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Sammo Hung

Name in Native Language: "洪金寶" (ZH-HANT)
Film Producer / Film Director / Screenwriter / Stunt Performer | * 01/07/1952 (70) | Hong Kong (People's Republic of China)
Sammo Hung (born 7 January 1952), also known as Hung Kam-bo (洪金寶), is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film producer and director, known for his work in martial arts films, Hong Kong action cinema, and as a fight choreographer for other actors such as Jackie Chan. Hung is one of the pivotal figures who spearheaded the Hong Kong New Wave movement of the 1980s, helped reinvent the martial arts genre and started the vampire-like jiangshi genre. He is widely credited with assisting many of his compatriots, giving them their starts in the Hong Kong film industry, by casting them in the films he produced, or giving them roles in the production crew. Both Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan were often addressed as "Dai Goh”, meaning Big Brother, until the filming of Project A, which featured both actors. As Hung was the eldest of the kung fu "brothers", and the first to make a mark on the industry, he was given the nickname "Dai Goh Dai", meaning, Big, Big Brother, or Biggest Big Brother. ()
Photo of Sammo Hung
Most frequent genres for this person: Action | Comedies | Drama

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Awards & Nominations for Sammo Hung

Asian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor

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Movies with Sammo Hung as Actor(211)

as Uncle Crab2019 A Lifetime Treasure
as Commander Yu2017 God of War
as General on horse [Cameo]2016 Call of Heroes
as Ding Hu2016 The Bodyguard
as Master Lui2014 Rise of the Legend
as Lung Chi-Keung / CK Long2012 Naked Soldier
as Hong Shouting2012 The Last Tycoon
as Mr. Lee2011 Road Less Traveled
as Chan Wai-Yip2011 Fight the Fight
as Director Hung2011 A Simple Life
as Hung Chun-nam2010 Ip Man 2
as Chan Wah-Shun2010 The Legend Is Born: Ip Man
as Prince2010 14 Blades
as Wong Bing-Yi2009 Kung Fu Chefs
as Lin Ho Lung2008 Triad Wars
as Li Hui2008 Wushu
as Uncle Luck2007 Twins Mission
as Kong Long2005 Dragon Squad
as Wong Po2005 SPL: Kill Zone
as Dragon Ki2005 Legend of the Dragon
as Chow Yan-Kei2004 Osaka Wrestling Restaurant
as Director Ko2004 Astonishing
as Wong Fei Hung2004 Around the World in 80 Days
as Himself [cameo]2003 Men Suddenly in Black
as Lu Zheng Yang2002 Flying Dragon, Leaping Tiger
as himself2002 Modern Warriors
as White Eyebrows2001 Zu Warriors
as Inspector Dark2001 The Avenging Fist
as (archive footage)2000 Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey
as (archive footage)2000 Fist to Fist
as Sammo1999 No Problem
as Himself (archive footage)1998 The Path of the Dragon
as himself1998 Jackie Chan: My Story
as Himself (archive footage)1998 Bruce Lee: In His Own Words
as Cyclist [cameo]1997 Mr. Nice Guy
as White Cloud (voice) (Mandarin version)1997 A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation
as Eric Kidstuff / Choi1996 How to Meet the Lucky Stars
as Black Jack Hung1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me
as Himself (archive footage)1996 Jackie Chan - From Stuntman to Superstar
as Master Tung1996 The Stunt Woman
as Pierre1995 Don't Give a Damn
as Himself (Archive Footage)1995 Top Fighter
as Yu Man-San1993 Blade of Fury
as Oriental Condor1993 King Swindler
as High Monk1993 Painted Skin
as Chang San-Fung1993 The Kung Fu Cult Master
as Eric Kidstuff / Fastbuck1992 Ghost Punting
as Commissioner Kung1992 Lover's Tear
as Success Hung1991 Slickers vs. Killers
as Fat Goose1991 Touch and Go
as Big Brock / Fat Bao / Hung Gao1991 The Gambling Ghost
as Gai Lap1991 The Tantana
as Hung Tai-Bo1991 The Banquet
as Chan Yu-Qun1991 My Flying Wife
as Officer Huang Tsung-Po, the Father1990 She Shoots Straight
as Fatty Dragon1990 Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon
as Jeff Lau1990 Pantyhose Hero
as Mr. Chin Hung Yun1990 Shanghai Shanghai
as French security guard1990 License to Steal
as Liu Hsi-Chia / John1990 Island of Fire
as Brother Hung1990 The Fortune Code
as Lo Tung1989 Pedicab Driver
as Hung1989 Seven Warriors
as Master Yu Jim-Yuan1988 Painted Faces
as Chien Pao1988 Paper Marriage
as Luke Wong Fei-Hung1988 Dragons Forever
as Hung Kei [cameo]1988 In the Blood
as Ting Siu Chung1987 To Err Is Humane
as Fei [archive footage]1987 Project A: Part II
as Shi's Teacher1987 Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch
as Hung1987 Mr. Vampire III
as Tung Ming-Sun1987 Eastern Condors
as Chin Fong Tin1986 The Millionaires' Express
as Eric / Kidstuff / Fastbuck / Tse Koo Choy1986 Lucky Stars Go Places
as Officer Tuba1986 Where's Officer Tuba?
as Kidstuff / Fastbuck1985 My Lucky Stars
as Kidstuff / Fastbuck1985 Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars
as Danny / Do Do1985 Heart of Dragon
as Sifu1985 Yes, Madam!
as Movie director1985 Those Merry Souls
as Moby1984 Wheels on Meals
as Kidstuff [cameo]1984 Pom Pom
as "Bombo" First-Day Chan1984 The Owl vs Bombo
as Himself (archive footage)1984 Bruce Lee: The Legend
as Self (archive footage) (uncredited)1984 Bruce Lee: The Legend
as Chang Mei/Red Army soldier [2 Roles]1983 Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain
as Fei1983 Project A
as Teapot1983 Winners & Sinners
as Rice Pot1982 Carry on Pickpocket
as Wong Wa-Po1981 The Prodigal Son
as Man at airport1981 Chasing Girls
as Fatso1980 By Hook or By Crook
as Chan Wing1980 The Victim
as Ah Pao1980 Two Toothless Tigers
as Bold Cheung1980 Encounter of the Spooky Kind
as Lam Sai-wing / 'Butcher Wing'1979 The Magnificent Butcher
as King of Sabres/Ah Yo1979 Odd Couple
as Blinking Beggar1979 Knockabout
as The Filthy Guy, Su Yen Cheng1978 Filthy Guy
as Lo Chen1978 Game of Death
as Gei Cheun1978 Warriors Two
as Starknife bodyguard1977 Broken Oath
as Renegade Monk1977 The Shaolin Plot
as Hawker/Husker1977 The Iron-Fisted Monk
as First Head1976 Shaolin Traitorous
as Du Qing1976 Hand of Death
as Japanese1976 Tiger of Northland
as Kao's friend1976 The Himalayan
as Gambling stall thug [extra]1975 The Young Rebel
as Fake villager1975 My Wacky, Wacky World
as Win Chan1975 The Man from Hong Kong
as Villain1975 Hong Kong Superman
as Hakatatsu1975 The Valiant Ones
as Rickshaw driver1975 All in the Family
as Fei Fei1974 The Skyhawk
as Ba clan member1974 Village of Tigers
as Japanese Thug1974 Bloody Ring
as Gang Strongman1974 The Shrine of Ultimate Bliss
as Kong Chuan1974 The Manchu Boxer
as Martial arts association member1974 The Tournament
as Tiger, Wang's assistant1974 The Association
as Beach rascal1974 Games Gamblers Play
as Japanese Fighter1973 When Taekwondo Strikes
as Shaolin fighter1973 Enter the Dragon
as Thug1973 The Life for Sale
as (archive footage)1973 Heiße Ware aus Hong Kong
as Kao Hsiung1973 The Devil's Treasure
as Fan Wei1972 Hapkido
as Bandit molesting Ming1972 The Fugitive
as 2) Bandit at door1972 Trilogy of Swordsmanship
as Tiao Ta Niang's brother1972 Lady Whirlwind
as 5th boss1972 Bandits from Shantung
as Witch's drummer / Thug1972 The Devil's Mirror
as Black Demon's disciple1971 The Lady Hermit
as Crimson Charm thug1971 The Crimson Charm
as Tung's man1971 Vengeance of a Snowgirl
as Martial contestant1971 The Blade Spares None
as Kai Shin manor's men1971 The Fast Sword
as Thug1971 The Living Sword
as Bandit and rapist1971 Swordsman at Large
as Martial artist after Fang1971 The Shadow Whip
as Lord Li's soldier1971 Six Assassins
as Thug1971 The Angry River
as Commander Hsu's bodyguard1971 A Touch of Zen
as First fighter in final contest1971 The Eunuch
as Whip-wielding henchman1971 The Invincible Eight
as Xiao's thug [extra]1970 The Iron Buddha
as Security escort Chu1970 Brothers Five
as Security guard1970 The Eagle's Claw
as Tso's thug [extra]1970 Wrath of the Sword
as Guard/Tiger's gang member [extra]1970 A Taste of Cold Steel
as Master Bao's Thug1970 The Golden Knight
as [Extra]1969 Sword of Emei
as Long's man / Escort man1969 Vengeance Is a Golden Blade
as Tosses sword to the hero [uncredited]1969 The Fragrant Sword
as Gambler at Chiang's party1969 Dragon Swamp
as [extra] (unconfirmed)1969 Killers Five
as Bandit/Barbarian King's soldier1969 The Swordmates
as Mopan Bandit1969 Mad, Mad, Mad Swords
as Golden Dragon Security member1969 The Golden Sword
as [extra] (unconfirmed)1969 Raw Courage
as Drummer / Monk [extra]1969 The One-armed Magic Nun
as Escort fighter1969 A Pearl in Command
as Thug1969 Dark Rendezvous
as Tao's thug1968 The Bells of Death
as Chiu mansion swordsman [extra]1968 Death Valley
as [Extra]1968 Smiling Swordsman
as Master Yan's thug/San Hu's thug1968 The Jade Raksha
as Bandit [Extra]1968 Travels with a Sword
as Thug [extra]1965 Sword of Swords
as Kid (as Yuen Lung)1962 Big and Little Wong Tin Bar
as Shao Tu-tzu1961 Education of Love

TV Shows/Series with Sammo Hung as Actor(3)

as Himself (archive footage)2012 Too Young to Die
as Sammo Law1998 Martial Law

Movies with Sammo Hung as Crew(149)

Directing/Director2020 Septet: The Story of Hong Kong
Crew/Choreographer2017 Guardians of Martial Arts
Directing/Action Director2017 Paradox
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer2016 Call of Heroes
Directing/Director2016 The Bodyguard
Production/Producer2014 Rise of the Legend
Crew/Choreographer2013 The Wrath Of Vajra
Directing/Action Director2008 Ip Man
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer2005 SPL: Kill Zone
Directing/Assistant Director1998 Knock Off
Crew/Choreographer1997 Double Team
Directing/Action Director1997 Once Upon a Time in China and America
Directing/Director1997 Mr. Nice Guy
Directing/Director1995 Don't Give a Damn
Production/Producer1995 Don't Give a Damn
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1994 Ashes of Time
Directing/Director1993 Blade of Fury
Directing/Action Director1993 The Kung Fu Cult Master
Directing/Director1992 Ghost Punting
Production/Production Manager1992 Operation Scorpio
Production/Producer1992 Banana Spirit
Directing/Director1992 Moon Warriors
Production/Production Manager1991 Bury Me High
Directing/Director1991 Slickers vs. Killers
Production/Producer1991 Slickers vs. Killers
Production/Production Manager1991 You Bet Your Life
Production/Production Manager1991 Lover at Large
Production/Producer1990 She Shoots Straight
Crew/Presenter1990 Pantyhose Hero
Directing/Director1990 Pantyhose Hero
Production/Producer1990 Pantyhose Hero
Production/Production Manager1990 Mortuary Blues
Crew/Presenter1990 License to Steal
Production/Producer1990 License to Steal
Production/Production Manager1990 Her Fatal Ways
Production/Production Manager1990 Queen's Bench III
Production/Production Manager1990 Till Death Shall We Start
Production/Production Manager1990 Doctor's Heart
Production/Production Manager1989 The Blonde Fury
Production/Producer1989 The Blonde Fury
Production/Producer1989 Burning Sensation
Production/Production Manager1989 In Between Loves
Production/Production Manager1989 A Fishy Story
Production/Producer1989 The Bachelor's Swan Song
Crew/Presenter1989 Pedicab Driver
Directing/Director1989 Pedicab Driver
Crew/Presenter1989 Into the Fire
Production/Producer1989 Into the Fire
Directing/Director1989 Seven Warriors
Production/Producer1988 Mr Vampire Saga 4
Production/Producer1988 One Husband Too Many
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1988 Dragons Forever
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1988 Dragons Forever
Directing/Director1988 Dragons Forever
Directing/Action Director1988 Dragons Forever
Directing/Director1988 Spooky, Spooky
Production/Producer1988 Picture of a Nymph
Production/Producer1988 On the Run
Crew/Choreographer1988 My Dream is Yours
Production/Producer1987 Happy Bigamist
Production/Producer1987 My Cousin, the Ghost
Production/Producer1987 The Final Test
Production/Producer1987 Sworn Brothers
Production/Producer1987 Mr. Vampire III
Directing/Director1987 Eastern Condors
Production/Producer1987 Scared Stiff
Production/Producer1986 Silent Love
Production/Producer1986 Mr. Vampire II
Production/Producer1986 The Strange Bedfellow
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1986 The Millionaires' Express
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1986 The Millionaires' Express
Directing/Director1986 The Millionaires' Express
Directing/Action Director1986 The Millionaires' Express
Production/Producer1986 Lucky Stars Go Places
Production/Producer1986 Goodbye Mammie
Production/Production Manager1986 Righting Wrongs
Production/Producer1986 From Here to Prosperity
Production/Producer1986 Rosa
Production/Producer1985 It's a Drink! It's a Bomb!
Production/Executive Producer1985 Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom
Production/Producer1985 Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom
Directing/Director1985 My Lucky Stars
Directing/Director1985 Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars
Production/Producer1985 Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars
Production/Producer1985 The Island
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1985 Heart of Dragon
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1985 Heart of Dragon
Directing/Director1985 Heart of Dragon
Directing/Action Director1985 Heart of Dragon
Production/Producer1985 Yes, Madam!
Production/Producer1985 Those Merry Souls
Production/Producer1985 Mr. Vampire
Directing/Director1984 Wheels on Meals
Production/Producer1984 Pom Pom
Production/Producer1984 Long Arm of the Law
Crew/Presenter1984 Hong Kong 1941
Directing/Director1984 The Owl vs Bombo
Production/Producer1984 The Return of Pom Pom
Production/Producer1984 Hocus Pocus
Crew/Choreographer1983 Project A
Crew/Stunts1983 Winners & Sinners
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1983 Winners & Sinners
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1983 Winners & Sinners
Directing/Director1983 Winners & Sinners
Directing/Action Director1983 Winners & Sinners
Writing/Writer1983 Winners & Sinners
Crew/Choreographer1982 The Dead and the Deadly
Production/Producer1982 The Dead and the Deadly
Writing/Writer1982 The Dead and the Deadly
Crew/Choreographer1982 Carry on Pickpocket
Directing/Director1982 Carry on Pickpocket
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1981 Game of Death II
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1981 Game of Death II
Directing/Action Director1981 Game of Death II
Directing/Director1981 The Prodigal Son
Writing/Writer1981 The Prodigal Son
Directing/Action Director1981 The Prodigal Son
Directing/Director1980 The Victim
Directing/Director1980 Encounter of the Spooky Kind
Writing/Writer1980 Encounter of the Spooky Kind
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1980 Encounter of the Spooky Kind
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1979 The Magnificent Butcher
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1979 Odd Couple
Directing/Director1979 Knockabout
Directing/Action Director1979 Knockabout
Directing/Director1978 Enter the Fat Dragon
Directing/Action Director1978 Enter the Fat Dragon
Crew/Stunts1978 Game of Death
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1978 Game of Death
Production/Producer1978 Bruce Li's Magnum Fist
Directing/Director1978 Warriors Two
Directing/Action Director1978 Warriors Two
Production/Producer1978 Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog
Crew/Choreographer1977 Winner Takes All!
Directing/Director1977 The Iron-Fisted Monk
Directing/Action Director1977 The Iron-Fisted Monk
Writing/Writer1977 The Iron-Fisted Monk
Crew/Choreographer1976 The Private Eyes
Directing/Action Director1976 Hand of Death
Crew/Choreographer1976 The Himalayan
Crew/Choreographer1975 The Valiant Ones
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1974 Bloody Ring
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1974 The Tournament
Crew/Stunt Coordinator1973 Enter the Dragon
Crew/Martial Arts Choreographer1966 Come Drink with Me

Born: Monday, 01/07 1952 (January) in Hong Kong (People's Republic of China) (current age: 70 years + 177 days)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn (Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon)
Languages: English (EN), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH), Yue Chinese
Spouses (current/former): Joyce Godenzi
Children: Timmy Hung, Jimmy Hung, Hung Tin Chiu, Stephanie Hung
Other names for Sammo Hung (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"'Hang Po Chang'"
"Hung Ching-Pao"
"Yuan Lung Chu"
"Yuan-Lung Chu"
"Chin-pao Hong"
"Jinbao Hong"
"Chin-Pao Hung"
"James Hung"
"Kam Bo Hung"
"Kam-bo Hung"
"Kam-po Hung"
"Samo Hung"
"Hong Kam-Po"
"Chu Yuan Lung"
"Yuen Lung"
"Hung Kam Po"
"Hung Kim Po"
"Samo Hung Kam Po"
"Chen Yuan-Lung"
"Chu Yuan-Lung"
"Chu Yuen-lung"
"Yuanlong Zhu"
"Samo Hung Kam-Bo"
"Hung Chin-Pao"
"Samo Hung Kam-Po"
"Sammu Hung"
"Hun Ching-Pao"
"Chin Tai-Cheng"
"Sam Mo"
"Hung Chin-Po"
"Sammo Kam-Bo Hung"
"Σάμο Χουνγκ"
"Sammy Hung Tin-Chiu"
""Biggest Of Big Brothers""
""Big Brother Big""
""Dai-Gor Dai""
"Хун Цзиньбао"
"Саммо Хунг Кам-Бо"
"Саммо Хун"
"大哥大" (Nickname)
"雜家小子" (Nickname)
Sammo Hung frequently works together with these people:
Yuen Biao (88x, Actor)
Lam Ching-Ying (79x, Actor)
Wu Ma (63x, Actor)
Corey Yuen (58x, Actor)
Yuen Wah (55x, Actor)
Jackie Chan (50x, Actor)
Chung Fat (45x, Actor)
James Tien (43x, Actor)
Mars (39x, Actor)
Raymond Chow (37x, Crew)
Eric Tsang (36x, Actor)
Michael Dinner (2x, Crew)
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