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Don Quijote de Orson Welles(1992)

1 Std. 56 Min. | Drama
3,0/5 (bei 10 Stimmen)

1992's Don Quixote (or Quijote) is an attempt to complete Orson Welles's unfinished film of the same name, edited together by director Jesús Franco. Franco had collaborated previously with Welles and was asked to create a finished version of Welles's Quixote footage.

Ensemble for Somnambulists(1951)

6 Min. | Musik
2,7/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Ensemble for Somnambulists was a film Maya Deren made while teaching a workshop at the Toronto Film Society. It was never completed, and is officially "unpublished," but this title has been restored and it screens occasionally along with her other films. It is sort of a preliminary sketch for The Very Eye of Night. ~ David Lewis, Rovi.

Regie: Maya Deren

Season of Strangers(1959)

58 Min.

Unfinished, 16mm, b&w silent film directed by Maya Deren.

Regie: Maya Deren
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