The Snitch Cartel: Origins(TV show/series, 2021-)

Original title: "El cartel de los sapos: El origen" (Spanish/ES)
| 47min per episode | Genres: Crime, Soap / Telenovela

Scripted Reality in 1 season with 60 episodes

The Snitch Cartel: OriginsRating: 4.1/5 (with 57 votes) 12
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About The Snitch Cartel: Origins

In Cali during the '60s and '70s, two brothers juggle family, romance and the joint pursuit of a burning ambition: to rule Colombia's drug industry.

The Snitch Cartel: Origins Seasons and Episodes

07/28/2021Season 1 - 60 episodes
#1 | 07/28/2021Episode 1
In 1978, the Villegas family gather for Christmas at their lavish home. But a flashback to 1955 reveals their humble beginnings and early struggles.
#2 | 07/28/2021Episode 2
Alirio is punished for talking to the police. Nacho sees Alonso kissing Nora. While visiting Dayana, Emanuel finds a police sketch in her father's desk.
#3 | 07/28/2021Episode 3
Col. Tirado investigates Nora, who confides in her sister-in-law. Leonardo works on setting up a front to cover his illegal business activities.
#4 | 07/28/2021Episode 4
Leonardo sets in motion a plan to take over Jimmy's pharmacy. Emanuel shares his past with Dayana. Marlén visits Alonso to ask him about Alirio.
#5 | 07/28/2021Episode 5
When a promotion fails to force Col. Tirado to move away, Leonardo employs dirtier methods. Alonso receives bad news, and convinces Nora to visit him.
#6 | 07/28/2021Episode 6
Stress takes a toll on Dayana, putting her relationship with her father to the test. Leonardo learns his brother has been hiding a secret from him.
#7 | 07/28/2021Episode 7
Leonardo falls in love at first sight. Tired of her spouse's long work hours, Fabiola pays him a surprise visit. A mole infiltrates the Villegas family.
#8 | 07/28/2021Episode 8
Emanuel devises a way to make more money from the taxi. Leonardo pursues Mayerly. Fabiola goes into labor early, forcing the stolen car out of hiding.
#9 | 07/28/2021Episode 9
Tutor Simón expands Nora's horizons. Emanuel learns what his two Swiss customers do for a living. Baby Fabián's baptism reunites the Villegas brothers.
#10 | 07/28/2021Episode 10
Nora joins a protest. Mayerly struggles to keep custody of her son. With Emanuel's help, the Chacos kidnap the two Swiss diplomats for ransom.
#11 | 07/28/2021Episode 11
Officer Parra receives a tip that leads to an arrest. Alirio finds himself in dire straits. Kidnapping victim Hugo offers a bold proposal to Nacho.
#12 | 07/28/2021Episode 12
Parra's interview with the kidnapping victim takes a surprising turn. Leonardo devises a plan to raise seed money for the Chacos' next business venture.
#13 | 07/28/2021Episode 13
Emanuel is persuaded to visit his dying father. To get her son back, Mayerly reluctantly accepts help from Leonardo. Tirado reconnects with Dayana.
#14 | 07/28/2021Episode 14
Leonardo, Nacho and Hugo travel to the U.S. to establish their distribution network. Tirado helps his daughter with her class project.
#15 | 07/28/2021Episode 15
Fabiola searches for the gift she expected to receive from her husband. Tirado makes arrangements to help his daughter escape from her husband.
#16 | 07/28/2021Episode 16
Simón unknowingly recruits the first group of drug mules. Emanuel visits Rosario for fortune-telling and advice. Leonardo finally wins Mayerly's heart.
#17 | 07/28/2021Episode 17
Leonardo brings Mayerly to meet the family at his son's first birthday party, and later determines the future of Nora's love life.
#18 | 07/28/2021Episode 18
After an unexpected visit from a cop behaving suspiciously, Tirado investigates. Mayerly demands to be given her rightful place in Leonardo's family.
#19 | 07/28/2021Episode 19
Leonardo decides to invest in the local people's welfare. Nora receives news about Simón. Emanuel offers Rosario a proposal.
#20 | 07/28/2021Episode 20
Leonardo meets his competition, while Tirado hands the baton to Mackensey. Years later, Fabián proves to be a difficult child, and Hugo finds Wilmer.
#21 | 07/28/2021Episode 21
At his birthday party, Emanuel, receives a special gift from his brother. Alonso is released from prison and reconnects with the Villegases.
#22 | 07/28/2021Episode 22
Leonardo learns Fabián stole money from him. Federico begins drinking the team's special water. A new hostess at Club Brisas catches Emanuel's eye.
#23 | 07/28/2021Episode 23
Federico falls ill at soccer practice. Alonso pays a visit to Dayana. Parra questions the director of the newspaper that he's investigating.
#24 | 07/28/2021Episode 24
Mackensey launches a raid on the newly arrived shipment in New York City. An act of bravery earns Alonso an important mission from Leonardo.
#25 | 07/28/2021Episode 25
Gabriel warns Federico about Hugo. Fernando makes Nora a promise. Mackensey rattles Sullivan by giving him a new position.
#26 | 07/28/2021Episode 26
Leonardo brings his brother to Club Brisas to meet the woman he's crazy about. Sullivan flees to Cali, while Alonso gets arrested in New York City.
#27 | 07/28/2021Episode 27
The Villegas family reunites for Christmas dinner, but an uninvited guest interrupts. Twelve years later, the family is split between Madrid and Cali.
#28 | 07/28/2021Episode 28
Fabiola tries to hide the news from her mother-in-law and Cindy. Wilmer offers the only solution to prevent Leonardo from being extradited to the U.S.
#29 | 07/28/2021Episode 29
The promise of a monetary reward motivates two inmates. Leonardo offers a Spanish government representative a proposal. Fabián gives Cindy advice.
#30 | 07/28/2021Episode 30
Cindy learns the truth about her boyfriend's uncle. When Agent Allen arrives in Madrid and learns Gallardo has disappeared, he becomes suspicious.
#31 | 07/28/2021Episode 31
Wilmer learns the plane is headed to the Bahamas and scrambles to contact his uncle before it's too late. Cindy receives a medical diagnosis.
#32 | 07/28/2021Episode 32
Emanuel makes arrangements with the prison in Cali to give Leonardo a warm welcome. Marlén calls a meeting of all the women in the family.
#33 | 07/28/2021Episode 33
Pablo Escobar asks the Cali Cartel to return a favor. Fabián realizes Cindy has fled. Leonardo comes to an agreement with his mother.
#34 | 07/28/2021Episode 34
Adelaida agrees to a date with "The German." Fabián starts his new job. Wilmer travels to Bogotá to prevent Leonardo's extradition to the U.S.
#35 | 07/28/2021Episode 35
As Wilmer and Constanza become closer, Cindy makes a surprising return to Cali. Leonardo receives an upsetting phone call from Pablo Escobar.
#36 | 07/28/2021Episode 36
Leonardo asks Rosario for a tarot reading. Hugo makes an alarming discovery in New York. A war ignites, bringing grave consequences to the Villegases.
#37 | 07/28/2021Episode 37
Mayerly reveals a secret to her daughter. Cindy's parents unexpectedly arrive in Cali. Fabián suddenly finds himself in danger at his heroin warehouse.
#38 | 07/28/2021Episode 38
Fabián's escape from the fire draws the gunmen's attention. Raquel makes a terrifying discovery. Leonardo attends the wake, where Nora lashes out.
#39 | 07/28/2021Episode 39
The new head of security captures the man who coerced Víctor. Constanza plans a special party. Fabián scrambles to come up with Jacinto's money in time.
#40 | 07/28/2021Episode 40
Constanza meets with pageant contestant Ana Elvira. Flaco nervously drives the car bomb to the Mónaco Building. Agent Allen arrives at Uriel's party.
#41 | 07/28/2021Episode 41
Judge Villa makes an intervention. Raquel watches the video tape that she stole from Uriel's office. Cindy learns what happened to her passport.
#42 | 07/28/2021Episode 42
Ana Elvira gets a call from Leonardo. Raquel is asked a shocking question by her new boss. The fixed soccer match brings trouble to the Villegas family.
#43 | 07/28/2021Episode 43
Fabián meets with Medellín's star soccer player. Adelaida is targeted by Pablo Escobar's men. Cindy attracts the attention of another man.
#44 | 07/28/2021Episode 44
"The German" abuses his power over Adelaida. Sabina demands his wife be safely removed from Medellín, giving Leonardo an idea for rescuing his daughter.
#45 | 07/28/2021Episode 45
A name that Rosario saw in her visions proves significant. At Sabina's house in Medellín, Sandoval and his men lie in wait for Pablo's thugs to arrive.
#46 | 07/28/2021Episode 46
In the aftermath of Adelaida's abduction, the Villegas family fractures. An assassination prompts Agent Allen to request a meeting with Wilmer.
#47 | 07/28/2021Episode 47
The Cali Cartel strike a deal with Ibarra. The Pepes surveil Hacienda Nápoles. Leonardo learns Mayerly is meeting Iriarte, and Ana Elvira has a new man.
#48 | 07/28/2021Episode 48
Wilmer learns Cindy is working with Fabián and checks on her in Cali. Leonardo has Iriarte rounded up for a chat. A shootout erupts at Hacienda Nápoles.
#49 | 07/28/2021Episode 49
Leonardo introduces Ana Elvira to his family. The Villegases punish Fabián and Cindy. Raquel witnesses firsthand some of the casualties of the drug war.
#50 | 07/28/2021Episode 50
Mayerly seeks refuge with Fabiola. Sandoval learns of Fabián's warehouse and decides to find out what's in there. Rosario takes a turn for the worse.
#51 | 07/28/2021Episode 51
Raquel tries to prevent Diana from walking into a trap, but Sandoval wants his men to follow Diana, knowing she'll be brought to Pablo Escobar.
#52 | 07/28/2021Episode 52
The Cali Cartel select a scapegoat to take the fall for the Copacabana tragedy. Constanza acts as a spy at the party in Cartago. Felipe crosses a line.
#53 | 07/28/2021Episode 53
Raquel goes to Medellín to investigate the prison where Pablo Escobar is being held. Sandoval spots Nacho partying with Fabián and becomes suspicious.
#54 | 07/28/2021Episode 54
When Search Bloc is reinstated, the Cali Cartel make a donation that proves key to a successful mission. Constanza secretly accepts Amparo's job offer.
#55 | 07/28/2021Episode 55
Sandoval learns Belalcázar is coming to arrest him. Wilmer heads north in search of Constanza. Raquel meets someone new at work.
#56 | 07/28/2021Episode 56
Gutiérrez raids the funeral home. Wilmer seeks revenge against Corporal and Guadaña. Sandoval takes steps to maintain Leonardo's political power.
#57 | 07/28/2021Episode 57
When Cindy negotiates a deal with Gutiérrez, Fabiola decides to do the same. Leonardo tests Belalcázar's trust in his new informant.
#58 | 07/28/2021Episode 58
Wilmer receives an upsetting letter. Marlén hosts Christmas dinner, but it's much different from past years. Yaneth lures Belalcázar into a trap.
#59 | 07/28/2021Episode 59
Max spots Sandoval doing something suspicious. Fabián makes a deal with one of the inmates who's trying to kill him for a bounty.
#60 | 07/28/2021Episode 60
As the Villegas brothers' empire comes crashing down, the fates of the Cali Cartel members and those associated with them unfold.

Additional Information

Production country: Colombia
Original language: Spanish (ES)
Spoken languages: Spanish (ES)
Translated into 5 languages: English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU)
Status: Returning series
First episode released on: 07/28/2021

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