Friz Freleng

Film Director / Film Producer / Screenwriter / Animator | * 08/21/1906 († 88, 05/26/1995) | Kansas City, Missouri (United States of America (USA))
Isadore "Friz" Freleng (August 21, 1905 – May 26, 1995), often credited as I. Freleng, was an American animator, cartoonist, director, producer, and composer known for his work at Warner Bros. Cartoons on the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. He introduced and/or developed several of the studio's biggest stars, including Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam (to whom he was said to bear more than a passing resemblance), and Speedy Gonzales. The senior director at Warners' Termite Terrace studio, Freleng directed more cartoons than any other director in the studio (a total of 266), and is also the most honored of the Warner directors, having won five Academy Awards and three Emmy Awards. After Warner closed down the animation studio in 1963, Freleng and business partner David H. DePatie founded DePatie–Freleng Enterprises, which produced cartoons (including The Pink Panther Show), feature film title sequences, and Saturday-morning cartoons through the early 1980s. The nickname "Friz" came from his friend, Hugh Harman, who initially nicknamed him "Congressman Frizby" after ... ()
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Isadore "Friz" Freleng, sometimes credited asI. Freleng, was an Americananimator,cartoonist,director, andproducerbest known for his work on theLooney TunesandMerrie Melodiesseries ofcartoonsfromWarner Bros. He introduced and/or developed several of the studio's biggest stars, includingBugs Bunny,Porky Pig,Tweety Bird,Sylvester the cat,Yosemite Sam(to whom he was said to bear more than a passing resemblance) andSpeedy Gonzales. The senior director at Warners'Termite Terracestudio, Freleng directed more cartoons than any other director in the studio (a total of 266), and is also the most honored of the Warner directors,having won fourAcademy Awards. After Warners shut down the animation studio in 1963, Freleng and business partnerDavid H. DePatiefoundedDePatie-Freleng Enterprises, which produced cartoons (notablyThe Pink Panther Show), feature film title sequences, andSaturday morning cartoonsthrough the early 1980s. The nickname "Friz" came from his friendHugh Harman, who initially nicknamed him "Congressman Frizby" after a fictional senator that was in articles in theLos Angeles Examiner. Over time this shortened to "Friz".

Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Comedies | Kids & Family

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Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film Winsor McCay Award Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame 3x Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film

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Movies with Friz Freleng as Actor(9)

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Directing/Director1998 Marvin The Martian: Space Tunes
Directing/Director1991 Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes
Directing/Director1988 Daffy Duck's Quackbusters
Production/Producer1983 Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
Directing/Director1980 Pink Panther in Olym-pinks
Directing/Director1980 The Chocolate Chase
Directing/Director1980 Daffy Duck's Easter Egg-Citement
Directing/Director1979 Fright Before Christmas
Production/Producer1979 Fright Before Christmas
Writing/Writer1979 Fright Before Christmas
Directing/Director1979 Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol
Directing/Director1979 Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet
Directing/Director1977 Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special
Directing/Director1977 Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies
Writing/Writer1977 Bugs Bunny's Easter Funnies
Production/Executive Producer1977 Halloween Is Grinch Night
Production/Executive Producer1975 The Hoober-Bloob Highway
Production/Producer1973 The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas
Production/Executive Producer1971 The Cat in the Hat
Directing/Director1971 Pink-In
Production/Producer1971 Pink Tuba-Dore
Directing/Director1969 The Ant and the Aardvark
Production/Producer1968 Hawks and Doves
Production/Producer1966 A-Haunting We Will Go
Directing/Director1965 Dial 'P' for Pink
Directing/Director1965 Pinkfinger
Production/Producer1965 Pinkfinger
Directing/Director1965 Pickled Pink
Production/Producer1965 Just Plane Beep
Directing/Director1965 Sink Pink
Production/Producer1965 Corn on the Cop
Writing/Story1965 Corn on the Cop
Directing/Director1965 Shocking Pink
Directing/Director1965 Cats and Bruises
Directing/Director1965 The Wild Chase
Production/Producer1965 The Wild Chase
Directing/Director1965 The Pink Tail Fly
Directing/Director1965 Pink Ice
Directing/Director1965 We Give Pink Stamps
Directing/Director1964 Nuts and Volts
Production/Producer1964 Nuts and Volts
Directing/Director1964 The Pink Phink
Production/Producer1964 The Pink Phink
Directing/Director1964 Road to Andalay
Directing/Director1964 Pancho's Hideaway
Production/Producer1964 Pancho's Hideaway
Directing/Director1964 Pink Pajamas
Production/Producer1964 A Message to Gracias
Directing/Director1963 Mexican Cat Dance
Directing/Director1963 The Unmentionables
Directing/Director1963 Chili Weather
Directing/Director1963 Devil's Feud Cake
Writing/Story1963 Devil's Feud Cake
Directing/Director1962 Shishkabugs
Directing/Director1962 Mexican Boarders
Directing/Director1962 The Jet Cage
Directing/Director1962 Crows' Feat
Directing/Director1962 Honey's Money
Directing/Director1961 Prince Violent
Directing/Director1961 Rebel Without Claws
Writing/Writer1961 Rebel Without Claws
Directing/Director1961 The Last Hungry Cat
Directing/Director1961 D' Fightin' Ones
Directing/Director1961 The Pied Piper of Guadalupe
Directing/Director1960 Person to Bunny
Directing/Director1960 Goldimouse and the Three Cats
Directing/Director1960 Hyde and Go Tweet
Directing/Director1960 Lighter Than Hare
Writing/Story1960 Lighter Than Hare
Directing/Director1960 From Hare to Heir
Writing/Story1960 From Hare to Heir
Directing/Director1960 Mouse and Garden
Directing/Director1960 Horse Hare
Directing/Director1960 Trip for Tat
Directing/Director1959 Tweet and Lovely
Directing/Director1959 Apes of Wrath
Visual Effects/Animation Director1959 The Alphabet Conspiracy
Directing/Director1959 Mexicali Shmoes
Directing/Director1959 Tweet Dreams
Directing/Director1959 Hare-Abian Nights
Directing/Director1959 Wild and Woolly Hare
Directing/Director1959 Trick or Tweet
Directing/Director1959 Here Today, Gone Tamale
Directing/Director1958 A Bird in a Bonnet
Directing/Director1958 A Pizza Tweety-Pie
Directing/Director1958 Hare-Less Wolf
Directing/Director1958 Knighty Knight Bugs
Directing/Director1958 A Waggily Tale
Directing/Director1957 Tweety and the Beanstalk
Directing/Director1957 Tweet Zoo
Directing/Director1957 Greedy for Tweety
Directing/Director1957 Gonzales' Tamales
Directing/Director1957 Show Biz Bugs
Directing/Director1957 Three Little Bops
Directing/Director1957 Bugsy and Mugsy
Directing/Director1957 Birds Anonymous
Directing/Director1957 Piker's Peak
Directing/Director1956 Two Crows from Tacos
Directing/Director1956 Tree Cornered Tweety
Directing/Director1956 Yankee Dood It
Directing/Director1956 Tweet and Sour
Directing/Director1956 Rabbitson Crusoe
Directing/Director1956 Tugboat Granny
Directing/Director1956 A Star Is Bored
Directing/Director1956 Napoleon Bunny-Part
Directing/Director1955 Tweety's Circus
Directing/Director1955 Sahara Hare
Directing/Director1955 Hyde and Hare
Directing/Director1955 This Is a Life?
Directing/Director1955 Speedy Gonzales
Directing/Director1955 Red Riding Hoodwinked
Directing/Director1955 Heir-Conditioned
Directing/Director1955 A Kiddies Kitty
Directing/Director1955 Hare Brush
Directing/Director1955 Lumber Jerks
Directing/Director1955 Pests for Guests
Directing/Director1955 Pappy's Puppy
Directing/Director1955 Pizzicato Pussycat
Directing/Director1955 Sandy Claws
Directing/Director1955 Stork Naked
Directing/Director1955 Roman Legion-Hare
Directing/Director1954 Dog Pounded
Directing/Director1954 Dr. Jerkyl's Hide
Directing/Director1954 I Gopher You
Directing/Director1954 Satan's Waitin'
Directing/Director1954 Captain Hareblower
Directing/Director1954 By Word of Mouse
Directing/Director1954 Muzzle Tough
Directing/Director1954 Bugs and Thugs
Directing/Director1954 Goo Goo Goliath
Directing/Director1954 Yankee Doodle Bugs
Directing/Director1953 Ant Pasted
Directing/Director1953 A Mouse Divided
Directing/Director1953 Snow Business
Directing/Director1953 Fowl Weather
Directing/Director1953 Hare Trimmed
Directing/Director1953 Tom Tom Tomcat
Directing/Director1953 Robot Rabbit
Directing/Director1953 Catty Cornered
Directing/Director1953 A Street Cat Named Sylvester
Directing/Director1953 Southern Fried Rabbit
Directing/Director1952 Tree for Two
Directing/Director1952 Hare Lift
Writing/Writer1952 Orange Blossoms for Violet
Directing/Director1952 Cracked Quack
Directing/Director1952 Gift Wrapped
Directing/Director1952 14 Carrot Rabbit
Directing/Director1952 Little Red Rodent Hood
Directing/Director1952 Foxy by Proxy
Directing/Director1952 A Bird in a Guilty Cage
Directing/Director1952 Ain't She Tweet
Directing/Director1951 His Hare Raising Tale
Directing/Director1951 Room and Bird
Directing/Director1951 The Fair Haired Hare
Directing/Director1951 Tweety's S.O.S.
Directing/Director1951 Putty Tat Trouble
Directing/Director1951 Tweet Tweet Tweety
Directing/Director1951 A Bone for a Bone
Directing/Director1951 Canned Feud
Directing/Director1951 Rabbit Every Monday
Directing/Director1951 Ballot Box Bunny
Directing/Director1950 Stooge for a Mouse
Directing/Director1950 Bunker Hill Bunny
Directing/Director1950 Canary Row
Directing/Director1950 Mutiny on the Bunny
Directing/Director1950 Golden Yeggs
Directing/Director1950 Home, Tweet Home
Directing/Director1950 The Lion's Busy
Directing/Director1950 Big House Bunny
Directing/Director1950 His Bitter Half
Directing/Director1950 All a Bir-r-r-rd
Directing/Director1949 Hare Do
Directing/Director1949 Curtain Razor
Directing/Director1949 High Diving Hare
Directing/Director1949 Each Dawn I Crow
Directing/Director1949 Bad Ol' Putty Tat
Directing/Director1949 Wise Quackers
Directing/Director1949 Mouse Mazurka
Directing/Director1949 Which Is Witch
Directing/Director1949 Knights Must Fall
Directing/Director1949 Dough for the Do-Do
Writing/Writer1949 So Much for So Little
Directing/Director1949 My Dream Is Yours
Visual Effects/Animation Director1949 My Dream Is Yours
Directing/Director1948 Buccaneer Bunny
Directing/Director1948 Bugs Bunny Rides Again
Directing/Director1948 Two Guys from Texas
Directing/Director1948 I Taw a Putty Tat
Directing/Director1948 Kit for Cat
Directing/Director1948 Hare Splitter
Directing/Director1948 Back Alley Oproar
Directing/Director1947 A Hare Grows in Manhattan
Directing/Director1947 Tweetie Pie
Directing/Director1947 The Gay Anties
Directing/Director1947 Along Came Daffy
Directing/Director1947 Slick Hare
Directing/Director1947 Rabbit Transit
Directing/Director1946 Of Thee I Sting
Directing/Director1946 Racketeer Rabbit
Directing/Director1946 Hollywood Daffy
Directing/Director1946 Rhapsody Rabbit
Directing/Director1946 Baseball Bugs
Directing/Director1946 Holiday for Shoestrings
Directing/Director1945 Herr Meets Hare
Directing/Director1945 Hot Spot
Directing/Director1945 Operation Snafu
Directing/Director1945 Ain't That Ducky
Directing/Director1945 Peck Up Your Troubles
Directing/Director1945 Life with Feathers
Directing/Director1945 Hare Trigger
Directing/Director1944 Meatless Flyday
Directing/Director1944 Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears
Directing/Director1944 Slightly Daffy
Directing/Director1944 Target Snafu
Directing/Director1944 Pay Day
Directing/Director1944 Three Brothers
Directing/Director1944 Snafuperman
Directing/Director1944 Duck Soup to Nuts
Directing/Director1944 Hare Force
Directing/Director1944 Little Red Riding Rabbit
Directing/Director1944 Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
Directing/Director1944 Stage Door Cartoon
Directing/Director1943 Rumors
Directing/Director1943 Hiss and Make Up
Directing/Director1943 Daffy - The Commando
Directing/Director1943 Greetings Bait
Directing/Director1943 Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk
Directing/Director1943 Fifth Column Mouse
Directing/Director1943 Gripes
Directing/Director1943 Pigs in a Polka
Directing/Director1943 Yankee Doodle Daffy
Directing/Director1942 The Wabbit Who Came to Supper
Directing/Director1942 Hop, Skip and a Chump
Directing/Director1942 Porky's Pastry Pirates
Directing/Director1942 The Hare-Brained Hypnotist
Directing/Director1942 Ding Dog Daddy
Directing/Director1942 Saps in Chaps
Directing/Director1942 Lights Fantastic
Directing/Director1942 The Sheepish Wolf
Directing/Director1942 Double Chaser
Directing/Director1942 Foney Fables
Directing/Director1942 Fresh Hare
Directing/Director1941 The Trial of Mr. Wolf
Directing/Director1941 Rookie Revue
Directing/Director1941 Porky's Bear Facts
Directing/Director1941 Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
Directing/Director1941 Rhapsody in Rivets
Directing/Director1941 Sport Chumpions
Directing/Director1941 The Fighting 69½th
Directing/Director1941 The Cat's Tale
Directing/Director1941 The Wacky Worm
Directing/Director1941 Notes to You
Directing/Director1940 The Hardship of Miles Standish
Directing/Director1940 Calling Dr. Porky
Directing/Director1940 Malibu Beach Party
Directing/Director1940 Shop Look & Listen
Directing/Director1940 The Bookworm Turns
Directing/Director1940 Porky's Baseball Broadcast
Directing/Director1940 You Ought to Be in Pictures
Directing/Director1940 Confederate Honey
Directing/Director1940 Porky's Hired Hand
Directing/Director1940 Little Blabbermouse
Directing/Director1939 Mama's New Hat
Directing/Director1939 Seal Skinners
Directing/Director1939 Petunia Natural Park
Directing/Director1939 The Bookworm
Directing/Director1938 Poultry Pirates
Directing/Director1938 A Star Is Hatched
Directing/Director1938 My Little Buckeroo
Directing/Director1938 Jungle Jitters
Directing/Director1938 The Pygmy Hunt
Directing/Director1938 A Day at the Beach
Directing/Director1938 The Captain's Christmas
Directing/Director1937 September in the Rain
Directing/Director1937 He Was Her Man
Directing/Director1937 Clean Pastures
Directing/Director1937 Pigs Is Pigs
Directing/Director1937 Streamlined Greta Green
Directing/Director1937 The Fella with a Fiddle
Directing/Director1937 Sweet Sioux
Directing/Director1937 She Was an Acrobat's Daughter
Directing/Director1937 Plenty of Money and You
Directing/Director1937 The Lyin' Mouse
Directing/Director1937 Dog Daze
Directing/Director1936 I'm a Big Shot Now
Directing/Director1936 Let It Be Me
Directing/Director1936 The Cat Came Back
Directing/Director1936 Sunday Go to Meetin' Time
Directing/Director1936 When I Yoo Hoo
Directing/Director1936 Bingo Crosbyana
Directing/Director1936 Toy Town Hall
Directing/Director1936 At Your Service Madame
Directing/Director1936 Boulevardier from the Bronx
Directing/Director1936 I Wanna Play House
Directing/Director1936 The CooCoo Nut Grove
Directing/Director1935 Into Your Dance
Directing/Director1935 Flowers for Madame
Directing/Director1935 The Merry Old Soul
Directing/Director1935 The Lady in Red
Directing/Director1935 My Green Fedora
Directing/Director1935 Country Boy
Directing/Director1935 Country Mouse
Directing/Director1935 Billboard Frolics
Directing/Director1935 Along Flirtation Walk
Directing/Director1935 Little Dutch Plate
Directing/Director1935 I Haven't Got a Hat
Writing/Writer1935 I Haven't Got a Hat
Directing/Director1935 Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name
Directing/Director1934 Those Beautiful Dames
Directing/Director1934 Pop Goes Your Heart
Directing/Director1934 Why Do I Dream Those Dreams
Directing/Director1934 Buddy the Gob
Directing/Director1934 The Miller's Daughter
Directing/Director1934 Buddy and Towser
Directing/Director1934 Buddy's Trolley Troubles
Directing/Director1934 Beauty and the Beast
Directing/Director1934 How Do I Know It's Sunday
Directing/Director1934 Goin' to Heaven on a Mule
Directing/Director1934 Shake Your Powder Puff
Directing/Director1934 The Girl at the Ironing Board
Directing/Director1933 Beau Bosko
Visual Effects/Animation1933 I Like Mountain Music
Directing/Director1933 Bosko in Person
Directing/Director1933 Bosko in Dutch
Visual Effects/Animation1933 Bosko in Dutch
Visual Effects/Animation1933 Wake Up the Gypsy in Me
Directing/Director1933 Bosko's Picture Show
Visual Effects/Animation1933 We're in the Money
Visual Effects/Animation1933 One Step Ahead of My Shadow
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko at the Beach
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Big-Hearted Bosko
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko's Store
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko's Party
Visual Effects/Animation1932 The Queen Was in the Parlor
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko at the Zoo
Visual Effects/Animation1932 It's Got Me Again!
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Battling Bosko
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Goopy Geer
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko the Drawback
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Moonlight for Two
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko's Woodland Daze
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Freddy the Freshman
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Bosko the Lumberjack
Visual Effects/Animation1932 Ride Him, Bosko
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Ain't Nature Grand!
Visual Effects/Animation1931 One More Time
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land
Visual Effects/Animation1931 You Don't Know What You're Doin'!
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Bosko's Holiday
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Dumb Patrol
Visual Effects/Animation1931 The Tree's Knees
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Bosko's Soda Fountain
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!
Visual Effects/Animation1931 Big Man from the North
Visual Effects/Animation1930 The Booze Hangs High
Visual Effects/Animation1930 Sinkin' in the Bathtub
Writing/Story1930 Sinkin' in the Bathtub
Visual Effects/Animation1930 Hold Anything
Directing/Director1929 The Wicked West
Directing/Director1929 Stripes and Stars
Directing/Director1929 Homeless Homer
Directing/Director1929 Hen Fruit
Visual Effects/Animation1929 Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid
Directing/Director1929 Weary Willies
Visual Effects/Animation1928 Poor Papa
Visual Effects/Animation1928 Ride 'Em Plow Boy
Directing/Director1928 Fiery Fireman
Visual Effects/Animation1927 The Banker's Daughter
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice's Picnic
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice's Medicine Show
Visual Effects/Animation1927 The Mechanical Cow
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Oh Teacher
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Rickety Gin
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Trolley Troubles
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice's Three Bad Eggs
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice's Channel Swim
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Great Guns
Visual Effects/Animation1927 All Wet
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice in the Klondike
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice in the Big League
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice's Knaughty Knight
Visual Effects/Animation1927 Alice the Beach Nut

TV Shows/Series with Friz Freleng as Crew(20)

Production/Producer2020 WaPo Berlin
Directing/Director2006 Rantanplan
Production/Producer1984 Pink Panther and Sons
Production/Producer1979 Spider-Woman
Production/Producer1978 Crazylegs Crane
Production/Producer1978 The All New Pink Panther Show
Production/Producer1978 The New Fantastic Four
Production/Producer1977 Baggy Pants and the Nitwits
Production/Producer1975 The Oddball Couple
Production/Producer1975 Return to the Planet of the Apes
Production/Producer1973 Sheriff Hoot Kloot
Production/Producer1972 The Barkleys
Production/Producer1972 The Houndcats
Production/Executive Producer1972 ABC Afterschool Special
Production/Producer1972 The Blue Racer
Directing/Director1969 The Pink Panther Show
Production/Producer1969 Here Comes the Grump
Production/Producer1968 Roland and Rattfink
Directing/Director1965 The Inspector
Production/Producer1960 The Bugs Bunny Show

Full Name: Isadore Freleng
Born: Tuesday, 08/21 1906 (August) in Kansas City, Missouri (United States of America (USA))
Died: Friday, 05/26 1995 (May) in Los Angeles (aged: 88)
Zodiac sign: Leo (Chinese zodiac sign: Horse)
Languages: English (EN)
Educated at: Westport High School
Employer: Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Warner Bros., Warner Bros.
Other names for Friz Freleng (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Isodore Freleng"
"I. Freleng"
"Isadore Freleng"
"Yosemite Friz"
"Isadore 'Friz' Freleng"
Friz Freleng frequently works together with these people:
Mel Blanc (206x, Actor)
Treg Brown (116x, Crew)
Carl W. Stalling (100x, Crew)
Rudolf Ising (81x, Crew)
Leon Schlesinger (77x, Crew)
Hugh Harman (77x, Crew)
Edward Selzer (70x, Crew)
Hawley Pratt (65x, Crew)
Gerry Chiniquy (54x, Crew)
Virgil Ross (51x, Crew)
Milt Franklyn (44x, Crew)
David DePatie (9x, Crew)
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