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Movies in chronological context: 2021 (MMXXI) is the current year in parts of the world where the time zone is UTC−04:00 or later, including Asia, Europe, Africa, western Oceania, and parts of the Americas. It is a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2021st year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 21st year of the 3rd millennium, the 21st year of the 21st century, and the 2nd year of the 2020s decade. 2021 is scheduled to host most major events that were originally scheduled for 2020, including the Eurovision Song Contest, UEFA Euro 2020, 2020 Summer Olympics, and Expo 2020, but were postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The United Nations declared 2021 as the International Year of Peace and Trust, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, and the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. ()

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Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory(2021)

3.4/5 (with 98 votes)

Working men and women leave through the main gate of the Lumière factory in Lyon, France. Filmed on 22 March 1895, it is often referred to as the first real motion picture ever made, although Louis Le Prince's 1888 Roundhay Garden Scene pre-dated it by seven years. Three separate versions of this film exist, which differ from one another in numerous ways. The first version features a carriage drawn by one horse, while in the second version the carriage is drawn by two horses, and there is no carriage at all in the third version. The clothing style is also different between the three versions, demonstrating the different seasons in which each was filmed. This film was made in the 35 mm format with an aspect ratio of 1.33:1, and at a speed of 16 frames per second. At that rate, the 17 meters of film length provided a duration of 46 seconds, holding a total of 800 frames.

Directed by Louis Lumière

Roundhay Garden Scene(2021)

3.2/5 (with 58 votes)

The earliest surviving celluloid film, and believed second moving picture ever created, was shot by Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince using the LPCCP Type-1 MkII single-lens camera. It was taken in the garden of Oakwood Grange, the Whitley family house in Roundhay, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire (UK), possibly on 14 October 1888. It shows Adolphe Le Prince (Le Prince's son), Mrs. Sarah Whitley (Le Prince's mother-in-law), Joseph Whitley and Miss Harriet Hartley walking around in circles, laughing to themselves and keeping within the area framed by the camera. The Roundhay Garden Scene was recorded at 12 frames per second and runs for 2.11 seconds.

The Four Troublesome Heads(2021)

1min | Comedy, Fantasy
3.5/5 (with 44 votes)

One of the greatest of black art pictures. The conjurer appears before the audience, with his head in its proper place. He then removes his head, and throwing it in the air, it appears on the table opposite another head, and both detached heads sing in unison. The conjurer then removes it a third time. You then see all three of his heads, which are exact duplicates, upon the table at one time, while the conjurer again stands before the audience with his head perfectly intact, singing in unison with the three heads upon the table. He closes the picture by bowing himself from the stage.

Directed by Georges Méliès - With Georges Méliès

Sallie Gardner at a Gallop(2021)

1min | Animation
3.4/5 (with 43 votes)

Sallie Gardner at a Gallop was one of the earliest silent films — a production experiment by the photographer Eadward Muybridge on June 15, 1878 that led to the development of motion pictures. The motion picture consists of 24 photographs in a fast-motion series that were shown on a zoopraxiscope.

Directed by Eadweard Muybridge

The Kiss(2021)

2.6/5 (with 40 votes)

They get ready to kiss, begin to kiss, and kiss in a way that brings down the house every time.

The Minimalists: Less Is Now(2021)

53min | Documentary
3.4/5 (with 17 votes)

They've built a movement out of minimalism. Longtime friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share how our lives can be better with less.

Directed by Matt D'Avella

Outside the Wire(2021)

3.1/5 (with 15 votes)

In the near future, a drone pilot is sent into a deadly militarized zone and must work with an android officer to locate a doomsday device.

Directed by Mikael Håfström

The Guest Room(2021)

2.8/5 (with 14 votes)

The morning Stella decides to take her own life, a stranger knocks at her door claiming the guest room he booked for the night. Surprised but charmed by this man who seems to know her very well, Stella decides to let him in. But when Sandro, the man who broke Stella’s heart, joins them at home, this odd sit- uation turns immediately into chaos: Giulio, the stranger, starts unveiling all the secrets of the couple and of the house. Who is Giulio? And what are Stella and Sandro hiding?

Batman: Soul of the Dragon(2021)

3.9/5 (with 11 votes)

Bruce Wayne faces a deadly menace from his past, with the help of three former classmates: world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva.

Directed by Sam Liu

Tony Parker: The Final Shot(2021)

1h 38min | Documentary
3.5/5 (with 11 votes)

The background and career of Tony Parker, whose determination led him to become arguably the greatest French basketball player.

One Night in Miami...(2021)

| 1h 51min | Drama
4.0/5 (with 9 votes)

In the aftermath of Cassius Clay's defeat of Sonny Liston in 1964, the boxer meets with Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown to change the course of history in the segregated South.

Directed by Regina King

Le Coucher de la Mariée(2021)

7min | Drama
2.4/5 (with 6 votes)

A newlywed couple in front of their wedding-bed after their wedding. The woman undresses in front of her husband. A French erotic short film considered to be one of the first erotic films made.

Directed by Albert Kirchner - With Louise Willy
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Chiara Lubich - L'Amore vince tutto(2021)

1h 49min
3.7/5 (with 5 votes)

- No description / details available yet. -

Directed by Giacomo Campiotti - With Cristiana Capotondi

Stuck Apart(2021)

1h 36min | Comedy, Drama
3.0/5 (with 5 votes)

Entrenched in a midlife crisis, Aziz seeks solace from his mundane job, lonesome friends and rowdy family while pretending to have his act together.

Directed by Durul Taylan, Yağmur Taylan

Redemption Day(2021)

| 1h 40min | Action, Thriller
4.3/5 (with 4 votes)

Having just returned home, decorated U.S. Marine Captain Brad Paxton's (Gary Dourdan) wife, Kate, is kidnapped by a terrorist group while working in Morocco. He is forced back into action for a daring and deadly operation to save the woman he loves.

The Dry(2021)

1h 57min | Drama, Crime, Thriller
3.7/5 (with 4 votes)

Aaron Falk returns to his drought-stricken hometown to attend a tragic funeral. But his return opens a decades-old wound - the unsolved death of a teenage girl.

Directed by Robert Connolly - With Eric Bana, Bruce Spence, Genevieve O'Reilly

Sorry I Killed You(2021)

3.8/5 (with 4 votes)

A serial killer's detailed blueprints are thwarted when his would-be victims, co-workers on an office retreat, begin to turn on each other. He finds himself caught in between his own plans and the unplanned murders by the jealous, backstabbing co-workers he intends to kill.

100% bio(2021)

3.1/5 (with 4 votes)

- No description / details available yet. -

Traffic in King's Road, Chelsea(2021)

1.6/5 (with 3 votes)

Formerly lost film rediscovered in 1996, directed by William Friese-Greene.

Peeping Tom(2021)

2min | Comedy, Drama
2.9/5 (with 3 votes)

A man peeping through a keyhole at an attractive young woman gets his comeuppance. This is often labelled to "What Is Seen Through a Keyhole" (1901) Letterboxd's poster is of "Keyhole".

Silver Spoon. The Movie(2021)

1h 38min | Drama, Thriller, Action, Comedy
3.3/5 (with 3 votes)

The silver spoon masterfully escapes from prison and starts a new life. New sweet life! Sokolovsky joins the secular crowd, where everyone is sitting on a new synthetic drug, and he is again surrounded by cars, villas and top models. Friends, enemies and the FSB are following the trail of the silver spoon, trying to understand what game he has started and on whose side he is. Igor is trying to understand who he is - a traitor, a saint or is it the same ... silver spoon?

Double Dad(2021)

1h 43min | Comedy, Kids & Family
3.4/5 (with 3 votes)

After spending a lifetime in a hippie community, an 18-year-old girl takes the chance to go out into the real world and decides to look for her father.

Horses Bathing(2021)

2.2/5 (with 3 votes)

Mexican vaqueros (cattle herders) in Guadalajara guide their horses through water.

The Dig(2021)

| 1h 52min | Drama, History
3.7/5 (with 2 votes)

As WWII looms, a wealthy widow hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate the burial mounds on her estate. When they make a historic discovery, the echoes of Britain's past resonate in the face of its uncertain future‎.

Directed by Simon Stone

Taking a Shot at Love(2021)

3.8/5 (with 2 votes)

Jenna, a former professional dancer, uses ballet to help a hockey player get back on the ice.


1h 33min | Horror
4.0/5 (with 2 votes)

A family of sadistic butchers lives deep in the backcountry. From the dead of winter to the dog days of summer, anyone who crosses their path is dead meat.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers(2021)

22min | Animation
2.9/5 (with 2 votes)

Mickey Mouse and his pals Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald take their unique transforming vehicles on humorous high-spirited races around the globe as well as hometown capers in Hot Dog Hills.


2h 30min | Drama
3.0/5 (with 2 votes)

When Paaru sees a fairy tale she heard from from a stranger as a child painted across the walls of a costal town, she goes in search of the man who painted it - Maara.

Beck 41 - Death in Samarra(2021)

1h 30min | Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
2.9/5 (with 2 votes)

A candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize is brutally stabbed to death in central Stockholm just after a meeting with two lawyers from the war tribunal in The Hague. One of the witnesses worked with Alex when she was in the Middle East.

The Marksman(2021)

4.8/5 (with 2 votes)

A rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S.

Directed by Robert Lorenz - With Liam Neeson
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