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Scarlet Days(1919)

2,9/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

Rosie Nell, a woman of disreputable dance halls in early lawless California, is wrongly charged with the murder of one of her fellow entertainers. Because her daughter, who knows nothing of her mother's station in life, is to return the next day from her school in the east, Rosie is granted three days of grace to be spent in company with her daughter at a nearby cabin. The three days begin happily enough, thanks to the serenades of heroic bandit Alvarez and the poetry of romantic Randolph. But Bagley, the dance hall manager, has seen the daughter and has determined to make her his own.

Gun Law(1919)

20 Min. | Western

Secret Serviceman Allen takes a job at Bart Stevens' mine in order to find evidence proving that Stevens is a mail robber named Smoke Gublen. He does - but by then, he is in love with the man's sister - and to make things harder, Stevens saves his life...

Regie: John Ford - Schauspieler: Pete Morrison, Hoot Gibson, Helen Gibson, Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Harry Chambers

Der Siedlertreck(1919)

1 Std. 8 Min. | Western
2,7/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Cowboys und Siedler reiten auf dem alten Santa Fe Trail von Kansas nach New Mexico. Die Unternehmung wird tödlich...

The Last of the Duanes(1919)

50 Min. | Western

Buck Duane guns down the man who killed his father and flees from the law. He rescues a girl he once loved from outlaws, but the wife of outlaw chief has her own designs on him.

Regie: J. Gordon Edwards - Schauspieler: William Farnum

The Outcasts of Poker Flat(1919)

1 Std. | Western

The owner of a gambling hall is entrusted with the care of a pretty young girl. He falls in love with her, but he must decide whether to let her go to his best friend, with whom he believes her to be in love, or to try to win her for himself.

The Four-Bit Man(1919)

20 Min. | Western

The Four-Bit Man is a silent Western short.

Regie: B. Reeves Eason - Schauspieler: Josephine Hill

The Wilderness Trail(1919)

50 Min. | Western

Set in the Northwoods of Canada, Tom Mix stars as Donald MacTavish, the newly appointed head commissioner of the Hudson's Bay Company. This promotion infuriates MacTavish's rival Angus Fitzpatrick (Frank Clark) who wanted the job. Angus Fitzpatrick takes his anger and resentment out on MacTavish then sets out to get MacTavish fired.

By Indian Post(1919)

20 Min. | Western
2,7/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Jode MacWilliams, a cowboy working on the Circle O ranch, has a crush on the boss's daughter, Peg. After his friend writes a love letter for him, an Indian steals and delivers it to Peg. Meanwhile, word of Jode's affection reaches Peg's father, who has a decidedly less romantic view of this young couple.

The Black Horse Bandit(1919)

20 Min. | Western

Helen's father, the sheriff, is murdered and she successfully undertakes the task of bringing his murderer to justice.

Regie: Harry Harvey - Schauspieler: Hoot Gibson

The Coming of the Law(1919)

50 Min. | Western

Kent Hollis has arrived in Dry Bottom, New Mexico to settle the affairs of his dead father. But when he discovers that the town is at the mercy of "Big Bill" Dunlavey and his crew, he decides to stick it out at dad's old ranch for a spell.

A Fight For Love(1919)

1 Std. | Western

The Northwest Mounties are after Cheyenne Harry for the murder of an Indian boy, and the only witness to the crime is a priest - who can't tell what he saw because the real killer, Black Michael, has confessed to him.

The Gun Packer(1919)

20 Min. | Western

With the help of a reformed gunman (and a gang of outlaws), the sheepmen aim to win their water rights from the cattle barons of Rimrock Valley.

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Rider of the Law(1919)

1 Std. | Western

Jim Kyneton, once a member of an outlaw gang, joins the Texas Rangers and is forced to track down his former friends and his half brother Nick, who have been robbing a gold mine.

Riders of Vengeance(1919)

1 Std. | Western

Harry's bride is murdered at their wedding along with Harry's mother and father, and the good-hearted outlaw turns grimly malevolent.

Regie: John Ford - Schauspieler: Harry Carey, Seena Owen, Alfred Allen, J. Farrell MacDonald, Joseph Harris

The Crow(1919)

20 Min. | Western

The Crow is a 1919 Western short.

Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U(1919)

1 Std. 7 Min. | Western

Brave and good-natured cowboy Sandy Burke saves young Dolly after her father is killed in the saloon. He entrusts the girl to kindly Widow Mackey, who is having trouble paying her mortgage and decides he is responsible for the pair so he best start earning some money. Soon he is seeking work at the U-Bar-U ranch but who could predict the trouble he will have with the rancher's daughter, Molly, or the surly foreman, Jim Diggs!

Rough-Riding Romance(1919)

50 Min. | Drama, Western

Dreamer dairyman Phineas Dobbs of Cow Hollow suddenly acquires a fortune when oil is discovered on his ranch, and celebrates by throwing a party for the whole town. One day a young woman comes to town, delayed by train trouble. Dobbs rescues her from the town bully, and agrees to follow her to San Francisco.

Regie: Arthur Rosson - Schauspieler: Tom Mix

Treat 'Em Rough(1919)

50 Min. | Western

Cowboy star Tom Mix was cast as Ned Ferguson, a sure-shot frontiersman with a nose for trouble.

Regie: Lynn Reynolds - Schauspieler: Tom Mix

The Masked Rider(1919)

5 Std. | Drama, Western
4,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The setting of the story is Mexico. Violent bandit and cattle rustler Pancho, his rude henchman Santas and a group of raiders have sworn to drive the settlers out of the Border country. In the conflict that follows, Harry's father Bill is mortally wounded, and Pancho's hands are crushed, supposedly by the ranchers, though the act is actually committed by his traitorous and vengeful lieutenant Santas and his equally slimy compatriot Rodriguez, whom Pancho has offended by denying one his daughter's hand, and the other permission to pursue Rancher's daughter Ruth Chadwick. Pancho swears bitter revenge on the Burrels and the two factions resolve to destroy each other.

Regie: Aubrey M. Kennedy - Schauspieler: Harry Myers, Ruth Stonehouse, Paul Panzer, Boris Karloff

Marked Men(1919)

50 Min. | Western

Three outlaws rescue a baby in the desert and with barely any water left try to return to the town in which they just robbed a bank. Lost film. A remake of 1916's "The Three Godfathers," which also starred Harry Carey.

Where the West Begins(1919)

50 Min. | Western, Komödie

William Russell plays Cliff Redfern, a hard-ridin' Westerner who takes a liking to Easterner Ned Caldwell (Cullen Landis), the dissolute son of a wealthy cattle rancher. Certain that all Caldwell needs to become a "real man" is a dose of frontier life, Cliff kidnaps Ned and brings him back to the wide open spaces.

Six Feet Four(1919)

1 Std.
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A cowboy matches the description of the man who robbed the local hotel--both are 6'4". When a young woman is robbed, suspicion falls on the cowboy again. However, he discovers that the actual culprits are a local gang headed by the sheriff. He sets out to capture the robbers and clear his name.

The Midnight Stage(1919)

50 Min. | Western

In this Western, Frank Keenan has a dual role -- kind-hearted gambler John Lynch and evil bandit Big Rivers. The only person who realizes there is a resemblance between the two is dance hall girl Nita (Maude George), who was abused by the outlaw and cared for by Lynch.

Ace High(1919)

20 Min. | Western

Ace High is a silent Western short.

Regie: George Holt - Schauspieler: Hoot Gibson

Partners Three(1919)

50 Min. | Western

Agnes Cuyler, a cabaret singer in New York who loathes her work, is fired for slapping Grant Haywood, a customer from the West who tries to kiss her. Haywood begs forgiveness and after glorifying the clean Western life, proposes. To escape her circumstances, Agnes accepts, but soon learns that Haywood is a brutal drunkard.

The Lone Star Ranger(1919)

1 Std. | Western

In this western, William Farnum plays yet another Zane Grey character. Duane Steele (Farnum) is a Texas Ranger who is determined to get the outlaws out of his part of the Lone Star state for good.

Regie: J. Gordon Edwards - Schauspieler: William Farnum

Kingdom Come(1919)

20 Min. | Western

A child picked up on the desert by the cowboy hero is brought to town on the eve of prohibition enforcement. The child is put to bed and is laboring with the Lord's prayer when he sticks at "kingdom come." The cowboy goes into the saloon and asks if anyone there knows what comes after "kingdom come." He is greeted with much laughter and no information. A dancer who turns out to be the mother of the child, which has been living with its grandfather, repeats the words of the prayer, and the child goes to sleep in peace. A romance between the cowboy and the dancer develops.

Regie: George Holt - Schauspieler: Hoot Gibson

The Son-of-a-Gun(1919)

1 Std. 5 Min. | Western
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A young man is lured into a cardgame by a crooked dealer. He is about to lose all the money that was given to him to get medicine for his mother when a local cowboy comes to his rescue.

The Westerners(1919)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Western

Michael, a half-breed Indian, is forced off a wagon train by scout Michael. Seeking revenge, he murders the wife of a college professor, kidnaps her baby daughter, and raises her as his own.

Regie: Edward Sloman - Schauspieler: Roy Stewart, Robert McKim, Wilfred Lucas, Clark Comstock

The Fighting Heart(1919)

20 Min. | Western

The Fighting Heart is a 1919 silent Western short.

Regie: B. Reeves Eason - Schauspieler: Jack Perrin
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