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The Little American(1917)

1 Std. 3 Min. | Drama, Krieg, Romantik / Liebe
3,3/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

A young American has her ship torpedoed by a German U-boat but makes it back to her ancestral home in France, where she witnesses German brutality firsthand.


2 Std. 5 Min. | Drama, Historie / Geschichte
2,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The story of Cleopatra, the fabulous queen of Egypt, and the epic romances between her and the greatest men of Rome, Julius Caesar and Antony. Only a fragment of this film is known to still exist.

The Devil Stone(1917)

1 Std. | Drama, Mystery

Fishermaid Marcia Manot finds an emerald which once belonged to a Norse queen and is cursed. Greedy American Silas Martin marries her, then sets her up for divorce. She kills him and weds his business manager Sterling, but a detective learns about Silas' death.


- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Edward José - Schauspieler: Pearl White

Die Elenden(1917)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Drama
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Ein entflohener Sträfling arbeitet sich wieder empor, bis ihn die Nachstellungen des seinerzeit mit seinem Falle betraut gewesenen Polizeichef abermals zur Flucht zwingen. Als Letzterer später in seine Macht gelangt, schenkt er ihm die Freiheit, während der Polizeibeamte aus Dank hiefür von seiner weiteren Verfolgung absieht.

The Pride of the Clan(1917)

1 Std. 24 Min. | Romantik / Liebe, Drama
4,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Donald MacTavish, the last chieftain of his clan on an island off the coast of Scotland, dies at sea. This leaves his only daughter, Marget, to assume the responsibilities of leadership. Marget's burden is partially eased by her blossoming romance with Jamie Campbell. But there is a secret from Jamie's past that neither of them know about.

Regie: Maurice Tourneur - Schauspieler: Mary Pickford, Matt Moore

Her Silent Sacrifice(1917)

41 Min. | Drama

In Savenay, France, the beautiful Arlette runs the local inn with her grandfather, Chaupin. Starving artist Richard Vale comes to stay at the inn and takes a liking to Arlette, who falls madly in love with him after modeling for his sketches. But when Prince Boissard arrives in Savenay and also takes an interest in Arlette, he makes a deal with the starving artist: Hell make Richard famous is Arlette can be the Princes mistress.

Regie: Edward José - Schauspieler: Alice Brady

Soul Sacrifice(1917)

1 Std. 10 Min.
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Soul Sacrifice is a 1917 Mexican silent film. It features Sara García as an extra.

Regie: Joaquín Coss - Schauspieler: Sara García, Mimí Derba

The Glory of Yolanda(1917)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

The Darling of Paris(1917)

This film is a very loose film adaptation of the 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo and presumed lost: The wealthy girl Esmeralda is kidnapped by gypsies at birth and becomes, as one might assume, the darling of Paris. She is loved by the bell ringer and former hunchback Quasimodo, Frollo, the wicked surgeon who cares him, and an equally wicked Captain Phoebus.

Regie: J. Gordon Edwards - Schauspieler: Theda Bara, Glen White

The Fortunes of Fifi(1917)

Fifi is an actress in Napoleon-era France. She wins a lottery and leaves Cartouche, the man she loves to go live with a rich family. The conniving Louis Bourcet tries to woo her because he wants her money. But Fifi wants nothing to do with him, and ultimately she gives up her money and returns to Cartouche. But Cartouche, believing he is too old, refuses to marry her until Napoleon himself orders him to do it.

Regie: Robert G. Vignola - Schauspieler: Marguerite Clark
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