Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai(TV show/series, 2009-)

Original title: "ये रिश्ता क्या कहलाता है" (Hindi/HI)
21min per episode | Genres: Drama, Kids & Family, Soap / Telenovela

Scripted Reality in 66 seasons with 3,526 episodes

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiRating: 1.3/5 (with 6 votes) 146
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (transl. What is this relationship called?) is an Indian television soap opera that airs on Star Plus and streams on Hotstar. It premiered on 12 January 2009 and is the second longest running Indian television soap opera. Produced by Rajan Shahi under Director's Kut Productions, it initially starred Hina Khan and Karan Mehra and currently stars Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan. In March 2019, a spin-off, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, starring Rhea Sharma and Shaheer Sheikh was launched which ended in October 2020 completing 355 episodes. ()
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About Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Naitik and Akshara Singhania live in a Marwari joint family in Udaipur. As a young married couple, they journey through adjustment issues, later as parents of young children, and they learn to love each other and their respective extended families while becoming mature members of their household.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Seasons and Episodes

07/13/2020Season 66 - 382 episodes
#1 | 07/13/2020KaiRa's Lockdown Romance
While their business stalls for three months, the Goenkas recieve help from a new ally, Sita Choudhury. Later, Kartik and Naira spend some romantic time together.
#2 | 07/14/2020Naira's Pretentious Act
The Goenkas arrange a grand welcome for Sita Choudhary. On recognising Naira, Sita creates a big scene. Later, Naira puts up an act to impress her.
#3 | 07/15/2020Kartik's Hilarious Dilemma
Kartik finds himself in a hilarious situation when Naira playfully enacts her new role. However, things take a turn for the worse when Sita runs into them.
#4 | 07/16/2020KaiRa Face an Issue
Kartik and Naira find themselves in a fix when Sita Choudhary decides to accompany them to their house. Later, the Goenkas put up a hilarious act in front of her.
#5 | 07/17/2020Naira Puts up an Act
Naira tries to convince Sita about the argument between herself and Tina. Later, Sita makes an unexpected announcement, shocking the family.
#6 | 07/18/2020Naira's New Job?
Naira decides to take up Sita Devi's job offer as Tina and creates a scene in the office. Sita Devi decides to take action when she spots Kartik and Naira together.
#7 | 07/20/2020Kartik Stands His Ground
Sita decides to expose Kartik in front of the family for cheating on Naira. Later, Kartik takes a firm stand when Sita threatens the Goenkas.
#8 | 07/21/2020The Goenkas Celebrate!
The Goenkas decide to celebrate together before being evicted from their house. Sita arrives with some unexpected news. Later, Naira begins to suspect Sita's son.
#9 | 07/22/2020Kundan's Devious Ploy
Kartik stops Naksh from revealing the truth to Sita. Later, she lands in deep trouble as Kundan brews a cunning plan to harm her.
#10 | 07/23/2020Naira Is in Trouble?
Unaware of Kundan recording their conversation, Kartik and Naira tell Naksh their plan. Later, the Goenkas are shocked to find Naira unconscious.
#11 | 07/24/2020Kartik Gets Violent
Naira begs forgiveness but Sita tears the contract and leaves. Later, Kartik assaults Kundan when the latter insults his family.
#12 | 07/25/2020Kartik's Suspicious Act
After receiving an ominous phone call from Sita, Kartik lies to the family. While Naira gets suspicious, the Goenkas spend some quality time together.
#13 | 07/27/2020Kartik's Romantic Surprise
Kartik plans a romantic surprise for Naira. The next day, Naira learns a startling fact as the police barge into the Goenka house.
#14 | 07/28/2020Kartik Is Arrested
Kartik gets arrested in the hit-and-run case. Although he confesses to the crime, Naira suspects that he is lying and vows to unravel the truth.
#15 | 07/29/2020Naira Is on a Mission
Naira witnesses something shocking during her mission to get Kartik out of the jail. While Kartik is worried, Naira gets a vital clue.
#16 | 07/30/2020Kartik Reveals the Truth
Kartik has a strange nightmare in prison, while Naira finds a clever excuse to sneak into Sita's house. Later, Kartik reveals the horrifying truth to Naira.
#17 | 07/31/2020Naira Takes a Firm Step
Naira is shattered when an adamant Kartik refuses to change his mind. She decides to take matters into her own hands and save him.
#18 | 08/01/2020Naira's Brilliant Move
Naira manages to stop Kundan from boarding the flight. While Kartik is taken to court, Naira puts forth an interesting proposition to Kundan.
#19 | 08/03/2020A Shocker for Goenkas
Sita slaps Kundan as he accepts the deal to betray her. Later, a jubilant Kartik returns home only to learn some unthinkable news about the Goenkas.
#20 | 08/04/2020Naira Saves the Day?
As the Goenkas prepare to leave the house, Naira's unexpected move saves the day! Later, Kartik and Naira celebrate their good fortune with a romantic dance.
#21 | 08/05/2020Gayu's Baby Shower Ceremony
While Gayu and Samarth visit the Goenkas, Kartik rebukes Kunal for contacting him. Later, the Goenkas celebrate Gayu's baby shower ceremony.
#22 | 08/06/2020A Shocker for Naira
The private investigator decides to meet Kartik. During Gayu's baby shower, Naira gets some startling news about Kartik. Later, Gayu falls unconscious.
#23 | 08/07/2020Kartik Is Heartbroken
A shattered Kartik confesses the truth about their daughter to Naira. Elsewhere, Gayu and Samar's clash starts to escalate.
#24 | 08/08/2020KaiRa's Future Plans
Swarna is ecstatic about her fast for Manish's welfare while Kartik and Naira ponder about their old age. Later, Manish expresses his wish to Kartik.
#25 | 08/10/2020A Shocker for Kartik
Naira and Manish meet with an accident along the route Kartik told them to avoid. At the hospital, Kartik is shattered when Manish fails to recognise him.
#26 | 08/11/2020Naira Feels Guilty
Naksh makes a guilt-ridden Naira understand the situation while Kartik applies medicine to her wound. Later, the Goenkas start the Teej celebration in high spirits.
#27 | 08/12/2020Naira's Special Surprise
The Goenkas begin the Teej celebration with music and dance while Naira gives Kartik a surprise. Later, Manish's strange behaviour alarms everyone.
#28 | 08/13/2020A Shocker for the Goenkas
The Goenkas are left traumatised upon learning a truth regarding Manish's mental condition. Later, Kartik recalls some fond memories from the past.
#29 | 08/14/2020Can Kartik Maintain His Cool?
While Naira desperately tries to get Kartik to speak, he struggles to pacify a tensed Manish. Later, she receives some bittersweet news.
#30 | 08/15/2020What Is Naira Upto?
Naira visits the little girl in the hospital after learning of her whereabouts. As the Raksha Bandhan celebration begins, a special guest makes an entry.
#31 | 08/17/2020Kartik Lashes Out at Naira
Kartik vents out his fury on Naira and holds her responsible for Manish's condition. However, Naksh takes an unexpected stand for her.
#32 | 08/18/2020Kirti Has a Secret!
Sparks fly between Kartik and Naira because of Kirti and Gayu's unexpected act. While Kirti hides the truth from Naksh, Kartik condemns Naira's decisions.
#33 | 08/19/2020Kartik's Unexpected Decision
Owing to Manish's condition, Kartik transfers the power of attorney to Akhilesh. Later, the girl gets discharged from the hospital and reaches Goenka Villa.
#34 | 08/20/2020Chori Enters the Goenka Mansion
The Goenkas are puzzled as Chori enters the house and recognises Naira. On the other hand, Kartik pacifies Manish when he turns inconsolable.
#35 | 08/21/2020Kartik Gets Enraged
Kartik agrees to let Chori stay in the house and loses his cool when she gets into a scuffle with Manish. During the Janmashtami puja, the Goenkas face a crisis.
#36 | 08/22/2020Chori's Ingenious Idea!
Kartik shows Manish their picture while Chori brews an ingenious idea to help the family. Elsewhere, Naksh grows suspicious about Kirti's activities.
#37 | 08/24/2020Chori Yearns for a Family
Naira is baffled upon spotting Aditya and Kirti together. Later, as Kartik and Naira decide to join hands to help Manish, Chori feels bad about not having a family.
#38 | 08/25/2020Chori Impresses the Family
Suhasini gets emotional when the Krishna idol goes missing on Janmashtami. During the Puja, Chori impresses the family while Naira receives surprising news.
#39 | 08/26/2020Kartik, Naira Dance Together
Kartik and Naira dance together while Chori dons a disguise to avoid Sudha. Later, something stirs up Manish as he sees the old family photos.
#40 | 08/27/2020A Shocker for the Goenkas
The Goenkas are shocked to learn that Manish and Chori have gone missing. While searching for them, Kartik and Naira witness a strange sight.
#41 | 08/28/2020Naira's Birthday Bash
Naira warns Kaveri about Chori and her manipulation tactics. Later as Naira recalls some fond memories, the family plans her birthday surprise.
#42 | 08/29/2020A Shocker for Naira
Naira is overwhelmed by Manish's gift and vows to accept it when he recovers completely. Later, she follows Chori and stumbles upon a shocking sight.
#43 | 08/31/2020Naira's Birthday Party
Naira confronts Kirti after getting conclusive evidence against her while Kartik gets emotional. Later, a situation occurs during Naira's birthday celebration.
#44 | 09/01/2020Naira's Special Gift
While Kartik and Naira try to console Kairav, she gets a special gift from families. However, things get tense after Manish's doctor arrives with the reports.
#45 | 09/02/2020Naira Feels Miserable
The Goenkas console Surekha when she undergoes a violent outburst. With tension rising high in the air, Naira feels miserable for leaving behind the family to suffer.
#46 | 09/03/2020Naira Longs for Kartik
On Ganesh Chaturthi, Naira longs to meet Kartik while the families perform the puja in high spirits. Later, Naksh plans an outing with Naira and Gayu.
#47 | 09/04/2020Naira Warns Aditya
Aditya decides to mess with Kirti after learning about her plans while Naira warns him to stay away from Kirti. Later, Chori notices a shocking sight.
#48 | 09/05/2020Kartik Reflects on his Behaviour
Naira is horrified to learn about Chori's terrifying past. While Kirti voices her opinion against Kartik, he repents for his behaviour towards Naira.
#49 | 09/07/2020Kartik Apologises to Naira
Chori plans to bridge the gap between Kartik and Naira when both of them get into a tiff. Later, Kartik's heartfelt apology leaves Naira in tears.
#50 | 09/08/2020Kartik, Naira Solve their Issues
Kartik and Naira manage to reconcile their differences and spend some time together. Later, Kartik and Naira get a surprising revelation upon reaching home.
#51 | 09/09/2020Chori's Brave Act
Naira confesses to Kartik about developing a bond with Chori. When a fire breaks out at home, Chori puts her life in danger for the sake of the family.
#52 | 09/10/2020Kartik Is on a Mission
Kartik tries to cheer Naira when she is worried about an ailing Chori. While Aditya tells Naksh the truth in front of Kirti, Naira makes a startling discovery.
#53 | 09/11/2020Tough Call for Kartik and Naira
Suhasini is against Kartik and Naira's decision to adopt Chori as their daughter. The Goenkas search for Chori when she suddenly goes missing.
#54 | 09/12/2020Chori Leaves the Goenkas
The Goenkas have a hard time bidding goodbye to Chori as she leaves with her new family. While Naksh replays the events in his head, Naira has a strange dream.
#55 | 09/14/2020Naira Is Pregnant?
Despite Kartik telling her otherwise, Naira is certain that she is pregnant. Elsewhere, Naksha confronts Kirti after seeing her talking on the phone.
#56 | 09/15/2020What Is Aditya Up to?
Kirti arrives at the Goenkas bearing some bad news while Kaveri tries to console a dejected Naksh. Later, Aditya stuns everyone with some shocking photographs.
#57 | 09/16/2020Naira Is Pregnant!
Naira slaps Aditya for his audacious demand while Naksh asks Kirti to return home with him. Later, the Goenkas celebrate Naira's pregnancy.
#58 | 09/17/2020Kartik Irritates Naira?
It has been six months, and Naira is upset with Kartik for stopping her from enjoying herself. Later, Kartik tells Suhasini about a surprise he has for Naira.
#59 | 09/18/2020Kartik Surprises Naira
The Goenkas spend some quality time while Kartik's surprise leaves Naira awestruck. Later, Naira gets excited about her baby shower ceremony.
#60 | 09/19/2020Naira's Godh Bharai Ceremony
The Goenkas and the Singhanias gather together to celebrate Naira's Godh Bharai Vidhi. However, the function comes to an abrupt halt after Krishna calls Kartik.
#61 | 09/21/2020Naira is Concerned about Kartik
Naira notices Kartik in a state of distress after he receives a call. While Naksh and Kirti get the shock of their lives, Naira is worried about Kartik's safety.
#62 | 09/22/2020A Shocker for the Goenkas
The police arrive at the Goenkas bearing some shocking news. Later, Naira sets out in search of Kartik.
#63 | 09/23/2020Naira on a Mission
Kirti gets shocked to learn about Kartik's disappearance while the police instructs the Goenkas to wait for the ransom call. Later, Naira tries to decode Chori's hint.
#64 | 09/24/2020A Shocker for Naira!
Naira decides to set off on her own to search for Kartik. While on her mission, she stumbles upon a shocking fact.
#65 | 09/25/2020A Vital Clue for Naira
Naira gets a vital clue about Kartik while Naksh asks her to return home. Elsewhere, the family grows concerned for Naira and Kartik's safety.
#66 | 09/26/2020Kartik, Krishna in Danger!
Naira remains determined to hunt down Kartik while the latter attempts to rescue Krishna. However, the kidnappers hold Kartik and Krishna at gunpoint.
#67 | 09/28/2020Trouble Looms Over Naira
Krishna implements an ingenious plan to help Naira while Kartik decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, an old lady spikes Naira's water bottle.
#68 | 09/29/2020Kartik Saves Krishna
After rescuing Krishna, Kartik decides to save the other girls from the gang's child trafficking trap. On the other hand, Naira's health deteriorates.
#69 | 09/30/2020Naira Faces the Goons
Kartik puts his life in danger to save the young girls while Naira gets ready to fight the kidnappers. Later, Kartik is shocked when a gun aimed at Naira goes off.
#70 | 10/01/2020Kartik, Naira Return Home!
The Goenkas panic when they learn about Naira's condition. After Kartik and Naira return home, Suhasini expresses her disapproval regarding their decision.
#71 | 10/02/2020Kartik, Naira's Romantic Night
At midnight, Kartik and Naira share a romantic moment while Krish berates Krishna for disturbing him. Later, Naira is admitted to the hospital.
#72 | 10/03/2020Kartik Loses Consciousness
Kartik and Naira are shocked to meet a familiar doctor who takes charge of the delivery. Later, Kartik falls unconscious when Naira is about to deliver her child.
#73 | 10/05/2020Good News for Kartik, Naira
While Naira gives birth to a baby girl, the Goenkas and Singhanias relish the good news. Later, Kartik gets paranoid when the nurse takes the baby away.
#74 | 10/06/2020The Goenkas are Together Again!
Suhasini is perplexed about missing the auspicious time for the baby's welcome. After Kartik and Naira unveil their surprise, the Goenkas rejoice together.
#75 | 10/07/2020Kartik, Naira's New Problem
Suhasini is left feeling bitter about Krishna interacting with Manish and the newborn baby. Later, Kartik and Naira face a tough time getting the baby to sleep.
#76 | 10/08/2020An Auspicious Moment for KaiRa
Kartik and Naira receive some gifts after the Shahad Chatne Ki Rasm. Later, the Singhanias and the Goenkas gather for the Nahavan ceremony.
#77 | 10/09/2020Manish's Unexpected Recovery
The Goenkas grow worried as Manish and the newborn narrowly survive a mishap. However, their shock turns into a blessing as Manish recovers from his mental illness.
#78 | 10/10/2020Manish, Back to His Normal Self
The Goenkas swell with joy as Manish and Swarna share an emotional moment post his recovery. Later, Naksh and Kirti try to hide about their divorce from Kartik.
#79 | 10/12/2020Kartik, Naira Share a Dance
Kartik and Naira share a dance after successfully getting the baby to sleep. While Naksh casts suspicions on Kirti, trouble brews at the Goenka house.
#80 | 10/13/2020Krishna Leaves the House?
Kirti fears she might lose Krish in the divorce while Krishna decides to run away from the house. Later, Kartik and Naira's decision shocks the Goenkas.
#81 | 10/14/2020Special Day for Kartik, Naira
The Goenkas individually approach Kirti to make sure their suggestion gets picked for Kartik and Naira's baby. Later, tensions flare between Kartik and Suhasini.
#82 | 10/15/2020Kartik, Naira Welcome Kairav
The Goenkas rejoice the return of Vansh while Naksh gives them distressing news about Kairav. Later, Kartik and Naira are in for a delightful surprise.
#83 | 10/16/2020Naira Gets the Perfect Name
Kirti gets Naira ready for the Naamkaran ceremony while the Goenkas struggle to find the perfect name. Later, Naira's heartfelt suggestion wins over the family.
#84 | 10/17/2020An Ultimatum For Kartik, Naira
Kairav expresses his displeasure over including Krishna in the family photograph. Later, Kartik and Naira receive an ultimatum to adopt Krishna immediately.
#85 | 10/19/2020A Tough Choice for Kartik, Naira
Kairav feels insecure as Kartik and Naira start the legal procedure to adopt Krishna. Later, the Singhanias and the Goenkas plan a surprise for Naksh and Kirti.
#86 | 10/20/2020Naksh Has Had Enough?
Naksh discloses to the family about his deteriorating relationship with Kirti. While Krish is stunned to learn about their divorce, Kairav falls in grave danger.
#87 | 10/21/2020Kartik, Naira Console Kairav
Kartik and Naira race against the clock to save Kairav from disaster. While they console a petrified Kairav, Naksh makes his stance clear to the family.
#88 | 10/22/2020Kairav Feels Insecure
Kairav feels anxious when Kartik and Naira spend quality time with Krishna at the dining table. Later, the Goenkas confront Kartik about adopting Krishna.
#89 | 10/23/2020Can Kartik Convince the Family?
Kartik tries to convince the family about his decision of adopting Krishna while Naksh yearns for Krish. Later, Kairav shares his griefs with Krish and Vansh.
#90 | 10/24/2020Kartik, Naira Put on a Play
Kartik and Naira don the roles of Vasudev and Devaki to teach Kairav a lesson. While Kairav takes a stand for Krishna, Manish makes a sudden announcement.
#91 | 10/26/2020Kartik, Naira's Alone Time
Kartik and Naira spend some time alone while Naksh and Manish get into a heated argument. Later, Kartik and Naira are faced with an urgent deadline.
#92 | 10/27/2020Kairav Doesn't Get His Wish
Krishna gets emotional when Kartik and Naira give her some bad news. While Gayu confronts Naira, Kairav's dream to play Ram's character is foiled.
#93 | 10/28/2020Kartik, Naira Set Things Right
Kartik and Naira manage to get Kairav to do the right thing while Naksh visits the Goenka mansion. Later, disaster strikes during the kanya pujan.
#94 | 10/29/2020Krishna's Reckless Act
The family rebukes Krishna for her reckless act while Suhasini takes a stern decision. Later, the Ramleela skit commences in high spirits.
#95 | 10/30/2020Kairav Feels Dejected
While Kairav refuses to participate in the skit due to stage fear, Naira and Kartik motivate him. Later, Vansh and Krish worry about Kairav.
#96 | 10/31/2020Kairav Targets Krishna
Kairav executes a plan to land Krishna in Kartik and Naira's bad books. While the award ceremony commences, Kairav's plan yields an unexpected outcome.
#97 | 11/02/2020Kairav to Akshara's Rescue
Kairav decides to drop the plan against Krishna when the family is baffled about Akshara's disappearance. Later, he lands in trouble as he sets out to rescue Akshara.
#98 | 11/03/2020Kairav's Heartfelt Apology
The family is relieved after Akshara regains consciousness while Kairav apologises to Kartik and Naira. Later, Krishna cooks up a fake story to save Kairav.
#99 | 11/04/2020Kartik, Naira's Firm Decision
Kartik and Naira make a firm decision while Kairav grows remorseful. Later, Suhasini holds Krishna responsible for the sad events.
#100 | 11/05/2020The Goenkas Celebrate Dussehra
Kartik and Naira are relieved to see the children united. While the Goenkas perform Ravan Dahan for Dussehra, Kartik and Naira notice Kirti and Naksh quarreling.
#101 | 11/06/2020Naira's Uphill Battle
While Kartik tries to reason with Kirti, Naira struggles to make Naksh understand her point of view. Later, Vansh, Kairav and Krish meet Aditya in secret.
#102 | 11/07/2020The Goenka Kids Fight Back!
Krish and Kairav help Vansh fend off Aditya but end up pushing him off a cliff. Later, they inform Kartik and Naira about the incident. Is it the end of Aditya?
#103 | 11/09/2020Naira's Shocking Decision
Kartik, Naksh and Manish get petrified after seeing the cops at the spot. While Naira takes a shocking decision, the police inquire Aditya.
#104 | 11/10/2020Good News for the Goenkas
Naksh and Kirti gather evidence against Aditya while the cop makes a shocking decision. Later, Kartik and Naira return home bearing some good news.
#105 | 11/11/2020Will KaiRa's Efforts Bear Fruit?
Kartik and Naira try to convince Naksh and Kirti to drop the idea of getting divorced. While unexpected news awaits the Goenkas, the kids plan a surprise.
#106 | 11/12/2020Naira Lands in Trouble
Kartik plans a grand surprise for Naira. While Naksh and Kirti celebrate Karva Chauth, Naira encounters a big problem.
#107 | 11/13/2020KaiRa's Unique Karva Chauth
Naira faces many hurdles before she can reach Kartik while the family learn about her disappearance. Later, Kartik and Naira perform the rituals for Karva Chauth.
#108 | 11/14/2020KaiRa Rock the Dance Floor
Kartik and Naira celebrate Naksh and Kirti's wedding by dancing their heart out on the stage. Later, Kartik and Manish are in disagreement over Naira's duties.
#109 | 11/16/2020Kairav Is Upset
Naira and Kartik console an upset Kairav when his painting gets spoiled. While Manish gets angry, Naira and Kartik spend some time together.
#110 | 11/17/2020Kairav's Unthinkable Act
Kairav decides to do the unthinkable under the influence of peer pressure. While Vansh, Krish and Kairav engage in a fight, Naira receives some shocking news.
#111 | 11/18/2020Naira Grows Restless
Naira feels anxious after learning about the perilous incident. Later, Kartik rebukes Naira for her stern behaviour towards Kairav.
#112 | 11/19/2020Kairav Spills the Truth
Vansh gets upset about departing from Kairav. While Naira apologises to Kairav for scolding him, the latter spills a shocking truth.
#113 | 11/20/2020Kairav's Desperate Plea
Kairav begs Vansh not to jump off the terrace. While Kartik and Naira delight Samarth and Gayu with their act, Vansh does the unthinkable.
#114 | 11/21/2020Kartik, Naira at Loggerheads
Kartik and Naira get into a heated argument when she interrogates Kairav about Vansh. Later, Gayu overhears Kartik and Naira's conversation and confronts Kairav.
#115 | 11/23/2020Kairav Faces Accusations
Traumatised about Vansh's condition, Gayu vents her frustration out on Kairav. While Kartik rebukes Naira, Kairav is faced with some sharp accusations.
#116 | 11/24/2020Will Vansh Spill the Truth
The family grows dejected upon witnessing Vansh's condition. While Naira requests Vansh to spill the truth about the incident, Gayu loses her cool.
#117 | 11/25/2020Gayu Misunderstands Manish
Kairav's family grows concerned about his wavering health. While Naksh tries to pacify a dejected Naira, Gayu misunderstands Manish's decision.
#118 | 11/26/2020Gayu Loses Her Cool
Naksh tries to bridge the gap between Kartik and Naira while Gayu creates a huge scene. After losing her cool, Gayu lashes out at Naira and Kartik.
#119 | 11/27/2020Manish's Heartfelt Request
Much to everyone's shock, Surekha supports Gayu's decision of leaving the house. Later, Manish puts forth a heartfelt request before Kartik.
#120 | 11/28/2020Kartik Hurts Naira
Kartik's harsh behaviour leaves Naira dejected. While a cop interrogates Naira about Kairav, the family requests Kartik to rethink about his decision.
#121 | 11/30/2020A New Start For Naira
Naira saves a boy's life and later becomes overjoyed when Kairav acknowledges her efforts for him. Later, Kartik takes Kairav to meet Ridhima.
#122 | 12/01/2020Kartik's Shocking Revelation
On her way to get an ice-cream for Kairav, Naira spots him with Kartik and Ridhima. While Kartik spills the truth, a rattled Naira is in for a shock.
#123 | 12/02/2020Kairav Is Petrified
Kartik tries to convince a petrified Kairav about his hallucinations regarding Naira. While she grows remorseful, Naksh and Kirti make a selfless decision.
#124 | 12/03/2020KaiRa's Wonderful Surprise
Manish grows dejected about the separation between Kartik, Naira and Kairav from the family. Later, Kartik and Naira plan a surprise for Kairav.
#125 | 12/04/2020Naira's Quirky Disguise
Kairav is thrilled after witnessing the grand arrangement for his birthday. While a disguised Naira arrives at the party, an emotional Kairav yearns for her.
#126 | 12/05/2020Kairav's Birthday Bash
Naira objects when Kartik decides to spill the truth to the family. While Kairav celebrates his birthday, Luv and Kush arrive at the Goenkas.
#127 | 12/07/2020Kairav Longs for Naira
After the birthday party, Kairav longs to meet Naira, unaware of Kartik watching him. Later, Ridhima gives a piece of advice to Kartik and Naira.
#128 | 12/08/2020Naira's Plan Bears Fruit!
Kartik and Naira are over the moon when her idea to help Kairav works. While Ridhima notices an uncanny fact, Kartik and Naira encounter trouble.
#129 | 12/09/2020Confusing News for Naira, Kartik
Naira gets angry at Riddhima for giving Kairav junk food and hurts her emotions. While Vansh calls Kairav to wish him, Naira and Kartik learn some shocking news.
#130 | 12/10/2020A Shocker for Naira
Naira grows upset about Ridhima's closeness with Kairav while Naksh tries to stop Manish from travelling. Later, Naira learns a shocking truth about Ridhima.
#131 | 12/11/2020Kartik, Naira's Midnight Cravings
Kartik and Riddhima take Kairav to a restaurant where a strange incident occurs. Later, Riddhima gets upset seeing Kartik and Naira share an ice-cream.
#132 | 12/12/2020Vansh Spills the Beans
Vansh tells Gayu the truth, leaving her baffled. While Kairav's friends tease him, Gayu's shocking words leave Naksh devastated.
#133 | 12/14/2020Will Naira Get the Permission?
Kartik takes Naira on a date and tells her about Kairav missing Akshara and her. Later, they decide to take Ridhima's permission to meet Kairav.
#134 | 12/15/2020Naira, Kairav to Reunite
Ridhima grows envious after witnessing Kartik's love for Naira. While Naira is excited to meet Kairav, he plans a wonderful surprise.
#135 | 12/16/2020Naira, Kairav Reunite
While Kairav eagerly waits to meet Naira, he runs away after seeing the police. Later, Naira decides have a heart-to-heart with Kairav.
#136 | 12/17/2020KaiRa's Grand Reunion!
Kartik and Naira enjoy some quality time with their kids. Later, Ridhima recalls her horrifying past and admires Kairav.
#137 | 12/18/2020Ridhima's Unthinkable Act
Ridhima grows dejected after Kairav compares her with Naira. While Luv and Kush discuss about their career, Ridhima does the unthinkable.
#138 | 12/19/2020Naira Learns the Truth
Surekha creates a huge scene while Kairav apologises to Naira about the past. Later, Naira learns a shocking truth about Ridhima.
#139 | 12/21/2020A Shocker for Kartik, Naira
Kairav's sudden disappearance leaves Naira and Kartik in shock. While Suhasini's health condition begins to deteriorate, Kairav faces a perilous situation.
#140 | 12/22/2020Ridhima Is Confronted
Kartik and Naira save Kairav and confront Ridhima for her actions. Afterwards, they visit the hospital where Suhasini is admitted.
#141 | 12/23/2020Kartik, Naira Return Home
The Goenkas are elated as Naira and Kartik return home. Later, Naira tries to pacify the tension between her and Gayu's relationship.
#142 | 12/24/2020Naira Recalls the Past
An emotional Naira recalls some fond memories of Akshara while the kids brew a plan for Christmas. Later, Kartik and Naira engage in a friendly banter.
#143 | 12/25/2020Luv, Kush to the Rescue
The Goenkas grow rattled as they face a troublesome situation. While Kartik tries to retrieve some important files, Luv and Kush save the day.
#144 | 12/26/2020Manish's Shocking Decision
Naira and Kartik's surprise for each other is ruined after the latter bumps into some important documents. Will Manish's secret be out?
#145 | 12/28/2020Christmas with the Goenkas!
Kartik and Naira try to convince Manish into changing his decision over the family property. Later, the Goenkas celebrate Christmas with song and dance.
#146 | 12/29/2020Naira's Concern for Kartik
Naira grows anxious about Kartik's safety when the tyres of his car bursts. Later, Naira gets excited as the Goenkas plan a trip to visit Kuldevi temple.
#147 | 12/30/2020Naira Gets Praised
The Goenkas leave for a day out to a temple. As Suhasini praises Naira before the family, Gayu grows envious.
#148 | 12/31/2020A Delight for Kartik, Naira!
Kartik and Naira are delighted to meet Badi Dadi at Kuldevi temple. On the other hand, Vansh attempts to save Kairav from a deadly incident.
#149 | 01/01/2021Danger Looms over Kartik, Naira
Gayu feels guilty and expresses her feelings to Naksh before leaving. Elsewhere, Kartik and Naira's life is at stake when they land in an unexpected situation.
#150 | 01/02/2021Naira's Tremendous Sacrifice
Naira makes an unimaginable sacrifice while some of the family members meet with severe injuries. Later, the Goenkas race against the clock for their lives.
#151 | 01/04/2021Naira Puts On a Brave Face
Naira decides to stay strong for Kairav and the other family members. Meanwhile, Luv and Kush attempt to get help but fail.
#152 | 01/05/2021Naira's Life in Peril
Manish and Naksh pull themselves out of the bus. However, Naira's life hangs in the balance, and Kartik tries his very best to save her.
#153 | 01/06/2021Naira Falls to Her Death?
While the Goenkas get the fright of their life, Kartik soldiers on in his attempts to rescue Naira. Later, Naira comes face-to-face with death.
#154 | 01/07/2021Kartik Turns Inconsolable
The Goenkas face a tough time as Kartik turns inconsolable when Naira goes missing in the forest. Later, Kairav longs to meet Naira desperately.
#155 | 01/08/2021Kartik Loses Control
Kartik is unable to come to terms when the police give him a bad news about Naira. Later, Manish is forced to take an unexpected decision to control Kartik.
#156 | 01/09/2021Kartik Is Traumatised
The police call the Goenkas for the identification of a dead body. Kartik is traumatised after he witnesses the unthinkable.
#157 | 01/11/2021Karthik Is Shattered
The Goenkas are devastated. While Kartik is unable to cope without Naira, Kairav refuses to believe the tragic news.
#158 | 01/12/2021Kartik to End His Life?
The family mourns Naira's demise as Kartik performs the last rites. Meanwhile, Kartik decides to end his life after reaching the accident spot.
#159 | 01/13/2021Kartik Misses Naira
Depressed, Kartik hallucinates about Naira. While the family grows concerned about him, he takes a firm decision.
#160 | 01/14/2021Kartik Comes Home
To everyone's relief, Kartik returns home and assures the family not to worry about him. Later, he packs up Naira's things while recollecting her last words.
#161 | 01/15/2021Kartik's Wholehearted Act
Kartik goes to extreme lengths to save the kite and takes utmost care of Kairav. Later, Manish approaches Kartik to permit Kairav into pursuing a sport.
#162 | 01/16/2021Manish Questions Kartik
Manish expresses his concern over Kartik, focusing solely on Kairav and ignoring himself. Later, he takes a tough decision and receives an unexpected response.
#163 | 01/18/2021Kartik Hopes For the Best
Kartik remains hopeful that Kairav will change his decision of joining the boarding school. While Kairav remains firm, the Goenkas learn about his sacrifice.
#164 | 01/19/2021Kartik, Kairav Part Ways?
Kartik struggles to bid goodbye to Kairav after leaving him at the boarding school. On the other hand, a blast from the past awaits them.
#165 | 01/20/2021Is Naira Back?
Kairav is shocked and confused to see Naira in the boxing ring. Later, the girl reveals her identity. Who is she?
#166 | 01/21/2021Sirat Condemns Eela
Sirat gets into an argument with Eela when the latter defends Nanko. While Kairav hides the truth from Kartik, Sirat condemns Eela for ruining her childhood.
#167 | 01/22/2021Kairav Meets Sirat
The family tries to convince Kartik to allow Kairav to go on a school trip. Destiny strikes as Kairav and Sirat cross paths again.
#168 | 01/23/2021A Shocker for Kartik
Unaware of the reality, Kairav informs Kartik about Sirat. While Sirat grows dejected after she faces a hurdle in her career, Kartik is in for a grave shock.
#169 | 01/25/2021Kartik Worries for Kairav
Kartik decides to stay with Kairav and take care of him until he gets over Naira. Later, Kartik meets Mauri at the market while Sirat gets emotional on her birthday.
#170 | 01/26/2021Sirat Loses Her Temper
At the party, Sirat unleashes her fury on Sheela and Mukesh for humiliating her and Maudi. While Kartik thanks Rhea, Sheela plans to arrange Sirat's marriage.
#171 | 01/27/2021Sirat Speaks to Kartik
Sirat calls Kartik to thank him for taking care of Mauri, while the latter is shocked to hear her voice. Later, Kairav spots Sirat in his school.
#172 | 01/28/2021Sirat's Smart Play
Kairav claims to be Sirat's son, which she uses to her advantage to avoid her marriage talks. Later, Kartik receives bad news about Kairav.
#173 | 01/29/2021Big Day for Sirat
Sirat is enthusiastic about her boxing match while Kartik decides to bring Kairav home. Later, Sirat's opponent puts up a tough fight in the ring.
#174 | 01/30/2021Sirat Faces a Setback
Kairav becomes the reason for Sirat's disqualification from the match. While her pleading falls on deaf ears, Kartik is shocked when Kairav falls unconscious.
#175 | 02/01/2021Kartik's Stern Decision
Kartik berates the dean for not taking care of Kairav and decides to take him back home. While Sirat faces pressure from her family, Kairav refuses to leave.
#176 | 02/02/2021Kartik Is Shell-shocked
Kartik arrives at a cultural festival. While Sirat performs a traditional dance at the event, Kartik receives the shock of his life on spotting her.
#177 | 02/03/2021Unbelievable Sight for Kartik
Kartik can't believe his eyes when he sees Sirat and rushes to hug her assuming her to be Naira. Later, Sirat gets angry at her luck.
#178 | 02/04/2021Kartik, Kairav Accept Their Fate
Kartik and Kairav accept the hard truth that Sirat has no connection with Naira. While Kartik recollects his encounter with Sirat, the latter receives good news.
#179 | 02/05/2021Sirat Thinks about Kartik
While Manish grows concerned about Kartik's emotional state, Sirat can't stop thinking about the latter's assumptions. Later, she prepares for her trip to Udaipur.
#180 | 02/06/2021Sirat Warns Kartik
Kartik grows curious about Sirat and decides to dig into her personal life. Later, she gives him a stern warning when he visits her house uninvited.
#181 | 02/08/2021Kartik Talks to Sirat
Surekha tries to convince Swarna about Kartik's marriage with Riya. While Kartik reveals the truth about Kairav to Sirat, she loses her cool.
#182 | 02/09/2021Kartik Loses His Cool
Kartik berates Sirat's father for his outrageous behaviour. While Suhasini's return leaves the Goenkas elated, Kartik grows closer to Sirat.
#183 | 02/10/2021A Shocker for Sirat
Sirat asks her friend to get information about Naira. While Sirat's father and Sheela create a scene, Sirat gets shocked after seeing Naira's photograph.
#184 | 02/11/2021Sirat's Stern Decision
With a stern motive in mind, Sirat decides to visit the Goenka Mansion. While Kartik tries to hide news about Sirat from the family, Riya learns the truth.
#185 | 02/12/2021Sirat Visits the Goenka Villa
The Goenkas enjoy their family time by playing a basketball match at home. Later, Gayu is overwhelmed with joy when Sirat reaches the Goenka villa.
#186 | 02/13/2021Sirat's Heartfelt Apology
Sirat saves Kairav from a peril. Filled with remorse, Sirat apologies to Kartik for her past behaviour. Later, Kartik tries to appease a restless Kairav.
#187 | 02/15/2021A Big Day for Sirat!
Sirat recalls bad memories on her birthday while Kartik longs for Naira on his marriage anniversary. Later, Sirat gears up for her boxing match.
#188 | 02/16/2021A Delight for Kartik
Kartik receives a pleasant surprise at the party while Sirat wins the boxing match by knocking down her opponent. Later, she gears up for a party.
#189 | 02/17/2021Sirat's Unthinkable Act
Unaware of the reality, Sirat receives the cake gifted by Kartik. While Kartik gives a heartfelt speech about Naira, Sirat does the unthinkable.
#190 | 02/18/2021Kartik Berates Sirat
The Goenkas are baffled after seeing Sirat in Naira's gown. An enraged Kartik lashes out at her for arriving at the party and following the family.
#191 | 02/19/2021Sirat Breaks Down
Kartik is in a fix when Kairav pleads with him to bring Sirat back. Upon remembering the past humiliation, Sirat breaks down during her birthday celebration.
#192 | 02/20/2021Sirat Declines an Offer
Badi Dadi offers huge money to Sirat to work as a governess for Kairav but Sirat declines the offer. Elsewhere, Kairav gets hospitalised.
#193 | 02/22/2021Sirat Confronts Kartik
A hurt Sirat takes a drastic step after leaving her house. On finding out Kartik paid her hospital bills, Sirat questions him.
#194 | 02/23/2021Sirat Visits Kairav
Kartik requests Sirat to meet Kairav as his health turns critical in the hospital. The Goenkas feel grateful when she visits Kairav.
#195 | 02/24/2021Sirat Stuns the Goenkas
Manish overhears Akhilesh and Suhasini's conversation while Kartik yearns for Naira. Later, Sirat's arrival at the Goenkas with Mauri leaves everyone stunned.
#196 | 02/25/2021Kairav Welcomes Sirat
Kairav is delighted to see Sirat arrive at the house but Manish feels that she is taking advantage. Later, Kartik and Manish get into a disagreement.
#197 | 02/26/2021Sirat, Kartik's Awkward Moment
Sirat catches Kartik in her arms when he loses his footing in the bathroom and the two get awkward. Later, Manish gets competitive against Sirat.
#198 | 02/27/2021Riya's Cunning Ploy
Sirat grows emotional after seeing a video of Kartik and Naira. While Riya puts her cunning plan into motion, Sirat asks an unexpected question to Kartik.
#199 | 02/28/2021Kartik Upsets Sirat
Sirat gets upset when Kartik blames her for taking Kairav to an undesirable location. Later, Manish suspects Sirat and makes a glaring accusation against her.
#200 | 03/01/2021Sirat Faces Wild Allegations
The Goenkas are shocked when Manish calls Sirat a gold digger. Later, Kartik consoles an emotional Sirat while the family feels sorry for her.
#201 | 03/02/2021Kartik Suspects Sirat
Gayatri gives Naira's ring to Sirat, but Riya robs it from her. While Kartik suspects Sirat of stealing the ring, she lashes out at him.
#202 | 03/03/2021Sirat Leaves the House
Sirat leaves the house without any of her belongings and asks Kartik to search the ring in them. Later, Kairav finds a shocking thing in the garden.
#203 | 03/04/2021Kartik Defends Sirat
Kartik defends Sirat after Mukhesh calls the police to get her arrested. Later, Sirat grows remorseful about her harsh behaviour towards Kartik.
#204 | 03/05/2021Kartik Learns Sirat's History
Kairav gets very attached to Sirat while Kartik learns about her past from Mauri. Later, Kartik takes a big decision for Kairav's sake.
#205 | 03/06/2021Kartik Teams Up with Sirat
Kairav is under the impression that Naira is pretending to be Sirat because she is a spy. Later, Kartik teams up with Sirat and accepts Mukesh's challenge.
#206 | 03/08/2021Kartik's Request For Manish
While Sirat blames Kartik for accepting the challenge without a plan, Kartik requests Manish to be in his team. Sirat and Kartik start their practice.
#207 | 03/09/2021Sirat Trains Kartik
Sirat trains Kartik for their upcoming challenge. While Kartik gets injured by Mukesh's sly act, a surprise awaits him and Sirat.
#208 | 03/10/2021The Goenkas Team Up
Kartik and Sirat are elated as the Goenkas join their team for the challenge. As the game commences, Sirat lashes out at Mukesh for insulting Kartik.
#209 | 03/11/2021Manish Learns The Truth
Manish finds out that his family members lied to him to help Kartik in his match. While team Kartik faces imminent defeat, Kairav tries to motivate them.
#210 | 03/12/2021Kartik Lands in Trouble
Everyone gets delighted after Kartik defeats his opponent in the match. While Suhasini doubts Sirat's capability, Kartik lands in a troublesome situation.
#211 | 03/13/2021Kartik Wins The Match
Kartik takes Manish's tip and lands the final blow to win the match for his team. Later, Kartik and Sirat plan to convince Kairav of the truth.
#212 | 03/15/2021Kartik Misses Naira
Sirat and Kartik put up a pretentious fight before Kairav. While the Goenkas yearn for Naira , Kartik is shocked to see Sirat's dance.
#213 | 03/16/2021Sirat, Kartik Come Close
On the occasion of 'Maha Shivratri', the families witness Sirat and Kartik coming close. However, a dispute arises as Mukesh creates a scene.
#214 | 03/17/2021Kartik Brings Sirat Home
Kartik and Sirat create a scene as the villagers criticise them. Later, Kartik takes Sirat and her grandmother along with his family to the Goenka mansion.
#215 | 03/18/2021Will Manish Change His Mind?
The Goenkas convince Manish to allow Sirat and her grandmother to stay in their residence. Later, Manish puts forth an unusual request to Riya.
#216 | 03/19/2021Kartik's Surprise for Sirat
Manish grows worried about Kartik and Sirat's developing bond. Meanwhile, Kartik surprises Sirat by taking her to a boxing federation.
#217 | 03/20/2021Kartik Lashes Out!
Riya manipulates Kartik into believing that Sirat is intentionally teaching Kairav boxing. Filled with rage Kartik lashes out at her.
#218 | 03/22/2021Sirat Saves the Day!
While Gayu drives the car recklessly, Sirat risks her life to save Kairav from danger. Later, Kartik brings Sirat, Gayu and Kairav back to the Goenka mansion.
#219 | 03/23/2021Sirat Falls Prey
Sirat's coach, Dev Chaudhary, spikes her energy drink. Elsewhere, the Goenkas perform Holika Dahan Puja while Kartik senses trouble.
#220 | 03/24/2021Kartik Comforts Sirat
Kartik rescues Sirat from Dev Chaudhary's evil clutches. Later, he pacifies her during the Holika Dahan Puja at the Goenka mansion.
#221 | 03/25/2021Kartik Assists Sirat
Kartik offers to help Sirat by filing a police complaint against her coach, Dev Chaudhary. Later, the Goenkas misinterpret Kartik's decision.
#222 | 03/26/2021Riya's Cunning Plan
Sirat and Kairav spend a blissful time together. While Riya hatches a wicked plan against Sirat, the Goenkas celebrate Holi.
#223 | 03/27/2021Sirat's Heroic Act
Kairav gets trapped in a burning room, and Sirat jumps in to rescue him. The entire family praises her for her bravery.
#224 | 03/29/2021Sirat to Get Arrested?
Kairav thanks Sirat for rescuing him. While the police arrive at the Goenkas to arrest Sirat, Kartik reveals about Dev's audacious act.
#225 | 03/30/2021Kartik Stands His Ground
Despite Manish's stern command, Kartik remains adamant about his relationship with Sirat and refuses to marry Riya. However, Sirat is in for a huge shock.
#226 | 03/31/2021Kartik Feels Guilty
Kartik recalls his statements about Sirat and feels guilty. While Riya has a shocking outburst, Kartik decides to sort things out between him and Sirat.
#227 | 04/01/2021Kartik's Shocking Deal
Mauri gets offended after Riya speaks ill about Sirat. While Kartik puts forth a shocking deal before Sirat, Riya manipulates Manish.
#228 | 04/02/2021Kartik to Marry Sirat?
Kairav enjoys his time with Sirat while Mauri and Suhasini Dadi hit upon an idea. Later, as Mauri's health gets critical, she tells Kartik about her wish.
#229 | 04/03/2021Sirat, Kartik to Get Hitched?
Suhasini and Mauri attempt to convince Sirat and Kartik to get hitched. While Kartik asks Sirat to rethink her decision, Manish loses his cool.
#230 | 04/05/2021Sirat Is Confused
Sirat feels confused about whether or not to tell Kartik about her past while Riya overhears her conversation. Later, Manish asks her to find the truth.
#231 | 04/06/2021Riya's Devious Move
Riya executes her evil plan after Sheila cooks up a sob story about Mukesh. Later, Manish rebukes Sirat for berating Sheila.
#232 | 04/07/2021Sirat Faces Accusations
The family accuses Sirat of carelessness when Akshara goes missing from the Goenka mansion. Later, Kartik finds a vital lead while searching for her.
#233 | 04/08/2021Riya Is Up to No Good!
Sirat doubts Riya's strange behaviour and suspects her of kidnapping Akshara. In the meantime, Kartik grows emotional over Akshara's sudden disappearance.
#234 | 04/09/2021Sirat Finds Akshara
During the desperate search, baby Akshara comes crawling to Sirat. As everybody proceeds to celebrate this with a ceremony, Sirat delves into self-doubt.
#235 | 04/10/2021Sirat Spills the Truth
Riya plans to do the arrangements for her and Kartik's wedding. While the kids play a prank on Riya, Sirat spills an unexpected truth about her past.
#236 | 04/12/2021Kartik Advises Sirat
Feeling emotional after hearing everything, Kartik comforts Sirat. Later, he advises her to live life to the brim, leaving the past behind.
#237 | 04/13/2021Sirat Shocks Kartik
Kartik is surprised when Sirat agrees to perform the ritual for his family's happiness. Later, Sheila demands more money for information about Sirat's past.
#238 | 04/14/2021Kartik Plans a Surprise
Kartik plans to give a special gift to Sirat for Gangaur and learns about the SSC. Later, Mauri invites Kartik and his family to her room for a ritual.
#239 | 04/15/2021Sirat Loves the Gift
Sheila pleads to perform the ritual on Sirat's mother's behalf, but Kartik asks Mauri to do it. Later, Sirat is elated to receive a gift from Kartik.
#240 | 04/16/2021A Shocking News for Ranveer
Kartik tells Ranveer about Sirat's happiness after receiving the gift. Later, as Ranveer receives some shocking news, a disturbing thought troubles Sirat.
#241 | 04/19/2021Manish's Sudden Decision
Sirat dresses up beautifully for Gangaur, but Kartik is reminded of Naira and becomes emotional. Later, Manish's shocking choice makes Sirat happy.
#242 | 04/20/2021Sirat Emerges Victorious
Sirat is overjoyed as she is declared winner of the competition. While she makes a blunder during one of the rituals, Kartik bumps into Ranveer.
#243 | 04/21/2021Sirat Misses Ranveer
Sirat gets emotional as she recollects the fond memories of Ranveer. While Choti Daadi is elated to meet Sirat, Kirti gives Kartik a piece of sound advice.
#244 | 04/22/2021A Joyful Moment for Kartik, Sirat
Kartik and Sirat pray to God as their wedding invitation cards are printed. Elsewhere, Ranveer tries to forget his past with Sirat.
#245 | 04/23/2021Naksh Loses His Temper
Sirat gets emotional while trying to select a dress for her wedding and Kartik tries to cheer her up. Later, Naksh gets furious to learn about Kartik and Sirat.
#246 | 04/24/2021Naksh Blames Kartik
Naksh reprimands Kartik for forgetting Naira so fast and falling for a lookalike. As Ranveer catches a glimpse of Sirat, he decides to meet Sirat once.
#247 | 04/26/2021Kartik Stands His Ground
Kartik justifies his actions and tells Naksh the reason behind marrying Sirat. Elsewhere, a frustrated Ranveer does the unbelievable.
#248 | 04/27/2021Kartik Meets Ranveer
Kartik meets an injured Ranveer and tends to his wounds. Elsewhere, Sirat gears up for her wedding with Kartik and selects jewellery.
#249 | 04/28/2021Ranveer Meets Mauri
In a twist of events, Ranveer meets Sirat's grandmother. Meanwhile, Manish and Kartik discuss Sirat's disturbing past.
#250 | 04/29/2021Kartik Remembers Naira
Kartik refuses to get engaged to Sirat as he hallucinates about Naira. Elsewhere, Sirat talks to Naira’s picture after getting ready for the ceremony.
#251 | 04/30/2021Naksh Motivates Kartik
Naksh persuades Kartik to change his decision when he refuses to get engaged to Sirat. Later, things take an ugly turn, and the engagement ceremony comes to a shocking halt.
#252 | 05/01/2021An Opportunity for Riya!
Kartik forces Ranveer to attend his engagement, but he refuses to do so. Later, Riya tries to convince Ranveer to stop Sirat’s engagement ceremony.
#253 | 05/03/2021Heartbreak for Ranveer
Riya tries to instigate Ranveer to stop Sirat's engagement. But seeing her happiness, Ranveer stops himself and runs away before Sirat spots him.
#254 | 05/04/2021Sirat’s Past Is Revealed
The Goenka family comes to know about Sirat’s past while she is in hospital. On being accused of her relation with Ranveer, Sirat gives a sharp reply.
#255 | 05/05/2021Kartik Makes an Appeal
Kartik urges Sirat to meet Ranveer and uncover his side of the story. Later, Ranveer's sister makes a shocking revelation to Kartik.
#256 | 05/06/2021Kartik’s Ethical Dilemma
Ranveer is taken to the police station and put in lock-up. Later, Kartik is torn by a dilemma as he has to choose between Sirat’s love and Kairav’s happiness.
#257 | 05/07/2021Sirat Recollects Her Past
Sirat is reminded of Ranveer when she witnesses an accident. She is overwhelmed with emotions, on finding a handmade gift by him.
#258 | 05/08/2021Sirat, Ranveer's Emotional Reunion
An emotional Sirat reunites with Ranveer and learns the truth from him. Meanwhile, Kartik faces a dilemma as Kairav is adamant to speak with Sirat.
#259 | 05/10/2021Kartik Alerts Ranveer, Sirat
Kartik warns Ranveer and Sirat about an imminent danger to their lives. While he brings them to his house, Mauri makes a shocking confession to Sirat.
#260 | 05/11/2021Sirat Picks a Side
Worried about Kairav's future, Manish confronts Kartik regarding his choice of marrying Sirat. Later, Sirat stuns Kartik by picking a side.
#261 | 05/12/2021Sirat, Ranveer's Romantic Time
Ranveer and Sirat spend some happy moments and discuss their life together. Later, Sirat tells everyone that she cares about Kairav's future.
#262 | 05/13/2021Kairav Gets to Know Ranveer
Kairav finds out about Ranveer and Sirat and is upset because he has to let Sirat go. Later, he interviews Ranveer to know how suitable he is for Sirat.
#263 | 05/14/2021Sirat Bids Goodbye
Kartik convinces Mauri to stay with him even though Sirat is not marrying him. Later, Sirat bids goodbye to the Goenka family.
#264 | 05/15/2021Ranveer Proposes to Sirat
Ranveer pours his heart out to Sirat and asks her to marry him. However, fear grips her when she learns about Kairav's medical test.
#265 | 05/17/2021Sirat’s Concern for Kairav
A concerned Sirat comes to the hospital to know about Kairav’s tests. Later, the Goenkas enjoy the tree plantation for Kairav’s school project.
#266 | 05/18/2021Ranveer Feels Possessive
Kartik brings a male boxer for Sirat to practice with. Burnt by jealousy, a possessive Ranveer leaves when Sirat refuses to discontinue her practice.
#267 | 05/19/2021Sirat Gets a Premonition
Sirat senses something ominous while she enjoys the Puja ceremony with the Goenkas. Elsewhere, Ranveer and Kartik face an accident on the road.
#268 | 05/20/2021Sirat to Marry Ranveer
Sirat agrees to marry Ranveer after he returns safely from the accident. Later, she performs the Puja rituals for Ranveer with the Goenka family.
#269 | 05/21/2021Kartik to Host the Wedding
Kartik convinces Sirat and Ranveer to let him organise their wedding. While Ranveer chooses to not invite his family, Manish and Kartik await a special client.
#270 | 05/22/2021Sirat, Kartik's Heart-to-heart
Kartik helps out an injured Sirat, who feels a wave of gratitude towards him. On an emotional note, she opens up about Maudi.
#271 | 05/24/2021Sirat's Mehendi Function
Ranveer, Kartik and Sirat dance their hearts out at her Mehendi ceremony. Later, a surprise guest arrives at the function.
#272 | 05/25/2021Kartik's Stand for Sirat
Kartik and Manish request Narendranath to accept Sirat and Ranveer's marriage. Later, a furious Kartik retaliates when Narendranath insults Sirat.
#273 | 05/26/2021Sirat Goes Missing
Kartik tells Sirat that her smile is the greatest gift for him. Later, the Goenkas grow anxious as Kairav finds Sirat missing from her room.
#274 | 05/27/2021Ranveer, Kartik On a Mission
When Sirat goes missing, Ranveer and Kartik desperately look for her. Meanwhile, Narendranath plans to get rid of Sirat.
#275 | 05/28/2021Kartik-Sirat's Unspoken Love
Kartik and Sirat have their moment as the wedding comes closer. Meanwhile, Ranveer gets emotional upon reuniting with his mother and sister.
#276 | 05/29/2021Sirat Faces a Dilemma
Sirat gets worried as the boxing match is on the day of her wedding. While Narendranath makes his evil move, Ranveer supports Sirat.
#277 | 05/31/2021Sirat in Grave Trouble!
Narendranath's plan comes into action when Sirat gets wounded during the boxing match. On the other hand, Police arrive to search Ranveer's mansion.
#278 | 06/01/2021Victory for Sirat
Sirat manages to gain victory when Kartik motivates her during the boxing match. Meanwhile, Ranveer takes a drastic step against Narendranath.
#279 | 06/02/2021Sirat, Ranveer Get Hitched
Ranveer apologises to Sirat on Narendranath's behalf. Later, the Goenkas rejoice Sirat and Ranveer's wedding ceremony on a grand note.
#280 | 06/03/2021Sirat, Ranveer's New Beginnings
Kartik gives Narendranath a stern warning after humiliating him. Furthermore, Sirat attends an interview after her wedding with Ranveer.
#281 | 06/04/2021Sirat Bids Farewell
Sirat gets emotional as she bids adieu to Mauri and the Goenkas. While Kairav and Kartik miss her, Ranveer welcomes Sirat into their new home.
#282 | 06/05/2021Sirat Receives a Gift
Worried about Kartik's health, Kairav calls Sirat for help. After Ranveer and Sirat perform their post-marriage rituals, she receives an ancestral gift.
#283 | 06/07/2021Kartik's Promise to Sirat
Sirat motivates Kartik when he promises her that he will soon get married. Later, the Goenkas shake a leg and play games with Sirat and Ranveer.
#284 | 06/08/2021Narendranath Cries Crocodile Tears?
Narendranath breaks down while watching his wife on the verge of death. However, Ranveer, Sirat, and Kartik refuse to believe his tears.
#285 | 06/09/2021Sirat's Quest for a Bride
Sirat decides to find a suitable bride for Kartik and enrolls him on a matrimonial site. On the other hand, Ranveer fails to make Sirat jealous.
#286 | 06/10/2021Kartik Convinces Sirat
A furious Kartik behaves rudely with Sirat when she urges him to meet a girl. While he shares his unwillingness with her, Ranveer supports Kartik.
#287 | 06/11/2021Ranveer, Sirat Make Up
While Ranveer and Sirat are back on good terms after his apology, she is excited about their honeymoon. Later Narendranath makes an offer to Sirat.
#288 | 06/12/2021Sirat Is in a Quandary
Sirat is confused about the love of her life when Kartik puts forth a question to her. Later, Sirat and Ranveer prepare to leave for their honeymoon.
#289 | 06/14/2021Sirat Rejects Kartik's Project
A confused Sirat avoids Kartik, but her lie gets caught. Later, Ranveer tries to make Sirat accept Kartik's project as she declines to be a part of it.
#290 | 06/15/2021Kartik Interrogates Sirat
Sirat accepts Kartik's offer, but he observes her unusual behaviour. Further, a worried Kartik tries to get answers from her.
#291 | 06/16/2021Sirat's Concern for Kairav
Sirat enjoys a date with Ranveer, ignoring Kairav's crucial messages. Later, she feels concerned and rushes to join Kairav's school competition.
#292 | 06/17/2021Kartik Faces Allegations
As Sirat tries to avoid attending the official announcement of the team, Kartik gets blamed. Elsewhere, the Goenkas celebrate Kairav's success.
#293 | 06/18/2021Narendranath to Expose Sirat?
Narendranath eavesdrops on Kalavati and Sirat's private conversation. Later, he invites the Goenkas for dinner to expose Sirat.
#294 | 06/19/2021Ranveer Sides with Sirat
Narendranath tries provoking Sirat to confess her love for Kartik. However, Ranveer stands by her and makes Narendranath apologise to them.
#295 | 06/21/2021Sirat in a Dilemma
After receiving multiple pieces of advice, Sirat grows uncertain about her feelings for Kartik. Will she acknowledge her affection or continue lying to herself?
#296 | 06/22/2021Sirat to Suhasini's Rescue
Sirat lands a knockout punch on Manish during their boxing practice. Later, she comes to Suhasini's rescue when the latter meets with an accident.
#297 | 06/23/2021A Dilemma for Sirat, Ranveer
Suhasini thinks that Sirat and Kartik are married, owing to her memory loss. The Goenkas request Sirat and Ranveer to hide their marriage from her.
#298 | 06/24/2021Suhasini Learns the Truth
Suhasini finds out about Sirat and Ranveer's marriage from Kartik. While Kartik accompanies Sirat for her next match, Narendranath plots against them.
#299 | 06/25/2021Sirat to Come Clean
Sirat feels guilty upon realising that she loves Kartik and not Ranveer. While Ranveer throws a party for her, she decides to confess the truth to him.
#300 | 06/26/2021Will Sirat Confess?
Sirat assumes Kartik to be Ranveer and tries to tell the truth about her feelings but he stops her. Will she be able to tell him?
#301 | 06/28/2021Sirat Pours Her Heart Out
Ranveer loses consciousness when an emotional Sirat confesses her feelings for Kartik. Later, the doctors plan for an operation as Ranveer's health turns critical.
#302 | 06/29/2021Sirat's Concern for Ranveer
Kartik and Kalavati visit the hospital to check on Ranveer's health condition. Elsewhere, Sirat prays for his speedy recovery.
#303 | 06/30/2021Sirat Makes the Tough Choice
Sirat gets emotional when Ranveer says that he can't live without her. She decides to stay with him and cuts all ties with Kartik.
#304 | 07/01/2021Narendranath Threatens Sirat
Narendranath vows to kill Sirat if she breaks Ranveer's heart. While Ranveer thanks Sirat for being in his life, Kartik hallucinates Naira.
#305 | 07/02/2021Sirat Changes Her Mind
After receiving a piece of advice from Kalavati, Sirat changes her attitude towards Ranveer. Later, Narendranath mocks Sirat.
#306 | 07/03/2021Ranveer Is Relieved
Ranveer puts Sirat to test by passing firm commands. Later, he is relieved as Kartik offers him a solution for their business.
#307 | 07/05/2021Narendranath's Evil Plan
While Sirat tries to avoid Kartik, Narendranath hatches a devious plan against them. Later, the Goenkas plan Manish and Swarna's wedding function.
#308 | 07/06/2021Kartik's Precious Advice
Sirat grows anxious as Ranveer brings her to Swarna and Manish's wedding function. Later, Kartik gives precious advice to the couple.
#309 | 07/07/2021Sirat Changes Her Mind
Sirat apologises to Kartik for taking advantage of his friendship, and they sort out their differences. While Narendra arrives at the party, Sirat reconsiders her decision.
#310 | 07/08/2021Narendra's Sinister Plan
Narendra makes a plan to show Sirat is having an affair with Kartik, to separate her and Ranveer. Later, Kartik gets locked in a room with Sirat.
#311 | 07/09/2021Sirat Learns Her Destiny
When the Banjaran tells Sirat that she will end up with Kartik, she refuses to believe it. Later, Manish and Swarna get married to each other.
#312 | 07/10/2021Kartik Confronts Narendranath
As Manish and Swarna complete the rituals, Kartik learns about Narendranath's plan. Later, Kartik gets into a tiff with him and urges him to leave.
#313 | 07/12/2021Ranveer Feels Uneasy
After hearing Sirat and Kartik's audio recording, Ranveer feels jittery. Later, he goes missing from the Goenka mansion, leaving Sirat worried.
#314 | 07/13/2021Ranveer, Sirat's Fatal Accident
Fraught with anger, Ranveer blames Sirat for cheating him but she apologizes. Ranveer and Sirat face a deadly accident while he drives recklessly.
#315 | 07/14/2021Ranveer's Life at Stake
Kartik reaches in time to save Ranveer from the accident. Later, Ranveer feels uneasy, leaving Kartik feeling suspicious.
#316 | 07/15/2021Bad News for Ranveer
Ranveer is devastated upon learning that he is terminally ill. Kartik urges him not to lose hope when he informs him about his ailment.
#317 | 07/16/2021Ranveer's Shocking Demand
Ranveer is distressed to learn that his death is imminent. Later, his unexpected demand leaves Kartik feeling perplexed.
#318 | 07/17/2021Kartik in a Dilemma
Kartik tells Ranveer that his wish is not possible because Sirat doesn't love him. However, he is shocked to find out the truth.
#319 | 07/19/2021Kartik to Convince Ranveer?
Manish and Swarna plan to convince Kartik for a second marriage. Later, Kartik urges Ranveer to inform Sirat about his ailment.
#320 | 07/20/2021Ranveer's Appeal to Narendranath
Ranveer urges Narendranath to forego his hatred and wholeheartedly accept Sirat. While Kartik worries for Ranveer, Sirat witnesses a shocking scene.
#321 | 07/21/2021Sirat Takes a Resolution
Sirat breaks down on learning about Ranveer's fatal condition, but she refuses to give up. Later, she decides to give Ranveer all the happiness in the world.
#322 | 07/22/2021Ranveer Breaths His Last?
Narendranath grows vengeful after finding Ranveer in deteriorating condition. A dying Ranveer forces Kartik and Sirat to make a promise.
#323 | 07/23/2021Sirat Gets Blamed
Ranveer's mother blames Sirat for his death and accuses Kartik of having evil intentions. Later, Narendranath plans to frame Kartik and Sirat.
#324 | 07/24/2021Ranveer's Message for Sirat
Sirat receives a voice message where Ranveer asks her not to cancel her boxing match because of his death. Later, Manish and Swarna hear shocking news.
#325 | 07/26/2021Sirat Gets into Trouble
Kartik fights with the Goenkas to keep Sirat safe in their house. Later, the police come to arrest a troubled Sirat on charges of Ranveer's murder.
#326 | 07/27/2021Sirat Gets Arrested
Sirat is taken into custody for Ranveer's alleged murder. While Sirat and the Goenkas face defamation, Suhasini makes a surprising request to Kartik.
#327 | 07/28/2021Sirat Feels Worried
Kartik meets Sirat who is secretly hiding from the media. While she shares her worries about Kalavati to Kartik, he boosts her spirit over the phone.
#328 | 07/29/2021Kartik's Smart Move
Kartik asks Aradhana to live telecast his interview so that she can't alter his words. Later, Kartik smartly destroys the evidence Aradhana had against Sirat.
#329 | 07/30/2021Tragedy Strikes Sirat
Kartik and the Goenkas are shocked to find Kalavati dead in her room. Later, Kartik brings Sirat home to attend the funeral.
#330 | 07/31/2021Kartik Faces a Deadline
Kartik learns about Narendranath's ploy of transferring Sirat to the central prison. Later, he races against time to stop her relocation.
#331 | 08/02/2021Sirat's Drastic Step
Kartik bails Sirat out of prison and performs Kalavati's last rites with her. Later, Sirat takes a shocking decision to avoid becoming a burden on Kartik.
#332 | 08/03/2021A Fresh Start for Sirat
Kartik finds it difficult to forget about Sirat and move on with his life even after six months. Elsewhere, Sirat has found a fresh start using a false identity.
#333 | 08/04/2021Kartik Returns to India
Sirat recalls the allegations she faced in the past from Ranveer's family. On the other hand, the Goenkas welcome Kartik as he returns to India.
#334 | 08/05/2021Sirat Plans a Surprise
Kartik grows desperate to trace Siart's location. Elsewhere, Sirat plans a pleasant surprise for her landlords. Later, an unexpected visitor attends the celebrations.
#335 | 08/06/2021Kartik Meets Sirat!
Kartik introduces himself as Raj before Sirat's employers during their wedding anniversary party. Later, Kartik requests Sirat to save the Goenkas.
#336 | 08/07/2021Sirat's Emotional Outburst
Kartik tries his best to encourage Sirat as she accepts her defeat. An emotional Sirat vents her anger thinking about the past.
#337 | 08/09/2021Kartik Motivates Sirat
Sirat and Kartik are advised wisely by the old couple. Sirat remains indifferent while he urges her to fight back and prove her innocence.
#338 | 08/10/2021Sirat Is Exposed!
Kartik makes an offer to Sirat before leaving for the Goenka mansion. Later, Sirat's identity gets disclosed to her landlords.
#339 | 08/11/2021Sirat, Kartik Return Home
Sirat changes her decision when Kartik leaves for home without her. Later, the Goenkas are taken aback when he returns with Sirat.
#340 | 08/12/2021Sirat Feels Awkward
Kairav enjoys his quality time with Kartik and Sirat before bedtime. Later, Sirat feels uncomfortable about staying with the Goenkas.
#341 | 08/13/2021Sirat Performs the Ritual
Kartik motivates Sirat as she changes her mind to perform the ritual. Later, the Goenkas are irked by Sirat's presence while completing the customs.
#342 | 08/14/2021Sirat Throws a Challenge
Manish gets angry at Kartik and Sirat for destroying the reputation of the Goenkas. Later, Sirat decides to prove her innocence and makes a promise in front of the media.
#343 | 08/16/2021Kairav Learns the Truth
Kartik comforts a sad Kairav after Sirat informs him about their fake wedding. Later, Swarna urges Sirat to go to Kartik's room.
#344 | 08/17/2021Sirat to Join Coaching
Kartik admires Sirat after she saves him from a mishap. Later, he motivates her to join boxing classes.
#345 | 08/18/2021Sirat Receives Unexpected Help
Kartik diverts the family when they force him to perform a ritual with Sirat. Later, a boxer visits the Goenka mansion and offers to train Sirat!
#346 | 08/19/2021Sirat Admits the Truth
Manish changes his decision while Kartik offers to paint a picture of Sirat and Kairav. Later, Sirat makes a shocking confession to Naksh and Kirti.
#347 | 08/20/2021Sirat Surprises Ranveer's Family
On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Sirat meets Ranveer's family, shocking them. Later, she starts a secret mission with Kartik as they sneak inside their house.
#348 | 08/21/2021Sirat, Kartik's Narrow Escape
Manish and Akhilesh divert Narendranath's attention as Sirat and Kartik escape from his residence. Later, the Goenkas make a special request to the couple.
#349 | 08/23/2021Raksha Bandhan with the Goenkas
The Goenkas shake a leg and celebrate Raksha Bandhan on a grand note. Later, Kartik tries to save Sirat as Narendranath attempts to murder her.
#350 | 08/24/2021Kartik Confesses His Feelings
Sirat is on cloud nine as Kartik confesses his love for her. Later, the Goenkas receive a disturbing piece of news related to Narendranath.
#351 | 08/25/2021Janmashtami with the Goenkas
The Goenkas receive a piece of good news related to Narendranath. Later, the family celebrates Krishna Janmashtami on a grand note.
#352 | 08/26/2021Narendranath Lands in Trouble
Narendranath falls prey as Kartik tricks him into admitting the truth about Ranveer's death. Later, Sirat is relieved as all the charges against her are withdrawn.
#353 | 08/27/2021Goenkas Learn the Truth
Surekha reveals the shocking truth about Sirat and Kartik’s wedding to the Goenkas. However, Kartik realises his love for Sirat and decides to propose to her.
#354 | 08/28/2021Sirat's Stern Decision
Kartik confesses his love for Sirat at the boxing federation. Later, Sirat informs the Goenkas about leaving the city. Can Kartik stop her?
#355 | 08/30/2021Kartik, the New Driver?
Sirat worries for Kairav as she leaves the Goenkas. Later, Kartik disguises himself as a driver to stop Sirat.
#356 | 08/31/2021Sirat Proposes to Kartik
Kartik is over the moon when Sirat proposes to him. Later, the Goenkas gear up for their wedding ceremony.
#357 | 09/01/2021Sirat Ready to Marry Kartik
Sirat gets set to wed Kartik with the help of Kairav. Elsewhere, Sheila demands money from Manish and threatens to expose him otherwise.
#358 | 09/02/2021Episode 358
#359 | 09/03/2021Episode 359
#360 | 09/04/2021Episode 360
#361 | 09/06/2021Episode 361
#362 | 09/07/2021Episode 362
#363 | 09/08/2021Episode 363
#364 | 09/09/2021Episode 364
#365 | 09/10/2021Episode 365
#366 | 09/11/2021Episode 366
#367 | 09/13/2021Episode 367
#368 | 09/14/2021Episode 368
#369 | 09/15/2021Episode 369
#370 | 09/16/2021Episode 370
#371 | 09/17/2021Episode 371
#372 | 09/18/2021Episode 372
#373 | 09/20/2021Episode 373
#374 | 09/21/2021Episode 374
#375 | 09/22/2021Episode 375
#376 | 09/23/2021Episode 376
#377 | 09/24/2021Episode 377
#378 | 09/25/2021Episode 378
#379 | 09/27/2021Episode 379 - in 9h
#380 | 09/28/2021Episode 380 - in 2d
#381 | 09/29/2021Episode 381 - in 3d
#382 | 09/30/2021Episode 382 - in 4d
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Additional Information

Official websites:
Production country: India
Original language: Hindi (HI)
Spoken languages: Hindi (HI)
Translated into 3 languages: Bulgarian (BG), English (EN), Russian (RU)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 01/12/2009
Latest episode released on: 09/04/2021
Cast: Hina Khan, Rohan Mehra, Kanchi Singh, Shivangi Joshi
Creator: Director's Kut Productions
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"Not Without My Family"

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