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Witchcraft 16: Hollywood Coven(2017)

1h 22min | Horror
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A film crew shoots a gory movie with realistic special effects. The gore looks real, because it is. The film director, a evil warlock, need a blood sacrifice to complete his pact with Satan. Who better than the film's scream queen? Who will survive the final cut.

Witchcraft XIV: Angel of Death(2017)

1h 19min | Mystery, Horror
0.5/5 (with 1 vote)

A young woman discovers that she is a witch when people close to her begin to die under mysterious circumstances. She comes under the protection of a white magic coven/yoga studio. But the real danger may be right in front of her.

Witchcraft 15: Blood Rose(2017)

1h 21min | Horror
1.8/5 (with 3 votes)

Rose, a legacy witch, becomes a member of a local coven. Seductress Sharon uses her own powers to enter Roses' body and mind. She uses Rose unwillingly to steal people's souls. Her ultimate goal: resurrect Satan himself. Will Rose stop her sexy, evil rampage before it is too late?

Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen(2008)

| 1h 29min | Horror, Thriller
1.9/5 (with 4 votes)

Will Spanner, the reluctant heir to a dark legacy, is again thrown into battle against the forces of evil when a series of gruesome murders begins to take place. The victims are all brutally murdered in a ritualistic fashion - the heart is taken from each corpses. The victims also have something else in common with Will, something that the minions of darkness will stop at nothing to possess.

Directed by Mel House

Witchcraft XII: In the Lair of the Serpent(2004)

| 1h 28min | Horror
0.5/5 (with 2 votes)

One night in a dark nightclub, Jeff meets the beautiful and mysterious Tisa; Jeff is never seen alive again. Jeff's sister Cindy seeks the help of family friend Will Sparrow! As Will examines Jeff's death, he stumbles into a web of evil as old as time itself. He learns that Tisa is part of an evil coven of beautiful women that worship a long forgotten snake god, Malleus. The women of the cult must seduce men and lure them to their deaths to fulfill an ancient prophecy and unleash the ultimate evil upon the earth! Will is put in a life and death situation by going undercover, so that he alone may unlock the horrible secret before it is too late.

Directed by Brad Sykes

Witchcraft XI: Sisters in Blood(2000)

| 1h 30min | Horror
0.7/5 (with 3 votes)

Three drama students revive three witches, who want to open a gate to hell; Will Spanner and Kelly get involved, while Detectives Lutz and Garner investigate.

Directed by Ron Ford

Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft(1999)

| 1h 30min | Horror
1.9/5 (with 4 votes)

In England, bisexual British vampires free Californian Satanist Hyde from police custody; LAPD Detective Lutz and Interpol's Bureau 17 try to catch them.

Directed by Elisar Cabrera

Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh(1997)

1h 32min | Horror, Thriller
0.5/5 (with 3 votes)

Will Spanner, parted from his body, finds a hooker who can hear him; meanwhile Detectives Lutz and Garner investigate a string of murders seemingly tied to ancient Egypt.

Directed by Michael Paul Girard

Witchcraft 8: Salem's Ghost(1996)

1h 30min | Horror
1.3/5 (with 3 votes)

A young happy couple move into a “dream home” only to find it is a gateway for occult powers.

Directed by Joseph John Barmettler

Witchcraft VII: Judgement Hour(1995)

1h 30min | Horror
1.9/5 (with 3 votes)

Will Spanner is at it again battling sex starved beautiful demon vampires in the seventh installment of this series. Will enlists the help of cops Lutz and Garner to bring down the evil vampire Martin and his beautiful erotic demonic slaves.

Directed by Michael Paul Girard

Witchcraft 666: The Devil's Mistress(1994)

| 1h 31min | Horror
1.8/5 (with 4 votes)

A serial killer targets young women wearing gold crosses; Detectives Lutz and Garner enlist Will Spanner to help with the occult angles of the case.

Directed by Julie Davis

Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil(1993)

| 1h 39min | Horror
1.2/5 (with 4 votes)

An evil warlock takes over a rock club. He uses beautiful, large-breasted and frequently nude women to try to collect enough souls so that he may be able to bring Satan to Earth.

Directed by Talun Hsu
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Witchcraft IV: The Virgin Heart(1992)

| 1h 32min | Horror
0.9/5 (with 5 votes)

Rock musicians are selling their souls to the devil for fame and fortune. An attorney with magical powers attempts to stop it.

Directed by James Merendino

Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death(1991)

| 1h 25min | Horror
1.2/5 (with 4 votes)

A warlock refuses to use his powers for evil, but comes across another warlock who isn't bothered by such trivial matters. In fact, the evil warlock falls for the good warlock's girlfriend, and decides to get rid of his competition so he can turn the girlfriend into one of his many sex slaves. The good warlock, not quite sure how to handle the situation, turns to an African witch doctor for help.

Directed by Rachel Feldman

Witchcraft II: The Temptress(1990)

| 1h 28min | Horror
1.9/5 (with 6 votes)

Witch from the first Witchcraft movie stalks the now teenage child. She attempts to kill his friends in order to slowly corrupt him to Satan. However the boy is able to defeat the evil Satanic witch, and not enter into Evil with her.

Directed by Mark Woods - With Delia Sheppard


| 1h 35min | Horror
2.1/5 (with 8 votes)

A new mother and her child move into her mother-in-law's dark old mansion. She soon begns to suspect that neither the house nor her mother-in-law are quite what they seem to be.

Directed by Rob Spera
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