Child's Play Collection(1988-2017)

A horror film series franchise featuring Chucky, a killer Good Guys doll with the soul of a notorious serial killer.

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Cult of Chucky(2017)

1h 31min | Horror, Thriller
2.6/5 (with 250 votes)

Confined to an asylum for the criminally insane for the past four years, Nica Pierce is erroneously convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new therapeutic “tool” to facilitate his patients’ group sessions — an all-too-familiar “Good Guy” doll with an innocently smiling face — a string of grisly deaths begins to plague the asylum, and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn’t crazy after all. Meanwhile, Andy Barclay, Chucky’s now all-grown-up nemesis from the first three Child’s Plays, races to Nica’s aid. But to save her he’ll have to get past Tiffany, Chucky’s long-ago bride, who will do anything, no matter how deadly or depraved, to help her beloved evil devilish doll.

Directed by Don Mancini - With Christine Elise, Alex Vincent, Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly

Curse of Chucky(2013)

| 1h 37min | Horror, Thriller
2.9/5 (with 334 votes)

After the passing of her mother, a young woman in a wheelchair since birth, is forced to deal with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and their nanny as they say their goodbyes to mother. When people start turning up dead, Nica discovers the culprit might be a strange doll she received a few days earlier.

Seed of Chucky(2004)

| 1h 27min | Horror
2.5/5 (with 271 votes)

Chucky and Tiffany are resurrected by their innocent son, Glen, and hit Hollywood, where a movie depicting the killer dolls' murder spree is underway.

Directed by Don Mancini - With Brad Dourif, Billy Boyd, Jennifer Tilly, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters, Redman, ...

Bride of Chucky(1998)

| 1h 29min | Horror
2.8/5 (with 326 votes)

Chucky hooks up with another murderous doll, the bridal gown-clad Tiffany, for a Route 66 murder spree with their unwitting hosts.

Child's Play 3(1991)

| 1h 30min | Thriller, Horror, Action
2.8/5 (with 267 votes)

Eight years have passed since the events of the second film. Chucky has been resurrected once again and seeks revenge on Andy, his former owner, who is now a teenager enrolled in military school.

Child's Play 2(1990)

| 1h 24min | Drama, Horror
3.0/5 (with 305 votes)

When Andy's mother is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, the young boy is placed in foster care, and Chucky, determined to claim Andy's soul, is not far behind.

Directed by John Lafia - With Alex Vincent, Jenny Agutter, Gerrit Graham, Christine Elise, Brad Dourif, Grace Zabriskie, ...

Child's Play(1988)

| 1h 27min | Horror, Thriller
3.2/5 (with 543 votes)

A single mother gives her son a beloved doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

Directed by Tom Holland - With Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Brad Dourif, Dinah Manoff, Alex Vincent, Alex Vincent, ...
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