Allan Dwan

Film Producer / Film Director / Screenwriter | * 04/03/1885 († 96, 12/28/1981) | Toronto (Canada)
Allan Dwan (born Joseph Aloysius Dwan; April 3, 1885 – December 28, 1981) was a pioneering Canadian-born American motion picture director, producer, and screenwriter. ()

Allan Dwan was born on April 3, 1885 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Joseph Aloysius Dwan. He was a director and writer, known for A Perfect Crime (1921), Bound in Morocco (1918) and A Broken Doll (1921). He was married to Marie Shelton and Pauline Bush. He died on December 28, 1981 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

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Most frequent genres for this person: Drama | Comedies | Romance / Love

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Movies with Allan Dwan as Crew(216)

Directing/Director1961 Most Dangerous Man Alive
Directing/Director1958 Enchanted Island
Directing/Director1957 The River's Edge
Directing/Director1957 The Restless Breed
Directing/Director1956 Hold Back The Night
Directing/Director1956 Slightly Scarlet
Directing/Director1955 Tennessee's Partner
Directing/Director1955 Pearl of the South Pacific
Directing/Director1955 Escape to Burma
Directing/Director1954 Silver Lode
Directing/Director1954 Passion
Directing/Director1954 Cattle Queen of Montana
Directing/Director1953 Woman They Almost Lynched
Production/Producer1953 Woman They Almost Lynched
Directing/Director1953 Flight Nurse
Directing/Director1953 Sweethearts on Parade
Production/Producer1953 Sweethearts on Parade
Directing/Director1952 Montana Belle
Directing/Director1952 I Dream of Jeanie
Directing/Director1951 The Wild Blue Yonder
Directing/Director1951 Belle Le Grand
Directing/Director1950 Surrender
Directing/Director1950 Sands of Iwo Jima
Directing/Director1948 The Inside Story
Production/Producer1948 The Inside Story
Directing/Director1948 Angel in Exile
Directing/Director1947 Driftwood
Production/Producer1947 Driftwood
Directing/Director1947 Northwest Outpost
Directing/Director1947 Calendar Girl
Directing/Director1946 Rendezvous with Annie
Directing/Director1945 Brewster's Millions
Directing/Director1945 Getting Gertie's Garter
Writing/Writer1945 Getting Gertie's Garter
Directing/Director1944 Abroad with Two Yanks
Directing/Director1944 Up in Mabel's Room
Directing/Director1943 Around the World
Production/Producer1943 Around the World
Directing/Director1942 Friendly Enemies
Directing/Director1942 Here We Go Again
Production/Producer1942 Here We Go Again
Directing/Director1941 Rise and Shine
Directing/Director1941 Look Who's Laughing
Production/Producer1941 Look Who's Laughing
Directing/Director1940 Trail of the Vigilantes
Production/Producer1940 Trail of the Vigilantes
Directing/Director1940 Young People
Directing/Director1940 Sailor's Lady
Directing/Director1939 Frontier Marshal
Directing/Director1939 The Gorilla
Directing/Director1939 The Three Musketeers
Directing/Director1938 Suez
Directing/Director1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Directing/Director1938 Josette
Directing/Director1937 One Mile From Heaven
Directing/Director1937 That I May Live
Directing/Director1937 Woman-Wise
Directing/Director1937 Heidi
Directing/Director1936 High Tension
Directing/Director1936 Song and Dance Man
Directing/Director1936 Human Cargo
Directing/Director1936 15 Maiden Lane
Directing/Director1935 Black Sheep
Writing/Story1935 Black Sheep
Directing/Director1935 Navy Wife
Directing/Director1934 Hollywood Party
Directing/Director1934 I Spy
Directing/Director1933 Counsel's Opinion
Directing/Director1932 While Paris Sleeps
Directing/Director1932 Her First Affaire
Directing/Director1931 Wicked
Directing/Director1931 Chances
Directing/Director1930 Man to Man
Directing/Director1930 What a Widow!
Production/Producer1930 What a Widow!
Directing/Director1929 South Sea Rose
Production/Producer1929 South Sea Rose
Directing/Director1929 Tide of Empire
Directing/Director1929 Frozen Justice
Directing/Director1929 The Iron Mask
Directing/Director1928 The Big Noise
Production/Producer1928 Harold Teen
Production/Producer1928 Mad Hour
Directing/Director1927 The Joy Girl
Directing/Director1927 East Side, West Side
Writing/Writer1927 East Side, West Side
Directing/Director1927 French Dressing
Directing/Director1926 Sea Horses
Directing/Director1926 Tin Gods
Writing/Screenplay1926 Tin Gods
Directing/Director1926 Padlocked
Directing/Director1926 Summer Bachelors
Directing/Director1925 Stage Struck
Production/Producer1925 Stage Struck
Directing/Director1925 Night Life of New York
Writing/Story1925 Fifty-Fifty
Directing/Director1925 The Coast of Folly
Directing/Director1924 Wages of Virtue
Directing/Director1924 A Society Scandal
Directing/Director1924 Her Love Story
Directing/Director1924 Argentine Love
Directing/Director1924 Manhandled
Directing/Director1923 Lawful Larceny
Directing/Director1923 Big Brother
Directing/Director1923 Zaza
Production/Producer1923 Zaza
Directing/Director1923 The Glimpses of the Moon
Directing/Director1922 Robin Hood
Writing/Writer1922 Robin Hood
Directing/Director1921 A Broken Doll
Writing/Writer1921 A Broken Doll
Directing/Director1921 A Perfect Crime
Writing/Scenario Writer1921 A Perfect Crime
Directing/Director1920 The Scoffer
Directing/Director1920 A Splendid Hazard
Directing/Director1920 The Forbidden Thing
Writing/Scenario Writer1920 The Forbidden Thing
Directing/Director1920 The Luck of the Irish
Writing/Scenario Writer1920 The Luck of the Irish
Directing/Director1919 The Dark Star
Directing/Director1919 Soldiers of Fortune
Writing/Writer1919 Soldiers of Fortune
Production/Producer1919 Sahara
Directing/Director1919 Getting Mary Married
Directing/Director1919 Cheating Cheaters
Directing/Director1918 Mr. Fix-It
Writing/Writer1918 Mr. Fix-It
Directing/Director1918 He Comes Up Smiling
Directing/Director1918 Bound in Morocco
Writing/Screenplay1918 Bound in Morocco
Directing/Director1918 Headin' South
Writing/Writer1918 Headin' South
Writing/Writer1918 Arizona
Directing/Director1917 Fighting Odds
Directing/Director1917 A Modern Musketeer
Editing/Editor1917 A Modern Musketeer
Writing/Writer1917 A Modern Musketeer
Directing/Director1917 Panthea
Production/Producer1917 Panthea
Writing/Writer1917 Panthea
Directing/Second Assistant Director1916 Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
Directing/Director1916 Manhattan Madness
Directing/Director1916 Fifty-Fifty
Writing/Story1916 Fifty-Fifty
Directing/Director1916 An Innocent Magdalene
Directing/Director1916 Betty of Greystone
Directing/Director1916 The Half-Breed
Directing/Director1916 The Habit of Happiness
Writing/Writer1916 The Habit of Happiness
Directing/Director1916 The Good Bad Man
Directing/Director1915 David Harum
Directing/Assistant Director1915 The Birth of a Nation
Directing/Director1915 The Pretty Sister of Jose
Writing/Screenplay1915 The Pretty Sister of Jose
Directing/Director1915 May Blossom
Directing/Director1915 The Foundling
Directing/Director1915 Jordan Is a Hard Road
Writing/Writer1915 Jordan Is a Hard Road
Directing/Director1915 A Girl of Yesterday
Directing/Director1914 Wildflower
Writing/Writer1914 Wildflower
Directing/Director1914 Discord and Harmony
Directing/Director1914 The End of the Feud
Directing/Director1914 The Great Universal Mystery
Directing/Director1914 The Tragedy of Whispering Creek
Directing/Director1914 The Forbidden Room
Writing/Scenario Writer1914 The Test
Directing/Director1914 The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch
Writing/Writer1914 The Unwelcome Mrs. Hatch
Directing/Director1914 Richelieu
Writing/Writer1914 Richelieu
Directing/Director1913 In Love and War
Writing/Writer1913 In Love and War
Directing/Director1913 The Restless Spirit
Writing/Writer1913 The Restless Spirit
Directing/Director1913 The Picket Guard
Directing/Director1913 The Animal
Writing/Writer1913 The Animal
Directing/Director1913 The Wall of Money
Directing/Director1913 Man's Duty
Directing/Director1913 The Spirit of the Flag
Directing/Director1913 Mental Suicide
Directing/Director1913 The Powder Flash of Death
Writing/Writer1913 The Powder Flash of Death
Directing/Director1913 Their Masterpiece
Directing/Director1913 The Guerilla Menace
Directing/Director1913 Women and War
Writing/Writer1913 Robinson Crusoe
Directing/Director1912 The Hidden Treasure
Directing/Director1912 The Mormon
Writing/Writer1912 The Mormon
Directing/Director1912 The Distant Relative
Directing/Director1912 The Blackened Hills
Writing/Writer1912 The Blackened Hills
Directing/Director1912 The Thief's Wife
Writing/Writer1912 The Thief's Wife
Directing/Director1912 Maiden and Men
Writing/Writer1912 Maiden and Men
Directing/Director1912 The Wanderer
Directing/Director1912 The Bandit of Point Loma
Directing/Director1912 A Life for a Kiss
Directing/Director1912 Cupid Through Padlocks
Directing/Director1912 Calamity Anne's Ward
Directing/Director1912 Man's Calling
Writing/Writer1912 Man's Calling
Directing/Director1911 The Cowboy and the Artist
Writing/Scenario Writer1911 The Cowboy and the Artist
Directing/Director1911 The Mother of the Ranch
Directing/Director1911 The Sheepman's Daughter
Directing/Director1911 The Ranchman's Vengeance
Directing/Director1911 Three Million Dollars
Directing/Director1911 The Poisoned Flume
Writing/Writer1911 The Poisoned Flume
Directing/Director1911 The Ranch Girl
Writing/Writer1911 The Ranch Girl

Full Name: Allan Dwan
Born: Friday, 04/03 1885 (April) in Toronto (Canada)
Died: Monday, 12/28 1981 (December) in Los Angeles (aged: 96)
Zodiac sign: Aries (Chinese zodiac sign: Rooster)
Languages: English (EN)
Educated at: University of Notre Dame
Spouses (current/former): Pauline Bush
Other names for Allan Dwan (nicknames, foreign languages etc.):
"Alan Dwan"
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Pauline Bush (26x, Actress)
Douglas Fairbanks (24x, Actor)
Wallace Reid (21x, Actor)
D.W. Griffith (17x, Crew)
J. Warren Kerrigan (16x, Actor)
Marshall Neilan (16x, Crew)
Jessalyn Van Trump (15x, Cast)
Benedict Bogeaus (9x, Crew)
Frank Campeau (9x, Actor)
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