Liu Chia-Liang

Crew | * 08/01/1936 († 76, 06/24/2013) | Xinhui, Guangdong, China
Lau Kar-leung (28 July 1934 – 25 June 2013), also known as Liu Chia-liang, was a Hong Kong-based Chinese actor, filmmaker, choreographer and martial artist. Lau is best known for the films he made in the 1970s and 1980s for the Shaw Brothers Studio. One of his most famous works is The 36th Chamber of Shaolin which starred Gordon Liu, as well as Drunken Master II which starred Jackie Chan. ()
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Hong Kong Film Awards Lifetime Achievement Award

Movies with Liu Chia-Liang as Actor(42)

as Fu Qingzhu2005 Seven Swords
as Master Man Bil2003 Drunken Monkey
as Wimp Lo (archive footage)2002 Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
as Himself [archive footage]1995 Eastern Heroes: The Video Magazine - Volume 1
as Himself (uncredited)1994 Cinema of Vengeance
as Master Fu Wen-Chi1994 The Legend of Drunken Master
as Doctor1992 Twin Dragons
as Master Lo1992 Operation Scorpio
as Master Lau1991 The Banquet
as Uncle1990 New Kids in Town
as Casino boss [cameo]1989 Pedicab Driver
as Master Cheung1987 Evil Cat
as Manchu Gym Chief1985 Disciples of the 36th Chamber
as Hunter, helps Yang 5th escape1984 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
as Wang Hsieh Yun1983 The Lady Is the Boss
as Explains lion dance in intro1981 Martial Club
as Yu Ching-Chuen1981 My Young Auntie
as Uncle Chan1979 Mad Monkey Kung Fu
as Master So1978 Heroes of the East
as Governor's fighter on the stairs1977 Executioners from Shaolin
as Chien's disciple1975 The Spiritual Boxer
as 'Ape Arms' Yuan Chen1969 Return of the One-Armed Swordsman
as Meng Gang1969 Twelve Deadly Coins
as Golden Dragon Branch leader1968 Golden Swallow
as 2nd brother1968 The Sword of Swords
as Ba Shuang1967 The One-Armed Swordsman
as Qiu's fighter with shield1967 The Trail of the Broken Blade
as Brother Hu1966 The Magnificent Trio
as Bandit1966 The Perfumed Arrow
as Red Lotus member1965 The Twin Swords

Movies with Liu Chia-Liang as Crew(47)

Directing/Director2003 Drunken Monkey
Directing/Director1994 The Legend of Drunken Master
Directing/Director1994 Drunken Master III
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1993 The Bare-Footed Kid
Directing/Director1990 Tiger On the Beat 2
Directing/Director1988 Tiger on the Beat
Directing/Director1986 Martial Arts of Shaolin
Directing/Director1985 Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Directing/Director1984 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Writing/Writer1984 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Directing/Director1983 The Lady Is the Boss
Directing/Director1982 Cat vs. Rat
Directing/Director1982 Legendary Weapons of China
Directing/Director1981 Martial Club
Directing/Director1981 My Young Auntie
Writing/Writer1981 My Young Auntie
Directing/Director1980 Return to the 36th Chamber
Directing/Director1979 Spiritual Boxer II
Directing/Director1979 Dirty Ho
Directing/Director1979 Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Directing/Director1978 Heroes of the East
Directing/Director1978 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Directing/Director1978 Shaolin Mantis
Directing/Director1978 Breakout from Oppression
Directing/Director1977 Executioners from Shaolin
Crew/Choreographer1977 Secret of the Shaolin Poles
Directing/Director1976 Challenge of the Masters
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1975 All Men Are Brothers
Directing/Director1975 The Spiritual Boxer
Crew/Choreographer1975 The Fantastic Magic Baby
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1974 Heroes Two
Crew/Fight Choreographer1973 Blood Brothers
Directing/Director1971 Flyer & Magic Sword
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1971 Duel of Fists
Directing/Director1970 I'll Get You One Day
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1970 The Heroic Ones
Crew/Fight Choreographer1969 Redress
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1969 Redress
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1969 Supreme Sword
Directing/Director1969 The Charming Killer
Directing/Action Director1969 The Flying Dagger
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1968 Golden Swallow
Directing/Director1967 To Rose with Love
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1967 The Trail of the Broken Blade

Additional Information

Born: 08/01/1936 in Guangzhou
Died: 06/24/2013 in Hong Kong (aged: 76)
Zodiac sign: Leo (Chinese zodiac sign: Rat)
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Spouses (current/former): Mary Jean Reimer
Siblings: Lau Kar-wing
Father: Lau Cham
Other names for Liu Chia-Liang (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Lau Kar-Leung"
"Kung Fu-Leung"
"Gung Fu-Leung"
"Kung Fu-Liang"
"Lau Ga-Leung"
"Liu Chia-Liung"
"Liu Ka-Liang"
"Lau Ka-Leung"
"Liu Brothers"
"Liu Gu-Liang"
"Lau Kar Leung"
"Lau Kar-leung"
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