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1950 Horror Movies

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The Fall of the House of Usher(1950)

1h 10min | Horror
2.9/5 (with 3 votes)

A traveler arrives at the Usher mansion to visit his old friend, Roderick Usher. Upon arriving, however, he discovers that Roderick and his sister, Madeline, have been afflicted with a mysterious malady: Roderick's senses have become painfully acute, while Madeline has become nearly catatonic. That evening, Roderick tells his guest of an old Usher family curse: any time there has been more than one Usher child, all of the siblings have gone insane and died horrible deaths. As the days wear on, the effects of the curse reach their terrifying climax.

Directed by Ivan Barnett - With Gwen Watford


Kankal is a social horror drama which shows how a spirit can fulfil its desire with its intense power. The story begins with Abhay being killed by a skeleton and police come for the inspection. Dr. Sanyal takes us back to the story where Tarala got married to Rattan, a rich man. But Tarala's sister-in-law's brother, Abhay was in love with Tarala whom Tarala didn't like for his bad attitude and lower education. So to take the revenge, Abhay married Rattan's sister. By moulding Rattan, Abhay took all his wealth and tried to rape Tarala. Though Rattan came to save her, he was being driven out by Abhay. In this situation Tarala passes away unknowingly and Abhay tried to hide her dead body by throwing it in the river. Rattan unable to find his wife became mad and roamed around in search for her.

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