Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf Sammlung(2011-2019)

Adventures, dangers, and funny situations are waiting for the heroes of Russian fairy tales.

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Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf 4(2019)

3,2/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

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Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf 3(2016)

3,4/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

Prince Ivan, Grey Wolf and Vasilisa set off on a magic carpet ride to new lands as the deputy scarecrow in charge of the kingdom sets new rules.

Ivan Tsarevich & the Grey Wolf 2(2013)

3,0/5 (bei 10 Stimmen)

Marital doldrums and second thoughts beset Ivan and Vasilisa's "happily ever after", until boredom leads to a staged abduction.

Ivan Tsarevich i Seryy Volk(2011)

3,1/5 (bei 16 Stimmen)

With a cheeky wolf as a travel companion, a prince from a faraway kingdom embarks on a quest to win a princess's heart.

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