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Charles Band

Film Director / Film Producer / Screenwriter / Executive Producer | * 12/27/1951 (70) | Los Angeles, California (United States of America (USA))
Charles Robert Band (born December 27, 1951) is an American film producer and director, known for his work on horror comedy movies. ()
Photo of Charles Band
Most frequent genres for this person: Horror | Science Fiction | Comedies

Known for these Movies & Shows

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Movies with Charles Band as Actor(12)

as Self - Interviewee2022 In Search of Tomorrow
as himself2015 Kings Of Cult
as himself2013 Rewind This!
as himself1999 Hollywierd
as Young Couple on T.V.1986 Troll
as Motorist (uncredited)1976 Crash!
as Ascanio1962 The Avenger

Movies with Charles Band as Crew(366)

Production/Producer2022 Evil Bong 888: Infinity High
Production/Producer2022 Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl
Production/Producer2022 The Primevals
Production/Producer2022 Curse Of The Re-Animator
Production/Producer2021 It Knows You're Alone
Production/Executive Producer2021 Scream of the Blind Dead
Directing/Director2021 The Seduction of Rose Parrish
Production/Producer2021 The Seduction of Rose Parrish
Production/Producer2021 The Resonator: Miskatonic U
Production/Producer2021 Don't Let Her In
Directing/Director2020 Corona Zombies
Production/Producer2020 Corona Zombies
Production/Producer2020 Blade: The Iron Cross
Production/Producer2020 Barbie & Kendra Save the Tiger King
Directing/Director2020 Barbie & Kendra Storm Area 51
Production/Executive Producer2020 Femalien: Cosmic Crush
Production/Producer2020 Castle Freak
Production/Executive Producer2020 Castle Freak
Production/Executive Producer2019 Dirty Angels 2: Get Wet
Production/Executive Producer2019 Necropolis: Legion
Production/Executive Producer2019 Dirty Angels: Welcome to Lust Angeles
Production/Executive Producer2019 Weedjies: Halloweed Night
Production/Producer2019 Weedjies: Halloweed Night
Directing/Director2019 Zombie Lust: Night Flesh
Production/Producer2018 Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre
Directing/Director2018 Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre
Production/Executive Producer2018 Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
Writing/Characters2018 Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
Production/Executive Producer2018 Secret Sins
Directing/Director2018 Vampire Slaughter: Eaten Alive
Directing/Director2018 Deadly Dolls: Deepest Cuts
Production/Producer2018 Deadly Dolls: Deepest Cuts
Directing/Director2018 Death Heads: Brain Drain
Production/Executive Producer2018 Sex School: Lessons of Lust
Directing/Director2018 Evil Bong 777
Writing/Story2018 Evil Bong 777
Production/Producer2018 Evil Bong 777
Directing/Director2017 Puppet Master: Axis Termination
Writing/Screenplay2017 Puppet Master: Axis Termination
Production/Executive Producer2017 Virgin Hunters 3: Agents of Passion
Directing/Director2017 Fists of Fury
Production/Producer2017 Fists of Fury
Production/Producer2017 T&A Time Travelers
Directing/Director2017 Evil Bong 666
Writing/Story2017 Evil Bong 666
Production/Producer2017 Evil Bong 666
Production/Executive Producer2016 Virgin Hunters 2
Directing/Director2016 Ravenwolf Towers
Writing/Story2016 Ravenwolf Towers
Production/Producer2016 Ravenwolf Towers
Directing/Director2016 Evil Bong: High 5
Writing/Story2016 Evil Bong: High 5
Production/Producer2016 Evil Bong: High 5
Directing/Director2015 Kings Of Cult
Directing/Director2015 Evil Bong 420
Directing/Director2014 Trophy Heads
Writing/Story2014 Trophy Heads
Production/Producer2014 Seeds of Change
Directing/Director2013 Babes Behind Bars
Directing/Director2013 Bada$$ Mothaf**kas
Directing/Director2013 Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong
Production/Producer2013 Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong
Directing/Director2013 Unlucky Charms
Production/Producer2013 Unlucky Charms
Directing/Director2013 Ooga Booga
Writing/Story2013 Ooga Booga
Production/Producer2013 Ooga Booga
Directing/Director2013 Blood of 1000 Virgins
Production/Producer2012 Reel Evil
Directing/Director2012 The Dead Want Women
Writing/Writer2012 The Dead Want Women
Directing/Director2012 DevilDolls
Production/Producer2012 DevilDolls
Production/Executive Producer2012 Zombies vs. Strippers
Directing/Director2012 Goobers!
Production/Executive Producer2012 Goobers!
Production/Producer2012 Killjoy Goes to Hell
Directing/Director2012 Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
Production/Producer2012 Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
Directing/Director2011 Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
Writing/Story2011 Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
Production/Producer2011 Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
Production/Executive Producer2011 Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
Production/Executive Producer2011 Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver
Directing/Director2011 Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong
Production/Producer2010 Demonic Toys: Personal Demons
Production/Producer2010 Killjoy 3
Production/Producer2010 Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
Directing/Director2009 Skull Heads
Production/Producer2009 Skull Heads
Directing/Director2009 Evil Bong 2: King Bong
Production/Producer2009 Evil Bong 2: King Bong
Production/Executive Producer2008 Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust
Directing/Director2008 Dangerous Worry Dolls
Directing/Director2007 Erotic Secrets
Production/Producer2007 Erotic Secrets
Directing/Director2007 Dead Man's Hand
Production/Producer2007 Dead Man's Hand
Directing/Director2007 Decadent Evil 2
Directing/Director2006 Evil Bong
Directing/Director2006 Petrified
Production/Producer2006 Petrified
Directing/Director2005 Doll Graveyard
Production/Producer2005 Doll Graveyard
Directing/Director2005 Decadent Evil
Writing/Writer2005 Decadent Evil
Production/Producer2005 Decadent Evil
Production/Producer2005 Monsters Gone Wild
Production/Producer2005 When Puppets and Dolls Attack!
Directing/Director2005 The Gingerdead Man
Production/Producer2005 The Gingerdead Man
Production/Executive Producer2004 Horrific
Production/Producer2004 Tomb of Terror
Directing/Director2004 Dr. Moreau's House of Pain
Production/Executive Producer2003 Delta Delta Die!
Production/Executive Producer2003 Birth Rite
Production/Executive Producer2003 Mega Scorpions
Directing/Director2003 Puppet Master: The Legacy
Production/Executive Producer2002 Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil
Production/Executive Producer2002 Bleed
Production/Executive Producer2002 Cryptz
Production/Executive Producer2002 Groom Lake
Production/Executive Producer2002 Trancers 6: Life After Deth
Production/Executive Producer2002 Dead & Rotting
Production/Executive Producer2002 Hell Asylum
Production/Executive Producer2002 Castle Erotica
Production/Executive Producer2001 Platinum Blonde
Production/Executive Producer2001 The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks
Production/Executive Producer2001 Demonicus
Production/Executive Producer2001 Phantom Love
Production/Executive Producer2001 Vampire Resurrection
Production/Executive Producer2001 Witchouse III: Demon Fire
Production/Executive Producer2001 Train Quest
Production/Executive Producer2001 Micro Mini Kids
Production/Executive Producer2001 The Brotherhood
Production/Executive Producer2001 Stitches
Production/Executive Producer2001 Final Stab
Production/Executive Producer2001 Passion Lane
Production/Executive Producer2001 HorrorVision
Production/Executive Producer2001 The Regina Pierce Affair
Production/Executive Producer2000 The Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters
Production/Executive Producer2000 Voodoo Academy
Production/Executive Producer2000 The St. Francisville Experiment
Production/Executive Producer2000 Sideshow
Production/Executive Producer2000 Zorrita: Passion's Avenger
Production/Executive Producer2000 The Mistress Club
Production/Executive Producer2000 Diary of Lust
Production/Executive Producer2000 The Dead Hate the Living!
Production/Executive Producer2000 Passion's Obsession
Production/Executive Producer2000 Killjoy
Production/Executive Producer2000
Production/Executive Producer2000 Virgins of Sherwood Forest
Production/Executive Producer2000 Prison of the Dead
Production/Executive Producer1999 Teen Sorcery
Production/Executive Producer1999 Auditions from Beyond
Production/Executive Producer1999 Andromina: The Pleasure Planet
Production/Executive Producer1999 Totem
Writing/Story1999 Totem
Production/Executive Producer1999 Murdercycle
Production/Executive Producer1999 Shandra: The Jungle Girl
Production/Producer1999 Veronica 2030
Production/Executive Producer1999 Veronica 2030
Production/Executive Producer1999 Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps
Writing/Idea1999 Ragdoll
Production/Executive Producer1999 Witchouse II: Blood Coven
Production/Executive Producer1999 Pleasurecraft
Production/Executive Producer1999 Dungeon of Desire
Directing/Director1999 Blood Dolls
Production/Executive Producer1999 Spooky Town
Production/Executive Producer1999 Witchouse
Writing/Story1999 Witchouse
Production/Executive Producer1999 Hotel Exotica
Production/Executive Producer1999 Alien Arsenal
Production/Executive Producer1999 Planet Patrol
Production/Executive Producer1999 Lip Service
Production/Executive Producer1999 Hidden Beauties
Writing/Original Story1999 Retro Puppet Master
Production/Executive Producer1999 Retro Puppet Master
Production/Executive Producer1998 Femalien 2
Production/Producer1998 Shrieker
Production/Executive Producer1998 The Exotic Time Machine
Production/Executive Producer1998 Lolita 2000
Production/Executive Producer1998 Virtual Encounters 2
Production/Executive Producer1998 Curse of the Puppet Master
Production/Executive Producer1997 The Exotic House of Wax
Production/Executive Producer1997 Magic in the Mirror: Fowl Play
Production/Executive Producer1997 Skeletons
Directing/Director1997 Hideous!
Production/Producer1997 Hideous!
Production/Executive Producer1997 Bimbo Movie Bash
Directing/Director1997 The Creeps
Production/Producer1997 The Creeps
Production/Executive Producer1997 The Vampire Journals
Production/Executive Producer1997 Lurid Tales: The Castle Queen
Production/Executive Producer1996 Virtual Encounters
Production/Executive Producer1996 Femalien
Directing/Director1996 Head of the Family
Writing/Story1996 Head of the Family
Production/Producer1996 Head of the Family
Writing/Story1996 Oblivion 2: Backlash
Production/Executive Producer1996 Oblivion 2: Backlash
Production/Executive Producer1996 Petticoat Planet
Production/Executive Producer1996 Magic in the Mirror
Production/Executive Producer1996 Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets
Production/Executive Producer1995 Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island
Production/Executive Producer1995 Castle Freak
Production/Executive Producer1995 Blonde Heaven
Production/Executive Producer1995 Prehysteria! 3
Production/Executive Producer1995 Pet Shop
Writing/Story1995 Leapin' Leprechauns
Production/Executive Producer1995 Leapin' Leprechauns
Production/Producer1995 Magic Island
Writing/Idea1994 Shrunken Heads
Production/Executive Producer1994 Shrunken Heads
Production/Producer1994 Shrunken Heads
Production/Producer1994 Beanstalk
Production/Producer1994 Dark Angel: The Ascent
Production/Executive Producer1994 Trancers 4: Jack of Swords
Production/Executive Producer1994 Trancers 5: Sudden Deth
Writing/Original Story1994 Trancers 5: Sudden Deth
Production/Executive Producer1994 Prehysteria! 2
Production/Executive Producer1994 Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000
Writing/Original Story1994 Oblivion
Production/Executive Producer1994 Oblivion
Production/Producer1994 Dragonworld
Production/Executive Producer1994 Dragonworld
Writing/Idea1994 Dragonworld
Production/Executive Producer1994 Bloodlust: Subspecies III
Production/Producer1994 Lurking Fear
Production/Executive Producer1994 Lurking Fear
Production/Producer1994 Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
Production/Executive Producer1993 Beach Babes from Beyond
Writing/Idea1993 Robot Wars
Production/Producer1993 Robot Wars
Production/Executive Producer1993 Remote
Directing/Director1993 Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys
Writing/Story1993 Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys
Production/Producer1993 Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys
Writing/Writer1993 Arcade
Production/Executive Producer1993 Arcade
Directing/Director1993 Prehysteria!
Production/Executive Producer1993 Prehysteria!
Production/Producer1993 Mandroid
Production/Producer1993 Puppet Master 4
Writing/Writer1993 Bloodstone: Subspecies II
Production/Executive Producer1993 Bloodstone: Subspecies II
Production/Producer1992 Doctor Mordrid
Directing/Director1992 Doctor Mordrid
Writing/Novel1992 Doctor Mordrid
Writing/Idea1992 Demonic Toys
Production/Executive Producer1992 Demonic Toys
Production/Executive Producer1992 Trancers 3: Deth Lives
Writing/Original Story1992 Bad Channels
Writing/Story1992 Seedpeople
Production/Executive Producer1992 Seedpeople
Writing/Writer1992 Netherworld
Production/Executive Producer1992 Netherworld
Writing/Story1992 Netherworld
Production/Executive Producer1991 Dollman
Writing/Original Story1991 Dollman
Production/Producer1991 Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth
Production/Executive Producer1991 The Pit and the Pendulum
Production/Executive Producer1991 Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
Writing/Original Story1991 Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge
Writing/Writer1991 Subspecies
Writing/Idea1991 Subspecies
Production/Executive Producer1991 Subspecies
Production/Executive Producer1990 Shadowzone
Writing/Story1990 Puppet Master II
Production/Executive Producer1990 Puppet Master II
Directing/Director1990 Crash and Burn
Production/Executive Producer1990 Crash and Burn
Directing/Director1990 Meridian
Writing/Story1990 Meridian
Production/Producer1990 Meridian
Production/Executive Producer1989 Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
Production/Executive Producer1989 Arena
Writing/Story1989 Puppet Master
Production/Executive Producer1989 Puppet Master
Production/Executive Producer1989 Robot Jox
Production/Executive Producer1989 Deadly Weapon
Production/Executive Producer1989 Dr. Alien
Production/Producer1989 Buy & Cell
Production/Executive Producer1988 Cellar Dweller
Directing/Director1988 Trancers: City of Lost Angels
Production/Producer1988 Trancers: City of Lost Angels
Production/Executive Producer1988 Catacombs
Production/Producer1988 The Occultist
Production/Executive Producer1988 Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
Production/Executive Producer1988 Transformations
Production/Producer1988 Ghost Town
Production/Producer1988 Assault of the Killer Bimbos
Production/Executive Producer1988 Assault of the Killer Bimbos
Production/Producer1988 Spellcaster
Production/Executive Producer1988 Spellcaster
Directing/Director1988 The Evil Clergyman
Production/Producer1988 The Evil Clergyman
Directing/Director1988 Pulse Pounders
Production/Executive Producer1987 Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Production/Producer1987 Ghoulies II
Production/Executive Producer1987 Ghoulies II
Production/Executive Producer1987 Prison
Production/Producer1987 Galactic Gigolo
Production/Executive Producer1987 Galactic Gigolo
Production/Executive Producer1987 Dolls
Production/Producer1987 Valet Girls
Production/Producer1987 Necropolis
Production/Executive Producer1987 The Princess Academy
Production/Executive Producer1987 The Caller
Production/Producer1987 Enemy Territory
Production/Producer1987 Vicious Lips
Production/Executive Producer1987 Vicious Lips
Production/Executive Producer1987 Creepozoids
Production/Producer1986 Eliminators
Production/Executive Producer1986 Crawlspace
Production/Producer1986 Robot Holocaust
Production/Producer1986 Breeders
Production/Executive Producer1986 TerrorVision
Production/Executive Producer1986 Troll
Production/Executive Producer1986 Dreamaniac
Production/Executive Producer1986 From Beyond
Production/Producer1985 Walking the Edge
Production/Executive Producer1985 Walking the Edge
Production/Producer1985 Savage Island
Production/Executive Producer1985 Ghoulies
Production/Executive Producer1985 Zone Troopers
Production/Executive Producer1985 Underworld
Production/Producer1984 Ghost Warrior
Directing/Director1984 The Dungeonmaster
Production/Producer1984 The Dungeonmaster
Writing/Original Story1984 The Dungeonmaster
Writing/Writer1984 The Dungeonmaster
Directing/Director1984 Trancers
Production/Producer1984 Trancers
Directing/Director1983 The Alchemist
Production/Producer1983 The Alchemist
Production/Producer1982 The Best of Sex and Violence
Directing/Director1982 Parasite
Production/Producer1982 Parasite
Production/Executive Producer1982 Famous T & A
Production/Producer1980 The Day Time Ended
Production/Executive Producer1979 Tourist Trap
Writing/Screenplay1978 Auditions
Production/Producer1978 Auditions
Production/Producer1978 Laserblast
Writing/Screenplay1978 Fairy Tales
Production/Producer1978 Fairy Tales
Production/Producer1977 End of the World
Production/Producer1977 Cinderella
Directing/Director1976 Crash!
Production/Producer1976 Crash!
Production/Producer1976 Mansion of the Doomed
Directing/Director1973 Last Foxtrot in Burbank
Production/Producer1973 Last Foxtrot in Burbank

Full Name: Charles Band
Born: Thursday, 12/27 1951 (December) in Los Angeles, California (United States of America (USA)) (current age: 70 years + 182 days)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn (Chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit)
Charles Band frequently works together with these people:
David DeCoteau (57x, Crew)
Richard Band (57x, Crew)
Ted Nicolaou (41x, Crew)
Pat Siciliano (36x, Crew)
Danny Draven (36x, Crew)
J.R. Bookwalter (34x, Crew)
John Carl Buechler (32x, Crew)
Robert MacDonald (28x, Crew)
Adolfo Bartoli (28x, Crew)
Perry Bullington (27x, Crew)
Mac Ahlberg (27x, Crew)
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