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New TV Series Premieres in Week 07/2020: 58 TV Shows/Series & 58 Seasons

02/10/2020 | By: WPS

Each week numerous new TV shows/series are launched and existing series return in a new season. In this overview you can find out what's happening during calendar week 07/2020 (02/10/2020-02/16/2020), with TV shows/series from United States of America (USA) and around the world. Highlights this week include "For Life" (Crime/Drama), "High Fidelity" (Comedy/Drama), "Duncanville" (Comedy/Animation), "Love Is Blind" (Reality-TV), "Operación Pacífico" (Drama/Crime/Soap / Telenovela), "ZeroZeroZero", "Everyone Wants To Meet You" and "#Luimelia".

New TV Shows/Series from United States of America (USA)(15)

For Life(2020-2021)

| 43min per episode | Crime, Drama
4.0/5 (with 116 votes)

A prisoner becomes a lawyer, litigating cases for other inmates while fighting to overturn his own life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit.


| 22min per episode | Comedy, Animation
3.9/5 (with 125 votes)

Like most 15-year-olds, Duncan can see adulthood on the horizon: money, freedom, cars and girls; but the reality is more like: always being broke, driving with one's mom sitting shotgun and babysitting one's sister. He's not exceptional, but he has a wild imagination in which he's never anything less than amazing.

Love Is Blind(2020-)

| Reality-TV
3.6/5 (with 26 votes)

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.

High Fidelity(2020)

| 26min per episode | Comedy, Drama
3.9/5 (with 80 votes)

Rob Brooks, a female record store owner in the rapidly gentrified neighborhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn revisit past relationships through music and pop culture, while trying to get over her one true love.

Operación Pacífico(2020)

45min per episode | Drama, Crime, Soap / Telenovela
3.8/5 (with 193 votes)

The story of Captain Amalia Ortega, leader of a secret unit, whose mission is to capture the most wanted Mexican drug trafficker, putting both her profession and family's life at risk.

Expedition X(2020-)

| 43min per episode | Reality-TV
3.7/5 (with 4 votes)

Whether trekking through the remote jungles of Cambodia in search of a legendary ape-man or exploring the secrets of the world’s largest cave system right here in the United States, the Expedition X team is taking viewers to the stranger side of the unknown.

Visible: Out On Television(2020)

| 1h 1min per episode | Documentary
3.4/5 (with 6 votes)

Explore the history of the LGBTQ movement through the lens of TV in this five-part docuseries. Combining archival footage with new interviews, it looks at homophobia, invisibility, the evolution of LGBTQ characters, and coming out in the TV industry.

Directed by Ryan White

Space Command(2020-)

1.8/5 (with 1 vote)

An indy sci-fi show developed, written and directed by Mark Scott Zircree and Elaine Zicree. While not having the budget of a major studio, the cast of regular and recurring characters is comprised of well known and famous sci fi actors.

Ruthless Aggression(2020-)

| 50min per episode | Documentary
3.8/5 (with 5 votes)

For the first time ever, hear the true stories from those who lived it, and witness the emergence of an entire new generation of Superstars, who would change WWE forever. WWE Ruthless Aggression will feature brand-new interviews with Cena, Batista, Orton, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry, Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Paul Heyman, Bruce Prichard and many more, giving WWE fans firsthand accounts of events that transpired in front of, and behind, the camera. Each episode is also packed with rare and never-before-seen footage, providing unprecedented access to the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Cherish the Day(2020-)

45min per episode | Drama
4.5/5 (with 4 votes)

A chronicle of the stirring relationship of one couple, with each episode spanning a single day. The narrative will unfold to reveal significant moments in a relationship that compel us to hold true to the ones we love, from the extraordinary to the everyday.


| 1h 25min per episode | Documentary
3.8/5 (with 7 votes)

The story of how a fatherless young soldier full of personal ambition becomes a leader of men willing to sacrifice all for the common cause. How a once-loyal British subject rises to battle an empire in a liberty-or-death campaign to forge a new nation. And then how, at the zenith of his power, the victorious general voluntarily steps down, becoming what King George III would call “the greatest man in the world.”

Slow Burn(2020-)

In this adaptation of the award-winning podcast, Slow Burn’s Leon Neyfakh excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters of recent political history—and finds surprising parallels to the present.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition(2020-)

43min per episode | Reality-TV
3.9/5 (with 2 votes)

Host Jesse Tyler Ferguson showcases great stories, inspired volunteers and mind-blowing home renovations for families who give back to their communities. The whole-home overhauls includes interior, exterior and landscaping—all completed within seven days while the family is sent away for the week.

The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty(2020)

| 1h per episode | Documentary
3.4/5 (with 2 votes)

From the producers of "The Kennedys," this six-part miniseries tells the incredible, dramatic and emotional tale of the British Royal Family known as The Windsors. Using stunning archive and interviews with insiders and experts, the series weaves together the true story of the Windsor dynasty.

Stuck with You(2020-)

Candace and Luvell are the perfect celebrity couple. But their marriage isn’t the love story that the cameras see. If they want a happy ending, they’ll have to work past the lies and manipulation to get back to what’s real.

New TV Shows/Series worldwide(43)



2020 | 3.9/5 | 55min per episode

Get Even


2020 | 3.9/5 | 30min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)


Certification unknown

2020- | 3.1/5 | 30min per episode

La Maison-Bleue

Certification unknown

2020- | 22min per episode

Guardians of the Ancient Oath

Certification unknown

2020 | 4.0/5 | 40min per episode
People's Republic of China

I've Fallen For You

Certification unknown

2020- | 4.0/5 | 45min per episode
People's Republic of China

The End

Certification unknown

2020- | 2.9/5 | 28min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

The Cursed

Certification unknown

2020 | 3.8/5 | 1h per episode
South Korea

Beautiful Time With You

Certification unknown

2020- | 5.0/5 | 31min per episode
People's Republic of China

Utopia Falls

Certification unknown

2020 | 3.8/5 | 45min per episode

Love Thy Woman


2020 | 45min per episode


Certification unknown

People's Republic of China

Pawan & Pooja

Certification unknown

2020- | 42min per episode

Because of You

Certification unknown

2020- | 12min per episode

Perfect Commando

Certification unknown

2020 | 3.3/5 | 22min per episode

La fossa

Certification unknown


The iCizzle Show

Certification unknown

2020- | 5.0/5 | 17min per episode

Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King

Certification unknown

2020 | 4.0/5 | 45min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Taj Mahal 1989

Certification unknown

2020 | 3.2/5 | 31min per episode

Raiders of the Lost Past with Janina Ramirez

Certification unknown

2020-2021 | 3.5/5
United Kingdom (UK)

Gulag, The Story

Certification unknown

2020 | 4.1/5 | 53min per episode

Barrister Babu

Certification unknown

2020- | 22min per episode

Czech mystery

Certification unknown

2020- | 40min per episode
Czech Republic

Ankara Havası

Certification unknown

2020 | 25min per episode

Marco Schreyl

Certification unknown

2020 | 4.5/5

Jorge Mautner: Kaos Em Ação

Certification unknown

2020- | 4.9/5 | 55min per episode

Anaganaga: Once Upon A Time

Certification unknown

2020- | 35min per episode
British Indian Ocean Territory

Everyone Wants To Meet You

Certification unknown

2020- | 35min per episode
People's Republic of China

Secrets of the Solar System

Certification unknown

2020- | 3.7/5 | 50min per episode
United States of America (USA)

Man with a Van

Certification unknown


Couples That Made History

Certification unknown

2020 | 5.0/5 | 45min per episode


Certification unknown

2020-2021 | 5.0/5

Starting Troubles

Certification unknown

2020- | 29min per episode


Certification unknown

2020- | 30min per episode
British Indian Ocean Territory

Eventide Media Center

Certification unknown

2020- | 5.0/5

Vulkane in Neuseeland

Certification unknown

2020 | 43min per episode

Schottlands wilder Norden

Certification unknown

2020 | 43min per episode

Landscape Artist of the Year Canada

Certification unknown


Slash Dupe

Certification unknown

United Kingdom (UK)

The Hairy Bikers Chocolate Challenge

Certification unknown

2020 | 44min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Filthy House SOS

Certification unknown

2020- | 45min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Love Crisis

Certification unknown


New Seasons of ongoing TV Shows/Series(58)

Monday, 02/10/2020: My Brilliant Friend ("L'amica geniale") - The Story of a New Name with 8 episodes (Drama)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Survivor - Winners At War with 14 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: The Soup - Season 13 with 18 episodes (Talk-Show/Comedy)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Narcos: Mexico - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Drama/Crime)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Wife Swap - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Snapped: Killer Couples - Season 13 with 10 episodes (Documentary/Crime)
Friday, 02/14/2020: Half in the Bag - Season 10 with 14 episodes (Talk-Show/Comedy)
Friday, 02/14/2020: The Real Bros of Simi Valley - Season 3 with 11 episodes (Comedy/Reality-TV)
Friday, 02/14/2020: Balance: Television for Living Well - Season 2 with 8 episodes
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Outlander - Book Five with 12 episodes (Drama/Science-Fiction & Fantasy)very popular
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Season 7 with 30 episodes (Talk-Show/Comedy/News)very popular
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Good Girls - Season 3 with 11 episodes (Comedy/Drama/Crime)
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Beat Bobby Flay - Season 24 with 13 episodes (Reality-TV)

Monday, 02/10/2020: Liu Lao Gen ("刘老根") - Season 3 with 42 episodes (Drama/Comedy)
Monday, 02/10/2020: Åsted Norge - Season 9 with 12 episodes (News/Crime)
Monday, 02/10/2020: Baron Noir - Season 3 with 8 episodes (Drama)
Monday, 02/10/2020: Ek Duje Ke Vaaste - Season 2 with 6 episodes (Drama/Kids & Family/Soap / Telenovela)
Monday, 02/10/2020: The Lake Erie Murders - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Crime/Documentary)
Monday, 02/10/2020: Big Brother Sverige - Season 11 with 2 episodes (Reality-TV)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Die Anstalt - Season 7 with 8 episodes (Comedy)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: The Split - Series 2 with 6 episodes (Drama)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Paramedics - Season 2 with 20 episodes (Documentary)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Chez Krömer - Season 2 with 6 episodes (Talk-Show/Comedy)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Pechino Express - Season 8 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Sky World News - Season 10 with 2 episodes (News)
Tuesday, 02/11/2020: Brata ("Brata (2020)") - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Drama/Crime)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: Dein Song - Season 12 with 17 episodes (Reality-TV/Kids & Family)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: Caribbean Life - Season 19 with 14 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: Sacrificiul - Season 2 with 26 episodes (Drama)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: Das große Promibacken - Season 4 with 5 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: S' agapo - M' agapas ("Σ'αγαπώ Μ'αγαπάς") - Season 4 with 10 episodes (Comedy)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: Messiah ("משיח") - Season 2 with 13 episodes (Comedy)
Wednesday, 02/12/2020: La Stagiaire - Season 5 with 8 episodes (Comedy/Drama/Crime)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Well-Intended Love ("奈何BOSS要娶我") - Season 2 with 20 episodes (Drama/Comedy)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Like-moi! - Season 5 with 11 episodes (Comedy)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Schlachthof - Season 8 with 11 episodes (Comedy)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Hospital - Series 5 with 8 episodes (Documentary)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: Hunted - Season 5 with 6 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 02/13/2020: In Ice Cold Blood - Season 3 with 16 episodes (Crime/Documentary/Reality-TV)
Friday, 02/14/2020: First Dates NL - Season 6 with 68 episodes (Reality-TV)very popular
Friday, 02/14/2020: Strike Back - Vendetta with 10 episodes (Drama/Action & Adventure)
Friday, 02/14/2020: Cable Girls ("Las chicas del cable") - Season 5 with 10 episodes (Drama)
Friday, 02/14/2020: El Pueblo - Season 2 with 8 episodes (Comedy)
Friday, 02/14/2020: Paanch Phoron - Season 2 with 5 episodes
Friday, 02/14/2020: I've Fallen For You ("少主且慢行") - Season 2 with 12 episodes (Drama/Mystery)
Friday, 02/14/2020: aspekte - Season 25 (Talk-Show)
Friday, 02/14/2020: Grünwald - Freitagscomedy - Season 18 with 9 episodes (Comedy)
Friday, 02/14/2020: Vergüenza - Season 3 with 6 episodes (Comedy)
Saturday, 02/15/2020: Murders in... ("Meurtres à...") - Season 6 with 14 episodes (Mystery/Drama/Crime)
Saturday, 02/15/2020: MTV Roadies - Revolution with 36 episodes (Reality-TV/Action & Adventure)
Saturday, 02/15/2020: Traveler ("트래블러") - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Documentary)
Saturday, 02/15/2020: Alle gegen Einen - Season 2 with 4 episodes
Saturday, 02/15/2020: Paranormal Encounters - Season 3 with 6 episodes (Reality-TV)
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Vecinos - Season 7 with 13 episodes (Comedy/Kids & Family)
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Zondag met Lubach - Season 11 with 10 episodes (News/Comedy)
Sunday, 02/16/2020: SuperStar - Season 6 with 16 episodes (Reality-TV)
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Sunday Brunch - Season 9 with 6 episodes
Sunday, 02/16/2020: Zulu Awards - Season 13 with 2 episodes
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