David DeCoteau

Film Director / Film Producer / Screenwriter / Cinematographer | * 01/05/1962 (62) | Portland, Oregon (United States of America (USA))
David DeCoteau (born January 5, 1962) is an American film director and producer. ()
Photo of David DeCoteau
Most frequent genres for this person: Horror | Thriller | TV Movies

Known for these Movies & Shows

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Movies with David DeCoteau as Actor(23)

as himself2020 Tales of the Uncanny
as Party Guest2019 Weedjies: Halloweed Night
as Flamboyant Nazi #12017 Puppet Master: Axis Termination
as David DeCoteau (uncredited)2017 The Disaster Artist
as himself2016 Evil Bong: High 5
as himself2015 Evil Bong 420
as Juicy Stand Customer2014 Trophy Heads
as himself2013 I Am Divine
as himself1998 Hollywood Mortuary
as Passerby in Car1991 Zombie Cop
as Himself / Director1991 Shock Cinema: Volume Four
as ILU Member (uncredited)1990 Crash and Burn
as Russ Mazzola1989 Robot Ninja
as (non-sexual)1983 Games

Movies with David DeCoteau as Crew(336)

Directing/Director2024 Million Dollar Lethal Listing
Directing/Director2024 Tall, Dark and Dangerous
Directing/Director2023 If I Can't Have You
Directing/Director2022 The Wrong High School Sweetheart
Directing/Director2022 The Wrong Blind Date
Directing/Director2022 The Wrong Nemesis
Directing/Director2022 The Wrong Inside Man
Directing/Director2022 The Wrong Marriage
Directing/Director2022 The Wrong Murder
Directing/Director2022 Killer Design
Directing/Director2021 Mommy's Deadly Con Artist
Directing/Director2021 The Wrong Real Estate Agent
Directing/Director2021 The Wrong Valentine
Directing/Director2021 The Wrong Mr. Right
Directing/Director2021 The Wrong Prince Charming
Directing/Director2021 The Wrong Fiancé
Directing/Director2021 Deceived by My Mother-In-Law
Directing/Director2021 The Wrong Cheer Captain
Directing/Director2020 A Christmas for Mary
Directing/Director2020 The Wrong Housesitter
Directing/Director2020 The Wrong Cheerleader Coach
Directing/Director2020 Christmas Together
Directing/Director2020 The Wrong Stepfather
Directing/Director2020 The Wrong Wedding Planner
Directing/Director2019 The Wrong Mommy
Directing/Director2019 Carole's Christmas
Directing/Director2019 The Wrong Cheerleader
Production/Producer2019 The Wrong Cheerleader
Directing/Director2019 The Wrong Stepmother
Production/Producer2019 The Wrong Stepmother
Directing/Director2019 The Wrong Boy Next Door
Directing/Director2019 The Wrong Tutor
Production/Producer2019 The Wrong Tutor
Directing/Director2019 Zombie Lust: Night Flesh
Directing/Director2019 Christmas Matchmakers
Camera/Director of Photography2019 My Mother's Stalker
Directing/Director2019 My Mother's Stalker
Production/Producer2019 My Mother's Stalker
Directing/Director2018 The Wrong Friend
Production/Producer2018 The Wrong Friend
Directing/Director2018 Psycho Sideshow: Demon Freaks
Directing/Director2018 Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre
Directing/Director2018 The Wrong Cruise
Directing/Director2018 The Wrong Teacher
Production/Producer2018 The Wrong Teacher
Camera/Director of Photography2017 Witness Protection
Directing/Director2017 Witness Protection
Production/Producer2017 Witness Protection
Production/Executive Producer2017 Blood Dynasty
Directing/Director2017 A Royal Christmas Ball
Directing/Director2017 Delivering Christmas
Directing/Director2017 The Wrong Student
Production/Executive Producer2017 The Wrong Student
Directing/Director2017 My Christmas Grandpa
Directing/Director2017 A Christmas Cruise
Production/Producer2017 A Christmas Cruise
Camera/Director of Photography2017 Swamp Freak
Directing/Director2017 Swamp Freak
Production/Executive Producer2017 Swamp Freak
Writing/Writer2017 Swamp Freak
Directing/Director2017 Runaway Christmas Bride
Directing/Director2017 The Wrong Crush
Production/Producer2017 The Wrong Crush
Directing/Director2017 The Wrong Man
Camera/Director of Photography2017 Deadly Lessons
Directing/Director2017 Deadly Lessons
Camera/Director of Photography2016 666: Teen Warlock
Directing/Director2016 666: Teen Warlock
Production/Producer2016 666: Teen Warlock
Writing/Story2016 666: Teen Warlock
Directing/Director2016 The Wrong Roommate
Production/Producer2016 The Wrong Roommate
Directing/Director2016 The Wrong Child
Production/Producer2016 The Wrong Child
Directing/Director2016 Evil Exhumed
Production/Producer2016 Evil Exhumed
Production/Executive Producer2016 Evil Exhumed
Writing/Writer2016 Evil Exhumed
Camera/Director of Photography2016 Bloody Blacksmith
Directing/Director2016 Bloody Blacksmith
Production/Executive Producer2016 Bloody Blacksmith
Writing/Writer2016 Bloody Blacksmith
Directing/Director2016 Asian Ghost Story
Production/Executive Producer2016 Asian Ghost Story
Writing/Writer2016 Asian Ghost Story
Directing/Director2016 A Husband for Christmas
Production/Producer2016 A Husband for Christmas
Camera/Director of Photography2015 Sorority Slaughterhouse
Directing/Director2015 Sorority Slaughterhouse
Production/Producer2015 Sorority Slaughterhouse
Camera/Director of Photography2015 90210 Shark Attack
Directing/Director2015 90210 Shark Attack
Production/Producer2015 90210 Shark Attack
Camera/Director of Photography2014 Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper
Directing/Director2014 Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper
Production/Executive Producer2014 Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper
Writing/Writer2014 Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper
Writing/Story2014 Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper
Directing/Director2014 666: Devilish Charm
Production/Producer2014 666: Devilish Charm
Directing/Director2014 Knock 'em Dead
Directing/Director2014 Doc Holliday's Revenge
Production/Producer2014 Doc Holliday's Revenge
Camera/Director of Photography2014 3 Scream Queens
Directing/Director2014 3 Scream Queens
Production/Producer2014 3 Scream Queens
Camera/Director of Photography2014 666: Kreepy Kerry
Directing/Director2014 666: Kreepy Kerry
Production/Producer2014 666: Kreepy Kerry
Camera/Director of Photography2014 3 Wicked Witches
Directing/Director2014 3 Wicked Witches
Production/Producer2014 3 Wicked Witches
Camera/Director of Photography2013 A Talking Pony!?!
Directing/Director2013 A Talking Pony!?!
Production/Producer2013 A Talking Pony!?!
Camera/Director of Photography2013 My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!
Directing/Director2013 My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!
Production/Producer2013 My Stepbrother Is a Vampire!?!
Directing/Director2013 Badass Showdown
Camera/Director of Photography2013 A Talking Cat!?!
Directing/Director2013 A Talking Cat!?!
Production/Producer2013 A Talking Cat!?!
Directing/Director2013 Bonnie & Clyde: Justified
Camera/Director of Photography2013 Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft
Directing/Director2013 An Easter Bunny Puppy
Production/Producer2013 An Easter Bunny Puppy
Directing/Director2012 Christmas Spirit
Production/Producer2012 Christmas Spirit
Camera/Director of Photography2012 A Halloween Puppy
Directing/Director2012 A Halloween Puppy
Production/Producer2012 A Halloween Puppy
Camera/Camera Operator2012 Baby Dolls Behind Bars
Directing/Director2012 The Dead Reborn
Directing/Director2012 Snow White: A Deadly Summer
Production/Producer2012 Snow White: A Deadly Summer
Camera/Director of Photography2012 1313: Frankenqueen
Directing/Director2012 1313: Frankenqueen
Production/Producer2012 1313: Frankenqueen
Writing/Writer2012 1313: Frankenqueen
Directing/Director2012 Santa's Summer House
Camera/Director of Photography2012 2: Voodoo Academy
Directing/Director2012 2: Voodoo Academy
Camera/Director of Photography2012 1313: UFO Invasion
Directing/Director2012 1313: UFO Invasion
Production/Producer2012 1313: UFO Invasion
Camera/Director of Photography2012 1313: Bigfoot Island
Directing/Director2012 1313: Bigfoot Island
Production/Producer2012 1313: Bigfoot Island
Writing/Story2012 1313: Bigfoot Island
Directing/Director2012 1313: Hercules Unbound!
Camera/Director of Photography2012 1313: Bermuda Triangle
Directing/Director2012 1313: Bermuda Triangle
Production/Producer2012 1313: Bermuda Triangle
Directing/Director2012 1313: Night of the Widow
Writing/Writer2012 1313: Night of the Widow
Camera/Director of Photography2012 1313: Cougar Cult
Directing/Director2012 1313: Cougar Cult
Production/Producer2012 1313: Cougar Cult
Writing/Writer2012 1313: Cougar Cult
Camera/Director of Photography2012 1313: Billy the Kid
Directing/Director2012 1313: Billy the Kid
Production/Producer2012 1313: Billy the Kid
Camera/Director of Photography2012 Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night
Directing/Director2012 Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night
Production/Producer2012 Immortal Kiss: Queen of the Night
Directing/Director2011 1313: Giant Killer Bees!
Camera/Director of Photography2011 1313: Boy Crazies
Directing/Director2011 1313: Boy Crazies
Production/Producer2011 1313: Boy Crazies
Camera/Director of Photography2011 1313: Nightmare Mansion
Directing/Director2011 1313: Nightmare Mansion
Production/Producer2011 1313: Nightmare Mansion
Camera/Director of Photography2011 1313: Haunted Frat
Directing/Director2011 1313: Haunted Frat
Production/Producer2011 1313: Haunted Frat
Camera/Director of Photography2011 1313: Actor Slash Model
Directing/Director2011 1313: Actor Slash Model
Production/Producer2011 1313: Actor Slash Model
Camera/Director of Photography2011 1313: Wicked Stepbrother
Directing/Director2011 1313: Wicked Stepbrother
Production/Producer2011 1313: Wicked Stepbrother
Directing/Director2010 Body Blow
Directing/Director2010 Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
Directing/Director2009 The Brotherhood V: Alumni
Directing/Director2009 The Brotherhood VI: Initiation
Production/Producer2009 The Brotherhood VI: Initiation
Directing/Director2009 The Invisible Chronicles
Directing/Director2009 Alien Presence
Directing/Director2009 Stem Cell
Directing/Director2009 The Pit and the Pendulum
Production/Producer2009 The Pit and the Pendulum
Directing/Director2009 Nightfall
Directing/Director2008 Playing with Fire
Directing/Director2008 House of Usher
Production/Producer2008 House of Usher
Directing/Director2007 Grizzly Rage
Directing/Director2007 The Raven
Production/Producer2007 The Raven
Writing/Story2007 The Raven
Directing/Director2006 Beastly Boyz
Production/Producer2006 Beastly Boyz
Writing/Story2006 Beastly Boyz
Directing/Director2005 Witches of the Caribbean
Directing/Director2005 The Brotherhood IV: the Complex
Directing/Director2005 Possessed
Directing/Director2005 Killer Bash
Writing/Story2005 Killer Bash
Directing/Director2004 Ring of Darkness
Directing/Director2004 Horrific
Directing/Director2004 Tomb of Terror
Directing/Director2004 The Sisterhood
Directing/Director2003 The Brotherhood III: Young Demons
Production/Producer2003 The Brotherhood III: Young Demons
Directing/Director2003 Leeches!
Production/Producer2003 Leeches!
Writing/Story2003 Leeches!
Directing/Director2003 Speed Demon
Production/Producer2003 Speed Demon
Writing/Story2003 Speed Demon
Directing/Director2002 Wolves of Wall Street
Directing/Director2002 The Frightening
Production/Producer2002 The Frightening
Directing/Director2001 The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks
Directing/Director2001 The Brotherhood
Production/Producer2001 The Brotherhood
Sound/Foley Artist2001 The Brotherhood
Directing/Director2001 Final Stab
Production/Producer2001 Final Stab
Sound/Foley Artist2001 Final Stab
Writing/Story2001 Final Stab
Directing/Director2000 Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy
Directing/Director2000 Voodoo Academy
Directing/Director2000 Prison of the Dead
Directing/Director1999 Totem
Directing/Director1999 Witchouse
Writing/Story1999 Witchouse
Directing/Director1999 Alien Arsenal
Directing/Director1999 The Killer Eye
Directing/Director1999 Retro Puppet Master
Directing/Director1998 Talisman
Directing/Director1998 Frankenstein Reborn!
Directing/Director1998 Shrieker
Directing/Director1998 Leather Jacket Love Story
Writing/Story1998 Leather Jacket Love Story
Directing/Director1998 Curse of the Puppet Master
Directing/Director1997 Skeletons
Directing/Director1997 Absolution
Directing/Director1997 Lurid Tales: The Castle Queen
Directing/Director1996 Bikini Goddesses
Production/Executive Producer1996 Not Again!
Directing/Director1996 Prey of the Jaguar
Directing/Director1996 Petticoat Planet
Production/Executive Producer1996 Petticoat Planet
Directing/Director1995 Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island
Production/Executive Producer1995 Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island
Directing/Director1995 Blonde Heaven
Directing/Director1995 Prehysteria! 3
Directing/Director1994 Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000
Directing/Director1993 Beach Babes from Beyond
Directing/Director1993 Naked Instinct
Production/Executive Producer1993 Naked Instinct
Crew/Thanks1993 The Witching
Production/Executive Producer1992 Reanimator Academy
Production/Executive Producer1992 Humanoids from Atlantis
Production/Executive Producer1992 Nightmare Asylum
Writing/Story1992 Chickboxer
Production/Executive Producer1992 Redneck County Fever
Production/Executive Producer1991 Zombie Cop
Production/Line Producer1991 Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth
Production/Executive Producer1991 Sorority Babes in the Dance-A-Thon of Death
Production/Producer1991 Steel and Lace
Production/Producer1991 Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
Production/Executive Producer1991 Beasties
Production/Executive Producer1991 Shock Cinema: Volume Four
Production/Producer1990 Puppet Master II
Directing/Director1990 The Girl I Want
Production/Executive Producer1990 The Girl I Want
Production/Producer1990 Crash and Burn
Production/Production Manager1990 Crash and Burn
Production/Producer1990 The Ghost Writer
Production/Executive Producer1990 Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout
Production/Executive Producer1990 Skinned Alive
Sound/Foley Artist1989 Action U.S.A.
Production/Producer1989 Ghetto Blaster
Production/Producer1989 Ghost Writer
Directing/Director1989 Deadly Embrace
Production/Producer1989 Deadly Embrace
Crew/Additional Writing1989 American Rampage
Directing/Director1989 American Rampage
Production/Executive Producer1989 Assault of the Party Nerds
Production/Executive Producer1989 Robot Ninja
Directing/Director1989 Murder Weapon
Production/Executive Producer1989 Murder Weapon
Directing/Director1989 Dr. Alien
Production/Producer1989 Dr. Alien
Production/Executive Producer1989 Zombie Rampage
Directing/Director1988 Lady Avenger
Production/Producer1988 Lady Avenger
Directing/Director1988 Nightmare Sisters
Production/Producer1988 Nightmare Sisters
Costume & Make-Up/Wardrobe Supervisor1988 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
Production/Production Manager1988 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
Production/Producer1988 Assault of the Killer Bimbos
Directing/Director1987 Creepozoids
Production/Producer1987 Creepozoids
Production/Associate Producer1987 Creepozoids
Writing/Writer1987 Creepozoids
Directing/Director1987 Little Miss Innocence
Production/Producer1987 Little Miss Innocence
Camera/Director of Photography1986 Man Heat
Directing/Director1986 Man Heat
Editing/Editor1986 Man Heat
Writing/Writer1986 Man Heat
Directing/Director1986 Dreamaniac
Production/Producer1986 Dreamaniac
Crew/Craft Service1985 Tuff Turf
Crew/Script1985 Sounds of Sex
Directing/Director1985 Making It Huge
Editing/Editor1985 Making It Huge
Writing/Writer1985 Making It Huge
Directing/Director1985 Working Girls
Camera/Director of Photography1984 The French Lieutenant's Boys
Camera/Director of Photography1983 Cousins
Directing/Assistant Director1983 Games
Production/Production Assistant1983 Dangerous
Directing/Assistant Director1982 Doing It

TV Shows/Series with David DeCoteau as Crew(1)

Directing/Director2021 Keeping Up with the Joneses

Additional Information

Official websites:
Full Name: David Decoteau
Born: Friday, 01/05 1962 (January) in Portland, Oregon (United States of America (USA)) (current age: 62 years + 170 days)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn (Chinese zodiac sign: Tiger)
Other names for David DeCoteau (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Jack Reed"
"Joseph Tennent"
"David McCabe"
"David DeCouteau"
"Ellen Cabot"
"Mary Crawford"
"David Doe"
"Kathy Logan"
"David De Coteau"
"Dave McCabe"
"Julian Breen"
"Richard Chasen"
"Dave DeCoteau"
"Marc Denne"
"Eric Mancini"
"David Mcabe"
"Wilma Rubble"
"Rachel Russell"
"Victoria Sloan"
"Victoria Sloane"
"H.L. Smokum"
"Martin Tate"
David DeCoteau frequently works together with these people:
Charles Band (71x, Crew)
Vivica A. Fox (59x, Actress)
Jeffrey Schenck (57x, Crew)
J.R. Bookwalter (41x, Crew)
Peter Sullivan (41x, Crew)
Barry Barnholtz (37x, Crew)
Zelma Kiwi (31x, Crew)
Danny Draven (31x, Crew)
John Schouweiler (31x, Crew)
Harry Manfredini (27x, Crew)
Marcos James (1x, Cast)
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