Dave Fleischer

Screenwriter / Film Producer / Film Director / Animator / Actor | * 07/14/1894 († 84, 06/25/1979) | New York City, New York (United States of America (USA))
David Fleischer (July 14, 1894 – June 25, 1979) was an American film director and producer, best known as a co-owner of Fleischer Studios with his older brother Max Fleischer. He was a native of New York City. ()
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Most frequent genres for this person: Animation | Comedies | Music

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Winsor Mccay Award Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film

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Movies with Dave Fleischer as Actor(2)

as himself1929 Ko-Ko's Conquest

Movies with Dave Fleischer as Crew(507)

Visual Effects/Animation Director1980 Hurray for Betty Boop
Directing/Director1957 Let's All Go to the Lobby
Visual Effects/Animation1957 Let's All Go to the Lobby
Directing/Director1952 Big Bad Sindbad
Directing/Director1950 Popeye Makes a Movie
Directing/Director1949 Popeye's Premiere
Production/Associate Producer1944 That's My Baby!
Directing/Director1944 Spinach Packin' Popeye
Production/Producer1944 The Disillusioned Bluebird
Production/Producer1944 Amoozin' But Confoozin'
Production/Producer1943 Mass Mouse Meeting
Production/Producer1943 The Herring Murder Mystery
Directing/Director1942 Billion Dollar Limited
Directing/Director1942 The Bulleteers
Directing/Director1942 Electric Earthquake
Production/Producer1942 The Gullible Canary
Directing/Director1942 Many Tanks
Directing/Director1942 Olive Oyl and Water Don't Mix
Directing/Director1942 The Raven
Directing/Director1942 The Arctic Giant
Directing/Director1942 Volcano
Directing/Director1942 Terror on the Midway
Directing/Director1942 Baby Wants a Bottleship
Directing/Director1942 Fleets of Stren'th
Directing/Director1942 The Magnetic Telescope
Directing/Director1942 The Vacationer's Paradise
Production/Producer1942 Song of Victory
Directing/Director1942 Kickin' the Conga Round
Directing/Director1942 Blunder Below
Directing/Director1941 Mr. Bug Goes to Town
Writing/Writer1941 Mr. Bug Goes to Town
Directing/Director1941 Nix on Hypnotricks
Directing/Director1941 Olive's $weep$take Ticket
Directing/Director1941 Olive's Boithday Presink
Directing/Director1941 Vitamin Hay
Directing/Director1941 Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle
Directing/Director1941 Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Directing/Director1941 It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day
Directing/Director1941 Twinkletoes Gets the Bird
Directing/Director1941 The Mechanical Monsters
Directing/Director1941 Superman
Directing/Director1941 The Mighty Navy
Directing/Director1941 All's Well
Directing/Director1941 Fire Cheese
Directing/Director1941 Twinkletoes in Hat Stuff
Directing/Director1941 Copy Cat
Directing/Director1941 Pest Pilot
Directing/Director1941 Problem Pappy
Directing/Director1941 I'll Never Crow Again
Directing/Director1941 Two for the Zoo
Directing/Director1941 Quiet! Pleeze
Directing/Director1941 Swing Cleaning
Directing/Director1941 Flies Ain't Human
Directing/Director1941 Gabby Goes Fishing
Directing/Director1941 The Wizard of Arts
Directing/Director1941 Zero the Hound
Directing/Director1941 Child Psykolojiky
Directing/Director1940 The Ugly Dino
Directing/Director1940 Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive
Directing/Director1940 The Constable
Directing/Director1940 Me Feelins Is Hurt
Directing/Director1940 Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep
Directing/Director1940 A Kick in Time
Directing/Director1940 Mommy Loves Puppy
Directing/Director1940 The Fowl Ball Player
Directing/Director1940 Females Is Fickle
Directing/Director1940 Wedding Belts
Directing/Director1940 Doing Impossikible Stunts
Directing/Director1940 Puttin on the Act
Directing/Director1940 Shakespearian Spinach
Directing/Director1940 Fightin Pals
Directing/Director1940 Onion Pacific
Directing/Director1940 My Pop, My Pop
Directing/Director1940 You Can't Shoe a Horsefly
Directing/Director1940 Ants in the Plants
Directing/Director1940 Springtime in the Rock Age
Directing/Director1940 The Fulla Bluff Man
Directing/Director1940 Sneak, Snoop and Snitch
Directing/Director1940 The Dandy Lion
Directing/Director1940 Bring Himself Back Alive
Directing/Director1940 Little Lambkin
Directing/Director1940 King for a Day
Directing/Director1940 Wimmin is a Myskery
Directing/Director1940 Poopdeck Pappy
Directing/Director1940 Popeye Meets William Tell
Directing/Director1940 Snubbed by a Snob
Directing/Director1940 Nurse-Mates
Directing/Director1940 Stealin Ain't Honest
Directing/Director1940 Granite Hotel
Directing/Director1939 The Barnyard Brat
Directing/Director1939 The Fresh Vegetable Mystery
Directing/Director1939 Musical Mountaineers
Directing/Director1939 My Friend the Monkey
Directing/Director1939 Small Fry
Directing/Director1939 Ghosks is the Bunk
Directing/Director1939 Never Sock a Baby
Directing/Director1939 Rhythm on the Reservation
Directing/Director1939 So Does an Automobile
Directing/Director1939 Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
Directing/Director1939 Wotta Nitemare
Directing/Director1939 Yip-Yip-Yippy
Directing/Director1939 It's the Natural Thing to Do
Directing/Director1939 Customers Wanted
Directing/Director1939 Hello How Am I
Directing/Director1939 Gulliver's Travels
Directing/Director1939 Always Kickin'
Directing/Director1939 The Scared Crows
Directing/Director1939 Leave Well Enough Alone
Directing/Director1938 Thanks for the Memory
Directing/Director1938 Buzzy Boop at the Concert
Directing/Director1938 Out of the Inkwell
Directing/Director1938 On with the New
Directing/Director1938 The House Builder-Upper
Directing/Director1938 Pudgy the Watchman
Directing/Director1938 Plumbing Is a 'Pipe'
Directing/Director1938 Bulldozing the Bull
Directing/Director1938 Buzzy Boop
Directing/Director1938 Sally Swing
Directing/Director1938 All's Fair at the Fair
Directing/Director1938 I Yam Love Sick
Directing/Director1938 Pudgy and the Lost Kitten
Directing/Director1938 Cops Is Always Right
Directing/Director1938 Riding the Rails
Directing/Director1938 Let's Celebrake
Directing/Director1938 Mutiny Ain't Nice
Directing/Director1938 Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh
Directing/Director1938 The Playful Polar Bears
Directing/Director1938 Be Up to Date
Directing/Director1938 Thrills and Chills
Directing/Director1938 You Leave Me Breathless
Directing/Director1938 Goonland
Directing/Director1938 The Tears of an Onion
Directing/Director1938 The Swing School
Directing/Director1938 Hunky and Spunky
Directing/Director1938 Hold It!
Directing/Director1938 The Jeep
Directing/Director1938 Learn Polikeness
Directing/Director1938 A Date to Skate
Directing/Director1937 A Car-Tune Portrait
Directing/Director1937 Educated Fish
Directing/Director1937 You Came to My Rescue
Directing/Director1937 The Candid Candidate
Directing/Director1937 Bunny Mooning
Directing/Director1937 Ding Dong Doggie
Directing/Director1937 Zula Hula
Directing/Director1937 The Foxy Hunter
Directing/Director1937 Twilight on the Trail
Directing/Director1937 Organ Grinder's Swing
Directing/Director1937 Whoops! I'm a Cowboy
Directing/Director1937 The Football Toucher Downer
Directing/Director1937 Fowl Play
Directing/Director1937 I Likes Babies and Infinks
Directing/Director1937 House Cleaning Blues
Directing/Director1937 Morning, Noon and Night Club
Directing/Director1937 The Twisker Pitcher
Directing/Director1937 My Artistical Temperature
Directing/Director1937 I Never Changes My Altitude
Directing/Director1937 The Hot Air Salesman
Directing/Director1937 Pudgy Picks a Fight
Directing/Director1937 Pudgy Takes a Bow-Wow
Directing/Director1937 The Paneless Window Washer
Directing/Director1937 The Impractical Joker
Directing/Director1937 Protek the Weakerist
Directing/Director1937 Peeping Penguins
Directing/Director1937 Hospitaliky
Directing/Director1937 Lost and Foundry
Directing/Director1937 Whispers in the Dark
Directing/Director1937 Please Keep Me in Your Dreams
Directing/Director1937 Magic on Broadway
Directing/Director1937 The New Deal Show
Directing/Director1937 Service with a Smile
Directing/Director1937 Chicken a la King
Directing/Director1937 Little Lamby
Directing/Director1937 Never Should Have Told You
Directing/Director1936 Betty Boop and the Little King
Directing/Director1936 We Did It
Directing/Director1936 Training Pigeons
Directing/Director1936 You're Not Built That Way
Directing/Director1936 I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski
Directing/Director1936 Hawaiian Birds
Directing/Director1936 Little Swee'pea
Directing/Director1936 No Other One
Directing/Director1936 I Can't Escape from You
Directing/Director1936 More Pep
Directing/Director1936 A Song a Day
Directing/Director1936 Not Now
Directing/Director1936 The Hills of Old Wyomin'
Directing/Director1936 Greedy Humpty Dumpty
Directing/Director1936 The Little Stranger
Directing/Director1936 I Wanna Be a Life Guard
Directing/Director1936 A Clean Shaven Man
Directing/Director1936 Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
Directing/Director1936 The Cobweb Hotel
Directing/Director1936 Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky
Directing/Director1936 Be Human
Directing/Director1936 I'm in the Army Now
Directing/Director1936 Hold the Wire
Directing/Director1936 Somewhere in Dreamland
Directing/Director1936 Bridge Ahoy!
Directing/Director1936 Let's Get Movin'
Directing/Director1936 Never Kick a Woman
Directing/Director1936 Brotherly Love
Directing/Director1936 Play Safe
Directing/Director1936 What -- No Spinach?
Directing/Director1936 Grampy's Indoor Outing
Directing/Director1936 The Spinach Roadster
Directing/Director1936 Talking Through My Heart
Directing/Director1936 I Don't Want to Make History
Directing/Director1936 Christmas Comes But Once a Year
Directing/Director1936 Happy You and Merry Me
Directing/Director1936 Making Friends
Directing/Director1936 Little Nobody
Directing/Director1935 Swat the Fly
Directing/Director1935 No! No! A Thousand Times No!!
Directing/Director1935 Baby Be Good
Directing/Director1935 Stop That Noise
Directing/Director1935 An Elephant Never Forgets
Directing/Director1935 Betty Boop and Grampy
Directing/Director1935 Dizzy Divers
Directing/Director1935 Time for Love
Directing/Director1935 Choose Your 'Weppins'
Directing/Director1935 The Spinach Overture
Directing/Director1935 Taking the Blame
Directing/Director1935 A Language All My Own
Directing/Director1935 Judge for a Day
Directing/Director1935 Adventures of Popeye
Directing/Director1935 You Gotta Be a Football Hero
Directing/Director1935 King of the Mardi Gras
Writing/Writer1935 King of the Mardi Gras
Directing/Director1935 The Song of the Birds
Directing/Director1935 Dancing on the Moon
Directing/Director1935 It's Easy to Remember
Directing/Director1935 Musical Memories
Directing/Director1935 The Kids in the Shoe
Directing/Director1935 Making Stars
Directing/Director1935 A Little Soap and Water
Directing/Director1935 I Wished on the Moon
Directing/Director1935 Be Kind to 'Aminals'
Directing/Director1935 The Hyp-Nut-Tist
Directing/Director1935 Pleased to Meet Cha!
Directing/Director1935 Beware of Barnacle Bill
Directing/Director1935 For Better or Worser
Directing/Director1934 We Aim to Please
Directing/Director1934 Shiver Me Timbers!
Directing/Director1934 The Two-Alarm Fire
Directing/Director1934 This Little Piggie Went to Market
Directing/Director1934 There's Something About a Soldier
Directing/Director1934 Betty Boop's Little Pal
Directing/Director1934 Let's Sing with Popeye
Directing/Director1934 When My Ship Comes In
Directing/Director1934 Betty Boop's Prize Show
Directing/Director1934 Sock-a-Bye, Baby
Directing/Director1934 Ha! Ha! Ha!
Directing/Director1934 Shoein' Hosses
Directing/Director1934 Strong to the Finich
Directing/Director1934 Betty Boop's Rise to Fame
Directing/Director1934 Lazy Bones
Directing/Director1934 A Dream Walking
Directing/Director1934 Let's You and Him Fight
Directing/Director1934 The Dance Contest
Directing/Director1934 Axe Me Another
Directing/Director1934 She Wronged Him Right
Directing/Director1934 She Reminds Me of You
Directing/Director1934 Love Thy Neighbor
Directing/Director1934 Poor Cinderella
Directing/Director1934 Little Dutch Mill
Directing/Director1934 Betty in Blunderland
Directing/Director1934 Betty Boop's Trial
Directing/Director1934 Can You Take It
Directing/Director1934 Keeps Rainin' All the Time
Directing/Director1934 Keep in Style
Directing/Director1934 Betty Boop's Life Guard
Directing/Director1934 The Man on the Flying Trapeze
Directing/Director1934 Red Hot Mamma
Directing/Director1934 Tune Up and Sing
Directing/Director1933 Stoopnocracy
Directing/Director1933 Seasin's Greetinks!
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions
Directing/Director1933 Ain't She Sweet
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's Penthouse
Directing/Director1933 Popeye the Sailor
Directing/Director1933 Reaching for the Moon
Directing/Director1933 Blow Me Down!
Directing/Director1933 Dinah
Directing/Director1933 Morning, Noon and Night
Directing/Director1933 Sing, Sisters, Sing!
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party
Directing/Director1933 I Heard
Directing/Director1933 Popular Melodies
Directing/Director1933 Boilesk
Directing/Director1933 I Eats My Spinach
Directing/Director1933 Boo, Boo, Theme Song!
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's Big Boss
Directing/Director1933 The Peanut Vendor
Directing/Director1933 I Yam What I Yam
Directing/Director1933 I Like Mountain Music
Directing/Director1933 Sing, Babies, Sing!
Directing/Director1933 Song Shopping
Directing/Director1933 Wild Elephinks
Directing/Director1933 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's May Party
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's Birthday Party
Directing/Director1933 Snow-White
Directing/Director1933 Is My Palm Read
Directing/Director1933 Aloha Oe
Directing/Director1933 The Old Man of the Mountain
Directing/Director1933 Down by the Old Mill Stream
Directing/Director1933 Betty Boop's Ker-Choo
Directing/Director1933 Mother Goose Land
Directing/Director1932 Sleepy Time Down South
Directing/Director1932 Down Among the Sugar Cane
Directing/Director1932 Romantic Melodies
Directing/Director1932 Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle
Directing/Director1932 The Betty Boop Limited
Directing/Director1932 Any Rags
Directing/Director1932 S.O.S.
Directing/Director1932 Admission Free
Directing/Director1932 Just a Gigolo
Directing/Director1932 Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Directing/Director1932 Rudy Vallee Melodies
Directing/Director1932 Stopping the Show
Directing/Director1932 Minnie the Moocher
Directing/Director1932 Betty Boop's Museum
Directing/Director1932 School Days
Directing/Director1932 You Try Somebody Else
Directing/Director1932 Time on My Hands
Directing/Director1932 The Robot
Directing/Director1932 Sing a Song
Directing/Director1932 Boop-Oop-A-Doop
Directing/Director1932 Chess-Nuts
Directing/Director1932 Betty Boop's Ups and Downs
Directing/Director1932 Betty Boop, M.D.
Directing/Director1932 Betty Boop's Bizzy Bee
Directing/Director1932 Shine on Harvest Moon
Directing/Director1932 The Dancing Fool
Directing/Director1932 Crazy-Town
Directing/Director1932 Sweet Jennie Lee
Directing/Director1932 A Hunting We Will Go
Directing/Director1932 Betty Boop for President
Directing/Director1932 I Ain't Got Nobody
Directing/Director1932 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
Directing/Director1932 Just One More Chance
Directing/Director1932 Hide and Seek
Directing/Director1932 Show Me the Way to Go Home
Directing/Director1931 In My Merry Oldsmobile
Directing/Director1931 Betty Co-ed
Directing/Director1931 Little Annie Rooney
Directing/Director1931 Mask-A-Raid
Directing/Director1931 The Bum Bandit
Directing/Director1931 The Cow's Husband
Directing/Director1931 Tree Saps
Directing/Director1931 Minding the Baby
Directing/Director1931 Bimbo's Express
Directing/Director1931 My Wife's Gone to the Country
Directing/Director1931 I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
Directing/Director1931 Russian Lullaby
Directing/Director1931 By the Beautiful Sea
Directing/Director1931 Teacher's Pest
Directing/Director1931 The Male Man
Directing/Director1931 The Herring Murder Case
Directing/Director1931 Jack and the Beanstalk
Directing/Director1931 Kitty from Kansas City
Directing/Director1931 Silly Scandals
Directing/Director1931 Twenty Legs Under the Sea
Directing/Director1931 That Old Gang of Mine
Directing/Director1931 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
Directing/Director1931 Somebody Stole My Gal
Directing/Director1931 Ace of Spades
Directing/Director1931 Dizzy Red Riding-Hood
Directing/Director1931 You're Driving Me Crazy
Directing/Director1931 My Baby Just Cares for Me
Directing/Director1931 Alexander's Ragtime Band
Directing/Director1931 Bimbo's Initiation
Directing/Director1931 By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Directing/Director1931 Please Go 'Way and Let Me Sleep
Directing/Director1930 Up To Mars
Directing/Director1930 Hot Dog
Directing/Director1930 Row, Row, Row
Directing/Director1930 La paloma
Directing/Director1930 Come Take a Trip in My Airship
Directing/Director1930 Mysterious Mose
Directing/Director1930 Wise Flies
Directing/Director1930 Swing You Sinners!
Directing/Director1930 A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
Directing/Director1930 In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
Directing/Director1930 The Stein Song
Directing/Director1930 Grand Uproar
Directing/Director1930 My Gal Sal
Directing/Director1930 Mariutch
Directing/Director1930 Fire Bugs
Directing/Director1930 Yes! We Have No Bananas
Directing/Director1930 On a Sunday Afternoon
Directing/Director1930 Radio Riot
Directing/Director1930 Sky Scraping
Directing/Director1930 Bedelia
Directing/Director1930 Barnacle Bill
Directing/Director1930 Dizzy Dishes
Directing/Director1930 In the Good Old Summertime
Directing/Director1930 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
Directing/Director1930 Strike Up the Band
Directing/Director1929 Ko-Ko's Hypnotism
Directing/Director1929 Ko-Ko's Big Sale
Directing/Director1929 Ko-Ko's Conquest
Directing/Director1929 Noah's Lark
Directing/Director1929 Ko-Ko's Hot Ink
Directing/Director1929 I've Got Rings on My Fingers
Directing/Director1929 Chemical Ko-Ko
Directing/Director1929 Smiles
Directing/Director1929 Chinatown, My Chinatown
Directing/Director1929 After the Ball
Directing/Director1929 Ko-Ko's Harem Scarem
Directing/Director1929 Ko-Ko's Reward
Directing/Director1929 Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Directing/Director1929 Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet
Directing/Director1928 Ko-Ko's Haunted House
Directing/Director1928 Ko-Ko's Catch
Directing/Director1928 Ko-Ko's Courtship
Directing/Director1928 KoKo's Earth Control
Directing/Director1927 Ko-Ko the Knight
Directing/Director1927 Koko in 1999
Directing/Director1927 Ko-Ko the Kid
Directing/Director1927 Ko-Ko Plays Pool
Directing/Director1927 Inklings, Issue Unknown
Directing/Director1927 Jingle Bells
Directing/Director1927 Now You're Talking
Directing/Director1927 Koko Needles the Boss
Directing/Director1927 Ko-Ko Hops Off
Directing/Director1927 Koko Back Tracks
Directing/Director1927 By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Directing/Director1927 Ko Ko Explores
Directing/Director1927 Ko-Ko's Kane
Directing/Director1927 Ko-Ko the Kop
Directing/Director1926 The Sheik of Araby
Directing/Director1926 'Morning, Judge
Directing/Director1926 Ko-Ko's Queen
Directing/Director1926 In the Good Old Summer Time
Directing/Director1926 Comin' Thro' the Rye
Visual Effects/Animation1926 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Boys Are Marching
Directing/Director1926 Koko the Convict
Directing/Director1926 Koko Hot After It
Directing/Director1926 Koko's Toot Toot
Visual Effects/Animation1926 Koko's Toot Toot
Directing/Director1926 It's the Cats
Directing/Director1926 Koko's Paradise
Visual Effects/Animation1926 Koko's Paradise
Directing/Director1926 My Old Kentucky Home
Directing/Director1926 Koko Baffles the Bulls
Directing/Director1926 Fadeaway
Directing/Director1925 Koko Trains 'Em
Directing/Director1925 Koko Packs 'Em
Directing/Director1925 Koko the Barber
Directing/Director1925 Big Chief Koko
Visual Effects/Animation1925 Big Chief Koko
Directing/Director1925 Ko-Ko in Toyland
Visual Effects/Animation1925 Ko-Ko in Toyland
Directing/Director1925 Inklings, Issue 12
Directing/Director1925 Koko Nuts
Directing/Director1925 Ko-ko in Thanksgiving
Directing/Director1924 The Cure
Directing/Director1924 Cartoon Factory
Directing/Director1924 Clay Town
Directing/Director1924 Mother Gooseland
Directing/Director1924 Trip to Mars
Directing/Director1924 Vaudeville
Directing/Director1923 Surprise
Directing/Director1923 Trapped
Directing/Director1923 Bed Time
Directing/Director1923 The Fortune Teller
Directing/Director1923 False Alarm
Directing/Director1923 The Puzzle
Directing/Director1922 Bubbles
Directing/Director1922 Flies
Directing/Director1922 The Birthday
Directing/Director1922 Jumping Beans
Directing/Director1922 The Dresden Doll
Directing/Director1921 The Automobile Ride
Directing/Director1921 Modeling
Directing/Director1921 Invisible Ink
Directing/Director1921 Fishing
Directing/Director1920 The Chinaman
Directing/Director1920 The Clown's Little Brother
Directing/Director1920 The Circus
Directing/Director1919 Out of the Inkwell
Directing/Director1919 The Clown's Pup

Full Name: David Fleischer
Born: Saturday, 07/14 1894 (July) in New York City, New York (United States of America (USA))
Died: Monday, 06/25 1979 (June) in Woodland Hills (aged: 84)
Zodiac sign: Cancer (Chinese zodiac sign: Horse)
Employer: Bray Productions
Siblings: Max Fleischer
Other names for Dave Fleischer (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"David Fleischer"
"Dave Fliescher"
Dave Fleischer frequently works together with these people:
Max Fleischer (203x, Crew)
Jack Mercer (118x, Actor)
Mae Questel (117x, Actress)
Sammy Timberg (64x, Crew)
Willard Bowsky (62x, Crew)
Seymour Kneitel (53x, Crew)
Gus Wickie (39x, Actor)
Margie Hines (35x, Actress)
Lou Fleischer (23x, Crew)
Dave Tendlar (22x, Crew)
Joan Alexander (1x, Actress)
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