citizenship: Hong Kong
Born: Sunday, 09/22 1946 (September) in Guangzhou (People's Republic of China) (current age: 77 years + 206 days)
Zodiac sign: Virgo (Chinese zodiac sign: Dog)
Languages: Chinese (Cantonese) (CN), Mandarin, Putonghua
Educated at: Concordia Lutheran School
Member of: Committee of 100
Other names for John Woo (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Wu Yu-Sheng"
"Wu Yu-Shen"
"Wu Yao-Shen"
"John Y. S. Woo"
"John Y. Woo"
"Ng Yue-Sum"
John Woo frequently works together with these people:
Tsui Hark (21x, Crew)
Terence Chang (21x, Crew)
Chow Yun-fat (12x, Actor)
David Wu (12x, Crew)
Jackie Chan (11x, Actor)
Fung Hak-On (10x, Actor)
Karl Maka (10x, Crew)
Horace Wong (9x, Crew)
Sammo Hung (8x, Actor)
Lau Kar-leung (8x, Crew)
Kari Matchett (2x, Actress)
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