The Tribe(TV show/series, 2001-2003)

25min per episode | Genres: Drama, Science-Fiction & Fantasy

Scripted Reality in 5 seasons with 260 episodes

The TribeRating: 3.5/5 (with 4 votes)
The Tribe is a science fiction drama television series which premiered on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom on 24 April 1999. The series was created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin and was developed and produced by the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group in New Zealand. The series was commissioned by Channel 5, who received the initial screening rights. The series made its New Zealand premiere in 2000 on TV4. Primarily aimed at teenagers, The Tribe is set in a post-apocalyptic city in which all adults have been killed as the result of an unknown virus. The series focuses on the remaining children and teenagers who must navigate the social and personal issues of adolescence, while being faced with the larger problems of a society in a state of anarchy. The inhabitants of the city form social groups, or tribes, with the focus of the series on the Mall Rats, who fight to survive among other threatening tribes such as the Locos. Overarching themes include the focus on change from tradition, empowerment, religion, and the exploration of power and corruption. The series was filmed in Wellington, New Zealand. The series ran for 260 episodes and aired its finale on 6 September 2003. A sequel series entitled The New Tomorrow was commissioned by Channel 5 and the Seven Network in Aust... ()
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About The Tribe

The Tribe is a New Zealand/British post-apocalyptic fictional TV series primarily aimed at teenagers. It is set in a near-future in which all adults have been wiped out by a deadly virus, leaving the children of the world to fend for themselves. The show's focus is on an unnamed city inhabited by tribes of children and teenagers. It was primarily filmed in and around Wellington, New Zealand. The series was created by Raymond Thompson and Harry Duffin and was developed and produced by the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group in conjunction with the UK's Channel 5. It has aired on over 40 broadcast networks around the world. It debuted on Channel 5 on 24 April 1999 and quickly gained a large fan base. From 1999 to 2003, five series and 260 half-hour episodes were produced. Series 6 was scheduled to begin filming in 2003, but Nick Wilson, of Channel 5, and Raymond Thompson felt that "although the show was still performing well, the cast was getting too old and the series was beginning to stretch the core proposition." They felt the characters were not kids fending for themselves without adults any more. As a result, the show was cancelled. Channel 5 aired the final two episodes on 6 September 2003.

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The Tribe Seasons and Episodes

03/15/2003Season 5 - 52 episodes
#1 | 03/15/2003Episode 1
Ebony continues to be plagued by visions of Zoot, and he is also seen around the City by others. Mega has secret plans, Salene is in trouble, Sammy is hooked on Paradise, and a new face saves Ram.
#2 | 03/15/2003Episode 2
The Locos' police car reappears in the City, and as Ebony's nightmares continue, Trudy has one as well. Lex tries to keep the peace, Mega and Java collaborate further, and Ram is delirious at Ruby's saloon.
#3 | 03/29/2003Episode 3
The City is awash with rumors about Zoot's reappearance. Amber receives devastating news, Salene is still imprisoned, and Slade has a change of heart about Ram.
#4 | 03/22/2003Episode 4
Ebony feels neglected by Jay, and Lex continues to search in vain for Tai-San. Jack arrives back in the City and meets a new friend, but danger is not far away, while Ram grows increasingly desperate.
#5 | 03/29/2003Episode 5
As May searches the City for Pride, she experiences the Zoot rumors firsthand. Mega and Java play mind games, Salene's situation is increasingly perilous, and Jack tries to convince Gel to go to the Mall with him.
#6 | 03/29/2003Episode 6
Ebony is convinced of Zoot's power, Amber and Jay get closer, Siva stumbles on Lex's stash, Slade tries to break Ram, and Mega and Java plot their next move.
#7 | 04/04/2003Episode 7
The City is spiraling out of control, and Ebony is an unwitting pawn in Mega and Java's game. Lex saves Gel with a little help from Slade, leaving Siva convinced she has been abandoned. Meanwhile, May's lies lead to tragedy.
#8 | 04/04/2003Episode 8
Ebony, Java and Siva set up headquarters at their old high school, with Ebony increasingly deluded. Salene arrives back at the Mall, but Pride is nowhere to be seen, while Trudy is conflicted in her feelings for Jay.
#9 | 04/12/2003Episode 9
The Mall Rats bury Pride. Ebony and her sisters spread Zoot's message across the City, with Java happy and Siva increasingly concerned, Mega preys on May's guilt, and Ram opens up about his past.
#10 | 04/12/2003Episode 10
Amber and Salene head for the Ecos' place. Mega manipulates May into agreeing to spy on the Mall Rats for him, while he and Java meet in secret. Sammy and Gel upset Trudy, and Slade gets in trouble.
#11 | 04/19/2003Episode 11
Amber and Salene arrive at the Ecos' place, where they hold a ceremony for Pride. Jack is horrified after his run in with "Zoot", prompting fear among the tribe, while Sammy and Mouse have a similar close encounter.
#12 | 04/19/2003Episode 12
Amber and Salene head home, while Trudy and Jay agree to keep their relationship secret. Mouse and Sammy tell Jack of their encounter with "Zoot", leading to a discovery. Mega and Java plot their next move, and Slade encourages Ram to walk.
#13 | 04/26/2003Episode 13
The Mall Rats meet with Ebony and her followers, Amber and Salene arrive back in the City, Lex goes on the hunt, May continues her spying, and Ram makes a breakthrough.
#14 | 04/26/2003Episode 14
Lex reveals Ram's real identity to Ruby, Trudy worries about Amber's reaction to her and Jay's relationship, and Ellie, suffering from amnesia, reappears in the City, only to be taken prisoner by the Zootists.
#15 | 05/03/2003Episode 15
Ebony continues to be manipulated by Java and Mega, with Siva unsure of the damage being done to her sister. Trudy worries about Jay's feelings for her, and Lex tries to convince Ruby to free him.
#16 | 05/03/2003Episode 16
Lex narrowly avoids death, Amber finds out about Trudy and Jay, Java tries to manipulate Ellie, and Slade spies on Ebony.
#17 | 05/10/2003Episode 17
The Zootists prepare for the "return" of Zoot, with the tribe making a breakthrough as to how his reappearance will be engineered, while Java continues to use Ellie, sending her back to the Mall with a deadly package in tow.
#18 | 05/10/2003Episode 18
The explosion has left the Mall Rats shaken, and they decide to send Amber to try and talk some sense into the other tribes. Meanwhile, Siva makes a last ditch appeal to Ebony, and Mega becomes frustrated with Darryl.
#19 | 05/17/2003Episode 19
Lex and Ram narrowly escape an angry mob, while back at the Mall, Amber is injured and the tribe is worried about the anarchy outside. Mega encourages Java to increase Ebony's dose of Paradise, and Slade finds Darryl.
#20 | 05/17/2003Episode 20
Amber is seriously ill, with Jay's attentions towards her an annoyance to Trudy. Java threatens Siva with retribution if she continues to hinder her plans, and May almost comes clean to Salene, but her malice gets the better of her.
#21 | 05/24/2003Episode 21
Jay is worried by Mega's deception, while Mega himself plans a mass bar coding of everyone in the City. Salene's dependence on alcohol becomes a cause for concern, while Slade let's Ram in on a secret.
#22 | 05/24/2003Episode 22
Amber is angered by Mega's creation of work details, Ebony finds things unraveling around her, Sammy inadvertently ends up alone in Zootist territory, and Slade meets Siva in secret.
#23 | 05/31/2003Episode 23
Amber experiences a work party firsthand, Lex is a prisoner of the Zootists, Siva tries to convince Ebony of Java's deceit, and Ellie suspects Gel may be the spy.
#24 | 05/31/2003Episode 24
Lex and Siva find themselves imprisoned together, Amber confronts Mega about the ill treatment received by the work parties, and Ebony plays mind games with Java.
#25 | 06/07/2003Episode 25
Amber meets Ebony as arranged, Lex and Siva head to Liberty, Jack and Ellie follow May to her secret rendezvous with Mega, and Salene's alcoholism escalates.
#26 | 06/07/2003Episode 26
The Mall Rats try to convince May to lure Mega into a trap, Slade takes Ebony to meet a familiar face, Ruby snoops on Ram, and Mouse sneaks out of the Mall to head to the Eco tribe.
#27 | 06/14/2003Episode 27
The Mall Rats try to decide what to do about Mega, while Mega himself blocks Jack's access to his secret files. Meanwhile, Ram continues his study of Slade's brain and Salene's paranoia almost leads to trouble.
#28 | 06/14/2003Episode 28
Ebony plays mind games with the now imprisoned Java, Jay is conflicted about the Mall Rats' plan for Mega, Salene and Mouse are asked to join the Ecos, Slade takes Darryl to Liberty, and May is voted out of the tribe.
#29 | 06/21/2003Episode 29
Mega implements his strategies on the City, while Ebony plans her attack against him. The Mall Rats are sent the very best food as part of their deal with Mega, whereas May has to fend for herself, and Lex finds a new get rich quick scheme.
#30 | 06/21/2003Episode 30
Amber refuses Mega's offer to be President of the City, while Siva and Ruby find out about Lex's scheme. Ebony carries on with her attacks on the Technos, and Trudy and Jay continue to bicker.
#31 | 06/28/2003Episode 31
Mega broadcasts Ebony's attack on CityNet in an attempt to turn the City against her, while she plots her next move against him. Lex's latest scheme lands him in trouble with Ruby, Java breaks free, and Salene becomes seriously ill.
#32 | 07/05/2003Episode 32
Jay is tortured with nightmarish visions in reality space, while Amber enlists Jack to help deceive Mega. Lex's business venture pays off greatly, Java seeks out Ebony, and Salene is in mortal danger, with only May for help.
#33 | 07/05/2003Episode 33
Mega commands Java to find Ebony and Jay, and she stops by the Mall to demand answers. Lex plans to visit the City for Ram, Ruby takes pity on a young girl, and Salene begins to recover from her illness.
#34 | 07/05/2003Episode 34
Lex heads to the City, unaware that Ram and Slade are double crossing him, while Jay heads to Liberty. Salene and May try to get back into the safe zone, Ruby is jealous of Ebony, and Java receives a message.
#35 | 07/12/2003Episode 35
Lex returns to the Mall, and is soon followed by Salene and May. Jay arrives in Liberty in search of Ebony, Mega offers Jack a job, Gel's attempt at romance fails, and Java receives another message.
#36 | 07/12/2003Episode 36
Jay asks for Ebony's help in the fight against Mega, while Jack tries to avoid revealing the details of his new job. Java wonders about Ram's fate, and Lex flies off the handle when he learns of May's treachery.
#37 | 07/19/2003Episode 37
Lex pressures Jack about acquiring the piece of software he needs for Ram, while Mega pushes Amber to publicly endorse the punishment program. Java receives a mysterious invitation, and Ruby attempts to make Ebony jealous.
#38 | 07/19/2003Episode 38
Those in Liberty are shocked by Java's arrival in town, and she immediately challenges Ebony to a final battle. Jack and Ellie are at loggerheads over the punishment program, and Salene starts drinking again.
#39 | 07/26/2003Episode 39
The devastated group at Liberty bury Java and Siva, with Lex angry at Ebony and Ram inconsolable. May confronts Salene about her drinking, Jack and Ellie fight, and Sammy risks breaking the law in an effort to impress Gel.
#40 | 07/26/2003Episode 40
Ellie's short temper lands her in trouble with Mega, Jay is conflicted in his feelings for Trudy, and Ruby's jealousy about Slade and Ebony's relationship intensifies.
#41 | 08/02/2003Episode 41
Having fooled Mega with their act, the rebels plot their next move. Lex puts his foot in it, Ruby is left heartbroken when she finds Ebony and Slade together, and Trudy misses Jay.
#42 | 08/02/2003Episode 42
The Mall Rats rescue Jay, while Ebony attacks Mega in the name of Java and Siva, and Darryl feels the City. Trudy finds out about Amber and Jay and puts herself in danger, and Salene learns of May's feelings for her.
#43 | 08/09/2003Episode 43
Mega tries to manipulate Trudy, and Ebony and Slade continue their attacks on the food stores. Salene and May evade Gel's questions about the love letter, with May heartbroken, while Ram is paranoid about being spied on.
#44 | 08/09/2003Episode 44
Lex helps Jack, who is now the most wanted person in the City, escape it. Mega continues his manipulation of Trudy, and May's sadness over Salene makes her leave the Mall for good.
#45 | 08/16/2003Episode 45
Amber and Jay are Mega's prisoners, Salene seeks refuge in alcohol again, and Ruby drops a bombshell on Ebony. Meanwhile, Gel makes her peace with Sammy, and Ellie goes after May.
#46 | 08/16/2003Episode 46
Jay is forced to confess his guilt via a CityNet broadcast, while Trudy learns of Mega's deception. Ram tells Ruby the truth about Slade's illness, and May tries to get Salene to stop drinking, but it only leads to more trouble.
#47 | 08/23/2003Episode 47
The group at Liberty ponder their next move, and Mega has a dark punishment for Amber and Jay. Back at the Mall, Trudy is guilt ridden over her unwitting role in the pair's capture, while on an unknown island, a caged Alice is joined by KC.
#48 | 08/23/2003Episode 48
The rebels begin their attack on the City, while back at the Mall, the tribe have to deal with Jay's memory loss. Meanwhile, Jack is suspicious of Ram, and in their cage on the island, Alice and KC are joined by an old enemy.
#49 | 08/30/2003Episode 49
The rebels celebrate their victory, while Ebony is left reeling by Slade's revelation about Mega. Amber is frustrated by Jay's memory loss, Ram reclaims the Technos headquarters, and Lottie comes up with a get rich quick scheme.
#50 | 08/30/2003Episode 50
The Mall Rats organize a party to celebrate their victory, but it is spoiled when Lex allows Mega to escape. Meanwhile, Amber and Jay become worried by Ram's computer Zoot, and Gel dresses to impress Lex.
#51 | 09/06/2003Episode 51
The City has no power or water, and Ram scrambles to bring the computer Zoot back under control. Mega tries to make a deal with Lex, the Guardian recognizes Alice and KC, and May gets Ruby a pregnancy test.
#52 | 09/06/2003Episode 52
The Mall Rats mobilize, determined to save as many people from the new virus as possible. Ebony resorts to desperate measures, Lottie's thieving lands her in trouble, and the tribe acquire a boat to flee the City.
01/05/2002Season 4 - 52 episodes
11/18/2000Season 3 - 52 episodes
11/14/1999Season 2 - 52 episodes
04/23/2001Season 1 - 52 episodes

Additional Information

Production countries: United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand
Made by: Cloud 9
Original language: English (EN)
Spoken languages: German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR)
Translated into 6 languages: Bosnian (BS), German (DE), English (EN), Spanish (ES), Polish (PL), Romanian (RO)
Status: Ended
First episode released on: 04/23/2001
Last episode released on: 09/06/2003
Alternative titles in other countries (from previews, ads etc.):
"The Tribe: Eine Welt ohne Erwachsene"
"La Tribu"
"La Tribu"
"The Tribe - Fremtiden er vår"

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