Liebesdramen aus dem Jahr 1916

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The Suspect(1916)

1 Std.

The Suspect is a 1916 lost silent film directed by S. Rankin Drew, starring Anita Stewart and produced by the Vitagraph Studios.It was Frank Morgan’s film debut. Anita Stewart may have received top billing in Vitagraph's The Suspect, but the true star of the proceedings was S. Rankin Drew, who also directed the picture. Set in France and Russia, the plot revolves around the cruelties of Russian Grand Duke Karatoff (Anders Randolf, known to friends and enemies alike as "the butcher." Sophie (Stewart), leader of a band of revolutionaries, attempts to assassinate Karatoff but accidentally wounds his son Paul (Drew) instead.

Regie: Sidney Rankin Drew - Schauspieler: Sidney Rankin Drew, Anita Stewart

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine(1916)

50 Min. | Drama

Jack Hale, a revenue agent, is sent into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to track down illegal alcohol producers.

Romeo and Juliet(1916)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama

Shakespeare's tragedy of two young people who fall desperately in love despite the ancient feud between their two families.

Regie: J. Gordon Edwards - Schauspieler: Theda Bara
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