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The Ricki Lake Show(TV show/series, 2012-2013)

1h per episode

Talk show in 1 season with 260 episodes

The Ricki Lake ShowRating: 1.0/5 (with 1 vote)
The Ricki Lake Show (also known as Ricki or The New Ricki Lake Show) is an American first-run syndicated talk show hosted by Ricki Lake. The series also marked her return to talk television after leaving the genre in 2004. After several years of considering coming back to daytime with a new talk show, Lake signed on as both host and producer with 20th Television for this project, which debuted in United States and Canada on September 10, 2012, and began taping episodes on July 25, 2012, at the Culver Studios. The show is co-produced by both Twentieth Television and Monet Lane Productions. ()

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About The Ricki Lake Show

The Ricki Lake Show is an American first-run syndicated talk show hosted by Ricki Lake. The series also marked her return to talk television after leaving the genre in 2004. After several years of considering coming back to daytime with a new talk show, Lake signed on as both host and producer with 20th Television for this project, which debuted in United States and Canada on September 10, 2012, and began taping the episodes on July 25, 2012, at the Culver Studios. The show is co-produced by both Twentieth Television and Monet Lane Productions.

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The Ricki Lake Show Seasons and Episodes

09/10/2012Season 1 - 260 episodes
#1 | 09/10/2012Weight Loss & Body Image With Real Women of All Ages
Discussion of fluctuating weight issues with women of all ages and walks of life.
#2 | 09/11/2012Hormones 101
#3 | 09/12/2012The Power of Social Media: You Can Do It Too!
#4 | 09/13/2012After Serving Our Country: The Life of Female Veterans
#5 | 09/14/2012Virginity 2.0
#6 | 09/17/2012Pregnant and 40
#7 | 09/18/2012Let's Talk About Sex
#8 | 09/19/2012Mommy Confidential
#9 | 09/20/2012People Making a Difference
#10 | 09/21/2012Things I Did for Love
#11 | 09/24/2012The Psychic Show
#12 | 09/25/2012Surviving a Kidnapping
#13 | 09/26/2012The Business of Being Born
#14 | 09/27/2012The Makeover Show
#15 | 09/28/2012Pre-Partum Blues
#16 | 10/01/2012Vagina Dialogues
#17 | 10/02/2012Coming Out Stories
#18 | 10/03/2012It's All About Hair
#19 | 10/04/2012To Share or Not To Share on Social Media
#20 | 10/05/2012Life-Changing Adoptions
#21 | 10/08/2012Ripped From the Headlines
#22 | 10/09/2012Fashion: What's Hot Now
#23 | 10/10/2012Women in Male-Dominated Industries
#24 | 10/11/2012How to Stop Stress From Killing You
#25 | 10/12/2012The Decision That Could Change Your Child's Life
#26 | 10/15/2012Teens in Danger
#27 | 10/16/2012The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
#28 | 10/17/2012Never Say Never
#29 | 10/18/2012From Boys to Men
#30 | 10/19/2012Dollars and Sense
#31 | 10/22/2012Career Confidential
#32 | 10/23/2012Sex in Your 20s, 30s & 40s
#33 | 10/24/2012Conception Obsession
#34 | 10/25/2012Inside Infidelity
#35 | 10/26/2012How to Stop the Pain
#36 | 10/29/2012Love Scams
#37 | 10/30/2012A New Attitude
#38 | 10/31/2012A Ricki Halloween
#39 | 11/01/2012Ripped From the Headlines
#40 | 11/02/2012When Gay People Lead Straight Lives
#41 | 11/05/2012Competitive Parents
#42 | 11/06/2012Ricki's PJ Party
#43 | 11/07/2012Facing Your Fears
#44 | 11/08/2012How to Find Your Perfect Match
#45 | 11/09/2012Coming out of the Darkness
#46 | 11/10/2012Ambush Makeovers
#47 | 11/13/2012Addicted Housewives
#48 | 11/14/2012Extreme Beauty
#49 | 11/15/2012I Do or I Don't
#50 | 11/16/2012Help Me Find a Date!
#51 | 11/19/2012Addicted Housewives
#52 | 11/20/2012The Secret Lives of Mistresses
#53 | 11/21/2012Disciplining Our Kids
#54 | 11/22/2012Foster Families
#55 | 11/23/2012Pregnant and 40
#56 | 11/26/2012Quick Holiday Makeovers
David & Dania ("America's Got Talent"); transforming a guest room for seasonal visitors; simple substitutes to favorite holiday recipes create healthier, tastier alternatives; "Holiday Syndrome."
#57 | 11/28/2012Sonya Thomas Breaks Record For Eating Hard-Boiled Eggs
#58 | 11/29/2012Extreme Couponers' Rudy Randall On Tips To Saving Money
#59 | 11/30/2012Teen Dads, The Real Story
#60 | 12/03/2012Ricki's Pajama Party
#61 | 12/04/2012Disciplining Our Kids
#62 | 12/05/2012Rock Star Dads
#63 | 12/06/2012When It's Time For Forgiveness
#64 | 12/07/2012Extreme Lives
#65 | 12/10/2012Teen Dads, The Real Story
#66 | 12/11/2012Trapped In The Wrong Body
#67 | 12/12/2012She's The Boss
#68 | 12/13/2012The Hottest Bachelor
#69 | 12/14/2012Home for the Holidays
#70 | 12/17/2012Wake Up Calls And Ultimatums
#71 | 12/18/2012The Divorce Show
#72 | 12/19/2012Reality Stars Revealed
#73 | 12/20/2012Bad Holiday Sweater Party
#74 | 12/21/2012Blended Families
#75 | 12/27/2012Psychics
#76 | 01/07/2013Frenemies
#77 | 01/08/2013Nanny Confidential
#78 | 01/09/2013Psychics Go Beyond
#79 | 01/10/2013Medical Controversies
#80 | 01/11/2013YouTube STARS
#81 | 01/14/2013Hidden Heroes
#82 | 01/15/2013A Cry For Help
#83 | 01/16/2013Good Hair
#84 | 01/17/2013How To Survive A Kidnapping
#85 | 01/18/2013Addicted Housewives
#86 | 01/07/2013Frenemies
A friend manipulates a woman into unwittingly participating in a series of dangerous illegal activities; a murder victim's friends and family recount a childhood friendship that turned deadly; warning signs that indicate a friendship may be toxic.
#87 | 01/08/2013Nanny Confidential
A father speaks of his son suffering brain damage by being violently shaken at a day care facility; parents suspect a nanny of harming their baby; a mother hired, and fired, six nannies in five years; "nanny cam" technology can save a child's life.
#88 | 01/09/2013Psychics Go Beyond
Audience members receive spontaneous psychic encounters with author Maureen Hancock, who says she has the ability to communicate with the dead; a teenage boy with extraordinary psychic abilities; psychic medium John Holland.
#89 | 01/10/2013Medical Controversies
A couple give medical marijuana to their 7-year-old daughter who has an aggressive form of cancer; a 7-year-old girl who has NF-1 and her doctor discuss the genetic condition; guests debate the pros and cons of cochlear implants.
#90 | 01/11/2013YouTube Stars
Guests who have gained fame on YouTube include comic Ryan Higa, "Awkward Black Girl" star Issa Rae, news interviewee Antoine Dodson, singer Rebecca Black, celebrity video-blogger Michael Buckley and makeup artist Jessica Harlow.
#91 | 01/14/2013Hidden Heroes
A woman donated part of her liver to save a stranger's infant daughter; a quadriplegic uses his situation as a cautionary tale to help others make wiser choices; a woman leaves her Wall Street job to volunteer at natural disasters around the world.
#92 | 01/15/2013A Cry for Help
Melissa of "My 600-Lb. Life" struggles with her weight and her husband's infidelity; a couple cannot get past the loss of their infant son; a couple are on the verge of divorce because the wife does not feel worthy of her husband's love.
#93 | 01/16/2013Good Hair
Ricki explores women's love for their hair; reality TV star Tamar Braxton; hair extensions; actress Nicole Ari Parker; which products and chemicals are safe and which to avoid.
#94 | 01/17/2013How to Survive a Kidnapping
A mother on a desperate search for her missing daughter; Elizabeth Shoaf tells of being held hostage underground for 10 days and how she escaped; how to keep children safe; a GPS watch lets parents know where the wearer is at all times.
#95 | 01/18/2013Addicted Housewives
Dr. Drew Pinsky discusses seemingly successful stay-at-home moms who have severe addictions or compulsions; a mother is addicted to prescription pills; a woman is a highly compulsive shopper.
#96 | 01/21/2013I Survived
A couple survived the Aurora, Colo., movie-theater shooting; a couple survived the sinking of the Costa Concordia; sisters endured a harrowing camping trip that claimed the lives of their father and friend; a woman was left for dead after a robbery.
#97 | 01/22/2013Open Marriages
Self-proclaimed experts on open relationships; a couple spice things up by exploring an open marriage; a man says his former "swinger" lifestyle led to a downward spiral of drugs, sex and the destruction of his former relationship.
#98 | 01/23/2013True Crimes
A young man wrongfully accused of murdering one of serial killer Israel Keyes' victims; footage of killers' taped confessions; a woman tells of being robbed at gunpoint.
#99 | 01/24/2013When Gay People Lead Straight Lives
An openly gay Mormon and his wife and children; a daughter is angry with her father for coming out of the closet; a mother-of-two left her heterosexual marriage for a lesbian lifestyle.
#100 | 01/25/2013Love Scams
A guest thought she had met the love of her life until she discovered that he was responsible for a double homicide; a guest's husband scammed her out of $250,000; a security specialist -- once a hacker -- tells how to protect from scams.
#101 | 01/28/2013Advice That Will Change Your Life
A man's failed relationships jeopardize his health; a woman fears sending her child to school; a single woman admits she is spoiled and demanding; a married couple look to rekindle their romance.
#102 | 01/29/2013Hollywood Confidential
Hollywood insiders: decorators Mary McDonald and Martyn Lawrence Bullard; stuntwoman Angela Meryl; Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin; hairstylist Terrence Davidson.
#103 | 01/30/2013Making Peace With Your Parents
Radio talk-show host Larry Elder counsels a woman who grew up homeless and a woman whose mother abandoned her as a teen, and he gives advice on how to repair damaged family bonds.
#104 | 01/31/2013Addicted to Plastic Surgery
A man recently underwent his 54th cosmetic procedure; a woman has endured more than 2,000 cosmetic injections; a woman on a hunt for inexpensive plastic surgery nearly paid with her life; the latest trends and procedures.
#105 | 02/01/2013Misadventures of Parenthood
Comic Margaret Cho; a couple with three babies are on the verge of a relationship meltdown; a mother tries to accommodate a toddler and a newborn sharing one bedroom; the latest must-have baby products; the Colgate 13 perform.
#106 | 02/04/2013I Need Help With My Mother-in-Law
Ricki and Judge Lynn Toler try to solve family feuds; a woman considers keeping her children away from their grandmother; a woman despises her teen daughter's disrespectful husband, who lives with them.
#107 | 02/05/2013Love Psychics
#108 | 02/06/2013Inside Childhood Mental Illness
Parents and children struggle to live with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; warning signs of mental illness.
#109 | 02/07/2013Should We Be Engaged?
A woman gives up her lesbian lifestyle to be with a man; an engaged couple do not see eye-to-eye on the length of their engagement.
#110 | 02/08/2013The Rudeness Epidemic
In-your-face confrontations have replaced common courtesy; reality TV star Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi; a woman's attitude has turned off her fiance.
#111 | 02/11/2013I'm a Cougar and Proud of It!
Relatives disapprove of older women flirting with and dating young men; 54-year-old Jude and 21-year-old Kevin ("Extreme Cougar Wives"); Miss Cougar Las Vegas 2012 and her boyfriend.
#112 | 02/12/2013Victims of Violence Speak Out
Survivors of gun violence transcend personal tragedy to create meaningful change in their communities; the gun-control debate.
#113 | 02/13/2013My Life in the Mob
Guests born into the mob talk of growing up around violence and share a unique take on what it means to be plagued by the sins of their fathers.
#114 | 02/14/2013Wrongly Convicted
Guests have served time in prison for crimes they did not commit and became free because of persistence, determination, a helping hand and/or science.
#115 | 02/15/2013When the Wedding Goes Awry
Cynthia, Peter, Barbara and Malorie ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") sit down to discuss the events that damaged their family relationships; a former bride from "Bridezillas" tries to apologize for embarrassing her family on national television.
#116 | 02/18/2013Women Fight Back
Two courageous women take back their power after enduring brutal sexual assaults.
#117 | 02/19/2013Women Fight Back
Courageous women take back their power after enduring brutal sexual assaults.
#118 | 02/20/2013Psychic James Van Praagh
Spiritual medium James Van Praagh discusses his life and demonstrates his abilities.
#119 | 02/21/2013Are Gay Parents Different?
Actress Rosie O'Donnell; actor Dan Bucatinsky; comic Anthony Spock; a lesbian couple who are foster parents; spoken-word performer Noah St. John discusses his two mothers.
#120 | 02/22/2013My Child Saved a Life
A 3-year-old saves his father from bleeding to death; a boy saves his drowning baby sister; an 11-year-old goes for help when her family is trapped in their SUV in a river.
#121 | 02/25/2013Who Did I Marry?
Women profiled on "Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?" have fallen victim to individuals who keep terrifying, dangerous secrets and lead double lives.
#122 | 02/26/2013Stalkers
An aspiring model tells how the Internet brought her fame, fortune and a stalker; a woman moved away and changed her name to keep herself and her children safe from her deranged ex; a prosecutor brought justice to stalked celebrities; warning signs.
#123 | 02/27/2013Bridal Boot Camp
Three women who are engaged to be married endure a six-week program to drop extra weight for their weddings.
#124 | 02/28/2013Mommy Confidential
Women reveal secrets about the not-so-perfect side of motherhood.
#125 | 03/01/2013Hormones
Specialists discuss hormones; guests discuss changes relating to hormones; which carbohydrates are best for the metabolism.
#126 | 03/04/2013Updates
A 9-year-old born male lives as a girl; friends and family of former guest Ronnie "Scooby" Chambers discuss the recent shooting in Chicago; a newborn's death threatens the stability of the parents' marriage ; Dr. Mike Dow.
#127 | 03/05/2013Let's Talk About Sex
Alternate sexual lifestyles include polygamy and swinging; a "Fifty Shades of Grey" demo.
#128 | 03/06/2013Extreme Beauty
Americans spend millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery; new, innovative procedures; a life-changing surgery for a military veteran; a woman's procedure becomes her worst nightmare.
#129 | 03/07/2013Sexomnia and Other Sleeping Disorders
A woman's boyfriend has "sexomnia"; youngsters shot home video of their mother sleepwalking; an 11-year-old has narcolepsy and cataplexy.
#130 | 03/08/2013People Making a Difference
Adults and children make a difference in their community and world; beauty products that give back to people in need.
#131 | 03/11/2013Things I Did for Love
Sara donated a kidney to her husband; Matt posted an elaborate marriage proposal online; a surprise wedding; a single man went viral to find a girlfriend; a woman gave up everything for the love of a child; a man proposes on Ricki's stage.
#132 | 03/12/2013Psychic Readings With Lisa Williams
Crime-solving psychics Jack Rourke and Lisa Williams try to help audience members find closure about missing persons and mysterious deaths.
#133 | 03/13/2013What You Should Know Before You Get Married
Relationship professionals counsel engaged couples arguing over money, a prenuptial agreement, a controlling mother and a wedding date.
#134 | 03/14/2013It's All About the Hair
Hairstylists Chaz Dean, Roy Teeluck, Kim Kimble and Oscar Blandi give advice, cut hair for charity and share celebrities' secrets.
#135 | 03/15/2013To Share or Not on Social Media
A man's son nearly fell into a trap set by an online child-predator; a shocked mother, horrified by what her daughter was posting on Facebook, uses social media to teach her a lesson; the do's and don'ts of sharing on social media.
#136 | 03/18/2013I'm a Pageant Princess
Family members of child beauty-pageant contestants feud over whether to continue or to end the youngsters' pageant careers; the girls perform.
#137 | 03/19/2013Cheapest People in America
The self-proclaimed "cheapest man in America" barters for leftovers and sifts through large trash bins for hidden treasures; a man's family is at its wits' end over his extreme frugality; money therapists; fashions for a fraction of the price.
#138 | 03/20/2013Women in Male-Dominated Industries
Reality TV star Sierra Anderson; one of only a few black female truck drivers; poker player Liz Lieu.
#139 | 03/21/2013How to Stop Stress From Killing You
Ways to de-stress and restore balance to one's life; practical solutions for people who feel overwhelmed by stress.
#140 | 03/22/2013The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
A 10-year-old girl struggling with a weight problem; a 12-year-old boy who wrote a book about being bullied because of his weight; what one can do with a child who is overweight.
#141 | 03/25/2013Ricki's Anti-Aging Pajama Party
Actor Dave Coulier; actress Tia Mowry; singer Lisa Loeb; the creators of the website "Awkward Family Photos"; Mar Yvette ("How Do I Look?").
#142 | 03/26/2013Never Say Never
Overcoming extreme obstacles and fulfilling personal goals and passions; author Liz Murray; the cast of "The Buried Life"; composer Lance Horne; Chris Rene performs.
#143 | 03/27/2013Is Your Sex Drive Normal?
Sex lives change as people age; reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett; a couple's marriage is about to crumble due to a nonexistent sex-life; a booty dance class.
#144 | 03/28/2013I'm a Celeb, Single and I Need a Date!
Matchmaker Amy Laurent sends singer Aubrey O'Day on a group date; dancer Val Chmerkovskiy participates in "Dating With the Stars"; an anti-aging light-therapy device.
#145 | 03/29/2013Making Babies: The Fertility Crisis
Rosie Pope ("Pregnant in Heels") discusses infertility; a man runs a sperm bank out of his home; couples design their own babies.
#146 | 04/01/2013Competitive Parents
A self-confessed overbearing mother; TV personality Gloria Govan discusses being caught in a cash-for-grades scandal in college; a college student confesses to taking a stimulant to get good grades; choreographer Debbie Allen; Judge Mablean Ephriam.
#147 | 04/02/2013Embarrassing Parents
Parents who act like clowns embarrass their daughters; a mother embarrasses her daughter by always making herself the center of attention; a man wants to come to terms with his father's hobby of impersonating Elvis Presley.
#148 | 04/03/2013Ricki's Pajama Party
Actress Ali Landry, actor Jai Rodriguez and TV host RuPaul discuss sleep-related topics; analyzing dreams with hypnotherapist Kelly Sullivan Walden; a man whose video of his sleepwalking mother went viral.
#149 | 04/04/2013Controlling Grooms
A man wants to make the preparations for his upcoming wedding, including having final approval on the bridesmaid dresses; a man wants an MMA-themed wedding; journalist Rebecca Dolgin and author Chris Easter offer advice for overbearing grooms.
#150 | 04/05/2013Facing Your Fears
Psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith helps guests overcome their fears, including a man with a fear of flying and a woman who cannot take an elevator because of her fear of heights; audience members are challenged to face their fears.
#151 | 04/08/2013The Perils of Identity Theft
Guests who are victims of identity theft; ways to protect one's identity; high-tech ways thieves steal identities.
#152 | 04/09/2013Coming Out of the Darkness
Professional dancer Mark Ballas and his mother talk about their suicide prevention foundation; author Jill Bialosky; a man who survived a suicide attempt; the difference between angst and depression.
#153 | 04/10/2013Stolen Childhoods
Actress Angela Shelton talks about sexual abuse; a woman who ran away from an abusive home at 12-years-old and the man who helped turn her life around.
#154 | 04/11/2013How to Find Your Perfect Match
Matchmaker Patti Stanger talks about dating issues; two audience members get dating makeovers; radio host Mike Catherwood and authors Maxwell Billieon and Steve Santagati talk about dating; dating game.
#155 | 04/12/2013I Survived a Cult
#156 | 04/15/2013Prison Wives
Women whose significant others are currently in prison; women attached to members of a drug ring; a woman who began an online relationship with an inmate; reality-TV star Ramona Rizzo; women attracted to men who lead criminal lives.
#157 | 04/16/2013Alternative Medical Miracles
Guests who used alternative treatments for ailments; actor Kevin Sorbo; a man who treated colon cancer with a vegan diet; a woman who used advanced technology to regain lost mobility after a stroke.
#158 | 04/17/2013The Green Show
Environment friendly; actor Ed Begley Jr. and wife Rachelle; "green" home on wheels; helping a family learn how to recycle; everyday products made of natural ingredients.
#159 | 04/18/2013Size Doesn't Matter
How body image can affect the mind; people whose lives are greatly affected by their body images.
#160 | 04/19/2013The Killer Next Door
Guests whose lives have been affected by sociopaths living in their communities; shooting survivor Mary Jo Buttafuoco; a woman who was attacked by her personal trainer; TV host Candice DeLong.
#161 | 04/22/2013Let's Get Physical
Trends in health and fitness; Jennifer Koppelman Hutt ("Just Jenny"); actor Stephen Kramer Glickman; soul cycling; an infrared sweat bed; recipes to cleanse the system; mind-body makeover.
#162 | 04/23/2013Divorce Party
Women struggle to pick up the pieces after broken relationships; Brandi Glanville ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"); Judge Lynn Toler ("Divorce Court") and a love coach counsel women whose relationships have ended.
#163 | 04/24/2013Psychic Twins
Terry and Linda Jamison offer psychic readings to the studio audience and reveal their latest predictions; clairvoyant medium Maureen Hancock ("Psychic in Suburbia") gives a message to actress Ajay Rochester; pet psychic Patrice Ryan reads dogs.
#164 | 04/25/2013My Ex Put My Kid Up for Adoption
Unwed mothers travel to Utah to put their babies up for adoption without the fathers' knowledge or consent; a woman tells of learning as an adult that she had been adopted illegally; the rights of biological parents.
#165 | 04/26/2013College Dangers: A Real Education
A night of college partying turns deadly; a fraternity hazing ritual costs a young man his life; a young woman is attacked; a freshman quickly becomes a drug addict.
#166 | 04/29/2013He's a She, She's a He
A transgender couple expect their second child; a transgender woman attracted to men nevertheless dates another transgender woman; Kylan Wenzel, the first transgender Miss California U.S.A. contestant; marriage and family therapist Casey Weitzman.
#167 | 04/30/2013The Business of Being Born, Part 2
Ricki and co-producer Abby Epstein revisit their documentary "The Business of Being Born" and how it has changed the lives of women around the world; models Amber Rose and Cindy Crawford; actresses Melissa Joan Hart and Kellie Martin.
#168 | 05/01/2013My Life Changed in an Instant
A freak accident changes a couple's lives; a woman tells of being attacked by a mountain lion; a car crash leaves a twin fighting for her life; a brother's untimely death helps his sister to find true love.
#169 | 05/02/2013The Breast Show Ever
Ricki and her guests discuss breasts; actress Jackée Harry; reality star Tamra Barney; a woman who lost weight; determining bra size; comic Finesse Mitchell; J-Roc ("The Pauly D Project"); radio personality Stryker; Dr. Anthony Griffin.
#170 | 05/03/2013Psychics: James and Collette
Spiritual medium James Van Praagh gives audience members messages from those who have crossed over; author Colette Baron-Reid provides readings.
#171 | 05/06/2013Bad Boy Confidential
Ricki and relationship specialists Steve Santagati and Laura Baron sit down with self-proclaimed "bad boys," who show the tricks of their Lothario-like behavior.
#172 | 05/07/2013Pregnant and Suddenly Single
Women have been forced to raise children on their own due to unforeseen tragedies and relationships that went horribly bad and left them alone.
#173 | 05/08/2013Psychics: James Van Praagh and Maureen Hancock
James Van Praagh and Maureen Hancock give unsuspecting audience members spontaneous psychic encounters; dream analyst Cynthia Richmond.
#174 | 05/09/2013Co-Parenting Without a Relationship
Platonic friends parent a son; a woman seeks a co-parent for her third child; a lesbian couple's sperm donor fights to be an equal part in their child's life; a man moves around the world to co-parent with a woman he had never met.
#175 | 05/10/2013Freeloading Families
Ricki says nearly half of Americans under 30 continue to live with their parents; an unemployed couple care for their young adult daughter who parties all night and sleeps all day; a woman lives with her cousins but pays no bills; Judge Lynn Toler.
#176 | 05/13/2013The Baby Psychic: Derek Ogilvie
Psychic Derek Ogilvie helps families with children who are displaying unusual behavior; pet psychic Patrice Ryan asks a dog what happened when he went missing for six months and finds out why a rabbit has been acting strangely.
#177 | 05/14/2013Murder for Money
A woman spends 10 years tracking down the international fugitive who murdered her son; a woman's determination to avenge her sister's death leads to the conviction of a new family member; a young man is killed for insurance money.
#178 | 05/15/2013Psychic: Maureen and Family
Mediums Maureen Hancock and her nieces Candace Dalton and Anastassia Grace.
#179 | 05/16/2013Mo Money, Mo Problems
When a wealthy European professional basketball player renounces his retirement, it throws his family into a financial tailspin; NBA star Antoine Walker; legal commentator Tanya Young-Williams; lottery winners share the downfalls of instant wealth.
#180 | 05/17/2013World Record Holders
World-record holders: a sword-swallower; a strong 11-year-old girl; a dog who pops balloons; a dancer who performs repetitive pirouettes; a juggler.
#181 | 05/20/2013Extreme Mothers
Wendy survived having a mother who was neglectful and unstable and hated children; Gregg's mother sexually abused him and began prostituting him to strangers when he was 8; Claire took extremes to save her daughter from a life of drugs and crime.
#182 | 05/21/2013Bridal Boot Camp Results
Fitness specialists help three brides-to-be to lose weight for their big days.
#183 | 05/22/2013Psychics: Joan Marie and A.J.
Psychics Joan Marie Whelan and A.J. Barrera help audience members to connect with deceased loved ones.
#184 | 05/23/2013Standing Up Against Your Family
A woman confesses to authorities that her mother had murdered her stepfather 30 years ago; Nate Phelps, son of Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church; a couple say their interracial marriage has caused family members to disown them.
#185 | 05/24/2013When It's Time for Forgiveness
A guest who left home without telling anyone or maintaining any contact asks for her family's forgiveness; a couple try to forgive each other for past indiscretions; three sisters struggle to forgive their stepfather for murdering their mother.
#186 | 05/27/2013Quick Makeovers
David & Dania ("America's Got Talent"); transforming a guest room for visitors; ingredient substitutes to make recipes healthier.
#187 | 05/28/2013Trapped in the Wrong Body
Parents recount their struggle to come to terms with their child's gender identity crisis; a physician and a family therapist discuss gender non-conforming youth; director Chris Arnold ("Trans").
#188 | 05/29/2013Teen Dads: The Real Story
Sixteen-year-olds expecting their first child meet struggling teen parents, and the confident father-to-be must care for a realistic infant simulator; Judge Lynn Toler weighs in.
#189 | 05/30/2013Extreme Lives
Steve-O ("Jackass"); Rudy and Chase ("Extreme Couponing"); a small woman who wins food-eating contests; an extreme sports junkie; an Oregon mother redefines the term "going green."
#190 | 05/31/2013She's the Boss
Female breadwinners; Kyle Richards ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"); Dean McDermott ("Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood"); Nina Parker ("omg! Insider"); comic Steve White; Dr. Jennifer Musselman.
#191 | 06/03/2013Ambush Makeover
Ricki grabs unsuspecting people and whisks them off to get totally new looks; style enthusiast Lawrence Zarian.
#192 | 06/04/2013The Hottest Bachelor in America
Six bachelors compete in a series of elimination challenges; author Steve Santagati, Laura Govan ("Basketball Wives LA") and comic Laurie Kilmartin are celebrity judges.
#193 | 06/05/2013Wake-Up Calls and Ultimatums
A rapper asks a community leader's help in reaching out to a gang member; a man fears that his fiancee is spending them into bankruptcy; a friend confronts a woman who may be careening out of control; Dr. Wendy Walsh weighs in.
#194 | 06/06/2013Extreme Food Allergies
Parents must monitor everything their children put in their mouths due to their extreme food allergies; a woman participates in a new desensitization treatment; allergies nearly kill a 2-week-old; food processing and additives; allergy-free recipes.
#195 | 06/07/2013Unconventional Marriages
A woman accepts her husband's cross-dressing ways; members of a traditional, orthodox Jewish marriage tell how it works for them; a husband and wife live in separate houses; a relationship blossoms after a couple divorces; Judge Lynn Toler weighs in.
#196 | 06/10/2013Good Hair
Ricki explores women's love for their hair; Tamar Braxton ("Braxton Family Values"); hair extensions; actress Nicole Ari Parker; harmful products and dangerous chemicals.
#197 | 06/11/2013Nanny Confidential
Leaving one's child in the hands of someone else; a father discovered that his son got permanent brain damage from being violently shaken by a day-care worker; parents suspect a nanny is harming their baby; nanny cams.
#198 | 06/12/2013A Cry for Help
Melissa ("My 600-Lb. Life") struggles with her weight and her husband's past infidelity; a couple cannot get past the loss of their son; a woman does not feel worthy of her husband's love; Dr. Mike Dow offers advice.
#199 | 06/13/2013Medical Controversies
Medical marijuana; a child has genetic condition NF-1; cochlear implants.
#200 | 06/14/2013I Survived
A couple survived the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo.; a couple survived the Costa Concordia disaster; sisters survived a camping trip that claimed the lives of their father, friend and dog; a woman left for dead in a store robbery.
#201 | 06/17/2013Open Marriages
#202 | 06/18/2013Psychics Go Beyond
#203 | 06/19/2013Who Do You Think I Am?
Individuals who have kept significant secrets from family and loved ones discuss the consequences and rewards for finally telling the truth; a husband who was born female; a husband who has a second family; a serial killer's daughter.
#204 | 06/20/2013I Need Help With My Mother-in-Law
#205 | 06/21/2013Addicted to Plastic Surgery
#206 | 06/24/2013The Rudeness Epidemic
#207 | 06/25/2013Advice That Will Change Your Life
#208 | 06/26/2013Making Peace With Your Parents
#209 | 06/27/2013Women Fight Back
#210 | 06/28/2013Women Fight Back
#211 | 07/01/2013Hidden Heroes
Selfless individuals go to great lengths to help others in need, often doing so with little recognition or fanfare.
#212 | 07/02/2013Love Psychics
Psychics provide readings for people desperate for answers about loves they have lost and loves they have yet to find.
#213 | 07/03/2013Inside Childhood Mental Illness
Parents and children struggle to live with diseases like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
#214 | 07/04/2013Should We Be Engaged?
Guests want to wed quickly, but partners, family and friends consider it way too soon to tie the knot.
#215 | 07/05/2013The Perils of Identity Theft
Guests tell of being victims of the insidious and devastating crime of identity theft.
#216 | 07/08/2013Victims of Violence Speak Out
Survivors of gun violence transcend personal tragedy to create meaningful change in their communities; the last man to speak with the Columbine shooters; people who have lost loved ones to gun violence discuss gun control.
#217 | 07/09/2013Wrongly Convicted
People who have served time in prison for crimes they did not commit are free today because of persistence, determination, science and a helping hand.
#218 | 07/10/2013Are Gay Parents Different?
Gay individuals navigate the world of parenting; comic Rosie O'Donnell; actor Dan Bucatinsky; comic Anthony Spock.
#219 | 07/11/2013I'm a Cougar and Proud of It!
Guests are part of a fast-growing trend of older women dating younger men, but some family members disapprove; Jude and Kevin ("Extreme Cougar Wives").
#220 | 07/12/2013My Child Saved a Life
A 3-year-old saves his father from bleeding to death; a boy rescues his drowning baby sister; an 11-year-old gets help for her family, trapped in a vehicle in a river.
#221 | 07/15/2013My Life in the Mob
Today's guests who were born into the mob talk of growing up around violence and share a unique take on what it means to be plagued by the "sin of the fathers."
#222 | 07/16/2013I'm a Pageant Princess
#223 | 07/17/2013Psychic James Van Praagh
#224 | 07/18/2013Who Did I Marry?
#225 | 07/19/2013Psychic Readings With Lisa Williams
#226 | 07/22/2013Stolen Childhoods
Actress Angela Shelton talks about sexual abuse; a woman who ran away from an abusive home at 12 years old and the man who helped turn her life around.
#227 | 07/23/2013I Survived a Cult
Former cult members, including two Jonestown survivors, share their experiences.
#228 | 07/24/2013He's a She, She's a He
#229 | 07/25/2013Size Doesn't Matter
#230 | 07/26/2013Medical Controversies
#231 | 07/29/2013The Cheapest People in America
#232 | 07/30/2013Embarrassing Parents
#233 | 07/31/2013Psychic Twins
#234 | 08/01/2013Frenemies
#235 | 08/02/2013Alternative Medical Miracles
#236 | 08/05/2013My Life Changed in an Instant
#237 | 08/06/2013Co-Parenting Without a Relationship
#238 | 08/07/2013Psychics: James and Colette
#239 | 08/08/2013Divorce Party
#240 | 08/09/2013Bad Boy Confidential
#241 | 08/12/2013The Breast Show Ever
#242 | 08/13/2013Pregnant and Suddenly Single
#243 | 08/14/2013Freeloading Families
#244 | 08/15/2013Prison Wives
#245 | 08/16/2013Psychics: Maureen and Family
#246 | 08/19/2013Let's Get Physical
#247 | 08/20/2013Psychics James Van Praagh and Maureen Hancock
#248 | 08/21/2013Murder for Money
#249 | 08/22/2013Mo Money, Mo Problems
#250 | 08/23/2013World Record Holders
#251 | 08/26/2013Psychics: Joan Marie and A.J.
#252 | 08/27/2013The Business of Being Born
Documentary director Abby Epstein discusses birth options available in the U.S.; the unexpected backlash as a result of the 2007 documentary; a woman's childbirth journey.
#253 | 08/28/2013Extreme Food Allergies
#254 | 08/29/2013The Baby Psychic: Derek Ogilvie
#255 | 08/30/2013Extreme Mothers
#256 | 09/02/2013True Crime
#257 | 09/03/2013The Green Show
#258 | 09/04/2013Amazing Foster Families
The foster-care system; filmmaker Antwone Fisher; actress Victoria Rowell; a woman who has opened her home to more than 90 foster children.
#259 | 09/05/2013College Dangers: A Real Education
#260 | 09/06/2013The Business of Being Born, Part 2

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