VeggieTales: Larry Boy Collection(1997-2006)

The adventures of Larry Boy (A.K.A Larry The Cucumber)

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VeggieTales: LarryBoy and the Bad Apple(2006)

2.4/5 (with 4 votes)

Someone called the Bad Apple seeks to rule Bumblyburg by making Mayor Blueberry, Petunia Rhubarb, and LarryBoy (as well as Alfred) victims of various temptations. Soon everyone who has become trapped by their temptations realizes that they need the help of others around them in order to fight back and defeat the Bad Apple.

Directed by Tim Hodge

VeggieTales: Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed(1999)

3.1/5 (with 8 votes)

Any rumors caught your ear lately? Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot learn just how easily rumors get started when they accidently launch a whopper about LarryBoy's butler, Alfred! Before they know it, their little story is spreading all over Bumblyburg like a weed! Can LarryBoy stop the rumor before Alfred gets hurt? Can anyone stop the rumor before LarryBoy gets hurt?!? In the end, the kids learn that God doesn't want us to tell stories that can hurt. He wants us to spread nice words! Don't miss the action in LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed!

Directed by Phil Vischer

VeggieTales: LarryBoy & the Fib from Outer Space!(1997)

| 33min | Animation, Kids & Family
3.4/5 (with 5 votes)

With his dad's bowling plate in pieces, Junior Asparagus has to think fast. But when his new friend encourages him to tell a little white lie, he finds that making a lie bigger and bigger can get you stuck in it.

Directed by Phil Vischer
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