Richard Rich

Animation Director / Film Director / Animator / Screenwriter / Film Producer | * 07/21/1951 (72) | Long Beach (United States of America (USA))
Richard James Rich is an American director, producer, and screenwriter. Rich is founder and owner of Crest Animation Productions.Rich started his career in the mailroom of the Walt Disney Studios in 1972 and would give piano lessons during lunch breaks. He was chosen by John Lounsbery to be an assistant director for Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too based on his musical expertise. He made his directorial debut on The Fox and the Hound. After leaving Disney in 1986, Rich established Rich Animation Studios, later renamed RichCrest. He directed The Swan Princess in 1994 and its ten sequels. Besides feature films, Rich has produced direct-to-video series such as Animated Stories from the New Testament, Animated Stories from the Bible, Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon, Animated Hero Classics, and K10C: Kids' Ten Commandments.His more recent credits include acting as producer on the animated film ()
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Richard Rich is an American filmmaker and current president of Crest Animation Productions. He is well known for his work in the animation field.He is one of the few animation directors to have never worked as animator.

Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Kids & Family | Adventure

Known for these Movies & Shows

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Movies with Richard Rich as Actor(2)

as Self (archive footage)2009 Waking Sleeping Beauty
as Servant #1 (voice)2004 Signs of the Times

Movies with Richard Rich as Crew(135)

Directing/Director2020 The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding
Production/Producer2020 The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding
Production/Producer2019 The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music
Directing/Director2018 The Swan Princess: A Royal Myztery
Production/Producer2018 The Swan Princess: A Royal Myztery
Directing/Director2015 Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation
Directing/Director2012 The Swan Princess Christmas
Production/Producer2012 The Swan Princess Christmas
Writing/Story2012 The Swan Princess Christmas
Production/Producer2010 Alpha and Omega
Directing/Director2007 Animated Hero Classics: Maccabees
Production/Producer2007 Animated Hero Classics: Maccabees
Directing/Director2005 Animated Hero Classics: Beethoven
Production/Producer2005 Animated Hero Classics: Beethoven
Directing/Director2004 Built Upon the Rock
Production/Producer2004 Built Upon the Rock
Directing/Director2004 Signs of the Times
Directing/Director2004 Worthy is the Lamb
Directing/Director2003 The Parables of Jesus
Directing/Director2003 The Messiah Comes
Directing/Director2002 Muhammad: The Last Prophet
Directing/Director2001 The Lord’s Prayer
Directing/Director2001 Lord, I Believe
Directing/Director2001 The Trumpet of the Swan
Directing/Director2000 The Scarecrow
Writing/Story2000 The Scarecrow
Directing/Director2000 Lazarus Lives
Directing/Director1999 The Lost Is Found
Directing/Director1999 The King and I
Directing/Director1997 The Greatest is the Least
Directing/Director1997 Animated Hero Classics: Marco Polo
Directing/Director1996 Bread From Heaven
Production/Producer1996 Bread From Heaven
Directing/Director1995 David and Goliath
Production/Producer1995 David and Goliath
Directing/Director1995 Solomon
Production/Producer1995 Solomon
Directing/Director1995 Joseph's Reunion
Production/Producer1995 Joseph's Reunion
Directing/Director1995 Alexander Graham Bell
Production/Producer1995 Alexander Graham Bell
Directing/Director1995 Jesus, The Son of God
Directing/Director1994 Animated Hero Classics: Pocahontas
Production/Producer1994 Animated Hero Classics: Pocahontas
Directing/Director1994 Elisha
Production/Producer1994 Elisha
Directing/Director1994 Ruth
Production/Producer1994 Ruth
Directing/Director1994 The Swan Princess
Production/Producer1994 The Swan Princess
Writing/Story1994 The Swan Princess
Directing/Director1993 Samuel the Boy Prophet
Production/Producer1993 Samuel the Boy Prophet
Directing/Director1993 Elijah
Production/Producer1993 Elijah
Directing/Director1993 Daniel
Production/Producer1993 Daniel
Directing/Director1993 Moses
Production/Producer1993 Moses
Directing/Director1993 Esther
Production/Producer1993 Esther
Directing/Director1992 Joseph in Egypt
Production/Producer1992 Joseph in Egypt
Directing/Director1992 Abraham and Isaac
Production/Producer1992 Abraham and Isaac
Directing/Director1992 The Ministry of Paul
Directing/Director1991 The Tree of Life
Directing/Director1991 Alma and the Zoramites
Directing/Director1991 Forgive Us Our Debts
Directing/Director1991 Treasures in Heaven
Directing/Director1991 The Miracles of Jesus
Directing/Director1991 The Kingdom of Heaven
Directing/Director1990 The Righteous Judge
Directing/Director1990 Helaman's Stripling Warriors
Directing/Director1990 The Brother of Jared
Directing/Director1990 Samuel the Lamanite
Directing/Director1990 Saul of Tarsus
Directing/Director1990 John the Baptist
Directing/Director1989 The Savior in America
Directing/Director1989 Ammon, Missionary to the Lamanites
Directing/Director1989 Alma the Younger
Directing/Director1989 The Good Samaritan
Production/Producer1989 The Good Samaritan
Directing/Director1988 Journey to the Promised Land
Directing/Director1988 Abinadi and King Noah
Directing/Director1988 He is Risen
Directing/Director1987 Nephi and the Brass Plates
Directing/Director1987 The King is Born
Production/Producer1987 The King is Born
Directing/Director1985 The Black Cauldron
Writing/Author1985 The Black Cauldron
Directing/Director1981 The Fox and the Hound
Sound/Music1978 The Small One
Directing/Assistant Director1977 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Directing/Assistant Director1974 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too

TV Shows/Series with Richard Rich as Crew(2)

Directing/Director1991 Animated Hero Classics
Production/Producer1991 Animated Hero Classics

Full Name: Richard Rich
Born: Saturday, 07/21 1951 (July) in Long Beach (United States of America (USA)) (current age: 72 years + 327 days)
Zodiac sign: Cancer (Chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit)
Languages: English (EN)
Other names for Richard Rich (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Richard Rich (filmmaker)"
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