The Repair Shop(TV show/series, 2017-)

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Reality TV in 11 seasons with 257 episodes

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The Repair Shop is a British daytime television show made by production company Ricochet that aired on BBC Two for series 1 to 3 and on BBC One for series 4 onwards, in which family heirlooms are restored for their owners by numerous experts with a broad range of specialisms. Furniture restorer Jay Blades acts as the foreman. ()
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About The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop is a workshop of dreams, where broken or damaged cherished family heirlooms are brought back to life. Furniture restorers, horologists, metal workers, ceramicists, upholsterers and all manner of skilled craftsmen and women have been brought together to work in one extraordinary space, restoring much-loved possessions to their former glory.

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The Repair Shop Seasons and Episodes

01/02/2023Season 11 - 20 episodes
#1 | 01/02/2023Episode 1
The team lovingly revives a 1950s alarm clock that hasn’t rung for decades, a metal horse statue holding memories of a dear dad and a 120-year-old piece of rugby history.
#2 | 01/03/2023Episode 2
Jay Blades and the team restore a tiny pair of baby boots, a hand-painted Venetian jewellery box and a well-trodden wooden tap-dancing mat used by identical twins.
#3 | 01/04/2023Episode 3
Jay Blades and the team transform a child’s bike symbolising young love, a fluffy toy that’s provided much-needed support and a lamp smashed into smithereens.
#4 | 01/05/2023Episode 4
Jay Blades and the team work their magic on a famous red book from the TV series This Is Your Life, a miniature sewing machine and a 1950s recording device.
#5 | 01/06/2023Episode 5
Jay Blades and the team revitalise a painting with woodworm, an Arabic musical instrument and a flying helmet owned by a trailblazing female pilot.
#6 | 01/09/2023Episode 6
A giant toy lion, a vintage cash register and an old harbourmaster's telescope are mended.
#7 | 01/10/2023Episode 7
The team restore a camera, a draughts board and a toy owned by author Dick King-Smith.
#8 | 01/11/2023Episode 8
The experts restore a 1960s lawnmower, a sporting trophy and a 40-year-old leather belt.
#9 | 01/12/2023Episode 9
The team restore a marching drum, a mug and a model windmill made by a much-missed father.
#10 | 01/13/2023Episode 10
The team restore a pair of football boots, a wooden jack-in-the-box and a lamp.
#11 | 01/16/2023Episode 11
Jay Blades and the team restore a beautifully decorated broken bowl, a miniature silver train spice box and a 1940s handcrafted leather football.
#12 | 01/17/2023Episode 12
Three highly sentimental heirlooms are thrown a lifeline, including an old fishing reel and a quirky leather footstool shaped like a pig.
#13 | 01/18/2023Episode 13
Jay Blades and the team transform a mother-of-pearl coin purse, a flamenco guitar and a 1950s London black cab taxi meter.
#14 | 01/19/2023Episode 14
Jay Blades and the team restore a Victorian portrait of a formidable woman, an old-fashioned Middle Eastern heating device known as a brazier and a pottery horse.
#15 | 01/20/2023Episode 15
The team put the spice back into a painted pepper mill, and the teddy bear ladies see double as they fix two wind-up toys gifted to identical twins.
#16 | 01/23/2023Episode 16
Jay Blades and the team restore a set of bells that once noisily warned people of a horse’s arrival, a 1930s toy car that comforted a wartime evacuee, and a mid-century chair.
#17 | 01/24/2023Episode 17
Art and industry come to the Repair Shop in the form of two ceramic doves believed to be linked to Picasso, an automaton depicting Victorian tradesfolk and a Welsh miner’s helmet.
#18 | 01/25/2023Episode 18
An eclectic mix of items are given a new lease of life, including two schoolboy scrapbooks made in tribute to Tolkien and a decrepit manicure set that survived the Liverpool Blitz.
#19 | 01/26/2023Episode 19
The Repair Shop is the current destination for some globetrotting items, including a 200-year-old guitar from Vienna, a trunk that has toured Africa and a vintage pinball machine.
#20 | 01/27/2023Episode 20
The team tackle three unusual projects, including a chair in which JFK once sat, a Walkman and a Royal Navy hat box filled with romantic love letters.
05/11/2022Season 10 - 14 episodes
03/14/2022Season 9 - 40 episodes
04/21/2021Season 8 - 14 episodes
03/15/2021Season 7 - 40 episodes
03/18/2020Season 6 - 14 episodes
11/18/2019Season 5 - 40 episodes
04/01/2019Season 4 - 30 episodes
08/13/2018Season 3 - 15 episodes
03/12/2018Season 2 - 15 episodes
03/27/2017Season 1 - 15 episodes
12/19/2017Specials - 7 episodes

Additional Information

Production country: United Kingdom (UK)
Made by: Ricochet
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: English (EN)
Translated into 4 languages: German (DE), English (EN), Hungarian (HU), Chinese (Mandarin) (ZH)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 03/27/2017
Latest episode released on: 01/27/2023
Cast: Jay Blades, Will Kirk
Keywords: restoration

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