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Die Star Film, offiziell Manufacture de films pour cinématographes war das von Georges Méliès 1897 gegründete allererste Filmstudio Frankreichs und eine eingetragene Marke. Sitz des gewächshausartigen Studios war Montreuil. Gerade in den ersten Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts war das Studio weltweit führend und produzierte an die 500 Filme. Ab 1912 verlor es durch die Einflussnahme Pathés an Selbstständigkeit und die wachsende amerikanische Konkurrenz setzte der Firma ab 1914 schwer zu. 1923 wurden die Aktivitäten eingestellt. ()

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The Astronomer's Dream(2020)

3 Min. | Fantasy
3,4/5 (bei 48 Stimmen)

An astronomer has a terrifying dream.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

The Haunted Castle(2021)

3 Min. | Fantasy, Horror
3,3/5 (bei 51 Stimmen)

Le Manoir du diable or The House of the Devil, released in the United States as The Haunted Castle and in Britain as The Devil's Castle, is an 1896 French short silent film directed by Georges Méliès. The film tells the story of an encounter with the Devil and various attendant phantoms. It is intended to evoke amusement and wonder from its audiences, rather than fear. However, because of its themes and characters, it has been considered to technically be the first horror film, as well as potentially the first vampire film. The film opens with a large bat flying into a medieval castle, circling a room, and then suddenly changing into the Devil. Producing a cauldron, Mephistopheles conjures up a young girl and various supernatural creatures in an effort to scare two cavaliers, eventually succeeding in causing one to flee. Ultimately the remaining cavalier is confronted face-to-face by the Devil before reaching for and brandishing a large crucifix, which causes the Devil to vanish.

Der Mann mit dem Gummikopf(1901)

3 Min. | Komödie, Fantasy
3,7/5 (bei 45 Stimmen)

A chemist carries out a bizarre experiment with his own head.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

The One-Man Band(1900)

2 Min. | Komödie, Fantasy
3,4/5 (bei 26 Stimmen)

A band-leader has arranged seven chairs for the members of his band. When he sits down in the first chair, a cymbal player appears in the same chair, then rises and sits in the next chair. As the cymbal player sits down, a drummer appears in the second chair, and then likewise moves on to the third chair. In this way, an entire band is soon formed, and is then ready to perform.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Jupiter's Thunderballs(1903)

3 Min. | Komödie, Fantasy
2,5/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

With godly entrapments, Zeus appears on the horizon, engages Hermes as an audience, and tries to throw some thunderbolts. They fizzle. Hephaestus tries to make some repairs but succeeds only in heating the bolts and burning Zeus's hands. Zeus conjures nine muses, but do their incantations help? He dismisses them as well as a visiting Pan, and his fits of pique become counter-productive. Can he get his powers back?

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

A Nightmare(2020)

1 Min. | Horror
3,0/5 (bei 23 Stimmen)

A man has a fantastical nightmare involving, among other things, a grinning malevolent moon.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Das Königreich der Feen(1903)

16 Min. | Abenteuer, Fantasy
3,3/5 (bei 23 Stimmen)

Angelehnt an das Theaterstück "La Biche au Bois", erzählt der Film (1903) die Geschichte der Prinzessin Azurine und ihres Gemahls, Prinz Bel-Azor. Nach der Hochzeit der beiden wird die Prinzessin von einer bösen Hexe verflucht und mithilfe ihrer dämonischen Handlanger entführt. - Der Regisseur und Zauberkünstler Georges Méliès ist einer der großen Pioniere des frühen Films.

An Up-to-Date Conjurer(2020)

1 Min. | Komödie
3,3/5 (bei 16 Stimmen)

A film from Méliès has him playing a magician who does a few tricks including making a woman disappear.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Der diabolische Mieter(1909)

7 Min. | Fantasy, Komödie
3,4/5 (bei 19 Stimmen)

In diesem Klassiker (1909) tritt Regisseur und Filmpionier Georges Méliès als schlitzohriger Mieter auf, der ungewöhnliche Wege findet, um dem aufdringlichen Hausmeister zu entgehen. Behilflich ist ihm dabei sein magischer Koffer, aus dem er Tisch und Stühle, Kerzenleuchter, ein Klavier und eine komplette Familie samt Hausmädchen hervorzaubert.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Der Palast aus Tausendundeine Nacht(1905)

21 Min. | Abenteuer, Fantasy
2,8/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

Der arabische Prinz Sourire kämpft verzweifelt um die Gunst seiner Angebeteten, der Tochter des Sultans. Ihm erscheint ein Zauberer, der ihm ein magisches Schwert überreicht und ihn zu einem verborgenen Schatz führen will, mit dem der Prinz seine Geliebte für sich gewinnen kann. Sourire begibt sich auf eine Abenteuerreise voller Gefahren … - Stummfilm (1904) des Filmpioniers Georges Méliès.

A Terrible Night(2020)

1 Min. | Komödie, Horror
2,7/5 (bei 20 Stimmen)

A man tries to get a good night's sleep, but is disturbed by a giant spider that leaps onto his bed, and a battle ensues in hilarious comic fashion.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Der höllische Kessel(1903)

2 Min. | Fantasy, Horror
3,1/5 (bei 21 Stimmen)

A green-skinned demon places a woman and two courtiers into a flaming cauldron.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès
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The Triple Conjurer and the Living Head(1900)

1 Min.
3,1/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

A conjurer (along with two duplicates) conjure up (and then cause to vanish) a beautiful woman head-first.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

The Mysterious Box(1903)

2 Min. | Fantasy
2,7/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

As scene as pleasing as incomprehensible. A juggler summons two chairs, which come to the stage jumping and twirling around. Across the back of these chairs the operator places a sheet of glass on which he lays a box about four inches high. He then takes a table cover, with his servant's help, rolls it up and from the centre emerges a lady, beautifully dressed. At the juggler's order she jumps in the box, in which she completely disappears.

The Mysterious Portrait(2020)

1 Min. | Fantasy
3,0/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

A magician produces a living portrait of himself.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Playing Cards(2020)

1 Min. | Dokumentation
2,4/5 (bei 16 Stimmen)

Three friends are playing cards in a beer garden. One of them orders drinks. The waitress comes back with a bottle of wine and three glasses on a tray. The man serves his friends. They clink glasses and drink. Then the man asks for a newspaper. He reads a funny story in it and the three friends burst out laughing while the waitress merely smiles.

Between Calais and Dover(2020)

1 Min.
2,8/5 (bei 10 Stimmen)

A rocky sea voyage as reenacted by Georges Méliès.

Comical Conjuring(1903)

2 Min.
2,5/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

In a room filled with jugglers' properties of enormous size a prestidigitateur dressed in eccentric costume enters with his assistant. The servant, believing that he would be comfortable in an armchair, sits down in it, but finds that it conceals a bucket of water, in which he falls. The juggler brings a large empty cask and puts it upon a table and fills it up with several pails of water.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Jack Jags and Dum Dum(1903)

2 Min.
1,9/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Two comic characters, Jack Jags and Dum Dum, perform slapstick comedy on stage.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Photographie électrique à distance(1908)

2,6/5 (bei 7 Stimmen)

Into a photography studio full of large fantastic machines steps an elderly couple. The bearded proprietor explains the equipment and gives them a demonstration: he starts machines whirring, and projects a painting of three women onto a large screen; suddenly the women begin to move. The customers are impressed. First the women sits in the special seat: she's projected onto the screen, and her good nature comes out in the laughing image. Then it's the man's turn, but the machine discloses a vastly different nature in him. Will his reaction threaten our proprietor's inventions?

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

Suicide of Colonel Henry(2020)

1 Min.
2,3/5 (bei 10 Stimmen)

Shows the interior of the cell of the Prison Militaire du Cherche-Midi, Paris, where Colonel Henry is confined. He is seated at a table writing a letter, on completion of which he rises and takes a razor out he had concealed in his porte-manteau, with which he cuts his throat. The suicide is discovered by the sergeant of the guard and officers.

Die Meerjungfrau(1904)

4 Min. | Fantasy
2,6/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

Eine wunderschöne Hommage (1904) an Meerjungfrauen, die Georges Méliès' beliebtestes Thema aufgreift: die Magie. Ein Zauberer angelt aus seinem Zylinder Fische in unterschiedlichen Größen, die bald ein ganzes Aquarium füllen. In weiteren Tricks zieht er mehrere Kaninchen und einen Salatkopf aus seinem Hut. Schließlich lässt er eine Meerjungfrau erscheinen ….

Tchin-Chao, the Chinese Conjurer(1904)

3 Min. | Komödie
2,3/5 (bei 9 Stimmen)

A Chinese conjurer stands next to a table, it becomes two tables. A fan becomes a parasol, lanterns appear and disappear. The conjurer spins the open parasol in front of himself, and a dog leaps out from behind it. The dog becomes a woman, then a masked man appears. The conjurer sits them each on a box a few feet apart: suddenly the woman and man have changed places. The disappearing and the transfers continue in front of a simple backdrop.

The Temptation of St. Anthony(2020)

1 Min. | Fantasy
2,9/5 (bei 13 Stimmen)

St. Anthony is tempted by visions of women, including one that is transformed from the image of Jesus Christ Himself!

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

The Black Imp(1905)

4 Min. | Fantasy, Komödie
3,2/5 (bei 21 Stimmen)

A traveler at an inn is harassed by a mischievous devil in his room.

The Attempt Against the Life of Maitre Labori(2019)

1 Min.
2,7/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

Maître Labori is seen approaching the bridge of Rennes in company with Colonel Picquart and M. Gast, Mayor of Rennes. They notice that they are followed by another man to whom Colonel Picquart calls Labori's attention. They, however, consider his proximity of no importance, and continue to speak together. As soon as their backs are turned, the man draws a revolver and fires twice at Maître Labori, who is seen to fall to the ground. The culprit makes his escape, pursued by Colonel Picquart and M. Gast.

The Clockmaker's Dream(1904)

2 Min. | Fantasy
2,7/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

A weary clock-maker dozes off in a chair. While he is asleep, three women suddenly appear in the midst of his shop. They proceed to show the sleeping clock-maker some new kinds of clocks that they know how to make.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

The Drawing Lesson(1903)

2 Min.
2,1/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

In a corner of the garden we see an ornamental fountain. An old professor comes along, looking for a nice spot where he can teach his pupils. Finding the fountain to his liking he goes after his scholars. A mysterious person who has noticed the old man, by means of a balloon, a handkerchief and a coat, constructs a peculiar figure, doing a lot of tricks at the same time.

Regie: Georges Méliès - Schauspieler: Georges Méliès

The Bewitched Trunk(1904)

3 Min. | Fantasy
2,0/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Bewtiched trunk.

The Cook's Revenge(1900)

1 Min. | Komödie
3,2/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

A decapitated cook wreaks havoc on his kitchen.

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