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Lady in the Lake(2024-)

In 1960s Baltimore, a determined housewife reinvents her life as an investigative journalist, leading her to examine the mysterious death and identity of a young Black woman the town has seemingly forgotten.

Those About to Die(2024-)

Within the spectacular, complex and corrupt world of gladiatorial sports in Ancient Rome, follow an ensemble of diverse characters across the many layers of Roman society where sports, politics and business intersect and collide.

Dune: Prophecy(2024-)

10.000 Jahre vor dem Aufstieg von Paul Atreides bekämpfen die Harkonnen-Schwestern Kräfte, die die Zukunft der Menschheit bedrohen, und gründen die sagenumwobene Sekte Bene Gesserit.

Schauspieler: Emily Watson

Bad Monkey(2024-)

A detective turned restaurant inspector in Southern Florida is pulled into a world of greed and corruption after a tourist finds a severed arm while fishing. And yes, there’s a monkey.

The Perfect Couple(2024-)

Based on the novel of the same name by author Elin Hilderbrand, the story is centered around the Otis-Wenbury wedding, where a body is found just hours before the ceremony, and suddenly every member of the wedding party are suspects.


Chronicles the rise of power of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini in a history of a country that surrendered to dictatorship.

Regie: Joe Wright - Schauspieler: Luca Marinelli, Francesco Russo, Barbara Chichiarelli, Federico Majorana, Gaetano Bruno, Massimo De Lorenzo, ...

Sinking Spring(2024-)

Two lifelong friends from Philadelphia pose as DEA agents to rob a country house, but the small-scale grift quickly becomes a matter of life and death. The friends soon unravel as they find one of the biggest narcotics corridors on the East Coast.


In 1972, the first Black female FBI agent heads to the Southwest and recruits a gutsy getaway driver in a bold effort to take down a growing crime syndicate.


A woman who goes between her thriving and daring career as a jewel thief, all whilst trying to get her daughter back from social services, we see a mother in despair swept up in the exhilarating world of crime.

A Thousand Blows(2024-)

Set in the perilous world of illegal boxing in 1880s Victorian London.

Schauspieler: Malachi Kirby, Stephen Graham, Erin Doherty, Francis Lovehall

Chief of War(2024-)

A thrilling, unprecedented telling of the unification of the Hawaiian Islands from an indigenous perspective. A Hawaiian war chief joins a bloody campaign to unite the warring islands in order to save them from the threat of colonization.

Anansi Boys(2024-)

Charlie Nancy is a young man who is used to being embarrassed by his estranged father. But when his father dies, Charlie discovers that his father was Anansi: trickster god of stories. And he learns that he has a brother. Now his brother, Spider, is entering Charlie’s life, determined to make it more interesting but making it a lot more dangerous.

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Get Millie Black(2024-)

Ex Scotland Yard detective Millie-Jean Black returns to Kingston to work missing persons; soon finding herself on a quest to save a sister who won’t be saved, to find a boy who can’t be found, to solve a case that will blow her world apart and prove almost as tough to crack as Millie Black.

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